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On disk , lug bolt holes larger than lug bolts, makes click when braking

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1 Answer

My 99 Sunfire front drivers side brake caliper mounting bolt wont screw in the mount itself, mount stripped

Step 1:

One of two ways to fix this is to change the caliper bracket. This is the best way and probably the cheapest way as you can find plenty of these cars in wrecking yards.

Step 2:

The other way requires inserting a Heli Coil. You buy the Heli Coil kit for the original bolt and drill and tap the hole to a larger size and install the Heli Coil insert to restore the hole to original size.

Dec 25, 2012 | 1999 Pontiac Sunfire

1 Answer

05 hyundai elantra rear drum brake

Hi Peter,

The drums can get really stuck onto the center hub. If you look at your brake drum, you will see that there are 2 small holes in the drum between the lug stud holes. These holes are threaded. They are placed here just for this putpose. You can screw a bolts into these holes and "push" the drum off of the hub. Turn one scew a couple turns then turn the other srew a couple turns so as to push the drum off evenly and not cause it to bend or warp. Most brake drums like this use a 10mm X 1.5 bolt thread. If you get a couple of bolts from the local parts supplier, you can have them check to make sure they are the correct size by having them screw the bolts into a new drum that they may have in stock. You will need bolts with at least 1-1/2" thread length.

Oct 28, 2011 | Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

How to change front brake pads on 2006 town and country

Loosen tire lug nuts. Jack up the car and remove lug nuts and tire. Remove two bolts holding the caliper in place. Remove the the two bolts holding pads in place. Hang caliper with a wire from wheel so brake line is not stressed. Mount new calipers in correctly and tigthen pad bolts. Put caliper on and tighten caliper bolts. Replace tire and lugs nuts. Jack car down and tigheten lug nuts.

Aug 17, 2010 | 2006 Chrysler Town & Country

1 Answer

How do you replace lug nut bolts on a 2004 chevy trailblazer? Two lug bolts have broken off. Do I have to remove disk brakes and how hard is this?

its just esayer to take it to a tire shop the charge like 10 bucks a stud

aslo you have to have a press to press them on o ther thtan that theyr easy to replace

May 14, 2010 | 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

1 Answer

Have broken lug bolts front passenger side, can I replace them myself?

yes but it is a huge pain in the *** you have to remove the wheel the brake caliper and the brake disk and remember it isn't lego it is all bolted on and screwed together and if you mess it up it wont be just your life that comes to a sudden stop you may kill somone else so if you havent do it b4 then stop

if you have done a front brake job and survived than di it again once the rotor removed there is the flange plate and the broken studs get the hammer out wack each broken bolt to remove it place the new stud in the hole and get the tire iron out tighten it up pull it right through you might need a spacer like a 6 pack of washers to pull the bolt all the way through
reinstall the brakes and happy driving remember after the first 50 km get out the tire iron and re check the studs are all tight as it will likely settle after a bit of brake heat

Jan 28, 2010 | 1995 Nissan Maxima

1 Answer

I bought brake rotors for my 93 toyota truck an it came with no studs, do i take the old ones off or gotta buy new?

Preferred method is to use new.


1.Because every time the lug bolt is installed, and tightened on the lug bolt, the bolt stretches. Eventually the bolt will weaken.

If the lug bolts have been put on by an impact wrench, this could turn out to be a real issue.

The correct procedure is to tighten the bolts using a torque 'stick', or on the final tightening, use a torque wrench.

This torque stick is a 1/2 inch extension. Resembles a 1/2 socket wrench extension, that is 6 inches long.
Will twist slightly when the proper torque value is reached.
The lug nuts should always be tightened in the proper sequence, also.

2.Because the area of the lug bolt, that goes through the brake rotor has been knurled. This swells the area a few thousandths of an inch.
Makes the bolt stay in place.

When the lug bolt is installed, some of the knurling is sheared away. Reusing an used lug bolt is not a good practice.

I realize the price of the lug bolts may be high, but I value your life, and wanted to tell you the correct advice, and procedure.

You may not know the lug bolts you reused off of your old rotors are bad, until you are on the highway clipping along at a fast speed, and then it's too late.

Dec 20, 2009 | 1993 Toyota Pickup

1 Answer

Rear tire lug bolts

You have to remove the tire/wheel assy. remove the brake drum, you will see the spindle with the bolts there. punch out the broken bolts install new buy pushing thru the hole.Find some regular nuts that will fit over the stud, put your new nuts on and tighten up till flush in back.

Jun 07, 2009 | 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

2 Answers

Cant remove wheel hub

here is procedure

Section 04-01: Suspension and Wheel Hubs, Front 1996 Taurus, Sable Workshop Manual
  1. Raise vehicle on hoist.
  1. Remove wheel and tire assembly. Refer to Section 04-04 .
  1. Remove disc brake caliper (2B120), and front disc brake rotor (1125). Refer to Section 06-03 .
Brake Shoe and Lining Removal
  1. Remove brake master cylinder filler cap (2162). Check fluid level in brake master cylinder reservoir (2K478). Remove brake fluid until brake master cylinder reservoir is half full. Discard removed fluid.
  1. Raise vehicle on hoist. Refer to Section 00-02 .
  1. Remove wheel and tire assembly from front disc brake rotor mounting face. Use care to avoid damage or interference with disc brake caliper (2B120), front disc brake rotor shield (2K004) or front wheel knuckle (3K185).
  1. Remove rear brake pin retainers (2N386). ( I think it is a T 40 torx bit you need)
  1. NOTE: It is not necessary to disconnect hydraulic connections.

    Lift disc brake caliper from front disc brake caliper anchor plate (2B292) and front disc brake rotor (1125). Do not pry directly against metal caliper piston or damage will occur.
  1. Position disc brake caliper out of the way and support with wire to avoid damaging the disc brake caliper and front brake hose (2078).
  1. Remove outer brake shoe and lining (2001) assembly from front disc brake caliper anchor plate.
  1. Remove inner brake shoe and lining assembly.
  1. Position lug bolt (1107) to clear front wheel knuckle (3K185).
  1. Remove lug bolt from wheel hub (1104).


  1. Install lug bolt into wheel hub.
  1. Using a lug nut (1012), seat wheel hub bolt into wheel hub.
  1. Install front disc brake rotor and disc brake caliper. Refer to Section 06-03 .
  1. Install wheel and tire assembly. Tighten lug nut to 115-142Nm (85-104 lb-ft).

May 25, 2009 | 1996 Mercury Sable

1 Answer

Brack change

Assuming that this Model has 4 Wheel Disk Brakes I will lead you the Best that I can. Remove the Tire, From there you will see a Large Disk with a "Caliper" Mounted on the top side that covers Both sides of the Disk. On the Back side of this "Caliper" on the Top and Bottom of it There is going to be a Bolt on the Top and Bottom. Some use Allen Wrenches and Some use Bolts or Nuts, Feel around and figure out which one you have. Remove these and Lift the Caliper Off of the Disk,BE CAREFUL WITH THE BRAKE LINE ATTACHED TO THE CALIPER AND DO NOT REMOVE THE BRAKE LINE! Remove the Brake Pads from the Caliper at this Point. On the Back of the Brake Pads that you just removed there should be Clips, Take these off the Old pads ans Install on the New Pads. Right where the Pads were on the Caliper there is going to be a Round Cylinder with a Large Hole in the Center, This needs to be Depressed back into the Caliper to get this Job done. On the Top of the Caliper there is a Small Bolt that is Round on Top and has a Small Hole in the Center Just like a Persons Head on a Nut. You MUST do the Next Steps Together to make this work CORRECTLY! Get a Wrench that fits the Small nut on top and Loosen it VERY LITTLE While you use a Pair of Channel Locks to Compress the Cylinder Back into the Caliper. You should see Brake Fluid come out of the Head in that little Nut. Once the Cylinder is Compressed Back into the Caliper Tighten the Little Nut Back down. Try not to let Air get Back into the Hole in the Nut that you are Loosening Or We will have a PROBLEM. So, Make sure you do BOTH of them at the Same time (Loosen nut WHILE Compressing Cylinder with Channel Locks). Install the New Brake Pads on the Caliper the Same way that they came off. Wipe everything off and keep it all Clean! Install the Caliper Back on the Disk and Replace the Bolts on Top and Bottom of Caliper. Get in the Car and Pump the Brake Pedal until it gets Firm and go to the Next one! This will work for all if you have 4 Wheel Disk Brakes. If you get two much air in the Lines the Brakes will go to the Floor and you will have to have a Helper Pump the Brakes while you Loosen the Little Nut on top of the Caliper. Message Back with ANY more Questions!

Dec 31, 2008 | 2006 Hyundai Elantra

3 Answers

Brakes on mr2 1991

Hi chillitorres,

Chock the vehicles rear wheels and loosen the front wheel nuts, jack it up and put it on chassis stands....

Remove the front wheels and then turn which ever wheel that you start with, into the direction of most convenience.....You will see that there are two bolts which are visible, and allow the sliding part of the caliper to do just that, so that the piston fitted to the inside unit presses outwards, and in turn, compresses the outer part of the caliper, so that the pads are squeezed on either side of the disc.....These two bolts DO NOT need to be removed for the job you are doing....

With your hand, feel lower down on the inside of the housing, untill you contact two larger 17mm bolts....These should be removed.....
.....Once freed of the two bolts, you'll be able to pull the caliper towards you and loosen the pads enough to lift off the whole caliper.....
......Have a piece of wire, that you can hang the caliper onto, and then hook the other end onto a convenient place.....(the suspension spring is a good place).....
.....Once removed you'll see that the disc is held by either one or two counter sunk screws....remove them and the disc can be removed....
....Replace the parts that you wanted to, and then reassemble....

When the vehicle is lowered onto its wheels, get inside and PUMP the brake pedal, four or five times....You'll have had no need to open the brake fluid lines, and therefore, no need to bleed the brakes.....Once the job is completed, they should feel higher and firmer than when you began....

Once you're happy with the 'feel' of the brakes.....happy motoring.....

Best regards Johngee10

Sep 10, 2008 | 1991 Toyota MR2

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