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Will not heat up

My vaporfection will no longer heat up, as it is no longer under warranty I want to unscrew the unit but it has 5 point "screws" that seem impossible to reach. It could be something that I can actually replace rather than buy an new unit.

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How do i fix vertical lines on my tablet

If its no longer under warranty you can try opening it up and reseating the display cable but usually this is a bad GPU (graphics processing unit). It may have over heated or just gone bad and there isn't much to do at this point.

Dec 08, 2014 | Tablets & eReaders

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I replace the screen on my gateaway mt 6916 and cant install the video controler driver



Prepare the laptop for disassembly. Shut down the laptop completely, then wait a few minutes before removing the battery and unplugging the AC adapter. Turn the laptop over and lay it down on a flat surface so that the battery area is facing away from you and the hard drive is located at the bottom left corner.

Remove the hard drive cover. Remove the two screws located on the left side of the hard drive cover, then lift the cover to remove it completely from the unit.

Remove the memory cover. Unscrew the eight screws holding the memory board in place; this cover is located above the Gateway product sticker.

Disconnect the Wi-Fi adaptor. Remove the Wi-Fi cover by unscrewing the single screw holding the Wi-Fi adapter in place; this is located directly above the hard drive. Remove the two cables connecting the wireless card to the adapter and snap the card out of the holder.

Remove the memory modules. Gateway computers typically have two memory modules located in the center of the motherboard; lift these out gently with your fingers and set them aside.

Release the heat sink. Unscrew the four screws around the heat sink assembly; this unit is located to the left of the ventilation fan and is surrounded by a copper base. Carefully lift the heat sink and the cooling fan off the unit and unplug the cable attaching it.

Remove the CD/DVD drive. Unscrew the small screw located to the left of the CD/DVD drive, then push the drive out to remove it from the laptop completely.

Remove all screws around the base of the laptop. You will now be left with a total of 18 screws located around the edge of the base of the laptop, and in between the stickers and hardware components in the center. Remove all of these carefully and set aside in a safe place.

Prepare the cover for removal. Turn the laptop up on its edge so that the back of the laptop is facing you; you will see two screws on the hinges of the computer. Unscrew these and set them aside.

Remove the hinge cover. Open the laptop so that the screen is laying flat; use the flathead screwdriver to pry open the hinge cover and pull it off gently with your fingers.

Remove the keyboard. Lift up the keyboard and reach behind it to release the cable. You will need to tug gently on the cable to unhook it from the motherboard.

Unhook the LCD screen from the notebook. Unplug the Wi-Fi antenna cables located on the right side of the motherboard directly under the screen, then unplug the video cable located directly under the hinge cover. Remove the pair of screws located to the left and right of the LCD screen and gently lift the LCD screen off the notebook's base unit.

Remove the system board. Turn the base unit over and unscrew the five screws securing the motherboard to the base. Two of these are located near the hinge cover, and two are located beneath and to the right of the hard drive unit. The fifth is located a few inches below the top right edge of the laptop.

Disconnect the motherboard. Lift the system board, then unhook the cable connecting it to the base unit.

Jan 10, 2013 | Gateway DX4200-09 PC Desktop

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The waln indicator blinks yellow when i turn my ps3 on and the green light turns yellow and then blinks red what sould i do?

You either have to send it back if it is under warranty or you can fix it your self. To do this you will need a heat gun, thermal paste, and a little time. You first need to remove the sticker seal on the side of the console. Please note that once you remove this you void any chance of being able to send it back to sony. Remove the cover and it should expose the top screws. On screw them all. You can then take off the top of the cosole. You should then see the blue ray drive and the power supply exposed. You need to remove the blue ray. It is not screwed in it is only attached by a little ribbon cord on the bottom. Slowly lift it up and push the black pin on the ribbon cord up on the console side of the ribbon cord to release it. Unscrew the wifi connection chip and follow the lead wire to the connection point on the board. This small cord just snaps on to the board like a button. Pull up on it to remove it. The same board that you disconnected the wifi cable from also needs to come off. It should have 3-4 screws on it. The power supply should be the only part left on the top side of the board. Unscrew it, grab it from both sides and lift straight up. It has two connection under it resembling a two prong plug that keeps it attached. You should be able to lift it straight off. once all this is removed you will then expose more screws for the bottom half of the board. Remove all of them. One screw will be slightly longer. Keep track of where it came from. Once all screws are removed you should be able to remove te board from the bottom portion of the plastic console. Once this is done flip it over to the fan side and disconnect the wire the connects the fan. Unscrew fan and remove it. flip the board over and remove the 4 screws in the center of the board. They are larger and unlike any other screws on the board and keep in place two metal pieces Once this is done you should be able to remove the metal housing to expose the green board on both sides. It some times takes a little effort due to the thermal paste sticking. Take a swab and alcohol and clean all the thermal paste from the CPU chips. Once this is done you it is time to break out the heating gun. Place the board flat on a flat surface and make sure the board is level. You will have to put a towel or board under unit to level it. The same CPU chips should be heated with the heating gun in a circular motion about an inch and a half away. Do not stop or get to close to board or you will fry chips. Do not move board also because your can shift chips out of place. Once you have heated each chip for about 15 seconds each let board rest for 30 minutes. Flip board over repeat the heating gun procedure on the back side of chips. Let board set again for 30 minutes. Once cooled reapply thermal paste to the top of CPU chips. the final step is reassemble. Plug unit in when done and enjoy!!

Dec 23, 2010 | Sony PlayStation® 3 (80GB) Console

1 Answer

Dvd tray will not open

Had same problem. Unscrew back TV. Unscrew 2 screws connecting VCR/DVD from TV Base. Unscrew DVD housing on all sides (approx 6 screws). At this point you can see the detached DVD unit. Facing the draw. look under it for a white plastic piece that you can slide to the right that should disengage the DVD's circular rotator from the dvd and slide the door open.

If that does not work disconnect the DVD from the 2 wire connector at the TV motherboard and dissassemble the black plastic DVD unit. Flip it over and manipulate the white plastic gear which will disengage the center rotator.

Sep 08, 2010 | Toshiba MW24FN1 24 in. TV/VCR/DVD Combo

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How to replace the grill element in a Stoves 720EF double oven?

1) Isolate the unit by turning the power off at the main switch.
2) Remove appliance from housing unit.
a) When handling the appliance care should be taken to ensure the outer frame trim is not damaged.
b) The appliance is secured into the housing unit by 2 screws through the top corners of the front frame, open the doors and unscrew the 2 corner screws.
c) Grasp the bottom of the frame, pull forward and out onto a suitable surface.
3) Unscrew the top and rear panel securing screws and lift the panels clear.
4) From the rear of the appliance, pull off the 4 (top) grill element leads and the earth lead.
5) From inside the oven unscrew the 2 screws from the grill mounting plate.
The above is from the Handbook. I assume from point 5 the element is then free to be removed. reverse the procedure to fit the new element.
If you want a copy of the Handbook, then I will need an email address for you.

Mar 11, 2010 | Stoves 720EF Electric Double Oven

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I need to know how to fix the e74 error on xbox 360 without microsoft or buying one of those guides if you have one just tell how to fix it!

Well you can do a conservative x clamp mod
on it .This will more than likely get your system
running again , but there's a catch . It may not
last long 2-3 months is average but some unit run
longer. It's quite simple actually. Strip the unit
down to the P.C. board . Remove both X clamps
and both heat sinks clean the chips and the
heat sink Put a thin coat of articsilver5 on
the chips . remove all the studs from both
heat sinks place the heat sinks back on and
line up the holes and get 8 10-32 x 3/8 pan head
Philips screws thread all the screws in evenly and
then tight (not to tight) put the unit back together
but leave the fan hanging out . place half the
fan over the large heatsink . Ready to cycle-
plug in the power and the audio/ video and power on
after 5 min the fan should be at full speed and 4-5 min more you should get 2 red lights -unplug after 10min weather you get 2 red or not . wait 15min
and reassemble your unit should be working . that's

Hope that helps . if you get 3 red and no fan before
you try to over heat , don't worry just back off
the screws in the G.P.U.'s heat sink.

This is not recommended for console that are under warranty


Feb 02, 2010 | Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

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We have a Bosch shu33 it started running a longer cycle& no longer shows the sanitized light

I got answer from previous post on your site by 'boeschbrady'.Person had same problem,also said part was under Warranty. we called the store where unit was purchased and my unit is also under Warranty "less than 5 years old' repair man is coming next week.Thank you for a
great site Patee

Jan 11, 2010 | Bosch 23 in. SHU33A Built-In Dishwasher

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How to disassemble the body of the 2639 bruel & kjaer preamplifier

Unscrew the screws, then pull gently and it will come apart.

Dec 21, 2009 | Audio Players & Recorders

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Psp Problem


You will need:

1 Fairly Small Screw Driver
Something Soft to protect your screen (Optional)
Something sticky to hold your small screws (Optional, but recommended)
Ability to remember where you removed screws from =D

1. Flip your PSP on the front side (screen side).
2. Unscrew the two screws on the outside opposite of the battery.
3. Open the battery panel, and unscrew the screws under the battery.
4. CAREFULLY, take off the faceplate and make sure your L/R buttons are properly secured and clear from dust/dirt.
5. Check the 'Home', 'Start', etc., buttons for anything that may "jam" them.
6. Reassemble your PSP by screwing the screws back into their proper areas.

AGAIN, this will VOID any warranty you have and I AM NOT responsible for any damages to your PSP!!!

Sep 18, 2008 | Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Console

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