Question about Dyson DC07 Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum

Dyson Animal DC07 making a horrible noise!


Ok heres my problem, I was using it and it started making this horrible loud noise, stopped the hoover and it looked like the brushes were full of dog hair so cut that all away, its still doing it and the brushes are not moving so we thought maybe it was the belt, but the belt looks to be fine. The noise starts when I put the head of the hoover down to hoover, I can use the rest of it fine (less suctions though) I have no manual with this as I bought it second hand so dont know what I can and cant try. Any ideas please??

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  • Anonymous Dyson DC17 Animal Hair Vacuum is making a horrible noise when head is positioned down to clean carpet. Remove threads from brushes but it still makes noise. cat

    Mar 30, 2008

  • LindaKien I use my dyson to vacuum up at a restraunt twice a week.

    My problem is that it make a HUGE grinding noise when

    I drop the head. It stops when I put the head back up; but

    when I goto continue to clean it is NOISEYYY again.

    I check that the aggitator belt is spinning around and the

    canister does not need emptied. I have even gone as far

    as to tighten any loose screws underrneath and clean out

    any hair/fur wrapped around the aggitator belt. AND greased

    the connections that spin underneath.

    Whaat else can be making all this horrible wrackett ??!!??


    Apr 23, 2008

  • Anonymous yep, i put it down in the carpet vacuum mode and it is ok for a 10 seconds then I get an awful high pitch whining noise. When you move it back to upright it stops. What can be done?

    Sep 05, 2008

  • Anonymous Same problem when head is lowered to carpet mode. When it started I found a string wrapped around roller. Took this out, took head cover off and cleaned out junk. Roller goes like crazy but makes a terrible noise.

    Dec 06, 2008

  • Anonymous I have the same problem with the noise. I cleaned the roller and it spins and the belt is okay, just the noise sounds like it needs to be lubricated or the motor is not working. Someting weird. Please help.

    Jan 01, 2009

  • Anonymous Hoover is making a terrible loud noise. Have cleaned it completly, It almost sounds likes its taking off. Hoover is not that old so can not be engine. Help its out of guarantee and as mentioned not that old. It happens when I switch it on checked brushes nothing blocking it and as already mentioned took all apart and cleaned. Many Thanks.

    Feb 07, 2009

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Answer # 1

Ensure plug is not in the socket.

remove the guard from around the roller on base of Dyson by turning 3 screws 90 Deg anti clock wise.
unclip belt from the metal spindle from the motor.

Pull out the roller.

Pull the end of the roller out.
They do not screw, they just pull out.

Clean the muck out from inside the roller ends.

Put end caps back on.

put belt on and thread through the slot.

put belt back on to motor spindle.

Ta da it stops squeeling.

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Marci Marple

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  • on Oct 16, 2007
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Answer # 2

The sound is just there to tell you that the brushes are not spinning. Awful huh? lol Well, the problem with Dyson is that they are very difficult for the customers to fix themselves. You can try to reposition the brushroll ends, but without a belt lifter, it's pretty hard to do. I suggest calling Dyson directly @ 312 469-5923.


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  • on Mar 24, 2010
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Answer # 3

This is actually an internal problem. I had this happen a few years ago and had to have it serviced. It was still under warranty so I didn't pay anything.

It has to do with the gears or something similar (sorry I cannot remember exactly what it's called) I called the number on the side of the vacuum and the operator listened to the vacuum and told me the gears (or something) were stripped.

I'm on here looking to see if I can repair it myself.

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3 Suggested Answers Relevant answers from similar questions that we feel might be a fix.

Chris Jones


There could be a few things that would cause your Dyson to have no suction. I will give you detailed step by step instructions along with pictures on how you can diagnose this.

Possible Problem #1. The first problem is extremely common. In fact, we probably see between 2-3 of these problems every week. It mostly happens after people take the bottom plate off the vacuum in order to clean the roller brush. What happens is when they reinstall the bottom plate, they put it on on incorrectly. It's actually very easy to do. When the bottom plate (soleplate) is installed wrong, there will be a gap between the bottom plate, and the agitator housing, or the purple tray the roller brush sits in. This will cause the soleplate to be a few inches higher off the ground then it should be, preventing the brushes from even hitting the carpet. This makes it seem to the user that vacuum has lost suction power because without the brushes hitting the carpet, the machine will not pick up very well on floors, but when they use the attachment hose there's plenty of suction power.

Here's a picture of the WRONG way to install the bottom plate. Notice the gap in between the two housings:

Here's another picture, that is the RIGHT way to install the soleplate:

I would say probably 6 times out of 10 this is the problem with the customers machine. If you checked the soleplate and it is installed correctly, move on to the second possible problem.

Possible Problem # 2. Turn the vacuum cleaner upside down so the brush roller is facing upwards. I found the easiest way to work on it is to put it on a counter top or work bench. On the left hand side behind the roller brush you should see a flexible transparent hose that goes from the motor to the agitator housing. This hose actually has a lot of strain on it when the vacuum cleaner is in the reclined position. When the first few series of Dyson DC07 models came out, they didn't make this hose long enough, so when the vacuum was in the reclined position, it would put too much stress on the hose, and cause the hose to actually crack, usually right where the end of the hose that goes into the agitator housing. Examine your hose and see if you have any visible cracks in this hose. If you need to you may just remove the entire hose assembly by pulling on it. It will easily come right out of the machine so you can inspect it better. Here's a picture of where the hose usually cracks:

This would also explain why the vacuum works fine when using the attachments, but not on the floors. The attachment hose uses a different suction channel, and when the machine is in the upright position, no suction goes through this hose. If you do find a crack in this hose, the this hose needs to be replaced. Here's a direct link to that hose on our GoVacuum website.
Dyson DC-07 & DC-14 Upright Replacement Internal Hose Part # 904219

Possible Problem #3. I would suspect that this may not be the problem, but if neither of the solutions above worked, then try this one. Dyson's in general are prone to clogging. There are a few clog ports throughout the vacuum cleaner that were added there due to Dyson prototypes becoming clogged at these points. Here are pictures of how and where to check for these clogs. Simply remove the suction port covers at both of these locations:

Possible Problem #4. If none of the above solutions worked for you, try this last one. The Dyson DC07 models use a clutch mechanism that stops the roller brush from spinning when changed from carpet mode to bare floor mode. This clutch mechanism is a notorious problem with all Dyson models, in fact they were such a problem that Dyson had to redesign the DC07 model to a non-clutch system. Even if yours is one of the newer ones that don't use a clutch, yours still has a belt inside. You can tell if your model uses a clutch or not by the shape of the roller brush. If your brush is a perfect cylinder shape, yours does NOT have a clutch. To check and see if the clutch or the belt have gone bad, first release the handle on the vacuum as if you were vacuuming carpets. Make sure the machine is set to carpet mode. Now while the handle has been released, turn the machine upside down and see if the brushes are spinning. If the brushes are spinning then turn the vacuum right side up and put the brushes on the floor. Can you still hear the brushes spinning when they are hitting the carpet? If yes, then this is not the problem. If the brushes however are NOT spinning, this indicates either your brush roll, clutch, or belt have gone bad.

If these solutions still didn't fix your problem, I'd be happy to try and help you further. Just use the Clarification Request, or comment section here on the Fixya repair page.

If this repair was helpful to you, please be sure to rate this repair as helpful by clicking the thumbs up icons in the top right hand corner of the repair. Thanks so much!

Chris J.

Source: dyson dc07 animal\ no suction

Vac Belts

The belt is probably worn or stretched. When this happens the belt won't turn the roller brush when it is against the carpet. Here is a link for the manual and links for the belt you need:

DC07 Manual

Replacement belts for DC07 w/ clutch system

Replacement belts for DC07 w/out clutch system

Source: Hi my dyson dc07 animal has suction but the brush

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  • royzee
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  • February 09, 2009

The most common problem with this machine is that either the filters are blocked, or you have a blockage in the hose. Check and replace fiters if necessary.


Source: My Dyson Animal Dc07 is having problems suction problems

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