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Garmin Nuvi 660 internal speakers

My internal speakers do not work. I can hear fine using the FM frequency option but no sound at all when I select internal speakers.

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  • Anonymous Nov 12, 2007

    Have the same problem. Earphone output is fine, but no sound from the internal speakers

  • Anonymous Nov 16, 2007

    Same problem with mine.

  • Anonymous Nov 19, 2007

    Mne just failed today. Audio out from jack is fine. No internal speaker output.

  • Kajngurl Nov 19, 2007

    Mine just failed too. Worked fine last week, now... nothing. I've reset, reloaded software, checked all settings. Still does not work

  • Anonymous Nov 28, 2007

    same problem here, earphones work, fm works, internal speaker is dead

  • philster64 Nov 30, 2007

    Same problem here with a Nuvi 350.... Looks like Garmin has some manufacturing issues. I've e-mailed Garmin for technical support

  • Anonymous Dec 05, 2007

    I have a related problem. My speaker works, but I can never hear it, too faint. Do they make external speakers for the better sound? This might also solve other issue.

  • cmillonida Dec 26, 2007

    Got mine yesterday, and at the end of the day...DEAD, No sound output through the internal speakers....every other option works, headphone jack, fm trans. But no internal. Did a reset, updated software, adjusted volume, even a reset to factory settings, and still nothing. =(

  • Nyulak Dec 29, 2007

    I have the same failure mode. Volume is set fine and audio will output to the FM transmitter, but I normally listen to my iPod, so that does me no use. I did manage to get the speaker to crackle as I removed the unit from its cradle, and I heard poor audio quality speech, but I have yet to get sound since that time.

    it appears that there is an intermittent connection, but I don't know how to open the case to troubleshoot it myself.

  • Torotno Dec 31, 2007

    I have the same problem, sometimes when I knock the device I can hear the speakers... it seems that is the wiring problem but I have no idea how to open the device to check out...

  • Anonymous Jan 07, 2008

    I have a garmin nuvi 350 and I have the same problem.

  • Anonymous Jan 09, 2008

    Mine started to do the same thing

  • cougbria Jan 14, 2008

    Have a Nuvi 660 with same problem, no internal speaker for Bluetooth or MP3. Navigation is fine.

    Updated software, reset to factory settings

  • mr pepperman Jan 23, 2008

    Am on my third Garmin Nuvi 660, the first problem was the speakers died completely, second unit kept freezing and failed to sync with phone, my third unit every time I switch it on it goes through minutes of loading bluetooth software then phone will not work, have to switch phone on and off a couple of times then it syncs, whereas my wife has a 660 and has no problems.

     The service from Garmin was very good, just replaced the unit 'twice' but I am now out of guarantee and am rather unhappy.

  • MarkMayle Feb 27, 2008

    I am on my second Nuvi 680. On the first one the speaker would intermittently stop working (this was after about two weeks of using it). Tapping on the side would sometimes get it going. Called Garmin and they replaced it. Now on my second one the speaker sounds like it is blown (after about two weeks of use), voice is all garbled, etc. Everything else works fine. Tapping does not help on this unit. I hope I can get Garmin to pay the shipping on this one as it is getting expensive to send these back.

  • AB Mexico Feb 27, 2008

    Have similar problem with 660 navigation speaker whilst the mp3 speaker is fine.
    Any resolution to the problem?

  • Wompuscat Mar 06, 2008

    My internal speaker stopped working today... headphones work ok also the FM works fine... was riding listening to an audio book when with no warning it stopped.

  • dfkdfk Mar 10, 2008

    internal speakers stopped working

  • Anonymous Mar 18, 2008

    the sound on the speakers on my garmin nuvi has stopped working

  • GarminNubie Apr 19, 2008

    Just received mine, charged it up, internal speakers have predominant static sound. Most of the pre-loaded MP3s and audiobooks don't play either. Just sits there in "play" mode, but wont start the track. Oddly, I was able to play (clearly) ONE of the preloaded items, but nothing else. Can press the play button to display a "pause" sign, then press again (thinking it would play), but nothing. Haven't tried the FM transmitter yet - will do so tomorrow. Sounds like this could be a common out-of-the-box problem though, eh? Do I bother trying to fix, or assume it's just a quirk? Assume I should just send back to Garmin for replacement. Thoughts?

  • Anonymous May 21, 2008

    I lost the internal speaker on my nuvi 680 after upgrading to the
    latest software. Now only the FM transmitter works but not that

  • LAXFAN7 Jul 06, 2008

    My 660's speaker went bad too. Not sure about the 1% defect rate cited in this thread, looks like the speaker issue is bigger than that. I'll be sending mine back to Garmin for repair. While the FM option works fine when in the car, I like to use outside the car sometimes to listen to audio books so need the speaker. Otherwise, FM is the way to go!

  • Anonymous Jul 11, 2008

    22 users with the same problem....Now 23. Mine stopped working too. Same symptoms as everyone else, Looks like this is an issue that Garmin should address. I wonder how much they are going to charge to fix it as I believe mine is out of warrenty

  • rafischer2 Jul 14, 2008

    23 users with the same problem....Now 24. Mine stopped working too. Same symptoms as everyone else. My fm works, my earphone jack works just no internal speaker. It stopped after I did the firmware update and updated the maps to 2009. Mine is out of warrenty.

  • model_haus Jul 14, 2008

    internal speakers still works but the volume is so low you have to put your ear right up to the unit to hear it. Solution please!

  • herm_joe Jul 14, 2008

    I am having the same problem with the internal speakers

  • gdykstra1 Jul 17, 2008

    I was driving along listening on internal speaker, and it just quit. I put it to FM transmitter and it worked. Tried resetting, didn't help, made sure it was not on mute, turned off and on numerous times, nothing.

  • ollyeb Jul 19, 2008

    Same problem Internal speaker I use my fm system but driving any distance becomes a problem when the radio station I have set comes in then you cannot hear the instructions cause the radio over powers any idea's?

  • freedom61 Jul 20, 2008

    Having the same problem. Internal speaker is not working at all.. works with ear plugs or FM.. Please help...

  • traceriom Jul 23, 2008

    I seem to have the same problem. Can get sound via headphone but not from internal speakers. I called garmin support and they suggested updating the software, which i did, and for 5 mins I had sound again...then it went! Doesn't seem to make sense...any ideas??

  • chilt Jul 25, 2008

    Bought a refurbished nuvi 660 from Circuit City. Arrived July 17th. Used it for about an hour and the internal speaker just quit mid-sentence. FM transmitter still works. Makes me wonder if this unit was originally returned to Garmin for a problem with the internal speaker. :O(

  • Moylan59 Jul 27, 2008

    My internal speakers started sounding garbled and then they just stopped. If I have the unit turned off for a long while and turn it back on it may work for awhile but then it just goes silent again. Just took a long trip with no out put. I am frustrated as this was not an inexpensive item

  • Anonymous Jul 27, 2008

    The internal speaker just died - on a long trip no less.. it would start speaking, then suddenly stopped. i couldnt believe it.. i paid a lot of money for this thing...

  • jjones003 Jul 28, 2008

    I have the same problem with the speakers. I gave it a good tap on the back where the speaker emits. Sound came back, but sounds like shyt. This is BS considering how much Paid for the freaking thing. I'll be caing Mr Garmin in the morning!!! Makes you wonder why e-bay is selling allot of the refurbished...I believe I know now!

  • herm_joe Jul 31, 2008

    I am having the same problem with my internal speaker on my Garmin 660.

    I solved the problem by hooking up an external Ipod speaker. Now I can hear the sound just fine through the external speaker.

  • tmahmud Aug 02, 2008

    Got my 660T on Friday and the internal speaker does not work either!

    Will contact the place I bought it from on Monday.

  • Anonymous Aug 05, 2008

    Nuvi 680 and I have the same internal speaker issue. There for a while if I smacked the back, then it would come back. Now no sound at all. This happened about a year after I have had it. I assume bad solder connections to the speaker, but I haven't taken it apart to find out.

  • Dhermo Aug 08, 2008

    Sound went out while using bluetooth. Have tried all the remedies on here. Nothing is working. No sound at all. Not the beeps on the touchscreens, nothing.

  • Anonymous Aug 19, 2008

    Same problem. Wish I would have read these before buying. Has Garmin fixed any of these? Do they stand behind the product?

  • michaeltedes Aug 22, 2008

    i have the same problem internal speaker just stopped working FM is fine headphone jack fine everything else works tried reset this didn't help

    my model is the Nuvi 680 which is almost the same model just msn added. glad found your web site. I am a guest

    thank you

  • beckyj1 Aug 30, 2008

    worked fine- and then stopped, no sound at all.

  • Anonymous Sep 15, 2008

    Minw aropped all of a sudden during a phone conversation, never came back.

  • theseeker348 Sep 18, 2008

    No sound when using speaker... Sounds works fine when using tthe headset or the FM system tuned to the car's audio, but the speaker seems dead.

  • Anonymous Sep 21, 2008

    i have teh same problem, wtf

  • Anonymous Sep 28, 2008

    Little over a year out of warranty.  Same problem

  • Speculist Oct 17, 2008

    My nuvi 680 voice started sounding very rough for last few weeks through its speaker, then failed entirely this week. FM transmitter voice still works fine. After reading these posts, I slapped it sharply, and the rough sound comes back for several seconds at a time, but not reliably. Sounds like a repair is needed. If out of warranty, as anyone opened up unit to better secure speaker connection? I do not see any screws. (Is it pried apart like a iPod?)

  • rjf26 Jan 23, 2009

    Same problem with my 3-year-old 350...started sounding garbled a few weeks ago and completely went out tonight. I love my garmin & use it a lot for work, so for now I'm using a little ipod speaker that plugs into the headphone jack:)

  • mmatheso Feb 09, 2009

    I have the same problem. I have reloaded the newest software and all the fixes. Sometimes after a reboot it works for a couple of minutes and then stops again.

    The FM transmitter has so much static that it isn't a viable alternative. The headset works fine but isn't really my preference while driving.

    My Nuvi 660 is just over a year old.

  • Anonymous Mar 17, 2009

    my internal speaker on my Garmin 660. .... Earphone output is fine, but no sound from the internal speakers

  • Cincao Apr 30, 2009

    Garmin Nuvi 350 - the speaker suddenly stopped to work.

    Does anybody know how to fix it?????

  • Anonymous May 24, 2009

    Ihave the same problem with a nuvi 760 - which is only six months old...



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Please see this article I wrote on this problem.

- Jim

Posted on Oct 31, 2008


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Had my Nuvi 660 drop out yesterday during a phone call. Read this thread, gave it a little slap and the sound came back.

Posted on Apr 05, 2008

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I think you had set to mute , your internal speaker should work. No unit are defective concerning speaker. It's less than 1% of the total of the production who has a defective speaker.

Make sure you had choice a TTS voice.

For those who think they had a problem with FM trnasmitter. Do not forget that the law in US do not permit a high power for fm transmitter. Just buy a good fm trasnmitter and you will get the signal very niceley from your GPS to the car stereo.

To get more info concerning GPS and particular for NUVI OWNER'S and other's


Posted on Jan 21, 2008

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Apparently Garmin used a defective speaker for these units. I had the same problem and used earphones or the fm transmitter as a workaround. When the battery finally started going bad, I decided to replace it myself...I discovered that the speaker would work intermittently if I tapped on the vibrating part of the speaker. Not sure how I'm goint to get a replacement for the speaker yet.

Posted on Nov 07, 2010

  • Eco Phil Nov 13, 2010

    There is a problem with the actual speaker. I opened mine to replace the battery and discovered that the speaker would work intermittently if tapped or light pressure was placed on it. I am currently trying to find a replacement speaker. I'll post again if I have any success.


Shut the bluetooth off and make sure it is not muted.

Posted on Jan 23, 2008

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Make sure the volume is up - The little speaker icon on the right side of the main screen. If that doesn't work, sounds like the unit might be defective...

Posted on Oct 19, 2007

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I had the same problem. All the sounds had stopped. Even the headphones... I gave few slaps and the problem came out... A coin had gotton inside the memory card slot.. probably it was short circuiting inside... check... you might find some metal object inside the circuit..

Posted on Aug 31, 2008

Send it back to Garmin. Its defective. Mine went as well.

Posted on Dec 29, 2007

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Hi there,
Save hours of searching online or wasting money on unnecessary repairs by talking to a 6YA Expert who can help you resolve this issue over the phone in a minute or two.

Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US.

Here's a link to this great service

Good luck!

Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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SOURCE: Garmin Nuvi 660 internal speakers

Please see this link:

- Jim

Posted on Dec 07, 2009

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Everything works fine on the unit no problem until

3. If your Nuvi has a FM transmitter, is it selected to "FM" or "Speaker"? The "FM" setting will mute the internal speaker. Setting it to "Speaker" will send sound to the speaker.

if this side of it works then the FM transmitter is faulty

Check that the sound has not been MUTED

plug the earphone into the socket to see if any sound is heard. The socket is also a switch that takes sound from internal speaker to ephone and reverse.
If no sound is hear in either FM or normal mode your unit is faulty and needs repair

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No sound!

If you can hear audio through the headphone jack but not the internal speaker jack, then the speaker is bad.

This is a problem I have seen many times before. I will be posting an article soon on how to replace the internal speaker, however this is not a repair that just anyone can do.

You have to have skills in dissassembly & soldering.

- Jim

Jun 01, 2008 | Garmin Nuvi 660 GPS Receiver

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