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Wild arms 3

The problem we are having is with the level glimmering emblem, we are having problem with getting through the second set of lights, we have tried all combinations but cant seem to find how to do it can anyone please help us thanks

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Re: wild arms 3

May be here could be of some help to you.


Posted on Oct 27, 2007

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How can i cheat on wild ones on facebook to have 10000000 bones

1) Create a 2nd fackebook account if you don't already have one.

2) Send a friend request from your new account to your main facebook account.

3) On your 2nd Facebook go to play Wild Ones and after making a character you will see at the bottom right of the screen something that says "Arm Your Friends." Click this and send as many requests to your main account as you want, resulting in infinite bones.

Hopefully this helps!

May 16, 2011 | Video Game Consoles

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My console got banned from playing Call of Duty Black ops for no reason... how do I get unbanned?

First think, were you using the voice chat AT ALL because you may have been reported by a little kid :P.
Do you have and offensive name/emblem/clan tag?
What did the message say when you got banned?
Reply and I may be able to help :)

Feb 03, 2011 | Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) Console

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How did u get the colors like that

Lots of blue painters tape and a light coat of spray paint. You should dissemble your Xbox to avoid over spray and be sure to remove the Xbox emblem.

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How do i get the ps3 to display on my tv ps lights up disc inserted etc but no activity on the tv screen

ok you have to reset the ps3 by turning of backswitch wait 10 seconds turn on the backswitch then press and hold down the front power button for 10 seconds you should hear 2-3 beeps that does it just wait and the video settings have automatically detected your tv settings and are going to ask you to save hit x to save display settings on ps3 remote problem solved.

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Ps3 turns on then 5 seconds later the green light

well i can tell u this. If your having any problems then 1.turn on your ps3
2.hold down the ps3 button until it beeps and turns red 3.then hold it again it should beep twice 4.then a screen will pop up with options 5.choose the one that your having problems with shouldnt turn off but if it does call the geek squad or get one of those ps3 fixing books.
i have a problem of my own 2 of my games froze while loding and one just froze while loding the first level of the game can u help me?

Oct 03, 2009 | Sony Video Game Consoles

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My PSP Won't Turn On No Lights no Nothing!

hello hold the r button while pressing the power button for 5 seconds this is the recovery mode good luck


Sep 19, 2009 | Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Console

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The simpsons game cheats for playstation 2.

Hi www_julie,
Heres a walkthrough for you> Museum of natural history (Bartman Begins)

Second level, here we go!

Playable characters: Homer and Bart
Enemies: Security Guards, Dolph, Kearney and Jimbo
Ammunition: Light Bulbs
-NEW ABILITY- bartman

After the cut scene run right and jump the gap, break the barrel for a Krusty
koupon then slide down the Zipline, past the helium bottle and climb the wall
and get the token. Climb the ladder and activate the switch (X). Now you are
homer, use the fallen stalactite to jump the gap and climb the ladder NEW
CLICHE- You should now have unlocked the cliche "switches and levers" and
jump on the pressure pad. When the gate recedes climb the ladder to the next
area. You will now fight a few guards, usually 1 at a time; they will take 4
hits to kill. Activate the pressure pad to make the blocks in the wall come
out, you are now Bart again. Jump on the blocks then the statues knees to get
the koupon, return to the blocks and jump onto the statues bust and then the
higher blocks. You will now come to a big gap, use the bartman cape glide
(hold B while jumping) if you're lucky you will get the koupon while gliding.
Pull the lever and the bridge will extend, you are now Homer! First cross the
bridge, pass under the statues legs, beating any guards in your way but DON'T
jump on the pressure pad, just pass it and pick up the duff cap on top of the
mini statue that is in half. Now activate the pad. You are now Bart, Run
along and jump on the blocks, going LEFT, you will have to glide to one of
them, then climb the vines on the hall, jump off the roman helmet and onto
the sword, kill the guard and get the koupon. Now proceed back onto the
blocks but this time go right and onto the platform, kill the 2 guards and
hold up on the + pad and shoot(A) to hit the target, then jump into the gap.
Straight away run off the brontosaur's back and get the koupon in front of
the mini-T-Rex then back on the bronto's back, onto his head and glide onto
the canopy jump onto the nearby pterodactyl and then over the mini-T-Rex, or
onto his head for the koupon, then pull the switch to extend a tongue from
the mini-T-Rex's mouth. You are now Homer. Climb the ladder and jump off the
bronto's tail onto the tongue, then at the tar pit (don't worry it's not real
tar!)jump onto the bone in the middle then to the other side. Kill any guards
on the way and activate the pressure pad !NEW CLICHE! You should now have
unlocked the cliche "Pressure pads" You are now Bart. Go right and glide on
the draft onto the pterodactyl. Jump onto the pterodactyl to the left and go
down the Zipline, continue left until you get the Krusty koupon, then retrace
your steps to the volcano and on that pterodactyl, go right and pull the
lever and get ready for the first boss fight of the level!
Name: Dolph
Hits to kill: 4
Attacks: Slingshot
Description: A punk-looking character, he has a brownish-green baggy shirt on
and black shorts, his hair is draped down the right side of his face.
Shoot him to start the fight(to shoot down hold down on + pad and press A)
then when the lights go out shoot the targets, then when the lights return,
shoot him, after about 4 hits(I used light bulbs, with normal ammo it might
be different) then go right. Straight when this area starts, turn around and
get the Krusty koupon, then go right, shooting the targets to let Homer
proceed, as you can't go through the doors without him going first. Ok pause
the game just after the castle area as the is an important target here, while
Homer is destroying the fence, run forward and hit the 2 targets, as the one
under the cannon will release a duff token for Homer, then prepare for the
boss fight!
Name: Kearney
Hits to kill: 5
Attacks: None
Description: A bald kid wearing a white shirt and black shorts.
As the fight goes on, you will see 3 doors with Homer, Kearney or Ralph
behind them you must shoot the target underneath Kearney to hurt him, after
about 5 hits he will fall, letting you leave. In this next room, you must use
the planets to get to the top, there will be a bit where you must use a small
meteor to get to a ladder then climb the ladder onto Jupiter, then jump onto
Saturn's rings. At this point there will be 2 planets, 2 flying saucers and 1
rocket. Ok, this is all for: 1 koupon and the best spot to hit Jimbo. Jump
onto the first planet, then onto the first flying saucer, slide down the
Zipline then drop off of it right on top of the rocket, then use the rocket
smoke to glide onto the second saucer. While on the second saucer, get the
Krusty koupon, now for the boss fight!
Name: Jimbo
Hits to kill: 20-21(I used normal ammo for this; it may take less with the
light bulbs)
Attacks: Green plasma orbs
Description: Wears a woolly hat, black shirt with a skull emblem on it and
blue jeans.
Ok, this fight is easy enough if you got the light bulb, either way, use the
automatic slingshot (hold A) he is just above you so you will have to shoot
End analysis:
7/9 Duff Beer Caps
18/18 Krusty Koupons
4/27 Video Game Cliches
Happy Gaming :)

Dec 22, 2008 | Nintendo DS Lite Console

1 Answer

I Cannot get out of level 1 code veronica X

When you go down the stairs, there will be growling; ignore it for now. Keep
going straight, and around the corner. A dead body will be pulled under the
building. Keep on moving. Go through the door at the end. There will be three
zombies wandering around and two in the cage; they can't get out yet. After
you dispose of the zombies, go through the door where the last zombie was. You
now have to deposit all of the metal items, including your lighter. Now go as
far as you can go. There will be some items (First Aid Spray, BOW Gas rounds
and Flame Rounds) to take in the room right past the second metal detector.
Now go through the door. You'll encounter a scene with Steve. When he's gone,
press the action button right by the computer, so you get the Hawk
. Then pull the switch Steve was messing with. There is also a
typewriter and ink ribbons on the desk. Now head back out, into the room
before this. Find the machine, which was next to the First Aid Spray, and put
the Hawk Emblem in it.

Now leave, deposit metal items, and go take the others, making sure to have
two spaces open. Head back outside, and go to the left as far as you can by
the shutter, and open it. When you do, there will be two zombies inside, and
the two caged ones will get out. Don't panic though. There's also a gas
canister, so aim for that when the zombies are too close for comfort. Once
they're gone, grab the Fire Extinguisher from inside. In the cage will
be a Padlock Key; take it. Now exit here. On the way back, two dogs
will charge out at you. Be ready. My strategy is to just keep running and
dodge them, so you don't waste any ammo. On the other side of the building,
there's a metal door. Use the key on it and discard it. Keep heading back to
the prison. There will be several zombies in the area before the graveyard.

Once you're back, there will be four or five zombies. Dodge them if you can or
take them out, because you gotta get to the beginning of the cemetery. Once
you get to the fire, use the extinguisher on it, and get the briefcase.
Examine and open it to get the TG-01 material and report. Now go back
to the metal detector building.

You won't need to deposit the TG material. Go back to the machine where you
placed the Hawk Emblem and use the material on the green colored machine. Now
before putting it on the machine, set off the alarm/shutters! If you don't,
after you make the duplicate emblem, the zombies will break in. And since you
don't have a weapon, that wouldn't be good. So be sure to do that. After you
place the material on the machine, you'll get a copy of it, which isn't metal:
Sp. Alloy Emblem. If you for some reason decide not set off the alarm:
when you start back, you'll hear glass breaking; zombies are coming, and no,
you don't have a weapon. A good thing to do at this point would be to let one
of the zombies be lured into the room you heard the glass breaking in, so you
can dodge him easily. When you get passed him, there will be three more.

Try dodging them, then take your items back, and MAKE SURE TO BRING THE FIRE
EXTINGUISHER! If you need an extra space for whatever reason, leave any ink
ribbons if you have them. Now go to where you met Steve, and turn to the
right, finding the door that needs the Emblem medal to open. Use it, go
through, and it has stopped raining.

Nov 23, 2008 | Sony Video Game Consoles

3 Answers


Emblems Unlockable How to Unlock Amy Emblem Complete Mission mode with Amy Aquatics Champs Emblem Gold Medals in All Aqautics Events Blaze Emblem Complete Mission mode with Blaze Bouncing Emblem Perfect 10 on Trampoline Bowser Emblem Complete Mission mode with Bowser Sonic Emblem Complete Mission mode with Sonic. Shadow Emblem Complete Mission mode with Shadow. Knuckles Emblem Complete Mission mode with Knuckles. Luigi Emblem Complete Mission mode with Luigi. Waluigi Emblem Complete Mission mode with Waluigi. Mario Emblem Complete Mission mode with Mario. Wario Emblem Complete Mission mode with Wario Vector Emblem Complete Mission mode with Vector Yoshi Emblem Complete Mission mode with Yoshi Tails Emblem Finish mission mode with Tails Olympic Record Emblem Achieve an Olympic Record the very first time you compete in an event World Record Emblem Achieve a World Record the very first time you compete in an event Network Emblem Connect to the Nintendo WiFi Connection Rocket Emblem Peform a successful starting dash in a track event Penalty Emblem Commit a foul in an event Peach Emblem Complete Mission mode with Peach Daisy Emblem Complete Mission mode with Daisy Field Emblem Received after earning gold medals in all field events. Aquatics Emblem Received after earning gold medals in all aquatics events. Gymnastics Emblem Received after earning gold medals in all gymnastics events. Dream Emblem Received after earning gold medals in all dream events. Fencing Emblem Received after winning fencing match without losing any point. Archery Emblem Received after scoreing 120 points in archery event. Shooting Emblem Received after scoreing 40 points in shooting event Full Play Emblem Received for playing all events. Table Tennis Emblem Received for winning 5-0 in Table Tennis. Gallery Owner Emblem Unlock the entire gallery. Collaboration Emblem Play at least one event with all characters Crowns Unlockable How to Unlock Mario Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Mario" Daisy Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Daisy" Luigi Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Luigi" Peach Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Peach" Bowser Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Bowser" Vector Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Vector" Sonic Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Sonic" Shadow Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Shadow" Amy Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Amy" Blaze Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Blaze" Knuckles Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Knuckles" Waluigi Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Waluigi" Wario Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Wario" Dr. Eggman Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Dr. Eggman" Tails Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Tails" Yoshi Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using "Yoshi" Complete Crown Get all gold and 1st medals using every characters. Unlock Unlock Mario and Sonic Tunes Complete all 5 of the levels of the minigames found in any of the 5 doors in the Gallery. Complete all minigames and all their levels in each door to unlock all of the music available for the Gallery's Jukebox. Unlockable How to Unlock One Mario and one Sonic music track. Complete each of the 5 levels of minigames in any of the 5 doors found in the Gallery.
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Jun 07, 2008 | Nintendo DS Console

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