Problem with Symphonic WV806 DVD Player/VCR

Symphonic SV2000

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I have a VCR/DVD Combo bought at Walmart from Symphonic, model SV2000 (cwv806). When you power on the unit the DVD Tray opened and remained opened. The product is still under warranty but I need to pay for one hour service who is more expensive than the unit itself. I can replace myself the DVD unit, but i will need to find a supplier who can provide me with the part

  • ehadams exact same symptoms. Worked good for a while. now will not wokr.

    Oct 05, 2008

  • DVDcomboJUNK The symphonc SV2000 dvd/vhs combo is a piece of junk. I purchase one, used it about 5 times then received error code E454040990.

    I called customer support at (800) 518-1180 right away & they gave me the run around. I got everything from "clean the unit", Use only DVD-R recordable dvds, then use only DVD+R dvd's, then use only 8x never use 16x, then finally after months of trying to figure this things out, & buying gobs of useless dvd formats, they tell me it's the laser lens. It's broken & needs to be replaced but since the warranty has now EXPIRED, there's nothing they can do.

    Interestingly enough, they tried telling me that I have had the unit for 2 years and that this is the first time I've called about the problem.

    I've only had the unit about 6 months & I've called at least 8 times.

    Funny that they think they know when I purchased it, but yet they have no record of me ever calling them before.

    And how exactly do they know when I purchased it?

    He wouldn't give me the answer to that.

    So I can only assume that the tec support guro's at symphonic have super powers!

    Too bad they can't use some of that power to put together a decent product.

    Also, the same company puts out Emerson, Magnivox & Western whitehouse. Same product, different model. They're all junk.

    Save yourself the hassle & just buy a good dvd burner for your PC that allows you to record from your VCR to PC burner.

    Good luck!!

    Jun 04, 2008

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  • Sep 30, 2008

Throw it out and buy some other brand

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