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Valkyrie Silmeria Having a hard time in Dragon...... What's the correct statue to hit???? Cheat for direct ending?? proceed to level 99 and approximate life for my characters

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Re: Valkyrie Silmeria

Try to find out how to play your game from

Posted on Aug 13, 2007

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3 Answers

Wannn'a know the cheats

there actually isn't a helicopter cheat. Only Vice City Stories has drivable helicopters.

Apr 19, 2010 | Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Console

12 Answers

Nintendo ds Sherlock holmes and mystery of mummy 2009 I am at level 3 .I have done the rotating room and got the 4 statues and read the riddle on door.According to the published walk throughs I just go...


You have to click on the sign at the door at back of the rotating room first. Then place the B seal in the urn.
The door you need is over in another corner of the rotating room, and it's pretty tricky to get to.

Follow these steps;

From the point where you took the statuette:
1. Go toward the center.
2. Turn slightly right and go toward the statues
3. Turn right and go toward the center of the room.
4. Turn right and click between the first two statues.
5. Turn right and click toward the wall with the Chain.
6. Finally, turn left and click between the first two statues again.
This takes you to the desired spot, though you are facing the wrong way.
Turn around and examine the plaque on the door. It is a riddle.
Nothing seems to be the correct answer.
This door is still locked. Go straight ahead and exit the room.

Then you should be able to put the Brahman seal into the centre urn in the storage room.

It may take a couple of tries but this should work for you.

Let me know how you get on and please do rate my solution. Many Thanks.

Aug 21, 2009 | Nintendo DS Lite Console

1 Answer

Nintendo cheat

you have to jump on the blocks while running without hitting the blocks

Aug 10, 2009 | Nintendo NES Console

1 Answer

Hi need help for Legend of Spyro - Eternal Night. Have got to the four temples and in each one there is a small spiderand just beyond it a locked door. Nothing seems to hurt the spider, but it seems that...

Back out in the Temple level again, walk forwards and some apes will appear.
After killing the pair of soldiers that attack first a couple of Death Hounds
will appear. These are fast moving enemies that will charge into you from afar,
so watch out for them. Another pair will arrive and then you'll see a short
scene of a large ape leader jumping down. His attacks, if they hit you, will
freeze you on the spot. Use fire breath to get out of it quickly, jiggling the
analogue stick is a bit slow. Once you've taken care of the Leader and the
soldiers and hounds that appear some bombs will helpfully smash some rocks for

Go over to the right and push the first statue into position at the end of its
track. Then off to the left and push the second statue. Jump on top of the
statue to reach the part above. Stand on the circle and the door will open.
Activate Dragon Time and wander into the building.

Dead ahead there's a torch to flame (to the right is an unlimited green gem
cluster if you run out of magic) and down the hall to the left you'll find
another couple, the last of which will open up the big door. Go through that
very same door. Avoiding the large hole in the floor, continue on through this
passageway to where some soldiers put out the torches. Kill them and their
leader and reignite the torches. The door will reopen to go through.

Go right and outside. Kill the spider, once it's down you need to tail strike
it (aka head bash or horn dive) so that it doesn't get up again. After killing
it turn to the left and jump up onto the ledge. Stand on the little platform in
the far corner and look up to the left. Jump from the first branch onto the
hexagonal pillar, then onto a tree branch and then across the path to Quill

Continue on along the path again and light the three torches ahead, jumping up
the steep platforms to reach the last one. The door will open and a Snail Rider
will enter. Flame the snail and then jump and air melee the rider. Make sure to
jump back after a few hits as the snail will pop out again, hitting you in the
process. Keep repeating this until they're dead. The door will open.

Go through the door and along to a fire torch which you'll need to light. The
other two are just ahead, one to the left and the other behind a vine wall
which you'll need to smash using your melee attacks. Once lit, in will charge a
couple of Death Hounds, take care of them before moving through the door. Go
down the corridor to the left carefully, the floor will shake and collapse.
Glide over the gap to take out the leader throwing ice bombs at you, as well as
the couple of soldiers he summons when you reach him. Now turn around and go
back over the second gap and look down into the first. You should be able to
see a green thing twirling around down there. This is the first of five Magic
Relics, Magic Relic [1/5]. Jump back out of the hole again and go through the
door you just opened.

Smash down the vines blocking your way and go right (left to some Blue Spirit
gems) and head outside. A Commander and a pair of Death Hounds will appear.
Kill them, watching out for the Commander's green blasts that he sends out
every now and again by hitting the floor. Then you need to light the three
torches. One to the right of the entrance, one to the left and the last you
need to use the platform the left one is on to reach.

The correct direction of travel once inside is to the left. Smash the vines and
jump over the gaps, watching out as the floor is all ready to collapse, even
just by gliding over. Once at the other end you'll reach a check point. Tail
Strike the vines and you'll fall through into a spider den. Watch out for their
spinning, and remember the easy way is to simply knock them up into the air
once and Tail Strike them when they're down or you'll keep on having the attack
them. You only have to hit them twice. Once the first two are dead another pair
will smash their way in, handily making an exit for you once you're done with

Follow the path out and smash the vines in your way, you'll reach some Toad
Weeds. Kill them and get onto the bridge just past, turn to the right and you
might just notice a red/orange spinning icon in the distance. Glide down to it
and collect Health Relic [1/5]. Use the roots on the wall to get back up, the
last one requiring a sudden change in direction. You'll get back up on the
right side of the bridge, keep going.

You'll encounter a spider lickety split, kill it and jump up the platforms
beyond and inside again. You'll reach a room with five hexagonal pillars of
varying size. Exactly positioned so that you can reach the very highest one and
collect Quill [04/40].

Continue on to the right, watch as the pillar topples over forming a bridge,
and immediately avoid the spider's attack. Cross that new bridge and kill that
spider (I say spider, it's only got six legs). Down the path behind it and up
to where a Snail Rider is sitting waiting. He'll summon a load of Toad Weeds to
help, ignore them whilst going straight for the big target.

The vine wall will smash by itself allowing you through. Jump over the broken
bridge and follow the leader dancing about on the other side upwards. At the
first jump before turning to jump up again continue along a bit and round the
corner you'll discover Quill [05/40]. Get back to jumping upwards. As you enter
the passageway watch out for the rolling barrel. It will explode if you bump
into it so just jump over, Dragon Time if you can't seem to time it right. Kill
the leader standing about halfway through the tunnel and then jump straight off
the end.

Glide down to the torches below, light the three of them and get back upwards
to continue along the path above. A couple of hounds and a leader will run in
to get killed. Once past them there's a Commander in the next room awaiting the
same fate. He'll summon three soldiers to help him though, and once the four of
them are dead another few waves of soldiers and leaders will smash their way

Once they're out of the way some spiders will appear. Jump up the platforms
once you've squished them and you're saved again. Use the branches on the left
to get over the thorn pit where a couple of spiders will promptly attack.
Avoiding the attacks of a third long distance spider you'll then want to glide
over some more thorns using branches, you might need Dragon Time in order to
avoid getting stopped.

There's another Snail Rider up ahead along with a crafty catapult and and ball
for firing in it hidden beneath some vines. Kill the Snail Rider in the usual
manner and melee the vines holding the ball in place. Drag it up the slope to
the catapult, stopping only to kill the Toad Weeds that appear, push it into
the cup and melee it to trigger. Use the platforms below to get up to where you
smashed and keep going.

Watching out for the ice bombs, glide down to the left, up the platform, light
the torch and glide over to where the leaders and commander are. Kill them,
light the torch and finally glide over to the last torch in order to open the
temple door, making sure that none of the apes have put out your torches.

It's a quick trot along a long thin path, jump over the spikes onto a tiny
platform in the middle of them and again to a branch sticking out, one more
platform and then to safety. Wander past the gems and into the darkness at the
end. Finally.

There's a few soldiers and a couple of leaders to kill before you get to the
boss fight.

Jan 11, 2009 | Video Game Consoles

1 Answer

The simpsons game cheats for playstation 2.

Hi www_julie,
Heres a walkthrough for you> Museum of natural history (Bartman Begins)

Second level, here we go!

Playable characters: Homer and Bart
Enemies: Security Guards, Dolph, Kearney and Jimbo
Ammunition: Light Bulbs
-NEW ABILITY- bartman

After the cut scene run right and jump the gap, break the barrel for a Krusty
koupon then slide down the Zipline, past the helium bottle and climb the wall
and get the token. Climb the ladder and activate the switch (X). Now you are
homer, use the fallen stalactite to jump the gap and climb the ladder NEW
CLICHE- You should now have unlocked the cliche "switches and levers" and
jump on the pressure pad. When the gate recedes climb the ladder to the next
area. You will now fight a few guards, usually 1 at a time; they will take 4
hits to kill. Activate the pressure pad to make the blocks in the wall come
out, you are now Bart again. Jump on the blocks then the statues knees to get
the koupon, return to the blocks and jump onto the statues bust and then the
higher blocks. You will now come to a big gap, use the bartman cape glide
(hold B while jumping) if you're lucky you will get the koupon while gliding.
Pull the lever and the bridge will extend, you are now Homer! First cross the
bridge, pass under the statues legs, beating any guards in your way but DON'T
jump on the pressure pad, just pass it and pick up the duff cap on top of the
mini statue that is in half. Now activate the pad. You are now Bart, Run
along and jump on the blocks, going LEFT, you will have to glide to one of
them, then climb the vines on the hall, jump off the roman helmet and onto
the sword, kill the guard and get the koupon. Now proceed back onto the
blocks but this time go right and onto the platform, kill the 2 guards and
hold up on the + pad and shoot(A) to hit the target, then jump into the gap.
Straight away run off the brontosaur's back and get the koupon in front of
the mini-T-Rex then back on the bronto's back, onto his head and glide onto
the canopy jump onto the nearby pterodactyl and then over the mini-T-Rex, or
onto his head for the koupon, then pull the switch to extend a tongue from
the mini-T-Rex's mouth. You are now Homer. Climb the ladder and jump off the
bronto's tail onto the tongue, then at the tar pit (don't worry it's not real
tar!)jump onto the bone in the middle then to the other side. Kill any guards
on the way and activate the pressure pad !NEW CLICHE! You should now have
unlocked the cliche "Pressure pads" You are now Bart. Go right and glide on
the draft onto the pterodactyl. Jump onto the pterodactyl to the left and go
down the Zipline, continue left until you get the Krusty koupon, then retrace
your steps to the volcano and on that pterodactyl, go right and pull the
lever and get ready for the first boss fight of the level!
Name: Dolph
Hits to kill: 4
Attacks: Slingshot
Description: A punk-looking character, he has a brownish-green baggy shirt on
and black shorts, his hair is draped down the right side of his face.
Shoot him to start the fight(to shoot down hold down on + pad and press A)
then when the lights go out shoot the targets, then when the lights return,
shoot him, after about 4 hits(I used light bulbs, with normal ammo it might
be different) then go right. Straight when this area starts, turn around and
get the Krusty koupon, then go right, shooting the targets to let Homer
proceed, as you can't go through the doors without him going first. Ok pause
the game just after the castle area as the is an important target here, while
Homer is destroying the fence, run forward and hit the 2 targets, as the one
under the cannon will release a duff token for Homer, then prepare for the
boss fight!
Name: Kearney
Hits to kill: 5
Attacks: None
Description: A bald kid wearing a white shirt and black shorts.
As the fight goes on, you will see 3 doors with Homer, Kearney or Ralph
behind them you must shoot the target underneath Kearney to hurt him, after
about 5 hits he will fall, letting you leave. In this next room, you must use
the planets to get to the top, there will be a bit where you must use a small
meteor to get to a ladder then climb the ladder onto Jupiter, then jump onto
Saturn's rings. At this point there will be 2 planets, 2 flying saucers and 1
rocket. Ok, this is all for: 1 koupon and the best spot to hit Jimbo. Jump
onto the first planet, then onto the first flying saucer, slide down the
Zipline then drop off of it right on top of the rocket, then use the rocket
smoke to glide onto the second saucer. While on the second saucer, get the
Krusty koupon, now for the boss fight!
Name: Jimbo
Hits to kill: 20-21(I used normal ammo for this; it may take less with the
light bulbs)
Attacks: Green plasma orbs
Description: Wears a woolly hat, black shirt with a skull emblem on it and
blue jeans.
Ok, this fight is easy enough if you got the light bulb, either way, use the
automatic slingshot (hold A) he is just above you so you will have to shoot
End analysis:
7/9 Duff Beer Caps
18/18 Krusty Koupons
4/27 Video Game Cliches
Happy Gaming :)

Dec 22, 2008 | Nintendo DS Lite Console

1 Answer

Problem in using cheat codes for playstation 2

Level Select Insert this code as name for access at all levels
Code Effect PAQUIRRIN Level Select

Passwords Also, for a bonus mission, collect all of the brown bonus books during the course of a mission to complete the photograph at the end and unlock a bonus mission.
Password Effect PLKUM Hard 1 PAEN8 Hard 10 JE5SH Hard 2 DFY3B Hard 3 K9D3H Hard 4 NMWQ9 Hard 5 16G3L Hard 6 WL3CZ Hard 7 LPQ6T Hard 8 SRCM8 Hard 9 XHGDR Normal 1 9TT5W Normal 10 WKUC4 Normal 2 YSM51 Normal 3 B7D8F Normal 4 3GHSL Normal 5 AZLM1 Normal 6 JAHSG Normal 7 UN63A Normal 8 VAZ2P Normal 9 PVTSL Very Hard 1 1LPQD Very Hard 10 SKDJF Very Hard 2 3DYNG Very Hard 3 9BG3S Very Hard 4 KJWJK Very Hard 5 E2J7H Very Hard 6 ZX78Y Very Hard 7 TRIB4 Very Hard 8 TRD78 Very Hard 9

Sep 27, 2008 | Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) Console

2 Answers

Entering cheats and codes

All I can suggest is that you google. 

Jan 06, 2008 | Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) Console

1 Answer


I have a link to a wlak through for your game hoefully you will get everything you need out of it. There are also cheat links and a guide.

Aug 23, 2007 | Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) Console

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