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Unable to access any website from my dell home pc with hi speed

I beleive my son activated a setting, options or went into tools on Windowws when he could not get internet access. After talking ot our high speed provider, our modem simply wnet onffline, they placed it back online, but we ocould not access any site becuase we kept getting pop ups telling us that htat websit ewas availble online and did we want ot connect? but it would not do so...

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  • kristine_sch Mar 02, 2009

    I will let you knwo I ahve pritned out yor instructions and wil ltry them.

    I dont have a network card but I have a router provided to me by my high speed provider-time warner-. There are four green lights ususaly constant and nto flashing

    one is for PC, then DATA, then Test then Power

    ill check back after trying suggestions



  • kristine_sch Mar 06, 2009

    NO, I did nto , but now I see your instructions for a command prompt.

    One hting, did you see my comment, after I tried the suggestions from this site, I made it through many steps, however I did note that at one point when I would get "page unable to display" click here ot connect to the internet and Windows runs a diagnosis to uncover why you cannot connect, each timeit came back all was fine. When I went to Internet options the "WORK OFFLINE" was selected, when I would unslect it and type a web address, i owuld get the error page and check the optiosn and hte Work Offline was checked agian.

    As far as lights on my pc, I will check but i have never noticed any other than the power green light, but agian I will check.

    What you are suggestiong makes perfect sense especially since we recently "restored our settings" not so long ago, but this issue with the internet literally came out of the blue. We were on the internet after the resotre and all was fine then out of nowhere we could no longer connect, that is why I think my son activated some type of "Work offline" or safe setting. But perhaps he wiped out the IP Address somehow...I will follow your steps.

    Its the weekend so I can work on it tongiht and use my Blackberry to access FixYa for advice.

    Many thanks for chekcing back


  • kristine_sch Mar 16, 2009

    I am still unable to access the internet, what I have been able to do successful is to Run the command I am guessing this is to check my stack, I am not getting any response but instead an error message after I enter in the command.

    Any other thoughts on what I can try, Again when I am on intenet explorer and look at the internet tools, the WORK OFFLINE is checked when I uncheck it and enter in a web address, I get the "Unable to display page" and the box is checked again.

    Any thoughts?


  • kristine_sch Mar 19, 2009

    OK we are getting somehwere

    first off I tried the commands releease and renew, but I still could not access the internet after running these commands.

    However I did locate my IP address, it is not like the number you listed above ( it is 2 numbers then a period then 2 numbers then a period then 2 numbers and then a period and then 3 numbers) .

    and my DNS number is

    Any thoughts?

  • kristine_sch Mar 19, 2009

    OK we are getting somehwere

    first off I tried the commands releease and renew, but I still could not access the internet after running these commands.

    However I did locate my IP address, it is not like the number you listed above ( it is 2 numbers then a period then 2 numbers then a period then 2 numbers and then a period and then 3 numbers) .

    and my DNS number is

    Any thoughts?

  • kristine_sch Mar 19, 2009

    OK we are getting somehwere

    first off I tried the commands releease and renew, but I still could not access the internet after running these commands.

    However I did locate my IP address, it is not like the number you listed above ( it is 2 numbers then a period then 2 numbers then a period then 2 numbers and then a period and then 3 numbers) .

    and my DNS number is

    Any thoughts?

  • kristine_sch Mar 19, 2009

    OK we are getting somehwere

    first off I tried the commands releease and renew, but I still could not access the internet after running these commands.

    However I did locate my IP address, it is not like the number you listed above ( it is 2 numbers then a period then 2 numbers then a period then 2 numbers and then a period and then 3 numbers) .

    and my DNS number is

    Any thoughts?

  • kristine_sch Mar 20, 2009

    I think I can do all of this, I will try it as soon as I get home and on Monday bring my memory stick into work in order to download the file you have listed. One question when I put the stick in my home pc which is not working do I need ot do anything like open the command box and hit run or???

    hopefully I will not have to go that far.

    As soon as I am home tonight I will reply and let you know where we are with this...

    This is acctually becoming quite fun.

    As always thank you for your help


  • kristine_sch Mar 20, 2009

    I got to the firefox site today form work, to make sure I ahave access we ahve crazy firewalls, as we are a financial compnay. In any case do i run this prgram or save it ot my hard drive. Then once it is sae do I copy it to the Memory stick, do I have to save and run or just save then move to the memeory stick?
    Again thanks


  • kristine_sch Mar 23, 2009

    For Some reason I could not post a reply from my Blackberry though I have been doing it all along...


    after I did the sequenses you stated above,all was moving along fine, then I enetered the command

    I did get four lines almost identiecall immidatley

    but hten the numberic number I got was not, as you listed above but

    Does this explain anything?
    or next steps?


  • kristine_sch Mar 30, 2009

    My helpdesk (at work) provided me a a cd of the firefox download, I took it home and promptly installed it, the installation was a success as I placed it on my desktop.

    The bad news is it would not run. I would double click the firefox icon and repeatelldy get an error message, stating it could not locate it ..?

    Do you think I need to restore my pc back to manufactuer settings? again...?

    any toher possible solutions

    i want to say thanks you have been so very helpful and constatly checking back and following up

    you are apprecatied, I wish i could get online:*(

  • kristine_sch Apr 06, 2009

    I posted a reply but I must not have hit send becuase I did not get a reply, here is the latest from one week ago...

    I downloaded Firefox but receivd erropr messages. The download was successful but when I clicked onthe iocon to open the itnerenet I would get a server error, the number assoicated with this error was

    After receving this error, I did the steps about you listed for a temporary restore, the date which I selcted was Jan 1 as I had internet then...again no luck I was not able to connect.

    Any other options? or do you think I will have to do a system restore.

    One more thing, when I did my temp restore to the restore date of 01/01/09, the wizard for Windows intenet connections popped up, I was thinking perhaps when I did the manufacturers restore I never did this part properly, when I did it this time I was not sure as it asked you for a dial up modeum or if you had a LAN connection. I have a high speed cable line? Also I have three profiles iwhin my one pc, and if I upddate one, the others do not autmatically update, I have to go into each of them. Do you thnk there is something here?
    Perhaps I did nto set up connectivity correctly within the Windows Wizard?
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks so much


  • kristine_sch Apr 24, 2009


    Thanks I have been so slammed at work lately, it has taken me some time to get ot your post. I will go home tonight and patiently put into actions your suggestions. As I can no longer reply via my Blackberry I will let you know how things turn out on Monday.

    I very much appreciate your new view on this issue and my fingers are crossed.

    Again thanks


  • kristine_sch Apr 27, 2009


    On Friday I went hoem and followed your isntructions. ftter I was in the Connections Tab, I was able to se the white window and there was not anything written in there . But as you stated I could not click on the "Never dial a connection" as it was greyed out.

    However yu may have soemthing about the antivirus softare, I will absolutely tell you that months ago when I dfid the restore, I was constantly bombarded with Mc Afee Software note, warnings, then I had to always click on the option, "Continue what I was doing" to be able to stay online on a certian site.

    So, next steps is to resotre to manufgaacturers settings? If so when I am gettign back u p and goign through the wizards and procedures of windows, are there any tips to remmeber about when I go throughthe Wizard for making an internet connection?

    Many many thanks


  • kristine_sch May 11, 2009

    I did exactlay what you said and dowloaded the malware form work, I inserted the memeory stick and it cleaned my pc of 78 errors but I am still unable to get online.

    Can someone tell me how I cna reset to the manufactueres settings?

    I have a dell pc and though I hit Ctrl + F3 it willonly allow me to reset to a certain date not back to manfactueres settings?
    Please help


  • kristine_sch May 14, 2009

    After going to

    I did locate my IP address, it is not like the number you listed above ( it is 2 numbers then a period then 2 numbers then a period then 2 numbers and then a period and then 3 numbers) .

    DJ Gray said the sequence as fine

    also My DNS number is eh was bale to ping my machine and it responded.

    I have done everyintg downlopaded malware, but know that I am ready to go to system restore the pc will nto permit me to go back to amnufactuer settings only to reset to the date of Feb 5, and that did nothing as far as aafter I reset to Feb 5 I still could nto acces the internet

    Also Cntrl F3 is the option I am using for my dell pc to try and reboot to manufactuer settings



  • kristine_sch May 15, 2009

    I cant thank you enough for all the time you took, with all of these steps and without an internet I have had to print and download some of the links from work,. Hopefuly Ihave enough to get started this weekend

    Ill let you know

    again thanks for taking hte time


  • Prasanth Vignesh May 11, 2010


    Sry if im a bit late, from wat i saw in the help given by others u've tried almost everything except manufacturer setting restore, but i need a small clarification here, u've responded in a conversation that you tried "ping" can you give me the exact results you get (Tip: after u try that command sometimes u may not get any reaction for some time, if so wait till u get some response and please qoute it with the reply).Cheers.



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Do you have netowork connectivity? Lights flashing on your network card? etc.?

I suspect you need to get a new IP address on your machine. Open a command prompt Start>Run and type cmd

Now type the following:
ipconfig /release (Enter)
ipconfig /renew (Enter)

Now try to get online. If you can't, then post back here and we'll troubleshoot some more.

Posted on Mar 02, 2009

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  • Damon Gray
    Damon Gray Mar 05, 2009


    Did you get this working?

    The item provided by TimeWarner is mostly likely a Cable Modem. In a common setup, there will be a network cable running from the back of that modem to the back of your computer. It will be plugged into your network card which is part of your computer. Most network cards have two lights on them. One will be on solid, telling you that there is a connection. The other will flash when there is activity. Are these lights on?

    If so, then you are connected from the hardware standpoint. The only issue then is to get an address for your computer. Your computer needs an "address" to send and receive data on the internet, just like your house needs an address to receive mail. The internet needs to know where to "send your mail" so to speak. That is what the steps above will get for you.

    Let me know if this works for you?

  • Damon Gray
    Damon Gray Mar 17, 2009


    Go again to the command prompt you got with the "Run" routine you did above. This is the black box with the white text, and the flashing white cursor after the > symbol. When you get to that command prompt, run the following command:

    ipconfig /all

    There are two values we are concerned with. One is IP Address. You must have a valid address. If you do not get a valid address, it will say something beginning with 169.254.x.x which is an invalid address for internet use. Don't post that address here. Just confirm that you got one that does not resemble the above, and is not

    The other value we are looking at is DNS Servers. There should be two or three similar looking addresses here. You can safely post those.

    These numerical values allow your computer to to join the internet with its own unique address, and to communicate with other computers online. All of us must have a unique address for the internet to know where to deliver our "packets" of information.

    If you do not have these values assigned to your computer, we know the problem. Then it is just a matter of solving it.

  • Damon Gray
    Damon Gray Mar 20, 2009

    We're getting closer, and you're doing great!! Good work!

    What this means is, you have a valid address, and you are also "talking" to DNS servers; both necessary to getting online. I'm able to ping your DNS server, so that is a valid address.

    All indications are that you are online and communicating with the internet. A very simple test for this is to see if you can "ping" another machine. This is just a simple "Hi, are you there?" message to another machine on the internet.

    Go to that black box command prompt we have been working in. When you get the prompt type the following:


    Then hit enter.
    You should get four quick reply lines with the response time. That means you are talking to your own DNS server.

    Now, let's ramp this up just a bit. From the same command prompt, type the following:


    Hit Enter.
    You should get another four lines of reply, but the DNS server should have translated to which tells you that, not only are you talking to the DNS server, but it is doing the translational work it is supposed to do.

    IF that happened, (note the IF) then you are online. The problem is most likely with the software in your computer itself.

    Do you have a memory stick? If so, from another computer that is able to go online, go to this website, and download the installer for the Firefox web browser.

    Take the file home, and run it on your offending computer. This will install a different web browser on your machine. See if you can get online with that browser. If so, you may need to reinstall Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

    Once you determine the need, you can get Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP here:

  • Damon Gray
    Damon Gray Mar 20, 2009


    From your work computer, SAVE the firefox file to your stick. Then from the home computer, plug the stick in and just double click the file. It should kick off the installer for the firefox browser.

    Once that is done, just click the icon for FireFox. It's an orange fox circled around a blue ball, I assume the Earth.

    You'll know right away whether or not you are online, but try to go to a web site like Google or something like that.

    I'm glad you're having fun with this. Usually problems like this are very frustrating for people.

  • Damon Gray
    Damon Gray Mar 24, 2009

    Yes, that's fine. Google is huge, and will have many servers to carry
    their load, so it doesn't surprise me that you got a different number.
    The key is, you got one. So you ARE online, and you are "talking" to
    other machines on the internet. So, this leads me to believe that the
    blockage is within your own machine. Did you get the FireFox browser

  • Damon Gray
    Damon Gray Mar 30, 2009

    Oy! I hate for you to have to go to factory defaults. You lose so much with that. A couple of thoughts.

    Do you have a USB drive/thumb drive/memory stick? People have so many
    names for these things. If so, from your work machine, go get teh
    FireFox install yourself:

    Before you blow the machine away with the factory settings, try going
    to a Windows Restore point that was set prior to this happening.

    1. Click Start.
    2. Point to All Programs.
    3. Point to Accessories.
    4. Point to System Tools.
    5. Click System Restore.
    6. Follow the instructions on the wizard.

    Just be sure to pick a date that is prior to the issue occurring.


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This problem with your internet connection could also be a symptom of a malware infection on your system....Since you have access to an internet connected computer elsewhere, please go to, download their Anti-malware program and burn it to a cd, take it home and install it and run a quick scan of your system. Allow it to fix any problems it detects...Then attempt to connect online with your browser.
If you get online, immediately go to windows update and update your system, then do a manual update of your Anti-virus software, before rebooting your computer.
Download ATF cleaner from here, install it and run it to clean out your temp files and internet browser cache, etc. Then restart your system and see if your internet connection comes up as required...

Posted on May 05, 2009

  • efs_perpends
    efs_perpends May 14, 2009

    Because you found so many problems when you ran Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, there is a possibility that you could still have a rootkit or some other deep seated malware on your system. To detect this you should try to follow the protocols outlined in this article and run the rooter scan to check for rootkits.
    But we also need to get your internet up and running again...
    To do this, I'd like you to begin with the following: Please do these in order to clear up your system...

    1. Download a copy of ATF cleaner from here and install and run it on your system to clean up the temp files, temporary internet files, etc. Run it for firefox and opera as well if you use them.

    2. If your antivirus software is out of date or expired, please go to this link and download the free Avira antivirus software and install it onto your system. (Make sure you uninstall all other antivirus software first.) Then run a full scan of your system and fix any problems detected.

    3. Run Chkdsk according to these instructions to scan your hard drive for errors. Make sure you check off both options to fix file system errors and attempt recovery of bad sectors. Let it run, it may take an hour or more, depending on how many files you have.

    4. Run disk defragmenter utility from Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools.

    5. Attempt to let XP repair your network connection by following these instructions.

    6. Try to start your internet explorer browser without add-ons by right clicking the browser icon and choosing that option. See if you can get online.

    7. If you get online, immediately go to windows update" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" >(link here) and install all critical and security updates for your system, as well as any optional hardware updates that are offered to you.

    8. If you can't get online, check your internet connection by following these instructions...

    9. Report back with the results of these efforts...There is undoubtedly still more cleaning to be done, but let's get you online first...
    If you want to restore your computer back to the original factory settings, please have a look at this link and this link and this dell link and make sure you have backups of any important data stored on your system, as well as copies of the original Dell cds for your drivers and the windows OS cds with the product key # on the envelope. You will also need to have copies of the installation cds or the setup files for any applications or software you have installed on your computer since it was new that you wish to be able to continue to use...including the installation disk from your ISP to set up your internet connection.

    I hope this information allows you to resolve this issue. If you need further assistance, please post back with a comment to this thread.
    If I've managed to answer your question or solve a problem, please take just a moment to rate this post....thanks!

  • efs_perpends
    efs_perpends May 15, 2009

    If you get to the point where everything seems to be running ok but you still can't get online, you may just have to delete the network connections you have and run the network connection wizard to set up a new connection. Sometimes that is the easiest way to get it all back together...But try to run the prerequisite steps to ensure your system is close to normal first...
    Good luck!


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Hi Kristine,

Sounds like you and DJ have been banging your heads against the wall for quite sometime.

I work in an area with a lot of rural client that until now have not had highspeed and this sounds like a problem I often see.

What DJ MAY have missed, and I stress the may is that having an active internet connection does not gaurantee you will get through.

It sounds to me like you are suffering from one of two very common but highly frustrating problems.

First, your little guy may have accidentally set up a dialup connection which automatically defaults to being the "Default" connection when it's set-up. Thanks to DJ's Diag to date we know you have a working Ethernet card and that it is succesfully connecting and communicating with your Time Warner gear.

Second you could be the unwitting victim of the overbearing mother clause in your security software.

As for a solution, Let's start with the more likely cause. Open Internet Explorer, ignore the all to frustrating can't find a page warning. say work offline, then when it gets open click on the Tools menu(if it's not there, your using vista, right-click on the blank space next to the tab that's supposed to have the name of an internet site, select menu bar and you'll have the ole xp menu bar at your disposal), select internet options and then select the Connections" tab. If there is anything at all in the white window this IS your problem. But don't delete it... yet, first select the "Never Dial A Connection" radio button, then click apply, once it's done select the arrant connection and select delete, confirm and OK out of that window. Now close internet explorer and reboot your computer as that is a global setting.

Once it reboots you SHOULD be able to get online.

If there was nothing in the box and the Never option was selected in the greyed out section you either have a virus or an antivirus program blocking your connection. There are too many of each to list in one post but try looking at you antivirus program and posting it's name back here, DJ or I can tell you how to disable it, or unlock it. Note: disabling it is always a bad idea, but often a necessary step in diagnosing the root of the problem. If disabling it does not work, then unfortunately I must concurn with DJ's begrudged suggestion that it's time to backup your favs, photos, and other personal stuff to disk and restore.

Hope this helps


Posted on Apr 24, 2009

  • Chris
    Chris May 11, 2009

    Hi Kristine,

    Holding F11 or pressing Fn+F11 at startup should launch the computer into recovery mode. If not you may need to find your original dell disks to restore the computer.


  • Chris
    Chris May 14, 2009

    Hi Kistine,

    If you are ready to try the full restore it is actually not available in the windows restore menu as that just deals with the most recent changes.

    You should have a set of blue recovery disks from dell. Insert the first one in the drive, shut the computer off then turn it back on and the restore set should load automatically, if not it will display a black and white "Press Any Key To Boot From CD".

    Tap a key and follow the onscreen instructions, it will prompt you through the process, when windows is done installing it will reboot and go through the initial boot up. take any disks you have not used yet and work through installing all your extras one disk at a time. Once you are done run your windows updates and you're on your way.

    Sorry we couldn't find a better solution,



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SOURCE: I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. How can this be resolved

a 6ya Technician can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.
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Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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Let me know if this is of help or not.

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Open internet exploder.

Click on file, and uncheck "work offline"

Now try to go to

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4. Type these lines at the command prompt. The second and third commands are
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