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Trim ring around dryer door removal? duet ywed9400su

How to remove trim clips withou breaking them on the trim ring around the door so i can repair control panel modual? thank you..

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SOURCE: I need to clean out the dryer duct and inside.

You just need to remove the two small bolts at each bottom corner of the panel.

Posted on Sep 21, 2007

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I've searched around for DIY instructions, but those are exceedingly difficult to locate. It seems that Whirlpool wants you to buy their Door Reversal Kit for 11.99 in order to accomplish this.

Posted on Jan 07, 2008

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SOURCE: Replace belt on Whirlpool LE09508KQ1 Electricl Dryer

remove the lint fiter and remove the two phillips screws then lift the top up
you will find two screws on each side of the inside of the frount panel down about 4 inches , this when removed will allow you to swing the frount arround to gain access to the belt

Posted on Apr 30, 2008

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SOURCE: Whirlpool duet electric dryer, not getting any power

Mine shows a faint light behind the control locked indicator and the timer is dimly lit on the two middle horizontal bars (middle of the eights). They go off by pushing various button combos. If I unplug it for a week I can get the control to work for a few minutes.

I replaced the control board, it worked for 5 minutes, then back to nothing. I want to replace the interface but would rather not waste any more money.

I dont want to check every wire for continuity. If someone has fixed this problem, please let me know.

Posted on Aug 15, 2008

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SOURCE: Whirlpool Duet Dryer panel says

The following link explains how to correct a control lock problem:

If this does not correct your problem, please post back and let me know, so that I am assist you better. I hope you find this information helpful.

Posted on Jul 11, 2009

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SOURCE: Removing control board from Whirlpool Duet - gaining access

Tom, remove the top screws on the back of machine. Top will then slide back, you will see board at top of machine.

Posted on Sep 15, 2009

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1 Answer

Whirlpool duet dryer ring around the door keeps u hinging. They are metal and what I've tried is pushing them back in.

The clips are first secured to the ring. Then, the clips themselves go into holes around the door.

They are somewhat spring loaded and you'll need to compress the fingers on the clips to remove them from the holes. Then, position the clips properly on the ring and push the slotted section (on the clips) onto the plastic tabs around the inside of the ring. Then, use a soldering iron to melt the tab heads so the the clips will stay on the ring. Then, just line up the holes on the dryer with the clips and start pushing them back into the holes.

Remember, make sure the clips are aligned properly, else they won't line up with the holes.

Good luck!

Dec 29, 2014 | Whirlpool Duet 7.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity Plus...

1 Answer

How do I replace the plastic trim around the dryer door

You have to first remove the door assembly. Then the screws that hold that whole panel in should be obvious. I do not think you can replace just the seal, the whole panel has to be replaced. I included a link so you can see that assembly.

Parts for GE DWSR483EG0WW Front Panel Door Parts

Dec 13, 2014 | GE Dryers

1 Answer

Face ring around door has come unclipped

u don't say what the brand of dryer is mine came loose and when I removed it it had plastic tabs that held it on. all but the top two were broke off. price for new one was $175 so I got clear packing tape and used that to hold in place

Apr 08, 2014 | Dryers

2 Answers

Dryer heats, but won't tumble. Suggestions?

Either there is no tension on the belt or the motor is not running. If you don't hear the motor, the first thing to check is whether any air blows out the vent. If you have air moving, the motor is OK and you can check for a broken belt or a problem with the tensioner pulley mounted on the motor bracket. First, reach inside the dryer and try to turn the drum by hand. If it turns very easily, belt tension is definitely the problem. If you can't turn it at all and the dryer was previously making a lot of noise, the drum has crashed due to a bad bearing or bushing pad. A stuck drum can also ruin a belt.

On most dryers, you can remove the panel under the door to look at the motor and belt tensioner. Usually you have to take off the floor trim piece way down at the bottom, then remove the screws holding the panel. The top of the panel is commonly held in place with spring clips.

On some models you have to undo screws at the back near the top, then tilt the top up like the hood on a car (there are spring clips holding the front of the top; you may need to pry with a thin piece of hardwood or a screwdriver with tape wrapped around the shaft to protect the paint on the dryer). This gives you access to clips and screws holding the front onto the dryer. If you have a broken belt, you'll need to remove the front (door assembly) anyway to replace the belt or drum bearing. (Some models have a drum bushing on a center pin in the back of the dryer; you can get at these by removing a plate on the back).

If the tensioner pulley has a lot of slop in the bearing, fix this; otherwise the belt may wobble off it again. You'll be surprised by how much quieter the dryer gets.

If the motor is not running, check for a failed starter capacitor (located inside the control panel), a bad centrifugal switch (inside the motor), bad contacts in the timer (control panel), or an open thermal fuse in the motor.

CAUTION: unplug the dryer before doing any work inside.

Jun 06, 2011 | Dryers

1 Answer

My dryer has to be restarted over and over to finish drying my clothes and it vibrates the whole house when running. The ring inside the dryer is coming out as well.

depending on the model, it sounds as if the bearing has gone bad and what you describe
as the ring are definitely the felt/ glides. This repair involves removing the front
door, then the front panel, The front panel usually comes off by depressing the clips
located about 2" from each end in the slot between the top of machine and the front
panel. Use a putty knife, the lid will usually hinge up. Remove two 5/16 hex screws
and unclip door switch. Lift front panel up and out. The felt kit and bearing kit
will be determined by the model number inside the door of the unit. I would also
replace the belt. Pay close attention to how the idler pulley is clipped into the base
as there are no screws holding it in place and note how the belt is routed. This is
a rather difficult repair and the bearing and glide kit cost about 25 dollars each and
another 10 for the belt. The felt kit is glued into place around the top inside of the
front panel with the supplied high temp glue
I recommend using spring
clamps and letting it set overnight before reassembly which saves much cursing.
The drum
lifts out and up usually to remove bearing assembly and is a simple bolt in affair.
Remember to secure power and unplug unit before servicing.
Reassembly usually requires a third hand to hold drum into position.
hope this helps.

Apr 02, 2011 | Kenmore Dryers

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This was a very poor design from the factory ..The clips attach to the trim ring at the factory by plastic welding (MELTING) them in place to the stanchion's, in working on many of these sometimes you can super glue them back in place, but you will have to remove the trim ring completely to do it. other times i had to just replace the entire ring as it was to far gone to repair Just a bad design guess they didn't think it would ever have to be taken apart

Nov 15, 2010 | Whirlpool Dryers

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How do you repair the door switch on a Whirlpool Duet front loading dryer?

1. Unplug washer.
2. Remove the outer portion of the door bellow. This is the gray rubber boot around the door. Feel around the edge of the door bellow where it attaches to the front of the washer. You will find a wire retaining hoop in the seam between the rubber and the front case. Follow this wire hoop to the bottom of the door bellow and you will find a tension spring. Carefully, stretch this spring apart and remove the wire hoop.
3. Pull the rubber bellow from the door facing on the front of the washer being careful not to rip or tear it. Once removed, fold the rubber backwards inside the drum so you can access behind the front panel. DO NOT remove the rubber bellow from the wash tub.
4. The door latch assembly is located behind the front panel of the washer on the right hand side. Locate and remove the three screws on the washer front that hold the door latch assembly in place. The whole assembly should come free from the washer front and be held by a plastic mounting bracket and several wire connectors.
5. Carefully remove the latch assembly from the plastic mounting bracket BEFORE attempting to unplug any wires. It makes it much easier to access if you do.
6. Unplug the wire connectors using care not to break any of the wires. You may want to write them down, but I believe they will only plug into their respective slots.
7. Remove the old door latch and install the new one in the reverse order of the steps I just presented to you. Plug the wires back in first, then place the whole assembly back into the plastic mounting bracket, and then reattach to the front of the washer.
8. Now, when you get the reinstalling the rubber door boot, you may want to get the assistance of a second pair of hands as it can be difficult sometimes to manipulate the wire retainer back into place. Carefully reattach the rubber bellow to the door facing on the front of the washer first.
9. Starting at the top of the door bellow at the 12 o'clock position begin inserting the wire hoop back into the groove. Work your way around with both hands to the 4 and 8 o'clock positions. (This is where you could use those second pair of hands). While holding a slight downward tension on the wire hoop to keep it in place, pull the tension spring apart enough to snap the remaining part of the hoop into place at the bottom. Once you've completed these steps make sure the door closes and latches properly. NEVER slam a door with an electronic latch. They can break easily.

Now plug the washer back in and test operate. NOTE: You can run diagnostics on these washers by referring to the tech sheet provided by the manufacturer. The tech sheet is located behind the lower panel under the door, or along the interior cabinet walls. Included, are instructions on how to run diagnostics and troubleshooting tips associated with the list of fault codes. It is recommended that this tech sheet remain inside the washer to prevent it from being lost.,wkkrqtwwwgtsgwdxgtqsskgwtqkq,vi/krqsddwkbxktttdstrw/1/1303472/5961857/image48287img-or.jpg

Thanks for using FixYa - a 4 THUMBS rating is appreciated for answering your FREE question.

Jun 14, 2010 | Whirlpool Duet 7.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity Plus...

1 Answer

I need to replace the dryer belt

The belt on a dryer is inside the body, usually accessed and changed as follows

most base dryers
  • unplug dryer(220v is Not Fun)
  • remove lint screen
  • undo screws inside lint screen holder, screwing it to case lid (so lid can tilt up)
  • with putty knife or other blunt blade, release spring catches under front corners of case lid
  • raise case lid
  • remove screws 1/3 way down front corners of body holding front panel on
  • remove door switch cable from door switch
  • lift door off set aside
  • remove screws from bottom bend of front panel
  • lift front panel off
  • remove doo switch cable
  • sent front panel aside
  1. drum motor felts and bearings are now accessible.
  2. lift drum and withdraw fully forwards
  3. with drum removed check support rollers for free movement, check drum slides and/or drum felts for wear, easier to replace now, if worn, than have bearings or slides cause belt to break again.
  4. loop belt loosely around drum at wear marks from prior installation
  5. reinsert drum onto rollers bearings slides felts as installed.
  6. loop belt around motor pulley
  7. pull tensioner pulley against spring to end of its travel
  8. loop belt around tensioner pulley
  9. relax tensioner pulley to tighten belt
  10. rotate drum by hand to ensure belt is aligned
reassemble case in reverse order.

There are not many belt, felt, support roller sizes the local parts guy will have a belt, felt, roller to fit,

Tensioner pulley may not be in place, breaking belts often pull them out of their mounts, the pulley and spring will be lying on the case floor, there is only one way they fit in to their mounts so they are easy to reinstall

tensioner sketch is approximate, pulley may be on top run pulling down, or bottom run pushing up

the repair is easy, it takes longer to type or read this than it does to repair the dryer

Belts ~$14 Support Rollers ~$14/pair, felts/slides upto ~$25
New dryer +$200 - its a good repair

Sep 06, 2008 | Dryers

1 Answer

Maytag dryer MDGT236aww .......flame ?backdraft? turns off quickly.. How do you get off the blower wheel?

Got it! O.K.

Unplug the dryer. Remove the two screws (Phillips) holding the door hinge to the frame. Remove the other two holding the guides on theother side. Pull the top of the front out and lift it off the clips on the bottom. Remove the brackets (5/16 in screws) (right and left) holding the top down. Notice the direction that those brackets hook into the top.
Lift the top at least a few inches and disconnect any wires you see (light and door switch.) Remember the colors of the wires, and where they go. (The connectors are also different sizes.)

Remove the four 5/16 in screws holding the ring around the basket in place. Remove the ring (with blower suction chamber) and set aside. The blower wheel will now be visible. The blower wheel is held on with a spring clip (pliers) and a snap ring (snap ring pliers). The motor shaft is D- shaped as the blower wheel also was, originally.

If you need to replace the blower wheel, the cover is held on with about eight 1/4 in screws and and one 5/16 in ***** at the bottom. Just fold the wires to the right to get that metal cover out of the way.

While you've got it apart, be sure to clean out the lint in the blower suction area.

Good luck!

Mar 12, 2008 | Dryers

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I've searched around for DIY instructions, but those are exceedingly difficult to locate. It seems that Whirlpool wants you to buy their Door Reversal Kit for 11.99 in order to accomplish this.

Jan 07, 2008 | Whirlpool GEW9250 Electric Dryer

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