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QOS settings for a home network

I wish to do some traffic shaping. High priority will be interactive web pages - general browsing and/or gaming. Low priority will be P2P and downloads. I successfully configured this when I was using a Debian box as the gateway machine - both Firestarter and Wondershaper programs work quite well. For various reasons, the hardware setup has been reconfigured, and the Debian box is no longer the gateway machine. I want the router to take over traffic shaping duties, but I've only confused myself with the QOS page. Believe me, Mama ain't happy when one of the sons kills her online flash games with a download!! I have downloaded a PDF that claims to explain everything I need to know, but it seems to be specific to a WRT router - my page is quite different than the illustrations.

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SOURCE: Paradyne 6218-I2 and msn messnger

me to have this problem

Posted on Feb 18, 2008

SOURCE: Can't use p2p programs with my 6211-I2

i've tried with lots of port but all ports are close.. plzz help me... mash

Posted on Sep 22, 2008

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SOURCE: D-Link DIR-625

What you need to do is long into your router's configuration. For the D-links, all you have to do is open internet explorer. Type in on the address bar and press enter. Once you get into the log in page, type in your username and password (not the same one as your wireless password). If you don't know. Try admin for username and leave password blank. It should work if you have not change the default password. Once inside the configuration page. Go to Advance, click on QoS engine on the left. Input the IP address of the VoIP box in the "source ip" , type in a name for your rule and select 1 for priority and input your ports for your VoIP box. The best thing you want to do is put your VoIP box before your router. That way you get better quality.

Posted on Oct 03, 2008

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SOURCE: How configure router for port used with p2p software?

First, know what your computer's IP address. This should be the computer that has the P2P software installed. (How to do this? Go here

Then, open your Internet Explorer and type in on the address bar this should prompt you to login. Just type in admin for both the username and password.

Go to Advanced Setup > NAT > Virtual Servers

Click on Add then Make New One and use the name of your P2P software for the Server Name. Then your computer's IP address for the Server IP (which you have obtained when you did the first instruction).

Then for the rest of info required such as External & Internal Port Start and End and the Protocol, you may refer to your P2P software port configuration.

If you're not sure what it is, check the support website of your P2P software.

Hope this will help. Cheers x

Posted on Nov 06, 2008

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SOURCE: port can't open for game server

Am guessing this is the same router thats shown in the link.. Have a look at this.. and see the port trigerring option. that should solve teh issue

Posted on Aug 06, 2009

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How to Enable WMM in DLink interface

If your hardware supports WMM (wi-fi media), the box to enable/disable the feature is on the Advanced Wireless page. Click on that in the left column of the D-Link router page. Then click on the Advanced tab. Check the box to enable the WMM feature; it's the third from the bottom.

The next step is to make sure that the WMM feature is enabled on your other hardware. This may be partially enabled in the Wireless driver. (Go to the device manager to check this driver. The Ad Hoc QoS Mode under the Advanced tab lists WMM for some wireless networks.) However, you may also need to enable the QoS Packet Scheduler in the Wireless Network Connection Properties (general settings tab).

What OS is your computer running? What type of wireless adapter is in your computer? If you add a comment with that information, I can provide additional information for modifying the network settings.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

Nov 07, 2012 | D-Link Computers & Internet

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When my daughter uses her ipod wi fi my internet speed drops

Setting the QOS priorities enables the wireless router administrator to control bandwidth traffic by setting certain ports or device MAC addresses to high priority and others to normal or low priority. These settings will give high priority devices and ports first access to bandwidth, while limiting bandwidth for the lower priority devices and ports.

Mar 29, 2012 | Computers & Internet

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How do i adjust bandwidth on E3000

There are several possible answers to your question, depending on what you're referring to as bandwidth.
On the Linksys E3000 router, you can increase your total bandwidth by utilizing both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands for your wireless N networks, and split your wireless connections between the two. This can be done with the Wi-Fi Protected Setup option, or manually through Wireless > Basic Wireless Settings. Note that each network should have it's own SSID and password.
You can adjust the bandwidth priority of certain applications and devices. You can set priorities from High, Medium, Normal, or Low, to control your network traffic. Setting a program to have high priority lets it use more bandwidth; setting a low priority keeps the program from using too much. To adjust these priorities, go to Applications & Gaming > QoS.
You can adjust the maximum outgoing bandwidth that your applications use as well. By default, the router will decide how much to allow your applications (Auto setting). You can change this to your liking by selecting Manual and specifying an amount in either Kbps or Mbps. This is also on the Applications & Gaming > QoS page.

Jun 09, 2011 | Computers & Internet

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The wifi connection to this belkin play max is not stable, sometimes get connected, sometimes not. i connected the external hard drive to the usb port, at first i can see the drive using belkin router...

OK let me disable something in your router


Supported Products - Play Wireless Router (F7D4302), Play Max Wireless Router (F7D4301)

Using QoS rules on your Belkin Router helps provide both bandwidth and priority to network traffic so it can pass without its performance being affected. It allows users to classify traffic of applications and provides them with differentiated services (Diffserv).

Setup Steps

  1. Click on the green Belkin Router Manager icon (right-click for Windows) to open the menu.
  2. On the Belkin Router Manager menu, scroll up to Router Settings and highlight.
  3. Click to open the Belkin Router Setup page on your Web browser.

You must log in with a password to make changes to your Router's settings. If you have not yet set a custom up a password, leave this field blank and click the "Submit" button.

  1. From the QoS Profiles page, you can easily set up QoS rules.
  2. Click the "Apply Changes" button to save your settings.

Also disable WPS and Firewall in router.

let me know .

please don't forget to rate techbelkin


Aug 18, 2010 | Belkin Wireless Play Max Router (F7D4301)

1 Answer

How enable multicast traffic on RVS4000?

1.Your router is set up for multicast automatically
2.Look at the QOS or traffic shaping.

Apr 19, 2010 | Linksys RVS4000 Router

1 Answer

I have a DG834V4 adsl2 modem/router. When I use yahoo messenger voice or windows live messenger voice, the audio in is distorted as if only ½ the signal is getting through. Have changed sound card,...

I use a DG834 as well. It has QoS (Quality of Service) disabled by default I believe.

Sign into your modem, Internet Explorer/Firefox type the address into the address bar, user name is admin, password is password. Under advanced on the left hand side open QoS. You can edit the priority of traffic. Set Live Messenger to highest priority, and adjust the others as to your preference, make sure Enable WMM is _NOT_ ticked and Internet Access QoS is on.

Let me know how you go, or if you require further assistance.

Aug 21, 2009 | NetGear Computers & Internet

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Does thies parts work togeher ?? WLI-PCI-G300N too D-LINK Router?

Hi! the buffalo wireless adapter should connect the the dlink wireless router if the driver is properly setup and configured. and u have to setup as well the dlink router, bcoz there is an option on the router - WISH (Wireless Intelligent Stream Handling) prioritizes the traffic of various wireless applications. u can find that on the setup page and select advance and u will see the option WISH.. here is a help list in order for u to setup the router using the WISH Technology-
WISH is short for Wireless Intelligent Stream Handling, a technology developed to enhance your experience of using a wireless network by prioritizing the traffic of different applications.
WISH Enable WISHEnable this option if you want to allow WISH to prioritize your traffic. Priority Classifiers HTTPAllows the router to recognize HTTP transfers for many common audio and video streams and prioritize them above other traffic. Such streams are frequently used by digital media players.Windows Media Center Enables the router to recognize certain audio and video streams generated by a Windows Media Center PC and to prioritize these above other traffic. Such streams are used by systems known as Windows Media Extenders, such as the Xbox 360. AutomaticWhen enabled, this option causes the router to automatically attempt to prioritize traffic streams that it doesn't otherwise recognize, based on the behavior that the streams exhibit. This acts to deprioritize streams that exhibit bulk transfer characteristics, such as file transfers, while leaving interactive traffic, such as gaming or VoIP, running at a normal priority. WISH Rules A WISH Rule identifies a specific message flow and assigns a priority to that flow. For most applications, the priority classifiers ensure the right priorities and specific WISH Rules are not required. WISH supports overlaps between rules. If more than one rule matches for a specific message flow, the rule with the highest priority will be used.
NameCreate a name for the rule that is meaningful to you.Priority The priority of the message flow is entered here. Four priorities are defined:
  • BK: Background (least urgent).
  • BE: Best Effort.
  • VI: Video.
  • VO: Voice (most urgent).
ProtocolThe protocol used by the messages.Host 1 IP RangeThe rule applies to a flow of messages for which one computer's IP address falls within the range set here.Host 1 Port RangeThe rule applies to a flow of messages for which host 1's port number is within the range set here.Host 2 IP RangeThe rule applies to a flow of messages for which the other computer's IP address falls within the range set here.Host 2 Port RangeThe rule applies to a flow of messages for which host 2's port number is within the range set here. This will work if you will be able to setup the router and the buffalo.. and ofcourse for best performance of this product, it is always advise by the manufacturer to use the same brand in order to work with best features, but this device will work..

Aug 12, 2009 | D-Link Xtreme N DIR-655 Wireless Router

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I want to setup a wireless network with 3 deskops and atleast 2 laptot

Linksys has a slim Web server built into their routers and a nice little Web based configuration management interface. You can configure your router to pass or filter IP multicast. Most of the Linksys routers have a filter configuration page where you simply check to filter/pass multicast traffic. As for the VoIP/Teleplhony trafic, you should select one of the routers that allows Quality of Service (QoS) - only some routers support this. The QoS router may recognize the voice traffic automatically but at most you would have to specify the applicaation/ports to give priority to. Again, all is done easily via the Web based management utiility - no CLI needed.


Aug 04, 2008 | Computers & Internet

1 Answer

QOS on D-link dir-625

buy a linksys wrg series router and smash that dlink peice of junk into tiny little pieces, put them into a bag and mail to dlink, with a letter describing your opinion of their products.

Jan 30, 2008 | D-Link DIR-625 (790069292637) Wireless...

1 Answer

Setting Up QoS (Quality of Service) Settings on the WRT54G

What is QoS? QoS is a popular feature that ?guarantees? better service to selected traffic on a network. The goal in configuring QoS is to give priority and attention to certain devices or services so that they can use the maximum available throughput and speed available on a certain network when it is needed. Accessing the Router?s Setup Page 1. Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. 2. When the browser window opens, go to the Address bar and type in the router's IP Address and click on the Go button ( is the default IP address of Linksys Routers). 3. A window will appear prompting for a ?User Name? and a ?Password?. Leave the ?User Name? field blank, and type in the router's password and click on the OK button to login (admin is the default password). 4. The router's web-based ?Setup? utility should then load. Enabling and Configuring QoS 1. Once in the Router?s Setup page, click on the Applications and Gaming tab. 2. Next, click o n the QoS sub-tab. 3. Select the Enable option to turn on QoS features. NOTE: If you do not see the QoS sub-tab, you must upgrade your router?s firmware to the latest version. See Answer ID 1508 for more information. The WRT54G offers three (3) different types of Quality of Service (QoS) options: MAC Address-based, Application-based, and Port-based. Choose the appropriate type for your needs. · MAC Address-based QoS: In the Device Priority section, you can specify the hardware MAC address of the computer or device that you wish to give priority to. You can assign a Low or High priority for up to two (2) specific MAC addresses found on your local network. · Port-based QoS: In the Ethernet Port Priority section, you can control bandwidth according to which of the physical LAN ports your computer or device is plugged into. You can assign a Low or High priority to computers or devices connected to any of the router?s LAN ports (1 through 4). NOTE: You can also Enable or Disable ?Flow Control? for each LAN port, which is a technique that controls the speed at which data is received. If Flow Control is enabled for a certain port, then a receiving device is not overwhelmed with data as it is coming in. You can even control the flow further by specifying the Incoming Rate Limit to a certain speed. · Application-based QoS: In the Application Priority section, you can control bandwidth with respect to a specific application being used on the network. You can assign a Low or High priority to a particular application or service. There are several pre-configured Web services that use well-known ports, like FTP and HTTP, which you can use. You can also customize up to three different applications by entering an Application Name and the Specific Port # that the software application uses. If you are unsure of the port number that is used for a particular application, contact the software manufacturer for more information. 4. When you have finished configuring QoS settings, click on Save Settings button to save your changes.

Feb 16, 2006 | Linksys (WRT54GC) Router

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