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My PS3 freezes in FIFA 09 manager mode

My PS3 freezes when I play FIFA 09 in MANAGER mode.
I always have to reboot and start to play again but I cant play manager mode and i keep listening to some kind of music (the music does not freezes)
FIFA 09 is the only game who does this but I could not find any kind of troubleshooting on the game web site. it happened to me also...after taking "Darlington" from 4th div to 1st division...when i´m about to fight for the championship on my 4th season with a great team i´ve made working hard and earning the money it freezes...fuckin hate it...

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  • richardausti Feb 09, 2009

    Help!!!! My fifa 09 game freezes now Ive got Foest to the Prem on manager mode

  • phoran966 Feb 27, 2009

    Yes I have the same problem after I have finished a game i go to advance and when it is simulating the bar stops at 12%. No idea how to fix this!

  • Anonymous Mar 04, 2009

    when i am on manager mod eeon 58 percen t it freezes when im simulating a match after the 6th season

  • mikey2294 Mar 04, 2009

    i got arsenal ronaldiniho, robiniho, kaka and 156 million then it froze oh ****

  • Anonymous Mar 06, 2009

    this has happened to me on both of my manager modes one stops on 68% and the other42% so i cant go any further in them

  • Anonymous Mar 06, 2009


  • Anonymous Mar 06, 2009

    I have the exact same thing.  I'm in my fourth year at Fulham and it freezes up every time.  I'm tried playing the game, simulating the game, and nothing works.  I'm glad that 60 bucks got me that.  Thanks, EA.

  • MrBajen Mar 09, 2009

    Well, I have the same exact problem as you guys, Notts County, 6th season. I've tried to save my "save files" on a usb´device, formatted the PS3 harddrive, installed tha save files again, but no!!!. THE SAME ******* THING!!. THANK YOU VERY MUCH EA!!... Now, I'm just wondering, is it just a coincidence that we have all got this problem just recently, I mean the dates are from the last week of february  until , well, now!! Does this have anything to do with EA's new DREAM TEAM patch coming up soon. I mean, I KNOW, that the game is constantly being "updated" or "patched" cos the stupid questions that are asked while the game is simulating between matches! 

  • Anonymous Mar 11, 2009

    fifa 09 freezes on manager mode when simulating but music still plays

  • mn2010 Mar 14, 2009

    My FIFA09 in manager mode is freezing in season 5. I can't get through another game anymore as it won't save anymore. Get's stuck at 18% save each time.

  • Anonymous Mar 15, 2009

    im on my 4th season with man city got the best team in the wolrd go to sim next game and it freezes on 5% its bloody annyonin it happens on every manager mode ive done ive done 12 so its flippin ****

  • yasmac Mar 20, 2009

    i think it is programmed to freeze after 4 seasons

  • Anonymous Mar 22, 2009

    I copied my saved manager bits to another user name. I think you lose all XP points etc but you wont have to start your career again.

  • Anonymous Mar 22, 2009

    it's really anoying. My Fifa 09 freezes all the time. cant you HELP!!! ????????????????

  • Anonymous Mar 26, 2009

    same trouble!!!!!

  • stevo19761 Mar 27, 2009

    yes like all the other people , i have the same problem , after a certain game in manager mode ,my fifa 09 freezes at 45 % when the question and answer screen is up . this is very bad as we have all paid good money for fifa 09. its not right that we have to buy a brand new disc is it ?
    i had the same problem with fifa 08 to , it only happans in manager mode ,all other modes are fine !! so whats going on ea ?

  • Anonymous Mar 27, 2009

    See if i can complain to EA possible programed to stop at season 4 becasue that were it happen to most people ill reply if i get any answers

  • Anonymous Mar 27, 2009

    it sucks man

  • Anonymous Mar 28, 2009

    yes I have the same problem the game keeps freezing while I play its very ******* anoying.

  • Anonymous Mar 28, 2009


  • Anonymous Mar 29, 2009

    same problem... it either freezes in the "arena" while waiting for a match to begin or after the match is completed during the "trivia" screen.

    Horribly frustrating.

  • Anonymous Apr 03, 2009

    freezes at manager mode season 2, i think after an update

  • Anonymous Apr 08, 2009

    Same problem as all you guys, except during the freeze I pressed the PS3 button, started browsing through my fifa trophies, and all of a sudden, the progress bar moved and I managed to carry on with manager mode, now about 8 games later (in season 4) I am froze again and no amount of trophy browsing has solved it yet!

  • ext_if Apr 09, 2009

    freezes in the arena before next manager mode game.

  • samduckham Apr 09, 2009

    I am in my second manager mode season and i had played manchester city as manchester united it was loading up after the game and froze at 20% whilst loading, will not go any further i have tried removing it and putting it back on the hard drive simming the match, but nothing, in a successful seaon that i have put effort in has all gone, why does this happen on FIFA gams it did previously on FIFA 08 and 06 also, I am yet to find a solution which is severely dissapointing

  • Anonymous Apr 17, 2009

    yeah same with me on my 3rd season it just freezes on 67%.I have tried it loads of times and its 67% everytime. Really annoying. Anyone find a solution please post it!!

  • hazzaspazza Apr 17, 2009

    mine does the same on my xbox 360 but about half way through my 3rd season. it happens when it simulates the other games in the division that it always freezes, but the music keeps playing. it happened again to me on a different console, different disc and a different storage device. i have no idea what it could be. sooooo frustraiting when you have worked hard to get a great team together.

  • bodz1 Apr 26, 2009

    Mine freezes when during manager mode you get to arena before game or after games when it sims other matches doesnt matter if online or not tried 2 different saves still same problem always when bar reaches 43% on simulating screen

  • fifa4lif3 Apr 27, 2009

    Same it happens on ps3 manager mode i win match and the percentage is 17% then i made a new manager mode still happens after a few games
    cant w8 4 fifa10

  • Anonymous Apr 28, 2009

    freezes at 52% 4 seasons in!!! Playing with PNE on Legend and I'm top of Premier league with 10 matches to go!!!

  • Wang_Ker Apr 30, 2009

    Same here, i was going for 'The Purist' trophy to get through a season without simming any games, 4 games to go in the season, when i go into my next game it freezes when in the arena, so frustrating!!!!

  • nealyb May 04, 2009

    My fifa has just strted doing this, im on my like 11th season with macclesfield town with the best team you could want,and loads of money as thier is no other player worth buying now. it freezes on 23 percent but when i take the game out and give it a clean it goes past 23 but then freezes. however doing this i did get it to start working again for a day.

  • DavidSB27 May 04, 2009

    i'm on my fourth season and my copy of Fifa 09 for the PS3 has recently started doing this, a few times that it happened I was able to remove the disc reboot my console and it worked after that for a few tries but now whatever I try does not work, it gets to 41% and freezes and won't load any further, the PS button still works and I can still hear the music for Fifa but the screen is totaly frozen

  • streaky_7 May 13, 2009

    I have done 4 seasons in manager mode and every season has frozen after 3 or 4 seasons in. 

    I have had various discussions with EA regarding this since before Christmas up to last month. Only recently did i get a response where they werent trying to blame me and things i may have been doing to make it freeze!! Finally I spoke to someone who sent me the following 

    ......the game accesses the same information regardless of the year that your Club is in, so if the disk was the problem, you would see this freeze in the first year. What it sounds like is happening is as you progress in your Career, your save file gets larger and larger. Thus, the game has a harder time loading and saving this file. While this should not be a problem, i have seen similar instances of it. This is definitely something we are aware of and are investigating.....

    and then he wrote

    .......I believe that the problem lies in the save files themselves. Whether that be the total size of the file, or perhaps even something happening with the rosters. This is something our dev team will need to discover and build a fix for. I would continue to browse our official forums and also keep an eye on the main fifa site for any up to date information.......

    This is all very annoying. I love the game but what the hell is the point if it is going to keep freezing. I don't know what is more disappointing, the fact the game freezes or the feeling EA are freezing us out!! I feel like they couldn't give a hoot which is a mega shame.

  • Anonymous May 15, 2009

    I have the same problem. I am playing as Chester, won div2 in 1st season, won div 1 in 2nd season, won championship in 3rd season, now in 4th season premiership won with 9 games to go, 50 million in the bank, all staff upgrades max, great team of all young players including my star striker who I created at the beginning who is now rated 98 and has so far 170 goals for the season, and what happens, it freezes at 12% at the simulation page no matter what I try. My son was also doing a manager mode and his froze at the beginning of the 5th season.

    This is annoying and I will never buy another EA game ever after this, because what's the point if things like this are going to happen.

    Perhaps we should all demand refunds on our games, after all it's faulty goods and we'd be entitled, wouldn't we??

  • mike_808 May 24, 2009

    Same problem here with 2 different Manager Mode saves. Shrewsbury season 9 and Exeter season 6. The Exeter season 6 would sometimes lock up before a game when practicing shots /w goalkeeper right before the stadium appeared on the countdown from 5 to 1.. Exeter also locked up after a game when calculating matches at 60% every time. My Shrewsbury game locks up after the 3rd game of season 9 at 9% every time. Can't sim game to get past it. All of my 32 players are between 91-99 overall, with most of them being 99 with about 850m in the bank, all upgrades at 10. Stock game, no mods or cracks. 5-minute 1/2s on Professional.

    I did notice on earlier seasons that sometimes there would be 3 or 4 of the same team in the English cup (not sure if this caused the crash)... For example in round-2 Doncaster played against Doncaster (Yes!) and one of the Doncasters would win and advance to round-3, and sometimes there would be another Doncaster playing someone else in Round-2, causing 2 Doncasters on round-3, etc....

  • Anonymous May 24, 2009

    i'm in my 4th season with man city, all players are 97-99, got over 300m cash, got a great team, alot of young talents and then it freezes... same thing on my brothers werder bremen account =/

  • Anonymous May 26, 2009

    I'm in my 12th season and just recently i tried to sim a match but the game froze at 52%. The music was still playing and the playstation button worked. So i quit the game and started playing again. This time i played the match and after the match was done it still froze at 52% at the loading screen. I tried once more but this time i forfeit the match and it actually went through on the loading screen. But on the following match it did the same thing.It looks like i have to forfeit every match just to go to the next one.Its really annoying and i have no idea why is it doing this. I really like this game and it makes me really angry that there is a problem like this.



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It did it with me once...
i started a manager mode with rotherham on one user ...
then made a new user (for psn)
copied all my save data over to the new user and deleted the old one
when i tried to load it it crashed
after a lots more tries for loading it
something popped up on the screen saying this is not your data (or something like that)

so getting straight to the point....
you may have copied your data onto a new user?

hope i helped somehow


Posted on May 02, 2009

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PS3 is one of the most amazing gaming device but like other competitor gaming devices (Xbox and Wii) It also has some problems like Freezing up. You may check out the informative Article at ezinearticles Remedy for PS3 Freezing up

Posted on Apr 09, 2009

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Here is what happens. For some reason there can be 1 or 2? of the same team playing in the same league, When this team or teams have to play on the same day the system gets confused and doesn't know how to calculate the score, player developement, who knows what?....and it just sits there in a loop, it's looking for a score, but that information has already been given to another place so there it is waiting for a score to simulate the next game and that information does not exist. Thanks ea, 6 months of gameplay down the drain, 2 hours of pounding my head against the wall, awesome!, best game ever and i won't play it again.....MY TEAM WAS THE SHIITE!!!!! ...all players over 90, drafts, trades, etc...all for nothing, can't go undefeated against best this game has to offer, my goal,(but i know i can with this team) absolutely sucks!!!!

Can't make a game that doesn't allow 2 of the same team to play in the same division. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY PLAY EACH OTHER!!!!!!! Geez,,, give me a job, I'll help out the programmers for a lot less.

Posted on Jan 05, 2013

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From what I have read in the EA support forum it is regarding the saved games and the update working together that is an issue.

I had the same problem, but I fixed it by deleting Fifa 09 from the harddrive on the PS3 and then reinstall the game and the update.

That worked for me.. Hope it works for some of you too..

Posted on May 25, 2009

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Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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it might be because you are over playing it..check if the back of playstation is hot nd if so turn off system nd leave for 1-2 hours

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unlock repair cheat wii without modchip within 5 minutes and back up all wii games dvd homebrew and more

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Crashing in manager mode

Go to you nearest game store and get it cleaned... Could solve the problem.

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Cant get fifa manager 09 to play

hello, reinstall your operating system and install all your video adapter drivers, make sure you install direct X 9

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My PS3 freezes when i play Fifa 09 Manager mode

try looking for updates and patches for the game, else, reinstall all your fifa 09 files.

if this doesn't work, verify it there are any problems with your disk (dust, for example),

is the problem continues, restore your ps3 system . (or first re-update the system by downloading the latest update in Playstation Site)

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Help! How do I delete a Manager's profile on Fifa

at the start menu where it says
and so on...
press 1 on your Wii-mote and press manager, then choose which profile you want to delete!:)

hope that helped

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Cant play two players on fifa 09

I'm not sure but i believe that you need more memory. Tell me, what kind of storage do you have?

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Fifa 09 PS3 online lost connection

go to the router page in that port forwarding option is there type your port number and ip address then you get it which port number of the game port number after then save it then reboot it then try you get it

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It is a known bug in the game. EA have not announced a patch for the PS3 version, so I cannot say when the bug will be fixed. 
You can attempt to start the game again, but it is likely you will come across the same bug.

Jan 15, 2009 | Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) Console

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Cant play two players on fifa 09

Freezing playing offline two players or even one player.

First I thought the problem was related to the fifa09 DVD, and therefore I got a new one. That didn’t help. Then I got at new PSP3, and it didn’t make a difference. However, I found the solution:

Unfortunately I did two things at the same, so it’s not possible to say, what made the difference.

1. Dot not choose your local language (in my case Danish), but chose English (the next time you start fifa09 it can run with your local language)

2. Delete your saved data concerning fifa09

Nov 17, 2008 | Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) Console

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