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LCD screen mostly dead

My friend went to pick up the remote control and instead grabbed the laptop and something popped/snapped, and now the screen is pretty much crap. Only the left side displays normally except for a few lines through it and everything else is just crap, only showing white or black. How would I go about opening it and finding whether it's just a broken lighting tube or if I need to completely replace the LCD? It looks like replacement lcd screens are about $300 and for that much, I'd rather buy another laptop. I can always use the HDD as an external and put the ram in another laptop I have. Any help on opening it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: LCD screen mostly dead

Call Toshiba at 800-240-7100 to get your laptop fixed free under the extended warranty. Toshiba will tell you a repair location locally to take it too.

Posted on Aug 01, 2007

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Re: LCD screen mostly dead

Can you tell more about how this happened? (How do you mistake a remote for a laptop, or vise verse?) Where did your 'friend' grab the laptop? Also, can you hook up an external monitor to the laptop and tell us what that screen looks like? These things will help determine exactly what needs to be replaced. BTW, did you know your system has had a warranty extension till November due to a manufacturer's defect? Might just get in touch with Toshiba, tell them your system's having issues and see what happens. I've sent 4 of these models off to be repaired under the extended warranty. Good luck, let us know how the external monitor looks, ok?

Posted on Jul 25, 2007

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Re: LCD screen mostly dead

There are no lights to replace in an LCD. If the LCD is damaged in any way, it must be replaced. Sorry. Email me the model of your laptop. I may be able to find you a cheaper screen.

Posted on Jul 25, 2007

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1 Answer

Screen goes black on my dell latitude e6500 until i press on the screen what is this

A) Loose connection of Video Cable to back of LCD screen

B) Loose connection of Video cable to screen Inverter

C) Failing screen Inverter

D) Faulty LCD screen

My money is on a bad connection of the Video Cable.

How does this happen Michelebolya?

This is an example of the Video Cable,

Click on the photo to enlarge.
The long blue connector to the Left, plugs into the motherboard.
(On the Bottom of the laptop)

It then goes up around the left Hinge, and into the Display Assembly.

[From there the long Yellowish connector on the Right, plugs into the back of the LCD screen.
There is a small cable at bottom, that plugs into one side of the screen Inverter.
Also with this cable, the Wireless Antenna cable is included ]

Just due to normal opening, and closing of the laptop; the Video Cable may become pinched.
This can cause the cable to be pulled on, and loose connections can result.

And/or damage to the Video Cable can result.
Stretched/Broken tiny wires inside the Video Cable.

Suggested method of repair;

1) Remove ALL power. Remove the AC adapter (Charger), and Battery.

2) Remove the bottom of the Base Enclosure.
(Bottom Cover.
Dell? -> Base Assembly)

Dell Support > Latitude E6500 Notebook PC > Service Manual > Display > Removing the Display Assembly,

This is a BOTTOM view.
The Video Cable is shown on the Right.
Looking at a Top view the Video Cable is on the Left.

BEFORE you touch ANYTHING, micheleboyla, you need to be wearing an ESD wrist strap.
Electro Static Discharge.
Average cost ranges from $3 to $6.
This is one example,

Your body carries Static electricity. Static WILL fry out (Short Circuit), the delicate hardware components inside a laptop.
With wearing an ESD wrist strap, and having it's alligator clip attached to a good ground source, your laptop is safe from Static electricity.

Once you have the bottom cover off, the most sensitive hardware component to Static shock; is exposed.
The Processor

I connect to an unpainted surface, of the metal frame of an open, empty desktop computer case.
(I feel an Anti-Static Mat is unwarranted, and I don't want my wrist connected to the local utility companies ground source)

You can set a large metal serving tray, (Unpainted), on the table you're working on, and connect to it.
Or perhaps a large metal knickknack. (Unpainted)

Connections CANNOT just be visually inspected. You have to Physically see if you can plug the plug in tighter.

First motherboard side.
No? Go on.

Open the Display Assembly.

The plastic frame in front of the LCD screen is the Display Bezel.
From what I can see the Display Assembly does Not need to be removed, in order to remove the Display Bezel.

This means you can pop the Display Bezel off, and have access to the Video Cable small cable, to the screen Inverter. See if this connection is loose.

No? Didn't change anything after you tried plugging it in tighter?
Go on.

The LCD screen is an assembly. It is composed of layers, and held together in a factory set specific pattern; by a metal Screen Frame.
[Screen Frame also resembles a picture frame ]

Screen Frame screws to the Display Cover, (Top cover of laptop when closed),

This means you may be able to lean the top if the LCD screen/Screen Frame forward, and be able to access the Video Cable connection of the LCD screen.

Won't have to remove Display Assembly to access, and after checking cable connection for tightness, can prop LCD screen against Display Cover, and see if that repaired it; before reassembling laptop.

One example,

See where he's got the LCD screen tilted in Step 6 photo?
No? Not enough tilt, to access LCD screen connection of Video Cable?
Will the LCD screen lay down as shown in Step 7 photo?
W-A-T-C-H the Video Cable's length. May NOT be able to do this.

If Video Cable connects at the Middle of the LCD screen,
this may = No.
In that case ease the LCD screen forward, and rest on Palm Rest Cover above Keyboard. Watch the length of the Video Cable. See if you can plug Video Cable in tighter, to the back of the LCD screen.

Still no?
Then you need to perform a continuity test on the Video Cable.
Multimeter set to OHM's (1K), and check every wire in the Video Cable.
Also have an assistant gently wiggle the cable, and see if you get an intermittent reading on the multimeter. Indicates broken wire. Replace.

Take the Video Cable down to the nearest small computer repair shop, and have the resident tech check it for continuity. Should only be a couple of bucks.

Video Cable good?
Go on.

Next in line is the screen Inverter.
However to test a screen Inverter requires a sensitive multimeter.
Read fairly expensive,

Due to;
A) The above,
B) Ease of access, (Just pop the Display Bezel off),
C) Low cost

Most just replace it. One example,

Let's try that again,

Still no?
Then the problem is the LCD screen.

Seem like a bit of trouble?
Better to re-connect a Video Cable, or buy one, or a screen Inverter; than replace an LCD screen, and find that wasn't the problem at all.

For additional questions please post in a Comment.

[The Display Bezel is made of a space-age plastic, usually. Pretty tough stuff.
However it CAN be broken.

The Display Bezel has Tabs on it, surrounding the inside perimeter.
These snap into matching Latches, on the Display Cover.

The thick guitar pick to start with, is an excellent method.
However somewhere in there, you're going to have to slip a fingertip under the Display Bezel; and your fingernails will be against the LCD screen.

This = No
I lay the Display Assembly back as far as I can.
I then suggest you cut a piece of cereal box; or thick construction paper, or etc; to fit as close as you can, to the inside edges of the Display Bezel.
Protects the LCD screen from your fingernails.

The INSIDE edge of the Display Bezel, on the Right side/Middle; is flexed up first.
Can't get a fingernail under the inside edge?
Move over a little. You are at a Tab/Latch.

Pop one Tab/Latch loose, move over going DOWN the Right side.
Snap! Almost sounds like you are breaking something.
(DO support that small area of the Display Bezel, on BOTH sides, though; when popping it loose!)

Go around the Bottom, and come up the Left side.
Snap, snap, snap...................
By the time you get most of the way, the Display Bezel should pop loose.

Line the Tabs/Latches back up, and snap them into place, one by one; when reinstalling the Display Bezel ]

Jan 15, 2013 | Dell Latitude E6500 Laptop

1 Answer

How do i fix a black corner on my laptop screen?

You damaged pixels in the LCD screen, Camilia. The answer is No. You have to replace the LCD screen.

[There are statements made, that a warm water damp clean cloth, can be used to gently massage the 'afflicted' area. Ummm, No.
Drip ANY water inside, and Poof! Bye-bye laptop AND LCD screen.

(Yes, even with ALL power removed. To include the CMOS battery inside. { RTC battery } Water droplet/s could still be present when power is reinstalled )

Statements made about gently using a pencil eraser on the area.
Compresses the layers of the panel, and forces oil to move around.
Does NOT always work, and may damage the LCD screen further ]

How tough is it? Doesn't take a rocket scientist. (Sorry Gort)
It's like doing an easy puzzle.

Example using an Asus K53U laptop,

1) ALL power is removed. Remove the AC adapter, and Battery.

2) Open the laptop. Remove the Screw Covers from the LCD Panel Bezel.
(The thin plastic frame in front of the LCD screen )

Screw Covers may be flat small pieces of plastic, or rubber covers.
Both will have a type of rubber cement on them. They are carefully removed with a pick type of instrument. (I use a computer pick)

They are then, one at a time, lightly stuck to the bezel, so they can be reused later.
Then all Philips head screws under the Screw Covers, are removed.

The LCD Panel Bezel has protrusions formed out of it's plastic body, and they surround the outside edges of the bezel. These are Tabs.
They snap into Latches, formed on the inside edge of the Display Cover.

The method to remove the LCD Panel Bezel, is to use your fingernail on the inside top edge/middle, of the bezel, and flex it slightly up away from the LCD screen. Then move your fingers along under the bezel on each side at the top, and pop the Tabs out of the Latches.

A thick guitar pick does help immensely. Use care when removing, but be aware that the bezel is made of space-age plastic. Snap, snap, snap, when the Tabs are freed from the Latches. Almost sounds like you are breaking something, and is a slightly tense situation for your first time.

Unplug the cable (Wire/s) from the screen Inverter, IF a screen Inverter is used. Usually mounted to an area at the bottom of the LCD screen.

If it does not use a CCFL for a Backlight, and uses LED's for a Backlight, it will not have a screen Inverter.
(Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp)

Average example of a screen Inverter,

(Approximately 3 to 4 inches Long, 1/2 inch Tall )

Lay the bezel aside. The LCD screen has a metal frame around it. Looks like a thin picture frame. On each side of this frame are Brackets. The screws are removed that hold the brackets, to the LCD Screen Frame.

Then the LCD screen can be tilted forward, and Video Cable removed.

The Video Cable's connector on the LCD screen side, has two Locks on each side usually, that you depress in, in order to unlock the video cable connector, and unplug the video cable from the LCD screen.

Reverse steps to reinstall.
Note that on the example for LCD screens, just the manufacturer code number is stated, not the laptop.
Look at the back of the LCD screen you removed, and match up the correct numbers.

For additional questions please post in a Comment.


Sep 03, 2012 | Samsung PC Laptops

1 Answer

How to replace LCD panel on Toshiba Satellite M105-S3004 Notebook?

Plastic Display Bezel is not as simpy as you think. It is made of space-age plastic.

Procedure is the same as for a Satellite M110 series, and M115 series Notebook PC,

Just to add;

After the Screw Covers are removed, and the screws, from the Display Bezel, the Bezel can be 'popped' off.

The Bezel has plastic protrusions, or tabs, extruded from it's plastic frame. These tabs snap into place in the Display Cover. (Top cover of laptop)

There are tabs formed on the inside edge of the Display Cover, that the tabs from the Display Bezel, snap into.

When I started years ago, I used a guitar pick to ease the Bezel up, so I could get my fingertips under it. (OUTSIDE edge of Bezel. Not inside edge where the LCD screen is)

Now I don a set of anti-static gloves, and ease the inside middle edge of the Bezel, (LCD screen side), up. Then I start working towards one corner, until this portion pops free, and then I go towards the other corner.

Once you work a side loose, and the bottom, the rest of the Bezel starts popping free.

Although the Display Bezel looks to be flimsy, as stated previously it is made of a space-age plastic. Pretty tough stuff, really.
Just go slow, and use care.

When you hear the tabs pop up for the first time, you may think you have broken something. Nope.
Just wanted to state to ease your mind.

Make SURE the LCD screen you are purchasing is THE correct one.
An LCD screen, and the screen Inverter, are a MATCHING pair.

Crossover the manufacturer name, and model number on the back of the LCD screen, to the new one.
Or go with the LCD screen replacement manufacturer's information. B

If so, be sure there is a Return option, if the new replacement LCD screen proves to be the wrong one

[ An LCD screen does not produce light. It needs an additional light source.
A Backlight is the additional light source.

A Backlight is a CCFL.
Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp. (Bulb)
Similar to Fluorescent lighting used in homes, and businesses, but on a MUCH smaller scale.

(Some of the newer LCD screens use LED lights for a Backlight.
The Toshiba Satellite M105-S3004 Notebook PC, uses a CCFL for a Backlight)

A screen Inverter is used to convert the electricity (Power) from the laptop, for the Backlight, and the LCD screen ]

For additional questions please post in a Comment.


Jan 04, 2012 | Toshiba PC Laptops

1 Answer

Something is wrong with the screen on my laptop. it has green pixels on the home screen and instead of the google being white it's green help

If its a couple pixel's then sometimes LCD's have dead pixel's. If the whole screen is acting this way try updating your video card driver. Go to Acer's website to loo up the videocard in the model laptop you own.

Jun 14, 2011 | Acer PC Laptops

1 Answer

My wife has a Samsung NP-N310 Netbook. Around Thanksgiving we went to see some friends. Overnight, some ants got into the screen of her netbook. She tried to tap on the screen to chase one away, and killed...

I do not have the manual for your laptop. This link will give you a general idea on how to remove the LCD bezel.

Good luck.....

Click on this link or copy and paste the complete link into your browser.

If I could be of further assistance, let me know. If this helps or solves the issue, please rate it and give a testimonial for my response

Thanks, Joe

Feb 19, 2011 | Samsung PC Laptops

1 Answer

My laptop started to slide off my bed...I grabbed it before it hit the floor. I grabbed ahold the screen. Now where my thumb pressed on the screen is red and black and there are several red and hot pink...

You have probably damaged the LCD display by compressing it. It may improve over time but it is unlikely that it will go back to normal. You can try gently massaging the screen and see how it affects the issue, this is a method to repair dead pixels.
Hope this helps,

Jul 02, 2010 | Sony VAIO VGN-N130G/W Notebook

1 Answer

Dropped and screen went black.still turns on but the screen doesn't work

Attach and external monitor and boot the machine. If you don't have one, ask around your friends and family... someone has a monitor.

If you can see stuff on the monitor when it boots, but when you boot with no monotor the laptop screen is blank, then you most likely have a dead lcd panel on the notebook. It would need to be replaced.

If the external monitor also shows nothing during boot then you likely have larger problems.

Aug 09, 2009 | HP Pavilion dv9000z Notebook

1 Answer

Hi, I have recieved a used laptop from a friend.It is an Acer Aspire 1690LCi ZL3. The unit powers on,battery is good,DVD drive opens but the screen is dead.Please help. Sam

A few things to try. First turn on the unit, and after it seems to have booted up (like at a windows login or something), take a flashlight and in a darkened room shine it on the screen. If you can see a picture, it means your backlight is out. Go on ebay or elsewhere online and look for an acer aspire 1690LCi backlight. Then open up your screen and replace it (there should be tutorials online for this). If you don't see an image, your screen maybe be out or have more serious problems (video card, LCD dead, etc.).

May 04, 2009 | Acer Aspire 1690 Notebook

1 Answer

Need instructions to replace the bezel on a gateway 7330gz

Just like any other laptop LCD screen, edtechservic. Remove the rubber caps that cover the Philips head screws, remove the screws, and work around the bezel to pop it loose, a little at a time.

Top cover up, you are looking at the LCD screen. Look at the top Left and Right corners of the screen bezel. Look in-between. Now look along the bottom of the screen bezel. See those small rubber caps? G-E-N-T-L-Y pry them loose with a 60 or 90 degree pick. (In your computer repair kit)
Use care, and finesse! You don't want to scratch the clients laptop!
Now loosen, and remove the screws underneath.

Use a Jewelers flat tip screwdriver, (No.2), and ease it in the parting line, that you will see between the bezel, and top cover. Don't go more than a 1/4 inch in! You could be up against the LCD screen metal frame, if you go too far in. (Which could break the LCD screen)

Won't ease in there? Move over an inch or so. You could be hitting the plastic part of the bezel, that snaps down into the Top Cover.
There are several of these plastic protrusions, that stick down from the bezel, and snap into place in the Top Cover. Every few inches or so.

After you start easing one of these plastic snaps out, (Plastic protrusion I spoke of above), move along the edge, pick another place, and start easing it up. Keep bringing the edge up a little at a time. (Bring the back of the flat tip jewelers screwdriver down)
When you have gone along, and raised a large portion of the bezel, you should hear a distinct Click, as one of the plastic snaps come out of the Top Cover.
If not, move back to the first plastic snap that started to come out, and place your flat tip Jewelers screwdriver next to it. Bring the back of the screwdriver down to pop that plastic snap up, and out.

Hearing it your first time might make you a little stomach sick. You'll think you broke something! If you go along, and raise the bezel up a little at a time, you'll be okay. The bezel is made of space age plastic, and is VERY tough! You can't get crazy with it though!

When you have gone almost all the way around the bezel, the last few inches may just pop up, and out.
This link shows you with photos, and information, for a Gateway MT6704 Notebook PC,

This guide is to completely replace the LCD screen. You can just use the information under the first five photos, for bezel replacement.

Nov 15, 2008 | Acer Aspire 3000 Notebook

1 Answer

IBM t20/t23

Hey, Laptops are very fragile and sensitive components! If you feel that you are capable of task like this then godspeed! Something like that could be three things! 1.) Your screen inverter has gone bad! The inverter is the device that provide high voltage power to the lamps in your screen! 2.) The lamps in your screen are bad! These things are usually rated for like 50000 hours. 3.) It could be as simple as servicing the laptop(cleaning up the contacts and ensuring good connection) Laptops come in all shape and sizes, and worse some come with a thousand screws of different sizes! It should be relatively easy to take down but the hard part is putting it back together. I have this friend who, after he re-assembled a laptop, always has extra screws!! He says the laptop don't need em! LOL What i would suggest is moving the entire screen, that way you don't have to take it apart to get to the inverter( should be the only other device located in your screen aside from the actual LCD(the lamps are in the LCD) The models sound very similiar but not sure about them either, it the screen looks the same then you can change it! Practice taking down the t20 first then if it breaks you'll know how NOT to break the t23! lol I would always recommend getting a pro to handle something like this though, cause is very tedious you have to be real careful! Best of Luck! regards, babb

May 01, 2007 | IBM ThinkPad T23 Notebook

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