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  • BEYESANGIE Jan 25, 2009


    Thank you so much for following through with my problem. I did the reset like you said and it seems to be fixed. The lines are very faded and the more I print the better it gets. I even cleaned up the roller best I could too. But once it made the dark line again then as I kept printing it faded out again. I am not totally sure if it could be an intermittent problem now. It is alot better than it was. If I end up getting the problem again, can I follow through with you? Again I really appreciate your help, I didn't know what to do and this is the first time I have used this service. I will use it again in the future if I need help on something else. Thanks again.

  • BEYESANGIE Jan 25, 2009


    I am using Windows Vista and my printer just says pixma mp500 on the front. I believe its the plain version. I found some numbers on the bottom of the printer, I think its the serial number and model. K10264 QC1-7933-DB01-01. I hope this helps. I will try the print alignment and cleaning as you recommend and I will keep you posted on the results. Thank you so much for all your help.

  • BEYESANGIE Jan 26, 2009


    I am still having the same problem. I did the reset, I cleaned the waste ink pad, I cleaned everywhere I could get at. I even took the whole printer apart. I did the reset again and I did the print head alignment and print head cleaning. The black line is there when I go to print a new document. If i keep printing the same document the line fads to almost nothing. I select something else to print and the black line is there again. Do you have any more ideas for me to try. I am sorry to be such a pain.

  • BEYESANGIE Jan 27, 2009


    I did only take the covers off for cleaning. I did not see any battery. I did soak the print head in alcohol for a couple of hours. I did not have ammonia. I am still having the same thing. Everytime I print something new I get the black line. If I keep printing the same thing over a few times the black line fads to almost nothing. I guess the next step will be to get a new print head. Do you have any suggestions where to get it from? Or is there anything else I can try first? I appreciate your help. Thank you.

  • BEYESANGIE Jan 29, 2009

    Hi Worldvet,

    I did not get a chance to soak the print head in ammonia yet, I have the ammonia now but havent had time. I work too late to do that during the week. But this is very weird, the next day after I had soaked the print head in alcohol, I printed out a few different documents and only the very first page had a broken black line which got lighter towards the end of the page. I have been printing up all kinds of different things and so far I have not gotten the black line. I am afraid to say its fixed because the times before I thought it was and it wasn't. But it sure seems to be working just fine now. So far so good. I am going to wait and see if the line comes back before I soak the print head in ammonia. I want to thank you again for all your help and patience to help me come up with a solution. I didn't have a clue what to do before, you really helped me out. Thank you, and bye for now.

  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers May 11, 2010


    Thanks for keeping in touch on your printer. I do appreciate it, it will help others some day to have this consistency and I being able to know the final solution to your issue. Its too bad, but a replacement cartridge was the only logical way to proceed in your case and it was a fifty/fifty chance it would be resolved by that as bad cartridges do get out into use.

    The printer probably needs to be reset. It is usually a combination of buttons pushed at the same time.

    Sounds like the Printer's Chip is confused and sending the wrong signal to the ink tank. Each tank has its own chip inside for communicating ink levels and has an ID as well so you can't refill it and get away with it... it Canon's eyes anyway.

    So give me a little time to find the reset on yours, sometimes its easy sometimes not.

    I have a few computers here and two printers I'm in the middle of right now, but I can find some time tomorrow to ask around and or look around on the tech boards I belong to.

    How old is your printer and on the back should be label that may include a serial number. The serial number isn't important but as well as that is often the model ID in a bit more specific terms than what is on the front of the printer. So, send me the model ID off the back lable too. Thanks.

    You can use the Comment Box below with this so your trouble ticket stays consistent.




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To start though, turn the printer off or have it off and the power plug removed from the back of the printer. Then, reattach the power, and then press Power and Cancel/Reset at the same time and continue to hold them until the lights flash or you get some other acknowledgment. If you don't see anything happen hold them down for up to a few minutes, release and then turn power off at the button. Restart and try a test page. See if that quick and dirty trick works in your case or not. Meanwhile I'll take some time on Sunday to find a solution for you if I can find one.


Posted on Jan 25, 2009

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  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Jan 25, 2009

    I'm glad to hear that your printer responded to this common technique. I had my doubts based on the nature of your cartridge leak. You may have, or you may want to do this next technique anyway.

    Run a print head alignment, not a head cleaning exercise. Although, people tend to do this anyway. To clean heads, the printer injects ink through the nozzles in an attempt to clear the heads of any clogs from dried out ink flakes. Run, all the print head and ink maintenance you have at your disposal until you start to get clear black text again.

    Since your printer was confused, and was in a sense in a state that the clean heads requires, allowing ink to flow out to clean a head, and *that this was resolved with a simple reset* you probably have a waste pad that's quite full and this should be addressed now too.

    I wrote a tip on how to do tihs and I'll paste the link to the tip next. Mostly you want to have some rubbing alcohol, 70% or 99% is fine it doesn't matter too much for this next bit.

    But, please verfy what you have for Windows. Is it Vista, XP or something else, and are you using a plain MP500 or a MP500cxi?

    Thanks, that actually means a lot for me to do a look up on your print head technology and the waste pad system.

    Here is the link to the technique for cleaning your waste pad and please verify your printer model, as you may be using printe heads and ink reservoirs vs. a combo ink tank.

    You may need to copy and past the link above into your browser address bar.

    Thanks for staying in touch.

  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Jan 26, 2009

    You took the whole printer apart? Do you mean by that, the covers? Were you able to see the printed circuit boards? And if so, did you happen to notice a button battery about the size of a fat nickle but a bit larger?

    We, rarely have access to documents that show a complete parts breakdown. When I get one in to fix here, I tear them down and look for clues.

    What really peaked my interest and probably yours was when you printed the same document over and over again the line started to fade away.

    What printers due is use a clear acetate strip with verticle lines every millimeter to located itself on the platen (what the paper rolls on when using a typewriter. We call it that for Ink Jets too.) To begin printing the caridge needs to find the center line and then confirm the print margins. You won't notice this as you aren't looking for it. You probably did notice the clear stip though and perhaps saw the increments on the tape. What ever you do, do not touch this, ever.

    I'm going to hypothisize a lot since I dont have the printer here, but I have a gues that the printer is finding the print margins, left and right and then the center where upon it begins to print. It prints in both directions, left to right and right to left. Before a print job starts the printer charges the print cartridge and does a quick check. Usually the waste pad catch the extra ink from print head cleaning and leaks from charging. There is a rubber strip that wipes off the printer head somewhat. I think the cartridge is dripping a significant amount of ink on the center of the platen before the paper arrives and the cartridge is finding its marks, then as the printing proceeds this drip that the paper is traveling across gets absorbed more and more until its gone. But, when you start a new print job/document the pirnter does the same thing, finds the margins and center, the drip leak occurs and the issue starts all over again.

    The question then, is what is going wrong, causing the print head to leak that much and why there specifically time after time. To do this, it would have to have a bad valve on the cartridge that allows the presure inside to equalize as ink is used so that it will release ink and prevent ink form also just running out until empty. It the same physics that allow you to dip a straw into soda, cover the top of the straw and then move the straw carefully without it leaking from the bottom until you release your finger from the top.

    Back to the battery. A battery on a printer allows it to retain information about the time and date a fax number, capture information for reprorts. When we remove the battery all that information is lost. But just tell me if you have a battery, don't do anything else to it leave it alone for now. If it does and you can see it on the board, look for and tell me if there are pins sticking out from the board near the battery. This would be two pins or three pins with one of the pins having a label on the board that is the number 1 and if it does there may be a small 5mm wide plastic piece that goes over two pins out of three or both pins in a two pin configuration.

    Let me know abou that and then examine the center of the platen and the area at the center of a document on the printer that may show drips from an ink spill.

    Then, when you cleaned your waste pads, was tehre a LOT of black ink on the black inik pad compared to the color ink pads? These all seem to have an endless amount of ink as ink is water soluable until cured in some cases and never water proof in most cases. I'm just trying to determine if there was leakage over the waste pad (that's its purpose, to catch the ink) that is beyond the normal expectation. In your case, equal on black and color would be normal, a wet dripping black pad compared to the color would indicate leaking.

    Thanks for letting me know as soon as possible. And you are not being a pain. I may bring another Expert here in on this who is a printer tech too and all of us who work here for free and for pay area all around Mr. Fixits. So, we love a challenge.


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Jan 26, 2009

    I believe the problem lies in your print head after confering with some other techs and I just missed it by focusing on a bad tank and not a bad print head. After the steps you've taken and your clue from the streak going away after several sheets of paper it dawned on me while thinking about it that the next thing to do is rule in or out is teh print head.

    Lift the ink tank assembly up using the latch and this will expose the print heads. You black one will be easy to spot.

    I think the atmospheric equalizer that is failing is in the printhead based on what I was reading while researching your problem.

    Remove the print head and put it in a glass bowl like a custard dish. Cover this with household ammonia and cover with a paper towel to keep the smell down some. After it has soaked for four hours rinse it through with a warm water jet from a hand wand. There is a large receptacle for accepting in from the tank. You may want to soak it in a bowl of warm water for awhile after rinsing too to dilute the ammonia remaining. After soaking use canned air to blow it out and after wiping the fill tube off, blow it out using your mouth if you care.

    Now you can reinstall the print head, button everything up and remove the power cord from the back. Hold the OK and Cancel button down and attach the power cord again. Hold these for five full seconds or so. then turn the printer off. Once it is off, press and hold the On button for five seconds. Now try printing again. If the problem does not resolve itself after running about 10 or 20 pages of paper with one line of text through, you have a bad print head and it will need to be replaced. These print heads have chips too and your must be malfunctioning. The cost is about $30. If the new print head does not resolve itself you need a new printer and the MP500s are good ones and the generic ink is good too and less money. You can consider Cartridge World if one is nearby where you live.

    I realized I could have had you do this sooner but was hopeful that it was the tank chip or the printer and not the print head and then it dawned on me it had to be the print head when you said it resolved the streak after several sheets of paper... that's when the ink in the print head is used up and would need to be injected by the ink tank again.

    Nice working with you. Keep me informed.

  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Jan 27, 2009

    Alcohol is good for cleaning up after ink but is not that great compared to ammonia for resolving any dried ink issues on a print head.

    Due to the price of a printhead I would get some ammonia and soak it in that within a glass bowl for four hours, rinse under warm water stream and blow out the print head with canned air.

    You can find print heads at the same online locations you buy ink from. Your's has likely failed but it may also be the printer. Nothing can be ruled out, its just that these are what we attack first and resolve 99% of problem in this manner.

    Unfortunately, it takes replacing one to prove it was the print head or a problem with the printer. The print head substitution is the cheaper alternative and still less than what we techs charge to do the work and diagnosis.

    This it the part designation and they sell around 50-60 dollars. Due a Google shopping search using the below designation.

    Printhead Cartridge QY6-0059 MP500

    I believe it also costs $10 or so to call Canon if you are out of warranty to have them trouble shoot the problem with you.

    So, my recommendation is to soak in ammonia, rinse and blow clear. If that doesn't work phone Canon for help on this unique issue. If they say you need a new print head then you can shop by price and get it off Ebay for around $50 or pay Canon for one, they get the highest price.

    Sorry, I thought you would have ammonia on hand and we'd be past this by now. So try the ammonia and post back to me on your results.


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Jan 29, 2009

    I'm glad to hear it worked out. For me, it helps to reassert a known hypothesis that the cartridge absent a print head in design or a print head receiving ink from the tank need to equalize the internal pressure so the ink will flow correctly and not drip or refuse to release ink at all. Clearly the atmospheric relief valve, a tiny ball, was being interfered with by some drink ink built up around it. Usually alcohol is enough to dissolve ink in the short term. Alcohol comes in various concentrations, starting with 70% to 99% and then pure found at the hardware store and used by painters. Most people have 70% alcohol since it a bit less expensive. I have pure on hand for cleaning up printers from valve failure and the ink spills all over the inside of a printer. I use it in a spray bottle. But, isoprophyl alcohol is quite dangerous, not only is the pure form, quite flamable and the fumes will affect the user suddenly and seriuosly.

    When it comes to cleaning up a print head that's been dry for some time, ammonia diluted 1/1 or straight is more effcient than alcohol but the fumes are immediatly more noxiuos but safer because of that.

    While I was working this problem with you there was a young man in South Africa who could not get yellow ink from his Canon ink Tank to print. It was confused that there are bad yellow tanks from Canon in use, but he had refilled his I had come to learn. I had him soak his in ammonia and since the print tank had been refilled it often brings in dried flakes during printing until it plugs. He was resolved by Ammonia and alcohol would have taken days and days of soaking to maybe resolve it. In your case, ammonia would have been a very quick fix, but the alcohol had a chance it just depended on your print head.

    All in all, I'm glad to hear yours is resolved and should remain so. All printer manufacturer will tell you to change your prnit heads every two years. You can extend the life span of yours by cleaning yours wth ammonia after six tank changes. Should your problem return then use the ammonia next time.

    Good Luck,


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Dear friends.....)

help me out , iam using hp1007 printer.
we have scaned document copy while printing that its looking very light.. i tried to ajust the printer preference , but still is has the same issue?

so help me guys..
thank you..

Posted on Jan 28, 2010


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SOURCE: I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. How can this be resolved

A 6ya expert can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.
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The service is completely free and covers almost anything you can think of (from cars to computers, handyman, and even drones).
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Good luck!

Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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My computer (PIXMA MP500) will not print in black. I installed a new black cartridge but it still will not print in black. It will print in color.

try to check were you put the black cartridge in the printer..check if the place of your black cartridge if it is cleaned and try to print then if it is still the black cartridge not print in black ask the technical of the printer and ask them the problem of the printer.

Sep 15, 2011 | Canon Pixma MP500 All-In-One InkJet...

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My cannon pixma mp500 won't print in black

Please replace or re-fill the black cartridge.
Good Luck

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Cannon MP500, new ink now printing black line on back page

Got to Printers and Faxes in Start, Right click on the icon for the printer, click properties, click maintenance and try cleaning the backing plate from there.

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My PIXMA MP500 tells me that my black#5 cartridge is out of ink when it clearly still has ink in the reservoir as well as the sponge. How can I fix this?

It's probably dry ,have you used it regularly?
Try to do a head clean on the printer using the printers software.
If that doesnt work then you will have to replace the cartridge.

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Our Cannon MP 500 is leaving a 1/4" wide black streak on the back side of copies. I have cleaned off the cartridge heads, replaced the ink tanks cleaned the heads to no avail. What is the problem and how...

HI Foster,
The problem is not with the print head. Print a blank page and if you are still getting the streak. Something is probably trapped in the printer or the rollers are dirty.

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Alarm light is lit -

Ok my printer is giving me the U140 message saying that ink tank cannot be recognized. The new ink tank is Cannon (not a off brand or refill). i think it is a problem with the chip reader port inside the printer not the ink tank chip. I feel this way because if you switch around the yellow and black 8 tanks, the printer accepts them without error.. soo if it was the ink cartridge i could be able to swap the black with the magenta and it should read it.

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I purchased a new cartridge and replaced it. Apparently the cartridge was defective. At least it is working for now.

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Canon pixma mp500

Canon said the the ink tank was probably defective. But two in a row! I returned ink cartridge, replaced the ink tank and am having no problems so far!

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The number 5 is a Pigment text black while the number 8 is a dye photo black. The text black is for black text mainly and the photo black is for use when printing photos. Since the text black is always running out it means you are printing a lot of documents in plain paper mode.

I recommend using QUALITY refill ink like Hobbicolors which is sold on eBay and will save you a bundle of money. The MP830 is a 5 ink printer so you need the 5 ink kit like the IP4300.

Dec 20, 2007 | Canon Pixma MP500 All-In-One InkJet...

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