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Panasonic 32 inch LCD TV will not turn on-red light flashing


I have had my Panasonic 32inch LCD TV about 18months. It will not turn on with the remote or the power button on the TV. I have unplugged it from the wall and plugged it in again but no change. The red led light on the lower left hand corner of the set is flashing intermittently. I can turn on TV (Panasonic TC-32LX70) with neither the remote controler nor power button.  I have to unplug power sauce and plug it again to turn on.  This happens a couple times a week.

  • Anonymous TV will not turn on using remote. Red light flashes off and on but TV does not turn on. So far only solution has been to unplug TV and try again. Panasonic offers no solution, only tells us to bring it in and pay for repairs - repair facility is over 90 minutes away.

    Mar 09, 2009

  • Anonymous tv turns on no image and don't turn off

    Mar 30, 2014

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  • on Feb 11, 2009
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Answer # 1

The number of flashes is an error code. Count the number of flash. It looks like one of the boards in your set is failing intermittently. Panasonic codes for a guide as a starting point. Exact board STILL has to be verified;
One Blink: One blink of the power LED indicates a problem in the inverter circuit located on the LCD panel. The inverter board is not to be repaired in the field. Therefore a replacement is required.
Three Blinks: Three blinks of the power LED indicates an over-current or over-voltage condition in one of the DC supplies of the AP board. The AP board is repairable. Therefore the use of an ohmmeter and peak-hold-voltmeter is required to determine the cause of the shutdown. An over-voltage condition is definitely a defect of the AP board. An over-current condition may be due to a short circuit located in the AP board, A board, or the LCD panel.
Five, Seven, or Eight Blinks: The A board is responsible for five, seven or eight blinks of the power LED. The MAIN +3.3V, MAIN +5V, and MAIN +9V sources are all produced on the A board. The detection input pins of the MPU, IC1100, monitor for their presence.
Four or Six Blinks: The AP board is responsible for four or six blinks of the power LED. The DTV9V, and SUB_5V sources are produced on the AP board. The MPU IC1100 monitors for their presence when the unit is connected to AC Power. A short or open circuit on the A board may also be responsible for their absence.
Nine Blinks: Nine blinks of the power LED is due a short circuit in the audio output circuit (s) of the unit. The audio output circuit is located on the A board. Confirm the status of the speakers. If defective, perform a replacement. If ok, replace the A board.
Ten Blinks: Ten blinks of the power LED indicates a malfunction of IC4200, the frame converter. This IC resides on the A board. Therefore ten blinks of the power LED requires the replacement of the A board.

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  • on Jun 24, 2009
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Answer # 2

A friend of mine and I have that same model AND that same problem. It's not a permanent solution, but it prevents having to unplug it from the wall (pull furniture, pull plug, wait, plug back and more furniture...) It also prevents spending $$$ for the repair.

I hold the power button on the top of the set down for 5 seconds and then the tv responds. The problem goes away for a while and then comes back.


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Answer # 3

I checked on the Panasonic site and it appears that they have a firmware update that addresses this issue.

It requires you download the new firmware fire & copying to a formatted SD card. There are instructions there on the Panasonic site to guide you through the process.

I don't use SD cards, so I just ordered one and will try the FW update when the card arrives.

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  • on Feb 13, 2010
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Answer # 4

This is a known fault. John Lewis in the UK sent out an engineer under their 5 yr TV guarantee and completed the firmware upgrade for me. The only other store to compare with them for price and service is Richer Sounds but I believe you now have to buy the warranty for 10% of the purchase price. This problem will persist unless the upgrade is completed. For those of you in the UK, I would insist the seller repairs the problem under the Sale of Goods and Services Act as the TV is not fit for purpose without the upgrade. You have 6 yrs (not a year or 6 months) to claim under this Act.

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  • on Jul 28, 2009
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Answer # 5

Do you know where you can get this SD card, how much it costs, and if it actually works?

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  • on Jul 28, 2009
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Answer # 6

Where can you buy this SD card, and do you know what its called?

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