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Circuit ICs were heated and blow now I need a replacement.

full details and guidance is required
the last mentioned IC heats up too much.
Any alternative ICs.

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1 Answer

When you try to turn the tv on, all you get is a blinking red light, if you unplug for awhile, sometime it will come on.

Symptom: tv turns on, tv clicks once, red light comes on. Then, tv either works for a while, followed by a click, no video, normal sound and flashing red light; or, tv immediately clicks, no video, no sound, red light flashes. If that is the problem, you need to replace the convergence ICs. I had to do this twice. The two convergence ICs are mounted on palm-sized aluminum heat sinks. The heat sinks are soldered to the main circuit board. There are 4 pins soldered to the board for each heat sink, and 18 pins soldered to the board for each IC. Some of the heat sink pins are a bit difficult to desolder. The pins for the ICs are not difficult to desolder, but you must be careful not to overheat them. The heat sink and the IC come out as a unit, after all pins are desoldered. The IC is screwed to the heat sink. The correct replacement IC is a Sanyo STK392-110. I got mine from B&D Enterprises. They were not expensive. The new ICs need to be mounted to the heat sink with a heat transfer paste. I used Arctic Silver from my computer processor heat sink. Installation of the heat sink/IC assembly is a bit tricky, since you have to align all 18 IC pins and the 4 heat sink pins. When all the pins are visible through the holes in the circuit board, resolder everything. The TV should now work. Be sure to replace both ICs. My first repair was done by a technician, who obviously only replaced one. That repair only lasted a couple years, before the problem returned.

Mar 22, 2011 | Toshiba TZ55V61 55" Rear Projection...


How to change projection TV convergence ICs.


When the picture on your projection TV looks like 3D, the image bows in on all sides and red/green/blue are separated you have bad convergence ICs. They are located on the mainboard attached to a large aluminum heat sink. The heat sink could be shiny or black depending on the manufacturer. They are generally located near the rear of the High Voltage/Power supply board. The ICs are shaped like a trapezoid. I have a picture of one at the end of this tip. It is for identification purposes only, your actual part number may be different. Make sure you get the correct units.

Once you have located the ICs and heat sink look at the numbers printed on the ICs. The numbers on them should be of the form STK392-XXX. Note the number and go to and order two. One is for horizontal and one is for vertical. You should also go to and if you do not already own one order a good solder iron (40 watts with conical tip, temp control would be helpful), solder wick, heat sink compound, solder puller and solder.
You will need good soldering equipment and skills. Do not apply too much heat to the connections on the underside of the board or the lands will come off causing bigger problems. The secret to soldering/desoldering is to have a hot iron and concentrate on one part at a time. Keep good contact with the piece being soldered/unsoldered.

In addition you must have a clean tip to do a good job and get the soldering done in the shortest period of time. Use a good tip cleaner (looks like a kitchen scrubber) which can be purchased at the site I mentioned or a substitute you may have, steel wool or a damp cloth. All work about the same, the important part is that the tip is kept clean.

Sometimes you need to remove the heat sink to install the IC's leads due to the number, and difficulty, of getting them in the proper holes. This usually requires removing several screws from the bottom of the board or unsoldering the hold down tabs and possibly straigtening them to get them through the holes in the circuit board depending on your particular model. The ICs can be removed from the heat sinks by removing two hold down screws and prying them loose from the heat sink. This can sometimes take quite a bit of pressure.

Another problem to watch out for is bridging of the leads when resoldering the IC into the board. Before powering up the unit make absolutely certain that no leads have been soldered together or "bridged". Correct any issues. You do not need a large amount of solder on the leads. A nice round smooth connection is best. Look at some of the other solder joints to see what a good solder joint should look like.

If your eyes are like mine it would pay to purchase a pair of magnifying binoculars from the same site you can get the equipment from, .

After replacing the ICs check all the resistors and microfuses in the area of the convergence ICs for opens. The fuses will look like resistors but no color code.

Remove the old ICs from the board and install the new ones. Be careful not to get the units too hot when installing the new ones. The heat sink compound goes on the back of the ICs in a thin coat to aid heat disapation. Don't over do it! Also clean all the old heat sink compound off the heat sink.

Once the ICs have been replaced and the unit is up and running you will need to set the convergence to align the beams. You should be familiar with this, if not the procedure should be outlined in your operations manual. If you lost your manual go to to get a new one for free.

If this was the only problem your unit should now look fine. While you have it apart you should clean the lenses and the mirror with a soft lint free cloth and window cleaner (no ammonia). Always spray the cloth, never spray inside the TV.

If the lines still will not converge you have a bad digital control box. Detailed intructions for removal and replacement of the digital box are located at my tip .


Example of a convergence IC. Your part # may be different.

Thanks for using FixYa.


on Feb 27, 2010 | Philips Magnavox 9P6034C 60" Rear...

1 Answer

My television has a blue screen and the red light at the front of the television keeps flashing,how do i get it to work?

Your telivision may have its Chroma Ic faulty. Sony TVs uses their own coded numberd Ics, usually begin wi CX xxxxxx, or Philps TDA series Ics. These Ics contains so many sections integrated to one. That is Horixontal, Vertical, Synchronisation for both horizontal and vertical, video out drive section and its matrix, video If section, sound filtering section and so on which comes over 68 sections or so.If any of the among said section gets faulty, your tv will have some problems.
Here you can see a Blue screen. Therefore video out section of your TVs Ic is working well. The red flashing LED in the front of your tv indicates that there is some kind of short, not direct short, inside your TV.
You just do one thing. Open the back cover of your TV and find out the IC I have mentioned above. Switch on your tv, wait for 5 minutes or so, switch it off, unplug it from mains, and touch on the surface of the said Ic with your bare fingers and find whether it is overheats or not. Such types of Ics can be heated upto60 to 65 degree C. Not much more. If that Ic is faulty, it will heat up to a condition, which you can feel.
If there is no overheating is noted, there may be some low voltage missing. Sony TVs works on 112vDC main rail, 8VDC secondary rail, 5VDC for system control section, and 24VDC and 18VDC for vertical output and sound output sections.
Normally we noted is the missing of 8VDC rail. This 8VDC is derived from the secondory voltage of LOT, through a stepdown *V regulator Ic. If that Ics soldering point gets loose conatcted, of that Ic itsef is faulty, This kind of fault can occur.
If you are going to do it by yourself, keep the children away, and let an adult beside you as a precautionary measure. Never touch any part inside your tv while power supply is on. Take out power plug from the socket before touching any parts.
As yours' is a 27" TV, at about 25KVDC [25,0000VDC] points will be there inside. Keep Caution. Ok

Oct 20, 2010 | Sony KV-27S66 27" TV

1 Answer

I have a 53 inch hitachi ultravision #53UDX10B Its out of focus and when you press the magic focus button it trys then pops up with the # 4 in the corner is this a convergence problem or what ?

Yes, you have a convergence failure. Usually requires replacement of 2 X STK ICs and any burnt resistors associated with the function that is faulty.

Look at the user menu and compare with images on our Convergence Gallery. Try to adjust in the convergence adjust menu. Identify the functions that do not work and make note. When you replace the ICs, pay special attention to the low ohm resistors for the non-working function. They will be located near the colored plug associated with the non-working function. If red vertical will not adjust, check resistors near the red plug.

There are many posts and websites that offer "new and improved Convergence IC substitutes. My advice is to use the original part numbers and replace any burnt resistors with original values. Many ICs purchased on the Internet are very poor quality and do not work. Many users get substitute replacement ICs and never get their TVs working again.

If you have other electronics repair experience, this job may be done with some chance of success. If you have no experience, there are many secondary problems that can and usually do appear. Determining how to fix the secondary faults and how to correctly align the TV is difficult without prior convergence repair experience.

Some of the common problems encountered are:
1. Poor solder techniques, resulting in damaged PC boards or poor solder connections.
2. Poor quality or wrong parts installed and recognizing this problem.
3. Resistors open or burnt. Some resistors are weakened by the initial faulty IC. Replacing with a "good" IC and starting the TV causes the weakened resistors to burn up. IC may be ok but there are one or more open resistors that measured ok when ICs were being replaced.
4. Wrong ICs used, causing resistors to burn up.
5. Resistors that measure normal and become faulty when heated by current flow.
6. Recognizing that convergence circuit is repaired correctly and alignment is needed.
7. Major alignment in service menu required because data is corrupted by multiple tries of magic focus or manual adjustment while faulty circuit conditions exist.
8. Major alignment required because user adjusted centering rings or physically changed mechanical focus adjustment, then mis-adjusted convergence settings trying to correct mechanical alignment faults.
9. User has not connected plugs and connectors correctly and caused secondary damage or mis-alignment trying to correct secondary issue.

Physically replacing the ICs may appear simple but recognizing if a fault still exists or if correct repair is required causes many attempts at repair to fail. Keep it simple. Replace with good quality original part numbers, measure suspect resistors and adjust only what is necessary.

There are only 3 things to fix, IC failure, resistor failure and user induced secondary faults. Data processor and memory is bulletproof.


Apr 22, 2010 | Hitachi 53UDX10B 53" Rear Projection...

1 Answer

After replacing color wheel 267888 picture has almost a negative look etc: faces looked washed out


Thanks for using FixYa. If it is the RCA Projection HDTV then it means that the STK ICs are required to be replaced. Please take care when disassembling the board for removal. Mark connectors when unplugging them. Remove all screws holding board in place. Disconnect thick red wire going from the flyback to the HV block by pushing back the boot and pushing the lead inward and turning simultaneously. This unlatches the connection to the high voltage block. The thin red wire (from the flyback to the front loosen) from tie downs (not necessary to disconnect/plenty of wire length). Not necessary to unsolder the heat sinks from the ICs. After bad IC removal, line up the leads on the new ICs and use patience to insert into the holes. Once you get an IC leads through, hold IC in place and screw back to the heat sinks before soldering. If convergence does not improve, check for open Pico fuses. They look like resistors and have an amperage rating silk screened on the PCB.

Just be careful when de soldering these STKs. Please use the solder wick and be patient even a pro can take an hour to desolder these so be careful not to lift the trace or the situation will quickly get worse. Don’t adjust these tubes as they are set to the correct alignment already. It is always recommended to open and check inside the TV if you have expertise and now how to desolder/resolder as it contains high voltages even if in off position. Please let me know the make and model # if it is not the same as mentioned above the main heading of the issue to provide you the model specific information.

Please do accept the solution if the issue is resolved or else revert for further assistance.


Feb 24, 2010 | RCA HDLP50W151 50" Rear Projection HDTV

1 Answer

Tv picture is slightly blurry, looks like the 3 colors are a little off alignment of each other. pic gets a little better after tv has been on for awhile. tried perfect focus, but doesnt help.

If the flash focus isn't doing anything you have bad convergence IC chips. This is a common problem with rear projection sets. The chips wear out from heat. You need new ones and they need to be replaced in pairs. The parts are not very expensive, the last set I did cost $38 for the pair on a Sony KP-57WS510. The repair requires some very tedious desoldering and soldering in the new ICs. If you have some experience with electronics and soldering it is not very hard. A shop will charge $300 and up for this repair. If you would like more details on this post a comment back here.

Dec 05, 2009 | Sony KP-57HW40 57" Rear Projection...

1 Answer

Sony kp 46wt500 has 3d screen what might the problem be?

If convergence out ICs got defective then TV shows that kind of picture.
Replace IC8001 and IC8002 on D Board, both big black ICs are mounted on aluminum heat sink and number STK392-560 would be written on it.
Required ICs are available in Part Store, click that link to see an image of IC and price info.
If you are not comfortable with soldering parts in circuit board, call local tv tech to replace it.

Nov 13, 2009 | Sony KP-46WT500 46" Rear Projection...

2 Answers

I have a 47" panisonic rear projection tv. the tv is blurry double vision. The red has shifted to the right. The left side of the screen had less double but as you scane to the right it gets worse

It sounds that TV got convergence out IC failure, please replace convergence out ICs (two in this TV) for correct picture.
Required ICs are available in Part Store.

Oct 21, 2009 | Panasonic PT-47WX53 47" Rear Projection...

1 Answer

Toshiba big screen The tv is like double exposed . I have a toshiba big screen tv and I have double images in red and green. How do I fix this problem?

This is likely your convergence ICs(chips). If you can bump it then the ICs (chips) are still ok, it just needs resoldering.
my company charges $300-400 for the full repair (replacing ICs, full realignment plus cleaning)
if you can find a company that will resolder for you, it could cost $100-200 maybe. if you are a handy person with soldering skills, you could repair yourself. i can instruct if needed, but convergence IC soldering requires decent soldering skills. you will find the ICs on the largest heatsink in the tv. the part number starts with STK. if you replace them, check the resistors in front of them and replace accordingly. most toshiba will blow up to 3 fuses (f850, f851, f852)

Dec 08, 2008 | Televison & Video

2 Answers

Wt-42315 convergence problem

There are two possibilities here:

1) There are poor solder connections at the pins of the convergence ICs.

2) The heat sink compound has failed behind the ICs and they are failiing due to heat.

If you can solder, try resoldering the pins on the ICs first. These are large black ICs attached to a large heatsink and will be marked STKxxx. Also, remove the screws holding the ICs to the heatsink and see if the compound behind the ICs is still there. If not, add some.

Update this with your results.


Oct 14, 2008 | Mitsubishi WT-42315 42" TV

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