Question about Microsoft Network Programming for .Net Framework (0-7356-1959-x) for PC

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Error that wont go away

I have nothing but troubles with this computer. I have run a Regcure on it several times and it has fixed errors usually about 130 each day but now I have 2 new problems (1) I am getting this new error message that says Microsoft.NET Framework when I click on details it says something about (JlT)debugging. (2) I dont know if it is realated or not but now when I open my microsoft outlook my address book is gone and all emails come in with no address. Please help before I throw this out the window! On start up I have the same issue - window appears that is titled "Microsoft.Net Framework" - it won't go away --

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When do you get this error message excatly?

Posted on Jan 06, 2009

  • Legin Varghese
    Legin Varghese Jan 06, 2009

    Microsoft's .NET Framework is software designed to help PCs connect to one another, and many programs rely on it. If something goes wrong with your .NET installation, you'll have trouble. Each version of the .NET Framework is largely incompatible with the last, so this is a rare case where upgrading isn't necessarily a good idea.

    A likely scenario here is that the reader installed a program that relied on version 1.0 of the .NET Framework and then accidentally or otherwise upgraded to .NET version 1.1. The program that needs the earlier version of .NET must be configured to launch when Windows boots. When Windows can't initialize the version of .NET that the program requires, you'll see this error message.

    If this error happens on a home PC and you know you don't need the .NET Framework installed, click Start, expand Settings, click Control Panel, and double-click Add/Remove Programs. In Windows XP click Start and Control Panel and double-click Add Or Remove Programs. Scroll down the list until you find the entry for the .NET Framework and uninstall it. If an important program on your PC requires the .NET Framework in order to run, visit and download the necessary version. To find older versions, such as 1.0, expand the Previous Versions link on the left, expand the entry for the version you want to download, and click Technology Updates. Links appear that let you download the software and any necessary Service Packs.


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Try first doing a system restore , if that does not work, then download and install Microsoft.NET Framework again.

Posted on Jan 06, 2009

  • Ginko
    Ginko Jan 06, 2009

    Microsoft.NET Framework is a windows service patch that is required to run certain software
    Evidently Microsoft.NET Framework had been downloaded from an update , or installed along with other software, but now is not working fine.

    Try first doing a system restore to an earlier date, before having the problem.
    You find System Restore on Start Button>>All programs>>Accessories>>System tools>>System restore.

    If System restore does not fix it , it means that Microsoft.NET Framework is required by some installed application.

    In this case download Microsoft.NET Framework from Microsoft website, and install it again: Download .NET Framework 3.5


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What is this error and how do I fix it?

if you want to know what this is the error code is related to

click start control panel administrative tools computer management then select event viewer this may vary depending on what operating system you have

extend the events there you will see errors in red you will no what exactly what the error was and at what time it occured

you might be able work your way through the problem

hope it helps

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Computer Errors and Messages

"Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!" is what the robot in Lost in Space would shout when something was about to happen. When you heard that, you knew there was definitely a problem. Then an alien would jump out from behind a giant Styrofoam rock. Unfortunately, computers aren't always that entertaining and at times are downright frustrating. Here is some helpful advice.

Try to recall the last error message you received from your computer. Try to recall what it looked like. Were there any icons or images on it, or was there only text in a big gray box? Or was it a white box? Was it a blue box? What was written in the title bar? Can you recall what buttons were at the bottom? Were there 1, 2, or 3 buttons and what label was on the buttons? I'll give you a moment to think about it.

Well? You can't remember can you? If you can, then you're ahead of the class. If you're one of the people who can't recall these details, then your computer's problem just might be you. That's right. I said it. You could be the reason your computer has problems. Here's why.

As fascinating as computers seem to be, they are very VERY dumb. A computer does ONE thing and ONE thing only -- it follows instructions. The instructions come from you or it comes from a file saved on the hard drive, it makes no difference. The bottom line is that your computer needs to be told what to do every step of the way, and it needs to be told again, and again, and again. Your computer remembers NOTHING. It is designed to simulate memory by writing little notes to itself somewhere. When your computer needs to know what it should do, it digs through the notes. If those notes are erased or moved it has to look elsewhere for instructions and it won't be to the gerbils running on the wheel inside. It will probably turn to you.

When a programmer writes a program, he considers all possible scenarios that could happen and he writes instructions that tell the computer what to do for each scenario. No one can predict all the possible things that can happen in the world, but in a controlled environment where only a few things are possible, a programmer can easily account for all the possible outcomes. Any programmer, who is worth their salt, will write into their program a "Catch all" of some sort to handle situations that could not be predicted. When an unforeseen situation rises, the computer has no instructions on what to do, so the most logical thing to do would be for the computer to ask for help.

When your computer displays a message, you can bet your income that it's for a good reason. Many people ignore the messages and just want them to go away. So they click on whatever button will make it disappear, and not realizing that they may be responding to a question from a computer that is shouting HELP! and not shouting DANGER!

Do this test as quickly as you can. You're busy working on an important project with a deadline of now. How would you respond to this message that pops up?

If you clicked "NO", a few seconds later your computer would turn off. You wanted the error to go away and it did and all your work went with it. This happens more often than you might think. A user might phone the Help Desk and say "I don't know what happened. I got an error message and when I clicked OK, my computer died." Hours or days are wasted unable to find anything wrong with the machine. It all could have been avoided if you paid attention to your computer's cry for help.

There are basically only 3 types of messages you can receive from your operating system. They are:

Alerts - A change has taken place, or is about to take place, on your system. This type of message does not need you to perform any action so it usually only as an "OK" button to clear the message after you read it.

Confirmations - A decision needs to be made and your computer needs to know what to do. This type of message usually has "Yes" and 'No" buttons but can sometimes have a "Cancel" button too.

Prompts - Your computer needs you to enter information before it can proceed.

A malicious programmer can display a scary looking message to make you believe there is a problem, and then trick you into answering how they want you to answer. Therefore it is in your best interest to start paying attention NOW, and reading all messages so that you'll be better able to recognize a fraud when you see one. If you receive a message you don't understand, don't assume it is an error and click a button just to get rid of the message. At least look at it so that you can determine if it is an error. I have personally heard many people that when I've asked "What did the error message say?" they respond with "I don't know, I didn't read what it said, I just clicked OK." If you didn't read the message, then what makes you think it was an error?

Messages are presented to you for a reason, and that reason is usually as a last resort when your computer doesn't know what else to do. Don't repay its loyalty by telling it to step off a cliff.

Happy Computing.

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Basic Troubleshooting

This is a great reference tip that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

As a computer geek I come across problems all the time. I like to see how things work and that usually means messing up sometimes. Messing up isn't bad, in fact it's great! When you mess up, you usually learn from it. When you learn from your mistakes you can learn how to fix and even avoid them. Usually when you avoid your mistakes, it saves time.

So, this is where the tip starts. I’ll teach you some really quick steps that will stick to you and help you for as long as you live.

Let’s say you notice that you don’t have a sound icon in your tray, but yesterday you did. You might think, it should be on startup because it usually automatically there. What should you do? If your thinking “check Google!” you’re right, but what would you Google? What keywords would you pick to find your problem? Why would you even care to go to to check why you’re having this problem on your computer? Google is a search engine; it’s a good one too. I don’t know a single computer smart person that doesn’t mainly rely on Google. I would try and use keywords like “Missing Sound Control Icon from Tray” Browser through the results and you’ll find some good ideas which you can make a solution out of.

The problem I’m giving you is a real scenario. This problem is something I’ve come across, it’s nothing big but it really bugged me. Once I finally figured it out, there weren’t words for how happy I was. It’s not the whole point of fixing a dumb issue, but it’s the fact that I didn’t ask for anyone’s help. I, instead, used what was in front of me, my resources, and the internet. The internet is a huge library that is full of answers. I’m sure you won’t care but I should tell you how I fixed it.

Here’s my step-by-step on how I fixed it:

1. Right-click My Computer and then click Manage.

2. Click Services and Applications.

3. Double-click Services.

4. In the Services list, right-click SSDP Discovery Service, and then click Properties.

5. On the General tab, in the Startup type drop-down list, click Disabled.

6. Click OK.

If you’re wondering, Brandon, how could you have remembered those steps? I didn’t, I’ve learned to keep logs of my major errors that I have. I put all of my, what I call “Error Logs”, on my D Drive which is a 1.5 Terabyte SATA Drive. Keeping logs allows me to be semi-independent and helps me learn more about that problem that I went through.

If you were wondering “How do I keep these logs?” I simply make a template out of a simple text file (.txt) and name that text file “0.txt”. I later added an index to that file so that I can take that template, fill it out, and create a text file named “1.txt” I can take the same template and create a new text file for a new problem and then add that file to the index in the “0.txt” file. I hope that wasn’t too confusing.

Here’s my template:

(Notice Date - Month Day, Year)

(Fix Date - Month Day, Year)

Title of Issue


Excluded Error(s) or Fixe(s)


Cited Website

I hope this tip was helpful. If I helped you out in anyway, please help me and rate.


on Dec 13, 2009 | Educational & Reference Software

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After uploading the application software for Rosetta Stone, I try and start the application and I receive: there was an error in the application. error 2123. How do I fix this problem for my iBook G4...

I started getting "Error 2123" recently, and spent A LOT of time searching for the fix. Here is what finally worked:

Find the hidden file "tracking.db3". It's in the hidden folder "ProgramData/Rosetta Stone" under the "C:" directory. Copy and paste it to the Rosetta Stone install directory (Program Files/Rosetta Stone).

Error 2123 should be gone, but now there will be Error 2125. So, in the Rosetta Stone install directory, run the "service_installer" .exe file by double-clicking it.

Feb 02, 2010 | Rosetta Stone Spanish Spain Level I & II...

3 Answers

Petz 5 not working. error message comes up

When you unintall Petz 5 you need to not save the petz, which is an option just before it starts uninstalling. Unistall, Then install it again, and run the game from My Computor, Petz, then play.
hope it works for you.

May 28, 2009 | Ubi Soft Catz 5 (Windows) (680901) for PC

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Installation Error - Windows XP

run the program in win 98 compatability mode

read how to do that here


Please take a moment to rate this solution.. thanks

Jan 26, 2009 | Dk Multimedia Eyewitness Virtual Reality...

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Software runs until I power down at next power up software dies.

I would suggest purchasing the version of the Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing v 1.5. It's compatible with Windows XP. I've also looked at the software description and you are able to select the age group of the typing test.
However, if some reason you have to continue with the same version. What error message do you recieve?
Thank You, Raphael

Jan 21, 2009 | Mindscape Mavis Beacon Typing for Kids...

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Error message says sound decompression software not installed

This is the solution my friends...loaddown patch from:
I should charge for I'm mr. nice guy...enjoy it

Nov 23, 2008 | Dk Multimedia Eyewitness Virtual Reality...

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This strange error

it sounds like the laptop has a few issues with the game, security may be high on the computer to help protect information, but in that process, the things that are harmless, like games, simple attachments in emails - get rejected. Refer to the security settings to be sure before going any further

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2 Answers

Error that wont go away

Please be careful when running any sort of tools on the registry. Since almost everything in windows has a registry entry you MUST be very carefull when doing anything to the registry. IMPORTENT : Back-up the registry BEFORE doing anything to it. The problems you are having right now COULD be because of changes made to the registry. It is hard to know because you didn't post EXACTLY what the error messages were. I can only guess what happened: 1) Possibly references to .net driver paths where re-written or deleted, A re-install of windows .net should fix this problem. 2) The path to your outlook inbox files could have been rewritten and/or possibly deleted. If you cannot find the path to these files (if they are still there) and enter that path in to the registry, then you have probably lost your local copy of your saved email. In that case there is no fix. My recommendations: 1) Always back-up, back-up, and back-up some more (you never know when something will go wrong) 2) Always take note of the exact error messages the computer gives you. It is THE only solution to any problem. Also to save you panicking, most of the registry entries regcure reports on (as with ALL registry repair tools) are NOT a problem. MOST of these entries are MRU entries (recent files applications remember), missing shortcuts, directory's and the like, nothing of which will harm your computer. You really only need to run a registry cleaner once every few months.

Aug 16, 2007 | Microsoft Network Programming for .Net...

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