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Acer aspire 7520 after bios update computer is not turing on

First off i have to say this is my third post becuase in the other ones people just post a solution and they never talk back again, i cant even tell them what happened after i did what they said.

Ok so i posted a thread asking where i can find the drivers for my laptop.

someone told me the site URL and i was very happy cuz now i can update all my drivers.

So the first thing i did was i download the new Update for my laptop from the acer site and i unzipped and click on flash.exe something like that

It flashed the New bios to my laptop and then it asked me to shutdown my laptop and turn it back on.

I did so

and when i turned my laptop on everything seemed like it was going fine all the loading lights were working and i cud hear all the fans and hardrive but i noticed that my screen hasnt turned on.
So then i shutdown the laptop and tried again and everything was fine again and my screen was turning on.

I know that everything works cuz when i put a cd in it reads with but i dont know how to acces the cd or the bios cuz i cant see the screen,

So how do i fix this without having to send it to Acer

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  • ibrahim raja Jan 05, 2009

    oh sorry i ment that my screen wasnt turning on. And i havnt tried connecting it to an external monitor cuz i dont have one. is there some other way perhaps making a some sort of cd or something.

    And can i request to have ur email so i can talk to you and give recent updates on what is going on.


  • ibrahim raja Jan 06, 2009

    I love you man, first person here that is ready to help. Ok so i am at my cousins house and i was wondering if i can use there house monitor which is connected to there emachines pc on my laptop and if i can how.

    Do i just take the plug behind the monitor and find a stuitable stop for it on my laptop and plug it in?

    And even if i do get it up on the other monitor what do i do next?

    Thanks a lot. Youve fixed one of my greatest problems that is not leaving with just one solution. I really really aprreciate that.

    I will try what you have told me and give you a follow up.

  • ibrahim raja Jan 06, 2009

    I love you man, first person here that is ready to help. Ok so i am at my cousins house and i was wondering if i can use there house monitor which is connected to there emachines pc on my laptop and if i can how.

    Do i just take the plug behind the monitor and find a stuitable stop for it on my laptop and plug it in?

    And even if i do get it up on the other monitor what do i do next?

    Thanks a lot. Youve fixed one of my greatest problems that is not leaving with just one solution. I really really aprreciate that.

    I will try what you have told me and give you a follow up.

  • ibrahim raja Jan 06, 2009

    i have tried three times now and im going to continue trying,but i think my laptops's keyboard is locked or the laptop cant read it.

    ill keep trying and follow you up on what happens

  • ibrahim raja Jan 06, 2009

    ok ive tried quite a lot of times now and still havent gotten any results at all. I plug in the monitor boot up my laptop. Laptop makes usual noises that it used to make when it was working and i start pressing Fn+f5 which is the external monitor button on my laptop. i wait and press it again

    i repeated this whole process about 15 times now. Are there any second options?

    And btw uve insidered me to become a fixya expert.I'm helping people with low problems like "i need to download my audio driver"

  • ibrahim raja Jan 06, 2009

    I was reading in the internet about some Crisses Recovery Mode, and i managed to get my computer into that mode but i also needed a floopy disk. my laptop doesnt support floopies can i by anyt chance put this Criss Recovery Bios Flash on a cd or dvd?

  • ibrahim raja Jan 06, 2009

    I can get any burning program that is required to fix my laptop. Already have Nero Burning ROM 8.

  • ibrahim raja Jan 06, 2009

    Well this is the true true story of what happened. First i had bios version 1.07 then i updated it to v1.33.

    After i updated it i was getting major problems like. I had to press the D2Drecovery buttons just to log into windows(dont know how thats works, but thats how it worked on my laptop).when i updated it to 1.33 and the laptop restarted my laptop would go past the acer logo screen and just keep loading. so i found out when i pres the D2d recovery button(ALT f10) that it doesnt keep loading on forever it just loads for a while and go onto windows vista loading screen like usual. Becuase i wanted to sell the laptop(thats my part time businness as a 15 year old)i downgraded it to v1.07 again hopeing that it will fix the problem, which is didnt. And then for some stupid reasone again hoping to fix the problem i flashed v1.07 ontop of v1.07 and then after it restarted my screen was black and nothing was happening and i knew that my laptop was fucked(broken). Mainly i blame myself,but i also blame acer for giving me the wrong bios file for my laptop.(1.33 was for a AMD turion laptop with whole different specs, and my laptop is a AMD athlon with whole different specs that it gave in the readme.txt)And ontop of that i blame WinPlash which is a stupid way of flashing a bios. They shud first check if the laptop has capabillity with the bios. But i also know that it backed up my old old very oringal bios somewhere, i think.

    So there we go thats why i got screwed.

    And btw if i buy something from bestbuy Canada(im really canadian)will i be ablke to return it even it if open?

    And can i do this process on a USB STICK.?

    And where Do i find the bios the is really right for me.

    My acer laptop is acually 7520-**** something cuz its a canadian model.(***** meaning the other number which i dont know yet cuz im typing this stuff from another place, i will see that those number are when i get home.)

    And did i tell you that u inspired me?

    IM also a fixya expert cuz i know how to fix little problems.

    and im wanna earn cash,

    Thanks you so much for your continued support,

  • ibrahim raja Jan 06, 2009

    I dont think you posted the sites URL.

    Anyways im going back to canada becuase holiday were over 2 days ago. So i wont be on untill like 8 pm or something.



  • ibrahim raja Jan 07, 2009

    Thanks for the site.

    I believe that the only thing i need is a proper BIOS

    Maybe telling you my specs can help,(btw, the acer sites bios for laptop model 7520 arent not same for the canadian model.)

    -AMD Athalon x2

    -2 GB ram

    -160 GB HD

    -Nvidian Geforce 7000m / nForce 610,

    i dont believe that the ram and HD matter only the Nvidia graphcis card and chipsets matter.

    I hope you have luck in finding the right bios for me so i can bring my laptop back to life.

    Thanks for your continued support.

    (Hopefully by tomorrow ill have the boot usb ready and wil be awaiting the bios files.)

  • maregt0 Jan 07, 2009

    Well i have the same shittie problem.
    My acer aspire 7520 is also dead, so I bought the usb floppy drive with the appropriate bios.wph file on the inserted floppy. When I use this recovery mode it finds and reads my bios.wph for a couple of minutes but it doesn't flash it :S I'm looking for a fix for about 2-3 weeks now and I haven't found anything that works, I guess i'll have to reprogram my bios chip somewhere :-(.

    BTW is there a bios recovery shop or something located in belgium?

  • ibrahim raja Jan 07, 2009

    No i did not try there site becuase i got confused, they gave me two models 7520 and 7520G i dont which one is mine. on my laptop is sats 7520-5839...

  • ibrahim raja Jan 07, 2009

    I saw it just recently and it doesnt have the BIOS updates or BIOS drivers. Maybe i didnt check it properly..



  • ibrahim raja Jan 07, 2009

    Yeah now that i think of it Acer isn't such a good company, there online content and organization really sucks. And i don't have another computer with internet at home, i have to come to school and use the internet so on.

    I really appreciate your help.

  • ibrahim raja Jan 08, 2009

    Since i dont think that there is a proper bios for my laptop can you just tell me how to use a floopy thingy on a USB.

    So ill use the Crisis Mode with the usb and my laptop may be fixed by tomorrow.

  • ibrahim raja Jan 08, 2009

    Like can you tell me how to make a Foppy boot disk on a USB and how i can put the bios from the acer euro site on it(step by step instructions.)

    i heard that u had to change its name or something.

  • ibrahim raja Jan 09, 2009

    The computer i use to chat back and forth with you doesnt have a flooyp drive and i dont have crisis mode disk maker from acer

    And about the Crisis Mode Thing. Its acually quite easy to get into that mode all you have to do its

    pres and hold FN key and ESC.

    Plug in power wire(AC)

    Press button to turn it on.

    The computer will now turn on in Pheonix Technologies Crisis Reovery Mode, with basic funtion of a DOS OS.(the way you know when my computer in is Crisis Recovery mode, my laptop run like crazy and the laptop makes more niose than usuall.) i read a long forums and many aarticles on how to get into recovery mode every laptop or computer has a different way i just tried the first way and then it worked and in articales is also says how your computer behaves when its in crisis recovery mode.)

    but the screen is still blank so i cant put any codes. We have to make a bootable USB with floopy image and it has to run by it self.

    sorry for the sloopy writing today i only have 20 minutes on the school computer.


  • ibrahim raja Jan 10, 2009

    Ok thanks a lot man for you support.

    i have


    -Bios files i am gonna use. <

    and i need a link to download crisis disk maker

  • ibrahim raja Jan 10, 2009

    And now i also

    -virtual floppy drive program...which I got here:

  • ibrahim raja Jan 10, 2009

    Now i need Crisis recovery mode disk maker from acer.

    Do you have the link?

  • ibrahim raja Jan 10, 2009

    I am so eagerly awaiting your instructions after reading many post and fourms thread on the success of this method.

  • ibrahim raja Jan 10, 2009

    thanks for the instruction but i have a problem at the begining what the virtual floppy program called and when i open bootdisk2bootstick i cant see the drive that my usb is in so i cant choose it.

  • ibrahim raja Jan 10, 2009

    Thanks for the instrucction but i cant seem to understand what is the virtual floppy program, cuz when i open bootdisk2bootstick(BootDisk2BootStick v0.10.exe) i cant find the open/create thing

    "You will see a tab in the lower area that says "open/create", push that Select a drive letter at the top (A or B, either one)"

    Can you come on and we can instant chat. thanks

  • ibrahim raja Jan 10, 2009

    And im still awaiting the link for the crisis disk maker program that u used but i dont have.

  • ibrahim raja Jan 10, 2009

    ok now i get it, thanks a lot i wasnt reading your instruction properly.

    thanks a lot and now imgonna go try it out and see if it works.

  • ibrahim raja Jan 10, 2009

    Now i can see it reading my usb but i dont know if it is making any progress shud i wait or take the usb out of wat?

  • ibrahim raja Jan 10, 2009

    maybe i did something wrong or something but i think that the laptop isnt flashing the bios files.

    shud i just send it to Acer? i think that i still have a 1 year warranty from Acer as it said in the manual.

  • ibrahim raja Jan 10, 2009

    Yes i did everything and the laptop seems to be reading the usb cuz it is blinking but i dont know whats wrong. can you come on gmail and we can instant chat? cuz it will be a lot easier. thanks

  • ibrahim raja Jan 11, 2009

    So stephan is there another way i can fix maybe make a bootable cd which executes the bios flashing by its self cuz i know that when i turn my computer on normally my cd/dvd drive spins the cd's and reads them

  • ibrahim raja Jan 11, 2009

    I did contact Acer and they said that they arent available after 5pm. i was wondering if i should use the same method you tought me for a usb, for the external floppy drive if i do get one.

  • ibrahim raja Jan 11, 2009

    i was reading around the internet and somewhere i read about booting windows xp from the usb maybe i cud bootalbe windows xp or MS-DOS?

    if you know how to do it can you please tell me

  • ktulm Apr 09, 2009

    i have a 7520g acer laptop, and the same boot problem
    tried lots of solutions but none of them seems to work
    i thought that your solution with a usb stick was the solution but the laptop seems to not to read it (the led on the stick does not blink)
    i think my laptop is able to recover the bios because the "esc+fn" tips works (led on, and fan noise), it seems to search for something on the cd... BUT WHAT??!!!
    bootable cd? only the bios file? bios file renamed "bios.wph"??
    i don't have a usb floppy reader, but whatever, usb does not seem to work...
    is there a bootable cd version of your usb stick solution?

    i'm sure that the laptop can be fixed, lots of people succeeded in recovering their bios, but nobody on a 7520 acer laptop...

  • Lee Hodgson
    Lee Hodgson May 11, 2010

    Hi, First of all can i ask you are you still getting a blank screen when you turn the machine on?

  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman May 11, 2010

    I'm a little confused by your question. You say that you can't see the screen, but then you say that it 'was fine again and your screen was turning on'. Have you tried connecting it to an external monitor and using the function keys to change the display output? This isn't a permanent solution, but it might help you troubleshoot.


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It's my understanding from your post that you have updated your BIOS and now the computer is not displaying anything on screen.

Remove AC power and the battery from the laptop. Hold down the power button for 30 seconds. Return just the AC power and turn the laptop on to see if it boots up.
If it does let it boot into Windows and then shut down the laptop. Remove AC power and insert the battery and then AC power and turn the laptop on.

Hopefully the computer will boot and your problem will be resolved.

Good luck.

Posted on Oct 01, 2009

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After three months of BS and a few hundred bucks .. I had the same thing .. I sent it back to Acer and had the mother board replaced for less than 200.00 your problem is the board don't waist your time doing anything else, NOW IT'S RUNNING LIKE A CHAMP

Posted on Jan 04, 2010

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after you turn it on and it's up and running, try changing the display with the function keys ( my laptop is Fn F5, yours will probably be different) press both keys then wait several seconds, if nothing happens, do it again and wait, and again and wait, up to five times, heck even ten times. Email me and let me know. I'll label this as a solution, and you can rate it after we get it figured out. I'll keep in touch, not as often in the evenings, but I'll do what I can. I'm here for ya, man.

Posted on Jan 05, 2009

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  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 06, 2009

    Yeah, on your laptop should be a 15 pin VGA port. Just plug the monitor into it and power it on. After the PC is booted and running try the Fn + whichever key used to switch displays. The goal of doing this is to make sure that the computer is functional, and enable you to enter the bios setup area and check the different settings. If you are able to use an external display, you can even boot all the way into windows and flash the bios again. (Perhaps the bios file was corrupted, or I know that it very easy to use the wrong file. You may even be able to download the version that you had previously, or sometimes the flash utility backs up the version being replaced.) Check it out...I've got to go to bed. I'll check in tomorrow and see what's new.

    I've got my fingers crossed for you.


  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 06, 2009

    I know that it is possible to put a floppy image onto a cd and make it bootable. I'm not sure what cd burning program you have, but I think Nero is one that can do it. I'll look around for more info...

  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 06, 2009

    From what I've been reading, everyone says that you have to have a usb floppy drive. I'm going to keep looking. (Just out of curiosity...why did you flash your bios?)

  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 06, 2009

    Best Buy (evil) sells a dynex usb floppy for about $40. (I hate best buy, Geek Squad is a bunch of con artists...Buy the floppy drive, use it to fix your PC, then return it. Free floppy rental.) :)

  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 06, 2009

    Here is a site I found that could help..It seems that it should be possible to use a usb stick to emulate a floppy drive. You will need to get the image of the floppy you are trying to make. I'm still looking for the appropriate bios from acer. Talk to you soon.

  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 06, 2009

    Sorry, here it is...

  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 07, 2009

    Did you try acer's canada site : ? It's bedtime for me, so I'll look later.


  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 07, 2009

    I'm not seeing any bios stuff either, but I'm searching...

  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 07, 2009

    Wow, Acer's website is really screwed up...both the US and PanAm sites...I would think that they would have better Web Devs than that...Still trying to help here...

    (I assume that you have a secondary PC that you can use?)

  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 09, 2009

    Ok, I am still here with you, I've just been sick. I'm thinking and moving a little slow...I'll work out some step-by-step directions. (I am not positive that using the usb stick will work. Putting the image on it can trick windows into thinking it's a floppy drive, but not necessarily the hardware. We can give it a shot...)

  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 09, 2009

    Let's take an inventory, and see what you have, and what you still need to get. Do you have the crisis mode disk maker from acer? If you do, can you email it to me so I can see what we are dealing with? (Like, how does the program it an .exe that when run writes an image file to a floppy?) While I am waiting to hear back from you, go ahead and download a program called bootdisk2bootstick, I got it off of softpedia. You will also need a virtual floppy drive program...which I got here:
    I'm working on the details, let me know how your prograss is going.

  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 09, 2009

    I just realized that since my PC has no floppy drive, I assumed that the PC you are working with doesn't have one either. If it does, then that will make this much easier. Let me know if it does.

  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 09, 2009

    I have successfully turned a 256Mb USB flash drive into a 1.44mb crisis mode recovery disk. (what a grand pain in the rear this was.)
    I* have no way to test this because I don't own an acer laptop...but the disk reads as the proper size, with the proper files.) First, since I have no floppy drive, I had to use the virtual floppy drive program that I told you about...(**note: many of these steps MAY require that you are in administrator mode...) This program can run without installation...let me know when you have the virtual floppy program, the bootdisk2bootstick program, and the crisis disk maker, as well as the proper bios (whichever you are going to try.).
    I'll be in touch soon...

  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 10, 2009

    OK...1 step at a time...

    Step 1 - Create the floppy image
    Open the virtual floppy program
    You will see a tab in the lower area that says "open/create", push that
    Select a drive letter at the top (A or B, either one)
    Push the create button (bottom left side, i think) - you want to make sure that it is creating a 1.44Mb virtual disk
    You can label the floppy image if you want in a box towards the top
    Use the format button to format the image (use FAT, not FAT32 or NTFS)
    Leave this program open, and open the crisis disk maker program
    Select the appropriate drive letter, and let 'er rip
    After this is finished, open a command shell and navigate to the floppy drive (just type a: or b:, whichever you used.)
    type dir to see that the files are now on the virtual floppy...there should be a few different files listed: phlash16.exe, bios.wph, etc...
    copy YOUR bios file to the floppy, overwriting the existing bios.wph, if your file has a different name, then rename it to bios.wph.
    Go back to the virtual floppy program and save the image file where you can find it...use a .bin extension. (i guess this part isn't that important, but saving is a good idea.)
    Insert your victim usb drive (make sure that you close any windows that open related to the usb device...explorer, etc)
    Open the bootdisk2bootstick program
    You will need to tell it where the bootdisk is located, point it to your newly saved .bin image file or you could point it to your virtual floppy drive. You also have to tell it the drive letter of the usb device that you are making into a boot floppy. Press the button that makes it go, (I can't remeber which one it is or what it says)
    After it completes, navigate to your usb device and look at the contents and properties. Make sure that it has the same files as your floppy, and that it says that the size is about 1.44MB (mine said 1.38MB because of the system files)

    And voila! You should be done done. I wrote all of this from memory since I'm not sitting in front of the PC with the apps, if I was unclear about something, let me know. I may have included unnecessary steps...I think you get the ideas, though.

    Any questions, comments, or concerns, let me know. Any progress, let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 10, 2009

    Did you disconnect the a/c and battery...hold the Fn+Esc key, then plug it in, then press the power button when it blinks, etc, etc, while the usb device is plugged in? Tell me the steps you took, if you don't mind.

  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 11, 2009

    I think I would try using an external floppy drive first. Like I said before, buy one, use, return it. Any best buy should accept returned hardware, usually just not software, cds, dvds, games, etc...

  • Stephen Scheneman
    Stephen Scheneman Jan 11, 2009

    Same method...instead of using the vfd, use the regular floppy. Use the crisis disk maker, select the real floppy drive, overwrite the bios. That should be it.


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Access bios on acer aspire 7551

You can access the BIOS setup on your Acer Aspire 7551 by following the steps below:
1. If your computer is already ON, turn it Off.
2. Start the computer and keep tapping "F2" key continuously to get to the BIOS page.
3. In case, you are not able to see the BIOS page and are directed to the desktop screen, follow steps 1 and 2 again.

The following link can be helpful:
Important: The following link is of a third-party website. It is recommended to update your security software thoroughly before clicking on the link.

Oct 15, 2014 | Acer Aspire Computers & Internet

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Can you remove acer aspire 7520 cmos battery

yes if it is empty,you can change it with new one,but you must set everything in BIOS again,to work corectly as it was working earlier

Oct 30, 2011 | Aspire Acer 7520-5071 Notebook

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Ik heb een acer 7520 aspire bij het opstarten gaat hij maar door met op starten als ik op escape druk komen de woorden TPM werkt niet meer.

U hebt waarschijnlijk te updaten BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) met de nieuwste firmware beschikbaar op de website van de fabrikant. Ook in staat stellen TPM (Trusted Platform Module) in het BIOS handmatig.

LET OP: Het wijzigen van BIOS / Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS)-instellingen verkeerd kan ernstige problemen veroorzaken die uw computer kunnen voorkomen kunnen opstarten. Microsoft kan niet garanderen dat problemen die voortkomen uit het configureren van het BIOS / CMOS-instellingen kunnen worden opgelost. Wijzigingen van de instellingen zijn op eigen risico.

Oct 04, 2010 | Acer Aspire 7520-5185 Laptop

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My Acer serial number rubbed off. How can I

did you register with acer? if so they will be able to provide you with the information. check your BIOS
  • Press Del or F2 immediately after powering on.
  • The BIOS on the Acer Altos 600 server uses the Ctrl+Alt+Esc key and the F1 key for advanced options.
  • Older Acer computers may use also use the F1 or Ctrl+Alt+Esc keys to access BIOS.

Dec 26, 2009 | Acer Aspire 5720-6661 Notebook PC

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I have a cer apire 7520 which had vista on, But

Need to change your boot sequence so that the computer bios will run the cd at start up When your computer starts you will see it says something like press F12 for setup or press ESC. it veries by computer.

Sep 07, 2009 | Aspire Acer 7520-5324 Laptop

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Acer Aspire 7520 doesn't start up!

There should be a F key option at start up during the bios side of boot up. Look closely and quickly at the screen when starting up. You should see on that says retstore maybe.

if not just press all of the F keys skiping the ones listed for start up options and bios option.

Aug 09, 2009 | Acer Aspire 5720-6661 Notebook PC

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Bios password

You will need the BIOS password to enter the BIOS setup.
To do a hardware reset remove the CMOS batteries for 30 minutes. Once your BIOS password is removed, you will need to press the <F2> key during POST (Power On Self Test) to enter the Acer BIOS setup.
After you enter BIOS, go to the Boot tab and down to "Security" and make your changes there.
If you need help with the default password, please re-post your request.
Thanks and good luck.

Mar 19, 2009 | Aspire Acer 7520-5324 Laptop

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