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After startup monitor has thick black line down the right side that goes away when pushed in but comes back

Recently my computer started displaying a thick black line down towards the middle of the right side that goes away when pushed or tapped hard but comes back flickering like a bar code almost then turns black again. how do i get rid of this?

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  • joecoolvette
    joecoolvette Oct 26, 2012

    LCD screen

  • haley8282
    haley8282 Oct 26, 2012

    how do i hook up an external monitor to check it out

  • haley8282
    haley8282 Oct 26, 2012

    and i dont know why its posted as that computer but its a acer aspire one mini zg5

  • haley8282
    haley8282 Oct 30, 2012

    yw!!! yes i got it havent downloaded it yet cuz now my darn desktop is being super slow lol go figure



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Not responsible for their product model categorization, lol!

However when searching for the Aspire One Mini ZG5, it comes up as AOA150. (AOA150-1691)

When searching Acer Support, this is what comes up, AOA150,

But to go on; we can use a basic flowchart, and my experience.
(Big deal, ha! on the last one)


LCD Properties;
The main things we're concerned with here is;
1) 1024 x 600 screen resolution ('Pixel Resolution'. Whatever)
2) LED backlight

This means there is NO screen Inverter. Rules that out.

Video Cable, and LCD screen.

Guides and Manuals,

Acer Aspire One AOA150 User's Guide

Bookmarks menu to the left; - using the keyboard / Hotkeys

The F5 key is the Display Toggle-Over key (Page 26)

Acer Aspire one AOA150 Quick Guide

The VGA port is on the Left rear side.

1) Laptop OFF, monitor OFF, connect a VGA monitor to the VGA port, on the Netbook.
Example of a VGA Cable, and VGA port, (Connector),

(Scroll down for VGA Cable)

You can use a CRT type of monitor, (Looks like a small TV), or a flat LCD screen monitor if it has a VGA cable.

2) Turn the monitor on. If a CRT type allow it to warm up a couple of minutes.
Turn the Netbook on.

By factory default the display should show on the external VGA monitor.
If not:

There are at least Three display options available;
1) Internal monitor of netbook ONLY
2) Internal monitor of netbook AND external VGA monitor.
3) External VGA monitor ONLY

Hold the Fn key down, (Lower left of Keyboard), and tap once on the F5 key.
Hold the Fn key down again, and tap once more on the F5 key.
(Sometimes takes a second)

Display on the external VGA monitor shows the same as the internal monitor, you have a graphics chipset problem.

I really do not think this is the problem.

Leaves the Video Cable, and LCD screen.

The Service Manual I have access to for an AOA150, is for an AOA150-1570
Let's see if this is close enough,

[ Yeah I know. Looks like one of those, "Oh here we go", websites ]

Scroll the page down until you are at the bottom of the third paragraph.
There you will see -
Download Acer Aspire One AOA150-1570 Disassembly PDF User Manual.

Click on the bold underlined -> Download, at the start if the above.

This is a PDF file. The computer you are using now has Adobe Reader on it, which uses PDF files.
After you click on Download, it may take up to 30 seconds before the first page comes up.

(This is a temporary download. There is a way to save a copy. Either to your computer, then to CD disk, or straight to CD disk. After checking to make sure the copy is good, you can delete it from your computer, and save harddrive space. {If it wasn't downloaded straight to CD disk )

The Video Cable is attached to the motherboard, under the top left area of the Keyboard, and close to the F1 through F3 keys.
Plugs into the motherboard.

It leads up through the left Hinge, and into the Display Assembly.
From there it connects to the back of the LCD screen.

Looks like also to either side of the LED backlighting.
The wide connector all the way to the top Right, connects to the motherboard.
The connector to the top Left connects to the LCD screen.
The two connectors in the middle I figure are for the LED backlighting.

With normal opening, and closing of the Netbook, the Video Cable may become pinched.
This can cause the motherboard connection of the Video cable, to become loose, and/or the LCD screen side connection.

Visual inspection will Not do. You have to physically check by trying to plug them in tighter. The loose connection space could be so small, that your eye will not detect it.

Can also cause damage to the Video Cable.
If there is obvious signs of damage to the sheath of the Video Cable, there may also be damage to the tiny wires inside.

Even if the Video Cable appears to be undamaged, it should be checked with a continuity test, with a multimeter set to OHM's, and every wire in that cable checked.

Would really bite to buy an LCD screen, when the problem was a Video Cable, and to have bought both of them.

Perhaps there is a 'Mom and Pop' computer store where you can take the video cable, and have it checked by the tech for a few bucks.

Or replace if that is your wish.

Video Cable connections are tight? Video Cable is in good repair?
Problem is LCD screen.

I lightly stick the Screw Covers from the Display Bezel, on the display bezel for safekeeping. (It's more like TOUCH, instead of Stick, with some of them. The rubber cement is still very sticky)

The screws are Philips head.
You may wish to use a thick guitar pick, to start removing the Display bezel with. Or a Spudger Tool for computers.
Get's that first crack going in-between the Display Bezel, and Display Cover. (Acer = LCD Module Cover)

Watch your fingernails on the LCD screen, but you can also lift up on the inside edge of the bezel, at the top middle, and get it to start flexing. Then move your fingers along, and keep lifting up on the bezel.

The Display Bezel has Latches on it which snap into Tabs, on the Display Cover.
Sometimes the sound of the Latches/Tabs releasing, sounds like you are breaking it.

Snap, snap, snap. Just wanted you to be aware. It's space-age plastic. Does have it's limits though.

The LCD screen is actually an assembly. It is held together with a Screen Frame. The Hinges screw to the Screen Frame. The Screen Frame is screwed to the Display Cover.

It looks as though this may be a laptop (Netbook), that you may not have to remove the Display Assembly, in order to remove the Display Bezel.

You may be able to pop off the Display Bezel, Remove the Hinge to Screen Frame screws, and Screen Frame to Display Cover screws, and tilt the LCD screen (With Screen Frame) forward, and check the Video cable connection.

This allows you to check the LCD screen connection, and not have to put the laptop all back together again, in order to do so.

If you buy an LCD screen, make sure it is for YOUR exact model.

For additional questions please post in a Comment.


[ ALL power is removed from the Netbook before working on it.
AC adapter (Charger), and Battery.

I advise buying, and wearing an ESD wrist strap. (Electro Static Discharge)
Once the Palm Rest Cover is removed, the Static sensitive hardware components of the Netbook are revealed.

(Palm Rest Cover = Upper Cover for Acer
Base Enclosure = Bottom Cover for Acer )

Price of an average ESD wrist strap runs about $3 to $6.
Here is one example,

Work on a TABLE.
I connect to an unpainted surface, of the metal frame of an open, empty desktop computer case.
You can also set a large metal serving tray, (Unpainted), on the table, and connect to it.
Or a large metal knickknack. (Unpainted)

Use a multi-compartment container for the various screws you will remove.
Label each compartment for the area the screw/s come out of.
SOME screws look VERY similar to other screws.
Advise DO NOT mix them up.

The Keyboard Cable STAYS attached to the Keyboard.
It is a Flat Flex Cable, and has flat contact strips on the motherboard side of the cable.
The Keyboard Cable does Not have a connector on the end.
The motherboard has the connector.

The motherboard connector is a type of ZIF connector.
Zero Insertion Force.
It is rectangular in shape, and composed of two pieces.
HOWEVER it does NOT come completely apart.

The bottom piece is larger in size, is stationary on the motherboard, and is called the BODY.

The top piece is smaller in size, is movable, and is called the Locking Bar.

There are three styles of Locking Bar. Two are still used to my knowledge;
1) The first style slides. Slides towards the LCD screen to unlock.
It ONLY moves about 2mm. (That is a little larger than 1/16th of an Inch)

2) The second style flips up. Flips up to a straight up position, or can be said as 90 degrees.

Pictorial examples of both to follow, and detailing opening (Unlocking), of both styles in an added Comment.

Looking at the disassembly information however, it looks to be the Flip-Up style.

IF, the Locking Bar comes off of the Body, either the Locking Bar is broken, or the Body. (Pins)

This = MOTHERBOARD REPLACEMENT, and why I am being so detailed.

Use your thumbnails on the slide type.
'Tabs' of the Locking Bar are seen on each side of the Video Cable. This is for your fingernails ]

Posted on Oct 27, 2012

Testimonial: "this is all helpful being and all that i had no clue what i was doing and now i do lol"

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  • joecoolvette
    joecoolvette Oct 27, 2012

    Locking Bar - Slide type, 1) Locked; 2) Unlocked; Flip-Up style: 1) Locked; 2) Unlocked;

  • haley8282
    haley8282 Oct 29, 2012

    okay thats a lot of info lol im blonde too lol jk but i am lol but do u think we could go maybe step by step as to what i should do. ive already taken it apart to check out the cables and it doesnt seem to be them. im sorry just all that info overwhelms me and i need a more step by step direction to do this thanx soooo much!!! i dooooo really appreciate this!!!

  • haley8282
    haley8282 Oct 29, 2012

    also i wanted to include i just took off the screen part not the bottom where the motherboard and keyboard is as i cant seem to get the darn screws off :/ and if it helps i wanted to include that before all this happened about three months ago i noticed my fan making a loud noise on startup or after it has been sitting awhile and its a loud noise and eventually will stop so i didnt know if maybe this is part of the problem, or not. also i really dont open and close the laptop that much i usually just leave it open so i find it hard to think that could be contributing to the problem. thanx again!!! :)

  • joecoolvette
    joecoolvette Oct 29, 2012

    Sorry about that Haley, looks like I wrote a paper for college! Lol! (I don't 'subscribe' to the blonde statement though. I have dated a lot of blondes who were very intelligent. Ya know what they say; Gentlemen prefer blondes, lol!) To regress; 1) The first step is/was to see, if the Video Cable connection to motherboard, and back of LCD screen, was tight. This has to be physically checked, (Try to plug in tighter), as a visual inspection will not do. Display Assembly removed this can still be done. However I leave it up to you. If you think the Video Cable connections are tight, and Video Cable has no damage, then the problem is the LCD screen. [ To include though; According to the PDF manual on the website, when the Battery is removed there are three Philips head screws to remove down IN the Battery Compartment. One in the middle, and one on each side. On the left, and right sides of the Battery Compartment, and part of the Bottom Cover, are two screws to remove. They are under the rubber 'feet'. The rubber 'foot' is pried off, and the a Philips head screw is removed. (One on each side of the Battery Compartment) There are 3 screws to remove on the opposite side of the Battery Compartment also. The front side that faces you. One screw in each corner, and a screw a few inches to the Left, from the screw in the Right corner. (Laptop turned over, bottom side up, Battery Compartment facing away from you)

  • joecoolvette
    joecoolvette Oct 29, 2012

    Laptop turned over to it's normal position, laptop open; The Keyboard is now held in by 3 Tabs across the top. These are spring loaded. Once depressed they will release the Keyboard, on the LCD screen side. They show the Keyboard removed, so I cannot state for a fact of where the release tabs are located. One tab looks to be located above the F2 and F3 key. Right in the middle between the two keys, and at the parting line where the Keyboard meets the Palm Rest Cover. One looks to be above the F7/F8 keys, and the last one above the PrtSc, Pause/Break keys. This article details it out better, and uses photos, Scroll down to the photos in Steps 5 through 7. With this example there are four tabs, instead of the three for your laptop. Keyboard Cable motherboard connector, and Touchpad motherboard connector, are supposed to be the 'Slide type'. Once the Keyboard is removed, and Touchpad Cable disconnected from the motherboard, then the Palm Rest Cover will be removed. 6 Philips head screws; One in the middle top, one two the right of it. One all the way to the Left side, halfway down, and one to the right of it. Going across in this same line, there is one in the middle, and one to the far right. Keep TRACK of where EACH screw goes, as there are different sizes. The Palm Rest Cover has Latches going around the inside edge. The Base Enclosure, or Bottom Cover, has matching Tabs. The Palm Rest Cover is popped off of the Bottom Cover. Method is to reach where the Keyboard was, and above the Touchpad. Pry up with your fingers on the Palm Rest Cover, above the Touchpad. Then when the front pops loose, carefully go around with your fingers, in the 'crack' of Palem Rest Cover to Bottom Cover, and go along popping the Palm Rest Cover loose ] I concur that it may just be the LCD screen that is the problem. However it would really bl-ow if the problem was a Video Cable connection, or the cable itself, and the LCD screen was replaced instead. Would be over a $100 spent, instead of say, $55.

  • joecoolvette
    joecoolvette Oct 29, 2012

    "One in the middle top, one two to the right of it" Yep, I'm 'hooked on Phon-icks'. " TO the right of it."

  • haley8282
    haley8282 Oct 29, 2012

    lol imma have to try this after i get someone to get the first three screws off which are stuck :/ tu very much for all ur help tho. il llet ya kno what happens once i get these darn screws off.

  • joecoolvette
    joecoolvette Oct 30, 2012

    Haley, did you download the Service Manual? Just in case you couldn't read it in that long 'dissertation' above -> Go down to the third paragraph in number 4. paragraph starts with, "gently pry the keyboard up from the top. And ends in the sentence, "When the keyboard comes up, disconnect the keyboard cable by gently pulling up on the right edge of the black cable lock. (near the blue part of the cable) RIGHT BELOW that last sentence is -> Download Acer Aspire One AOA150-1570 Disassembly PDF User Manual. Left-click on the BOLD -> Download that is underlined at the beginning of the sentence. It is NOT a User Manual, it is a Service Manual. May take up to 30 seconds after you click on Download, before the first page comes up. Didn't want you to think it doesn't work.

  • joecoolvette
    joecoolvette Oct 30, 2012

    AHH! Where are my manners? Thank You for the rating!



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SOURCE: I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. How can this be resolved

Hi there,
Save hours of searching online or wasting money on unnecessary repairs by talking to a 6YA Expert who can help you resolve this issue over the phone in a minute or two.

Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US.

Here's a link to this great service

Good luck!

Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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SOURCE: Screen goes blank while typing

Connect an external monitor to the laptop and power it up, if you see a clear image on an external monitor, this means your video card is OK.

If you see a dim image or flicking image on the LCD screen it means you have a backlight problem.

Dim image and/or dark display on the laptop's LCD screen indicates a faulty LCD backlight and it could be the inverter that supplies high voltage to the CCFL lamp or it is the CCLF lamp is nearly burnt out or burnt out, most likely this is the case.
The inverter can be replaced easily but the CCLF lamp is more time consuming and requires soldering skills.
Check out for parts, repair service and DIY info.

Posted on Mar 14, 2009

  • 13433 Answers

SOURCE: Acer Aspire 3100 Laptop Monitor will not turn on

1. Mainboard failed
2. Vga adapter failed

I wouldnt be suprised if the vga failed, my acer broke down on me 2 times, on the 3rd time it was too much and I sold the laptop.

Posted on Mar 28, 2008

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SOURCE: A small portion of monitr screen is solid black with no display.

Sounds like you have a broken screen.
Is there a crack along the edge of the black area?
If you apply a little finger pressure in the black area does it change color? If it doesn't change color then you you have a cracked screen.
Therefore you need a replacement screen.
Check out for parts

Posted on Mar 31, 2009

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SOURCE: Dell monitor goes white when computer shuts down

does the monitor stay white after shut down or does it go back to a black screen?

Posted on Jun 26, 2009

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Why does screen go black after a few seconds

Hope this helps.... Your monitor has an inverter issue. You know it's an inverter problem when:
1. Your monitor starts normally and displays the startup/desktop screen for a while.
2. Then it suddenly goes off, leaving a blank (black) screen or a very dim display.

To fix this black screen problem, change the inverter board (based on your monitor brand).

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Display half of screen

screen back light on the other side is busted which need replacement.

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I have a VP201m. display flashes at startup and goes black

That's not monitor problem, it's your CPU, probably the Operating System crash!!!( Windows,etc).
Try reinstall it to solve the problem...

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Monitor wont support 1600x1200 resolution. it displays a four inch wide bar down the right side of the monitor. It worked fine for two years and all of a sudden this.

I had a similar problem recently, green bar down middle which became "scratchy" and would come and go. I fixed (I hope) by unplugging the plug to the internal LCD panel assembly, cleaning with IPA, and re-plugging. All the covers and metal shields had to come off to do this though, a bit of a pain, and risky to the front of the panel.

Or it could be a timing issue, I know the L2035 only likes to be fed the right graphics "timings" over DVI and VGA. If out, you'll end up with an offset picture that can't be fixed by adjusting position in the monitor's menu. Re-set to standard graphics driver timings and it goes away.

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The display does not come on first start up of Monitor. It takes Many Startups for the display to come up. The problem is recent. So I have to keep the monitor on all the time. However the power switch...

This is a not a Problem with the monitor.This is due to RAM Problem present inside the CPU case just remove the CPU side cover take out the RAM clen twice then re install it. then Check.

I think it solves u r Problem

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Blank part on my monitor

This sounds like a claim. Give it back to your seller.

May 28, 2009 | Hannspree HANNS·G HC174DP 17 inch LCD...

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No Signal when desktop wants to load

It does not hate that monitor. I believe the problem is in the settings on your video. Your monitor cannot display them. You will most likely need to start your computer in safe mode and change the display settings on your video card or, alternatively, download updated video drivers. Also, if you can't get Windows to start in normal or safe mode, one of the options you get when you press F8 on startup is to start in VGA mode. That will get you in so you can tweak your settings, which are probably set to a resolution too high for your monitor.

Sep 11, 2008 | ViewSonic VA1916w LCD Monitor

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Flashing lines down the right hand side of my monitor

It could be two things.

1. The graphics card is failing.

2. The monitor is exhibiting a defect.

If you have graphics card plugged into your computer, try disconnecting the card and hook your monitor into the built in video port and see if the issue goes away. If it does, then the video card may be failing. If you dont have a seperate video card, then the monitor might be having issues itself. Of course Onboard video can display this behavior too although I have not personally seen it.

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15inches monitor troubleshooting

Hi Rachel,
The old monitor was set to a resoloution that is higher then you current monitor can handle. This is normally the case when changing from a CRT to an LCD

Try this:
Unplug the video cable from the back of your computer.
Start the computer and wait for about 2 minutes.
Press the power button on the front of the computer just once. This will **** it back down safely again.
Plug the video cable back in, then restart the computer with the monitor turned on.

If this dosn't work then try this:
  1. Turn the computer on (have the monitor already powered up)
  2. When the computers bios/splash page goes away begin to press F8
  3. You should get a Windows Startup options page.
  4. If you see the WIndows Logo you normally see when it loads, just hit the reset button and try again.
  5. In the Windows Startup page, select Safe Mode and press enter twice
  6. Windows will now load.
  7. On the desktop right click anywhere there is nothing.
  8. Select Display Properties, a new window will open
  9. Select the last tab at the top of the window (properties)
  10. You will see a slider on the left side, move it to 800x600, select apply, then close the box.
  11. Restart Windows.
If that fails, then please post back and we can try something else.

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Problem with monitor display-thick bars

Sounds like an inverter problem. If the power supply is internal replace the capacitors coming out of the voltage regulators. These are usually 1000mf and/or 470mf. If that doesn't do the trick look up the numbers on the 8-pin chips that drive the secondary transformers on the inverter to see if they are getting the right voltages.
Good Luck!

Feb 14, 2008 | Gateway FPD2275W LCD Monitor

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