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Per: Unlocked and valid votes, Unlocked BS votes and Unlocked Abuse votes

This is a good example of abuse

When I've asked for a review of unlocked FixYas I ask Staff to do the review. Its their choice. I'm the last one to make that decision. If they leave it, its been reviewed and the logs show it as such. I've asked them to find a way to lock it by Staff with a lable as such. That would put an end to much of this.

I know there are vote angels who vote willy nilly without any validation. When the upvote is valid to the solution I have no problem with it being upvoted; to make that clearer.

There is rampant abuse though, just for kicks look down Scott's other unlocked FixYas and see which ones you think are valid solutions or just plain BS. This is what Eks is burned out over specifically.

I stated to Lauren on these when I review them and I'll state the same to you, if the answer deserves a FixYa I leave it alone. If its only helpful leads to a possible solution but is not the solution I downvote it to that, if it BS I downvote it to TFT if its collaborative abuse I email staff about it and let them handle it.

On my own unlocked votes I just ask staff to review. If they think they should be removed I ask them to. I've asked Lauren to find a way subsequent to a staff review that Staff be able to lock it and get it out of the mix.

It troubles me some about this authority we have and I know why we have it, its Peer Review. But, it needs to be discussed in the Lounge a few times a year and its been a good six months or more since this has been battered around. This helps the new people understand the nature of its use and its abuse.

That is all,

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  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Jan 02, 2009

    I rated your reply to get it out of the unanswered pool which is where these things go.

    I'm just as fed up as Ekse is, not with the staff response, but with the constant flood of more and more BS experts who think they can so easily usurp our system and vote one another.

    As I said to begin with, if its a fixed solution and an expert can use a hand, I'll give them one, that's Peer Review. But Peer Review also means doing something about abuse when you see it and not looking the other way.

    I had a clearance in the Navy and you never knew when you were being tested, not the same here but the need to do the right thing is there.

    On SE, I don't buy it, if he didn't ask the Staff to remove it, then its blatant abuse a lot of abuse. Even if it was his wife why didn't he ask Staff to correct it?

    A lot of his other FixYas are just plain laughable. No one gives fixyas for "check the FAQ page." Maybe a Helpful, maybe but usually the customer won't even vote on it. Any idiot knows to check tech support, call for help or look at the FAQ pages. And FAQ pages don't have solutions; they rarely do otherwise there would be no need for FixYa in the first place.

    If you start poking around and you use your intuition to decide who and when to do this on you will likely come across the buddy voting its like a web. The thing to do is play it out completely and then email it all to Lauren. If you have been giving peer review and correcting FixYas to Helpfuls and then find the buddy ring with multiple user names, email that to Lauren and tell her what you've voted on already to some extent I never bother with full details. Its all in the logs anyway. The friggin idiots here don't believe there is a paper trail on their actions.

  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Jan 02, 2009

    I know the truley evil sister thing. I've got one completely off tilt The other has been way off tilt for a long time. Best of luck in your case.

    As to Mike. Nothing would surprise we with him. I don't answer car or TV stuff although I'm qualified. I don't feel qualified to lean an owner down a troubleshooting path over email.

    Yes, he can help make this better. Anyone with a deep background in HTML, SSI and Javascript could too. For a long time, I believed DL1 would, but he talks too much, given his recent examples of how to write bad code. Man, you never ever let that knowledge loose.

    I do hope it all works out for you in the short run now. When it comes to helping staff with self policing you may be of help, it just depends on how your intuition works or doesn't. Not everyone has this gift. Which it is.

    Let me know how you make out.

  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Jan 02, 2009

    How did things go? Or, is it to early today to ask?

    Sounds a lot like a divorce a friend is going through. Trouble is they have millions tied up in investments and property and she effectively tied up his property to see that he couldn't do anything with it that would raise him real money. He still has a Motel that I've spent a good deal of time rewiring the phone system and getting him over to a digital PBX from the 1988 Beast that was in there, until he just told me to stop that he didn't know when he get to pay me. At least he wins little wars like getting his Cessna 172 back to he can go flying when he wants and that provides real solace. Its just a war he is going through.

  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Jan 03, 2009

    Yep. Sounds just like my friends divorce. If you can prove a crime than its best to pursue that in a criminal court environment. These other courts will not tread there.

    I'm glad to see the discussion on Peer Review take up an audience, especially of this character. The new members lurking over the thread will gain a lot of insight. I know I did when I first witnessed this topic a long time ago.

    Just watched Frost Nixon. I know a lot of members in the Academy, mostly writers and actor/writers and they always send me copies of good movies from their Screener DVDs. Not a bad movie. Directed by Ron Howard. It intrigues me to know why he chose to do this film. The acting was very very good.

  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Jan 03, 2009

    I always forget how shy I was the first time I eventually entered a chat thread. I know we have many on FixYa like this. But you got to love those lurkers. They get it through osmosis and eventually a thread like the Introducece Yourself heps people to break the ice. The current Introduce Yourself thread is the longest lived one I've witness on this board. I've bumped it twice to get in front of the new guys when they speak up.

    Take HonestAbe for example. Who would have know he suffered through the FFM days. I was glad I was on a Mac at the time and chuckled at my friends who were building monster boxes. What an anchor those things were. I came so close to doing the same with the TI-99 it isn't funny. Friends of mine who adopted the Amiga still used those things way into the 90s.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to hear from Lauren next week. The more voices she gets for a comment popup on any IA vote will be a big improvement to the system and help them to cleanup after Ninja downvoters.

    Good luck with your court case, I do think a criminal attorney is a good choice at your point in this. Especially if they'll take it on contingency. There will have to be a lot of bucks involved though. Maybe just the value of the house will be enough.

    Anyway, I've seen my friend suffer through three heart attacks from the stress of his divorce. She's had him beat up four times. Once the judge found out about this, it stopped and she too has perjured herself a bunch of times. I'm on the witness list so I get all the skinny for that reason mostly. Besides the guy HAD 3.5 Mil in assets and he hopes to come out of it with at least 1Mil and his collection of antique cars. You should see his vintage airplanes. They are the bomb. He flew for the CIA during the Bay of Pigs fiasco and has some really cool stories. I had to promise him to not disclose what he actually did before he'd tell me anything. I convinced him I had know a black ops veteran when I saw one and had him pegged. Eventually he told me his story after that. He can't even get VA benefits, but I've seen Black Ops guys who were sheep dipped get the benefits eventually, you just have to go through the Senate Veteran Affiars committee to get them. Once the CIA finds out about it, they sanitize the records and hand over the documents. I had one veteran who's story I wanted to write so bad it hurt inside have a General from the Air Force fly out to LA to address the VA Regional Office. A week later he was 100% and got full SSDI too. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy and I had to agree to never tell his story which would make a great movie. Too bad, nearly as good as Bridge Over the River Kwai. That whole affair got me the real juice in DC. You can bet I took advantage of it whenever the NSA was trying to put the scare on me. I told them I already had NDAs on file and would sign another one if I was getting too close to the truth. That's when they went away for the time being. They didn't want me to know how close I was to accuracy or not. There were so many actual attempts to rescue POWs that were/are MIA under Ronald Reagan. Its a shame that the ones who were gotten out were complete menatl basket cases. The VA was hiding them as John Does in Nursing Homes. All this was published in a major national article that I can talk about it with authority. There were about four other journalists who had uncovered the same truth. The poor former POW (enlisted) who started talking is still sitting in a DC jail with no charges against him. This is a case of litterally having the key thrown away. The few of us who knew of him could actually visit him in jail, but he had made a video tape before his arrest and it got out and into our hands before CIA or NSA could do much with it. I even had a copy of a letter from the Director of the FBI discussing it. I had it well hidden in another reporter's possession. Funny, it kept coming up missing from two reporters briefcases and they were always asking me to have a color copy made which inevitably got stolen again. How and why mine was never stolen was something we all scratched our heads over. I had gotten the juice I mentioned above and it worked for me. That's the only explanation.

    But, as I had stated in the thread I was so burned out from writing about wrongful deaths in the VA system I couldn't cope with handling the families anymore. They always thought I was their ticket to justice. But you can only do so much as a journalist and is never enough to provide justice to the families. People lost their careers over these cases and I though that was justice, but families who lost sons and daughters will never feel that justice has been served.

    Any how, that's enough from me off the board for now.

  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Jan 04, 2009

    copy and paste this link if its not active to get an idea of what type of solution to vote yourself up with using buddys.

    Pay attention to this expert:

    Throughout his entire section of FixYas nearly every other one or higher is unlocked. Give them a look yourself. Those are not Angel Votes but when it is so rampant it is usually buddy voting or self rating by creating fleeting profiles.

  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Jan 04, 2009

    I see. It was so blatant from this guy. I only looked at every other on every other page of FixYas and most were unlocked.



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Thank you worldvet. That is what I wanted to know. In the Navy I was dispossed of a citation for work I did while having to write a last will every week in favor of a superior that was in Kansas during the entire 90 day SpecOp! The crew actually gave a gasp during the award ceremony when the red-faced LPO accepted the honor. But that was my award -the gasp. My peers who knew. Had it been a posthumous award I would never have had that privilege. Not to compare that with this but just to show you my mindset. Later the squadron commander apologized for not knowing the ship's crew manifest when putting names on awards. your friend, Steve

Posted on Jan 02, 2009

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  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Jan 02, 2009

    I saw the link you posted and though not a blatant deception the rating should not have been made for a test by any stretch. If, as he said, it was his wife and he then it was her and not he maybe. I am giving Scott credit for "facing the music" by his very participation in the Expert Lounge and will give him a chance to redeem/grow here and I believe that you can give him/wife a chance to begin a New Year as well.
      We never see the most blatant abusers in this room.

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Jan 02, 2009

    What you say is all true. I have only done one "angel" vote and have not "drilled down" on any that participate in the Lounge. In fact I felt remiss that I had not known that Mike had 25+ years of programming experience! He could be invaluable in our proposals to Lauren. I am sure that you will see his January 1st post that sparked my interest. I have a huge court hearing January 2nd regarding my late Mom's estate and the impending impeachment of my younger sister (truly evil) as administrator of the estate. Long story short my Mom was the victim of abduction to a nursing home and wrongful death within days of that despicable act so I must sign off now but will continue this thought later. Happy and healthy New Year to you worldvet! Steve Medley

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Jan 02, 2009

    Thanks again wv, I was just watching a local TV documentary on the Ocean Beach (OB) Christmas tree where locals, SDG&E, the cops, trucking and crane people pull off procuring and planting a giant Christmas tree on the beach every year. Amazing to see the forces of good synchronize now and then.

    As a factory foreman, submarine section leader and volunteer mentor for prison inmates in Hawaii I do have that gift of intuition. I will let you know how that court case goes. As a pro per litigant I always have a near sleepless night prior to a court hearing but being right has carried so far and my sister (evil) has reversed her own propoundings and perjured herself on record at least three times so far. Her attorney can no longer look me straight in the eye as he knows she has even lied to him and knows that I know. The judge has ordered her to provide a fiduciary status twice without result, doubled her bond which she has failed to secure (no credit) so it will be a remarkable day.

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Jan 03, 2009

    I believe that I am going to take a different tack and begin a personal injury and wrongful death lawsuit as I might be able to get a lawyer on contingency. I thought that the probate court would take perjury, which I can prove and is on record, and any other criminal behavior into account but I see that they are only interested in the proper paperwork niceties rather than justice. The judge said that he is giving my sister more time for the already late inventory and posting of a bond so that I have time to retain a probate attorney. Frustrating when one cannot find legal help in one court.

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Jan 03, 2009

    Ron Howard is a director that I can relate to. Maybe because the values he learned as an actor in Mayberry RFD. Growing up in Hollywood did not seem to get to him like a lot of child actors.

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Jan 03, 2009

    I am glad that you wrote what you did. It made a lot of folks join in on the discussion that might not have had you maintained a hard line. It would be interesting to meet f2f everyone here. Many are really shy I believe especially if they are new to exchanging ideas online. I met a big group of AOL chat friends one year in Hawaii when about 50 decided to all come there one Christmas vacation. It was truly one of the coolest experiences I ever had via the Internet!

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Jan 04, 2009

    I only needed to see the last solution he had to see the bs. I did offer a solution to that query that is correct and dismisses his and the subsequent bs solution:
    These inept opportunists are the root of what is wrong with FixYa. I truly wish that I could have an f2f with them on this solution alone.



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SOURCE: I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. How can this be resolved

a 6ya expert can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.
Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US.
the service is completely free and covers almost anything you can think of.(from cars to computers, handyman, and even drones)
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There are a couple of very valid ways that the same IP addresses might appear to be in use by several different computers. If the voting software using only your IP address to check for voting abuse, then it's not doing as good a job as it should be.

Two scenarios come to mind immediately: routers and bad IP detection.
As I've discussed before, a router allows several computers to share a single internet connection. One side effect of doing so is that all the computers that are sharing that connection appear on the internet as having the same IP address. The internet IP address actually belongs to the router, and it manages the routing the appropriate data to and from the appropriate computer behind it.
If you're in a home or small business that uses a router to share an internet connection, then any of the other computers could have voted and appeared as having come from the same IP address your computer would.
If you're connecting from a larger facility, say a school or corporation, the same issue can arise. Many facilities connect their internal network to the internet through a set of routers. A company of several thousand might appear as only a handful of IP addresses on the internet. If someone else within the company voted, it's quite possible that you might appear as the same IP address when you attempt to vote later.
"Using just the IP address to counter voter fraud and other types of abuse is common because it's easy." And then there's AOL.
When last I checked, I believe AOL puts all of its subscribers behind the equivalent of a collection of routers. Therefore when you as an AOL user connect to a web site you may be using the same IP address as some other AOL subscriber who came before you.

There's another problem that could be at play here as well.
If you're behind a router, your IP address is an IP address on your local network, not the internet. Most consumer routers use the 192.168.1.x range. In fact, most will start assigning IP addresses at, then, then 3 and so on.
As a result there are thousands of machines out there at IP address on their local network.
If the voting abuse software attempts to use the IP address of the machine rather than the IP address of the machine's connection to the web site, then it'll just be wrong. The first person with an IP of might be able to vote, but all that follow would be seen as coming from the same address.
It's very unlikely, but it is one additional way that the voting abuse detection scheme might fail.

Using just the IP address to counter voter fraud and other types of abuse is common because it's easy. As you can see, that often has the unintended side-effect of blocking more than just a single abuser. Unfortunately blocking an individual computer for these types of accesses is difficult - at least doing so in a way that isn't trivial to circumvent is difficult. The most common alternate approach is to require registration and login to vote, which naturally reduces the number of voters as people are reluctant to jump through the additional hoops.

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If you know the offender's real email provider, you can send a Copy of the Offensive e-mail to his/her e-mail provider, by sending a copy to his/her e-mail provider:

For Example. abuse@ hotmail, gmail, yahoo, whatever their e-mail provider .com] but only if you know their REAL e-mail/web-mail provider.

1. CUT/PASTE the offending mail, including senders e-mail address to: Facebook at this Address:
[Cut/Paste this into your browser]
2. Reporting Spam... Next, look Beneath The Subject (To The Right of: "Back to Messages" and "Mark as Unread", you will want to choose: Mark As Spam. and then Delete).

Thank You For Choosing FixYa~!

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Assuming you are in the USA, Yahoo! has a form that you can fill out and report the abuser here:

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Facebook suggests the following:

How do I report abuse? The most efficient way to report abuse is to do it in the same place i... The most efficient way to report abuse is to do it in the same place it occurs on Facebook. For example, if you receive a harassing message in your Inbox, you can report the message by clicking on the "Report" link next to the sender's name. If you receive a harassing message from a person who is one of your Facebook friends, you should remove the person as a friend and report the message. Reporting a message as harassing will automatically add the sender to your Block List. You can also use the "Report/Block this Person" link that appears at the bottom of the abusive user's profile.

If you learn that someone is continuing to make abusive comments about you even after they've been blocked, a friend can report that person on your behalf. Reports are confidential and the user being reported does not know that they have been reported.

After a report is submitted, you will receive confirmation that the report has been received and we will investigate the issue to make a determination as to whether or not the content should remain on the site based on our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. A Facebook administrator looks into each report thoroughly in order to decide the appropriate course of action. Go to the following link:

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Your email address

It will be checked...:)

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