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Eject flashes on screen

My Samsung SC-D363 continuously had a flashing "D" in the screen, telling me to eject the tape. I tried the troubleshooting and that hasn't worked. Is there anything else I can do short of sending it to a center? I prepared to record a very important patriotic salute presented by our entire school. I just received the camera for Christmas and liked it so much, I purchased one just like it for my son to take on a mission trip to Ghana Africa this summer. As soon as I loaded a blank tape, the camera began to blink eject and wouldn't record. I have tried since to play a previously recorded tape and the recorder still shoed the D arrow symbol and saying I should eject the tape. I tried taking on and off the battery, turning the power on and off, and changing tapes. It continues to do the same thing. I've only had the camera four months and have only used it three times. I'm concerned that my son will take the same model camera on a once in a life time trip and will come back with nothing. Thanks for your help. Sheila Clopton

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  • Anonymous Nov 18, 2007

    Same problem!!!!!! Although it happened at a once in a lifetime event, our parents combined 80th birthday party:( We were unable to get any real footage of relatives from far and away who came to Georgian for the event.
    our camera is not a year old, barely used will only record for one to three minutes at a time. AC or battery power make no difference to the length of time the unit would record.Tried turning off, taking off battery pack, ejecting tape, running on ac power, replacing with brand new tape ( i had four new tapes), nothing changed

  • b4u2 Nov 25, 2007

    You have 2 options, 1, since the camera now sales for 127.00 to 150.00 bucks, it's not worth repairing, or 2, purchase a 2 or 4 gig SD memory card and record everything on the flash drive. One would think Samsung would fix the problem free. Until I find a GOOD camera, this will have to do, I refuse to pay 80.00 bucks to fix a 127.00 camera.

  • JEANNINENPER May 24, 2008


  • Anonymous May 30, 2008

    Same problem here. We are ready to record the Spring Play at our school and this cam. indicates that I need to eject. It is a new tape. I don't understand.


  • kilosos2 Jul 04, 2008

    Hi guys I also have the same problem. I cant believe this. this is a flaw from samsung side. I am very pissed off. i will be contacting samsung and gave them a ear full. I bought the camera never really used it and when I wanted to use it to record my daughter who just turned 6 months it did that error. I hope they can help me. i just wanted to post here so the problem can be more known.

  • Anonymous Jul 17, 2008

    yes, I am also having several problems with the samsung SC-D363 camcorder. During recording it would make a loud noise coming from the turning video heads and will stop recording or playback after about 30 mins. and will show a "D" eject in the viewfinder. The only way to get going again was to eject the tape and start over. I don't know why I bought another Samsung product again. The last time I did I bought a VCR and about half way (1 hr.) into watching a movie it would just stop playing and you couldn"t get it to play again. After calling Samsung about it I found out it was do to with too thin of solder traces on the circuit board and when it heated up the circuit would lose the signal or voltage and would stop until it cooled down. Samsung was aware of the problem but would not recall or compensate for the problem unless it was under warranty otherwise I had to bite the bullet.

  • Anonymous Jul 27, 2008

    my camcorder keeps flashing d and eject what do i do

  • encuticchia Jul 27, 2008

    my camcorder keeps flasing d and eject what do i do

  • Anonymous Aug 03, 2008

    geez same problem with me too. I only used it once!

  • Anonymous Dec 03, 2008

    Had the camera a year and it started doing the same thing.

  • mindya1015 Dec 18, 2008

    I have the same probem with the same model. Have a friend that has a completely different Samsung camcorder...and the same thing has happened. I have called Samsung, and all they say they can do is send it to get repaired which is a minimum of $160!!!

  • Anonymous Dec 25, 2008

    i didn't know about this problem til this morning when i wanted to record my daughter opening her x-mas presents. same flashing eject D really quite annoyed with it i've had it for a little over 2 years and haven't really used it that much. not quite sure 160 or 90 is even worth it.

  • youngkygrann Jan 13, 2009

    my minidv digiyalcam sc-d363ntsc says eject and the d with the triangle comes on the view wont even keep any tapes in at

  • katpurrs26 Jan 29, 2009

    I bought the Samsung SC-D363 in July of 2006 to use for when my husband was serving in Iraq. Just past the one year warranty the product failed. When I called customer service in oct 2007 they told me they hadn't heard of any issues but it could be looked at for $160. They have my call from Oct. 2007 on file. I just recently dug the camera out, hoping that there were solutions available now after some time has passed. I have had the exact same problems as everyone else here, and the same with the customer service. I called customer service again today. Customer service has told me that the flashing D symbol that we're all seeing is due to a mechanical failure. And they'll gladly fix the problem......for $160! I finally asked to speak to a supervisor, when I was transferred, no one answered the line and i was disconnected. So basically, Samsung makes a product that will fail at no fault of the consumer just after the warranty is up, then make sure to offer to fix a virtually brand new camera for an outrageous amount of money. Samsung does NOT stand behind their products. I shouldn't have to pay for something I already bought because it broke due to a mechanical problem! It doesn't matter how long I've owned this camera, it was about how little I actually used it before it broke!

  • clopfarm Feb 15, 2009

    Yes, I keep hoping someone will come up with a solution. One thing is for sure. Samsung does not stand behind their product. My camcorder started having this problem before it was even a year old. I will NEVER purchase a Samsung product again nor will I recommend any of their products to anyone else. I have tapes that I can't use or view because of this problem. It just keeps saying eject cassette.

  • gowfer1 Feb 27, 2009

    How can I tell if the remote controller is working, I get no response from my VP-D363 when I try to use it despite putting in new tried and tested batteries. The camcorder works fine in all other modes, should the light diode at the front of the controller light up if active ?, mine doesn't, would appreciate any help available.



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Good News!! I have found a way to fix this loud high pitch "grinding" noise, sudden battery
"draining" accompanied by the eject "D" symbol being displayed only after a few seconds of tape
play. And absolutely No thanks to Samsung's customer service. Although seemingly polite, I had to
talk to 6 customer service representatives before they properly transferred me to Executive
Customer Relation(ECR). They said they were experiencing technical difficulties. Once I got through,
the ECR rep. insisted that the repairs will cost $160 mainly due to the cost of the parts and also
admitted that he didn't know much about the technical aspect of the camcorder.

It is indeed a mechanical problem. The camcorder had only been used three times and kept in
storage in its original box with no temperature extremes since I had puchased it at the end of 2006.

Here is the SOLUTION:
1) Gently unscrew and remove the front casing portion of the camcorder.
2) Directly underneath the lens there is crosslike metal support that extends from the tape
compartment chassis. The green circuit board should rest on top of it as shown below instead of
being under it .

Eject flashes on screen - 6da2f1a.jpg
Now the camcorder functions properly consistently. The cost = $ 0.

Posted on Jul 01, 2009

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If the problem is when you put the tape back in and shut the door then you get ...D Eject Tape. Here is what i did to fix it.. First I put It in the freezer for 3 or 4 min then when you put the tape back in dont shut the door all the way leave it cracked open a little. Should work, I think the door is missing a cushing.  Write me back if it didn't or if it did work. A simple fix that is for free.

Posted on Jan 30, 2009


My name is Morgan, and im 14 years old. I got this camera for Christmas and literally five days later it started flashing a D on the screen and it kept saying Eject. I told my parents and they GROUNDED me for breaking it. I was cleaning my room today when i found the box that I had put it in under my bed. I knew that I didnt do anything to break it so I decided to look up online to see if anyone else had the same problem. This is complete **** and it definatley should be recalled.

Posted on Jul 05, 2008

Yea id say F SAMSUNG!

Posted on Dec 20, 2007

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Hello folks, I have the same problem with my Samsung miniDV camera.  I called customer support (said they were in NJ but it sounded like Manilla, PI) and they told me I had to call back with my camera and perform troubleshooting.  Has anyone has luck with the troubleshooting steps? and Is $80.25 the right price to send the camera to NJ for repairs?  How hard should I push for them to pay for shipping?

Posted on Oct 15, 2007

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My wife bought me this camera for Christmas of 2006. I have used it for a total of about 15 minutes. I went to turn it on last night and got the samething everyone has been describing here. I contact samsung today, and they want to charge me the $89.00 labor fee. I can't get them to budge on this. They said they would extend the labor warranty 90 more days from the expiration but that is still to short for this time frame of 9 months. Would the guest that posted about speaking to "tamika" please come back. I would love to speak with here.

Posted on Aug 29, 2007

I recently had the same problem with the flashing "D" symbol and the eject notice. I purchased my camara november 2006, so when I called Samsung they said I had a year warrenty on parts but only 3 months for labor.They also said it would cost me $89.00 to repair. I didnt feel I should be paying for a known issue with this product. I asked to speak to a supervisor. They transfered the call to their excutive line and after waiting 15 mins(be patient!) a young lady by the name Tamika answered. I re-explained my situation to her (be nice!)and she was able to extend my labor warrenty. My only cost will be shipping it to them. You can possably talk them into paying for shipping as well. They will repair it or send me a new or refurbished model. Give it a try and good luck to all.

Posted on Aug 16, 2007

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Hi friends. (Excuse my poor English). Well, i bought a SCD364 Samsung CamCoder that is physically and mechanically exactly as scd363. My scd364 also have the same problem. Because the warranty has expired, i discovered a solution. The problem ocurs due to a missing calibrati?n at tape motion mechanism then when the cam goes heat, the motor grazes with another part of the mechanism that this located very near (wax)causing a metallic noise, eating the battery and, finally the blinking "D" eject signal. I amazing when discovered that the solution is to open the tape compartment and place the opened camera infront of the air conditioning machine by 2 minutes in order to cool it. Once cold, the camera is ready to play or record again without noise and blinking "D".

Posted on Aug 05, 2007

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May 20, 2007 I just spoke with Chris(f) at Samsung because My SC-D363 has this exact same problem. I bought it from target in November used 3 tapes in it and babied it from day one (still has tags on it), then it started whinning loudly and flashed eject on the screen and wouldn't record or keep a tape in all the time. I told her about the problem and that I had read that it was a known issue and that they extended the labor warranty for someone else. She told me that there were no notes regarding the problem and that my camera was still under parts warranty but not labor. So I have to pay $45.00 labor, strip my camera down to just the camera and ship it off to New Jersey for repair. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that I read anything?? Might have helped. Either way if you can tell me who you talked to or have more information on the extension of warranty please post it because I got NOOOO WHERE!!! Probably better off paying the $45.00 and taking it in the tail pipe like normal.

Posted on May 21, 2007

  • Michael Hall May 21, 2007

    May 20, 2007

    !!!Good news in the kingdom!!, after looking at the description of the problem on this site, I neglected to mention to Chris(f) that there was a flashing eject symbol followed by ...D. I decided to call back to see if this made a difference in thier decision to extend my labor warranty. I spoke with TY(m) this time and he said the "D" means that there is a mechanical issue. He put me on hold for a few and then came back and said that they would extend the labor warranty to cover the repair, I just had to fax them a copy of my purchase receipt with attention to the 10 digit repair number that they had given me. He also mentioned that he researched the problem and that it was not a known issue. I am guessing that it will be a known issue soon. Some times persistance pays off....or calling back and talking to someone else. Hope this helps you all..=)


I just contacted Samsung and they extended my labor warranty and will cover the costs to repair the camera. They said there is a known issue of the camera experiencing this problem (flashing eject with the letter "D") and, if it can't be repaired, they will send a replacement camera. I also asked them to pay for shipping and they agreed. Hope this can help you, too.

Posted on May 12, 2007

We are experiencing the same issue as above with eject flashing on the screen and the camera not recording or playing back video. The cameria is also making a very loud noise as soon as it's turned on. We've only had it 6 months and used minimally. Very disappointing as we can't return it now and the labor warranty has expired. If anyone can provide advice, it's greatly appreciated!

Posted on May 12, 2007

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Rejecting tapes

I had the same problem with my SC-D363. My screen would flash "D" and tell me to eject the tape.

Here is the SOLUTION:
1) Very Gently unscrew (4 screws)and remove the front casing portion of the camcorder, be sure not to strip the screws.
2) Directly underneath the lens there is crosslike metal support that extends from the tape
compartment chassis. The green circuit board should rest on top of it as shown below instead of
underneath it, as it was when it was assembled.
And Voila! Camera works like when it first came out of the box.

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Oct 09, 2008 | Samsung SC-D363 Mini DV Digital Camcorder

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Samsung SC-D363 Mini DV digital camcorder

sir if your camcorder is new then it has a warranty. we should send it first for their service because they have a spare parts for replacement and info. if your going to fix it by yourself then the warranty of that will be void. by the way the place for the service center for camcorder samsung in the philippines is in makati i think. i got a problem with my samsung just like your model and they told me that it is located at makati. hope that helps!


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I have vertical multicolor lines

I think u are using pre recorde cassetts that were recorded on any other camcorder..
Samsung D363 supports ntsc not pal....
and the cassetts recorded on pal must have prob with ntsc based device...
all u have to do is record cassette with the same and then test playback...

Feb 25, 2008 | Samsung SC-D363 Mini DV Digital Camcorder

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Samsung sc-D363

I had the same problem. The batteries do not last. When the battery becomes weak it can not run the tape so it tells you to eject it.
Buy a new bigger battery. I bought a 160 for ~$30.

Jan 17, 2008 | Samsung SC-D363 Mini DV Digital Camcorder

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Eject light comes on after I start playing the tape


I had the same problem with my camcorder just awhile ago. This can reflect a low battery. Try plugging in the camcorder for a couple of hours without using it. Then try recording or playing back the tape with it plugged in. Unplug it and check again. If this does not work you may have to replace the tape head.

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Flashing R with upwards arrow/advises to eject


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Flashing D with upward arrow


Aug 06, 2007 | Samsung SC-D353 Mini DV Digital Camcorder

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Eject tape message with a "D"

I have the same issue with this model and contacted Samsung. They extended my labor warranty and are paying for the shipment to send it in. They said there is a known issue of this model experiencing the problem and they will repair or replace the camera. Hope this can help you, too.

Apr 14, 2007 | Samsung SC-D363 Mini DV Digital Camcorder

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