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Whirlpool dishwasher Model W10431031A leaves water on dishes on top rack at the end of the cycle

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sounds like the jets are cloged you can try a small wire to try and unglog the jets that or you water does not have enoph pressuer hope this helps

Source: dishwasher doesn't clean the top rack whwn we riun it.

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Recommend you remove the approximately 10 screws to pull the entire filter and manually clean. Remove all debris you find and thoroughly rinse out the filter if you can separate the top from the bottom. If the sump area is greasy, use a de-greasing spray to cut through it. Resemble, checking that there are no blockages in the holes on the spray arms.
Fill a bowl or cup with white vinegar and place it on the lower rack of the empty dishwasher. Do not add detergent. Run the quick cycle. The inside of the dishwasher should now be clean and not greasy. If still greasy, use the de-greasing spray (avaiable at all stores in the cleaning section.)
For 30 days, use only Electrosol or Cascade powder. Do NOT use gel or tablets, ever. Please report back your results. Good Luck!
ianc435 , please ask your question in as a new problem and I will help you out. I understand your problem.

Source: LG dishwasher wont clean top rack dishes

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