Problem with Foxconn (945G7MA-8KS2) Motherboard

Foxconn 915 motherboard - no POST sound

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Hi ! Could anybody advise ma about the problem I have?
I wanted to use my old mob (Foxconn 915M03-G-8LS2) with brand new components (Intel Core 2 Duo, WD Caviar 160GB, Kingston 2048MB 800MHz DDRII, LG GH220P20 DVD-RW and all that is in brand new case Codegen 603-CA, ATX). When I had connected everything to the mob and try to switch it up, nothing happened - no POST sound, coolers on the CPU and in the PSU are pulsing (turning in short intervals) and that is all. After a while even that is not working any more. If I press the power button and keep it, than the coolers are working, the power on LED is lighting, but still there is no POST beep at all.
Where could be a problem? Could you be so kind to provide me with the POST beeping chart or maybe a necessary jumper position? What is the best way to troubleshoot my mob?
Thanks in advance!

  • nebojsa_bogu

    nebojsa_bogu OK, thanks... That hapends when u believe to the seller ;)

    Could than Intel Celeron Dual-Core work with my mob? I have a new one too. And which graphics you would advise me to use with mentioned mob?

    Dec 28, 2008

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1 Solution

Roy Lonsinger

Your motherboard does not support the Intel Core 2 Duo cpus. That is why it will not post.

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  • Roy Lonsinger

    Roy Lonsinger The 915 chipsets only support the Pentium 4, Pentium D and Celeron D cpu. As for video cards it depends on if your board has a pci-e or agp slot. If it has a pci-e slot then the sky is the limit as long as your psu has enough wattage. ATI & Nvidea both make excellent cards as well as third party manufacturers using the ATI/Nvidea chipsets. Hope this helps.

    Dec 28, 2008

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you need a new motherboard this one will not support that cpu get one rated for that cpu and by the way this motherboard only is rated at Intel Pentium 4

Source: Foxconn 915 motherboard - no POST sound

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