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GETAC W130 Remove Hard drive

Have battery removed ETC started with screw removal, Including rear facing hinge cover mounts.

Unable to proceed!! Not sure what would be next DUE TO COMPOSITE MATERIAL USED ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION.

?? Should I place Flat screw driver under Front low panel ?? Panel where power button is located?? I looked for STANDARD?? Under keyboard entrance Points None visible??

Looked for manual everywhere I could think of. Support via web site ETC etc.

I need to get to hard drive for data recover and repair OS. This model does not have a CD onboard .

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  • tnjaybird Jan 13, 2009

    Im in need of an ac adapter for the Getac W130 as well as a hard
    drive caddy or connector and battery and battery cover i just bought what was supposed to be the right adapter but it didnt fit and now they want to know the tip size ??

  • ohlipp May 22, 2009

    I got the same unit without the harddrive caddy but I only need a ribbon cable for hardrive that goes to mbo. Any help?


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Hope I'm not too late.

You can access the hard drive by removing the bottom panel.

You need to first remove the battery cover, battery spacer, and then the two screws in the battery compartment.

Then remove all the large screws on the bottom plate.

Don't remove the little ones that hold the rubber port flaps, just open each flap so it won't get hung up on them.

Then take a flatblade like a mechanics size and insert it in the slot at the top edge just inside from the corners. They will be at the handle end of the laptop.

What you do is stand the laptop up on end.

Insert the blade at an angle while holding the handle in the other hand.

Lift the screwdriver handle upwards so that the blade grips downwards and lifts the bottom off the laptop. The slots I mentioned are not so obvious, but think of them as access holes and the bottom plate is wedged into the case like a can of sardines. If you stick your driver in there you can pry it up at the top and then it will open up and still be attached at the back until you open it up a full 90 degrees.

It will be a little tight at first but once it moves it come off freely with a couple wires attached.

I can send you a photo if you can't find the two openings.

You can access the hard drive in the middle left area without removing the entire cover.

You just need to open it wide enough to pry up the connector from the hard drive where it plugs into the board.

These are supposedly 1.8" drives so most likely you'll need to find an adapter to be able to recover your files. Usually a ZIF to IDE and then use a USB 2.5" enclosure or you might be able to order a ZIF to USB enclosure. I can help you figure that out once you pull it out. I swear I counted 46 pins on the mainboard side. I'm stumped until I see what you pull out of there.

I'm interested in photos and info on the drive and connector since mine is missing and I was to find something that might work instead of paying full cost from the manufacturer.

I also need an AC adapter for this damn thing, but it sure looks cool!

As far as laptops, it's way too heavy but the most Bad *** case on the planet.

Makes me think of the bad guy in those action's like some kind of super detonator tracking monitoring bleeping minefield activating superslick laptop the hero must disarm or destroy!


Posted on Jan 03, 2009

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Find me a Gateway zx4300 all in one repair manual


Could you?

Would appreciate?

Thank you in advance?

Let\'s try to maintain a professional approach here, even if it is only an illusion...............

Moving on..............

I see from search hits on the internet;

That the problem may be no graphics, due to graphics chipset mounting; due to inadequate cooling for the graphics chipset.

\'Repair\', (Ha I like how they toss that word around), is to replace the motherboard.
Then upon a certain amount of time later, the same issue happens again.

\'Repair\'? ............Oh, yeah...............replace the motherboard again.

This = NO solution

Are there no REAL techs out there anymore?

To PROPERLY repair the problem, you must STOP the cause from happening again.

Otherwise it\'s like bumping your head against a hard object, only to repeat it again.............., again, and again..........No learning ability.

No learning as to what caused the problem in the first place, and try to develop a long lasting solution to the problem.

I believe that is somewhere along the lines of snail mentality.

Not homo sapiens.

[Do snails have a measurable mentality? I - don\'t - know.
Hey it\'s MY solution, lol! Tell this story anyway I want]

No, keep the h-ate mail. I realize this isn\'t a Service Manual, nor pictorial disassembly guide.
You gets what I gets.

1) Have your ESD wrist strap on? Connected the aligator clip to a good ground source? Average cost is around $3 to $5.

This is a laptop disguised as a desktop computer.
Once you remove the Back Cover, and the large metal Static Shield, the highly static sensitive hardware parts are now exposed.

You can static shock them out, and not even know it.
POOF! No computer.

[The most susceptible hardware component to Static shock, is the Processor. (CPU ]

2) Views of the casing parts, and Stand; shown removed.
Posted because it becomes more apparent, how removal should proceed.

You can see the screw holes, and determine where the screws are.
Labels, small cover, etc; may be in the way, not allowing this.

You can get a \'feel\' of where each cover component, fits together with each other. Helps to simplify removal.

How removal of a small cover, etc; may lead to get to the Stand\'s hinge screws.

At least that is the premise.........

Stand -

Rear Cover - views, shown removed,

Outside view, Inside view, and Side views; of the Back Cover, removed.

Large metal Static Shield. Also known as Fan Cover.

This because it also directs the flow of air from the fan, over the various hardware components that need cooling.

Looks highly inadequate for the job; to me,

Front Bezel,

Suggest use a multi-compartment container, for the various screws you will remove.
Label each compartment for the area the screw/s come out of.
SOME screws look VERY similar to other screws.
Advise DO NOT mix them up.

In the video;

A) Where the young gentleman states using a credit card, (1:16), and popping all the little clips off..........

Umm, not quite like that.............
They don\'t come off.
You are just removing the Back Cover FROM the mounted clips, on the metal frame.

The credit card depresses those metal clips. Releases the Tabs on the Back Cover.

Case parts from front to rear;
Front Bezel / Back Cover / Rear Cover
Duck and Cover ( gonna\' believe that last one?)

Rear Cover:
Looks to be 2 small Philips head screws to remove.
1 at each Top corner.

Bottom of Rear Cover has 2 U-shaped Latches. These SIT on Tabs.
When screws are removed from Top, ease the top out towards you a little; then lift up, and out.

Hinged Stand:
Looks to be 2 screws each, to remove from the Hinge\'s brackets.
Could be wrong, may be 1 each, but of course YOU will know.
You\'re looking at it, lol!

Back Cover:
Remove 1 screw each from all four outside corners. (Philips)
Using the credit card, slide around the area, in-between the Back Cover, and metal frame.
Remove Back Cover.

Cooling System:
Cooling Tube, Heatsink, Fan Assembly

In the video look at 2:47 (Or in-between shakes. Not bad mouthing)
Here is a better view, just upside down,

(You can click to enlarge)

Here you see the curved copper Cooling Tube.
Come from the black Fan Assembly, up the Cooling Tube; and stop at the first small aluminum metal plate.

Six rivets, three on each side; two long small metal \'arms\' sticking out.
That small aluminum plate sits on the GPU.
(Graphics chipset, or more properly known; GPU.
Graphics Processing Unit)

Come up to the large cast Aluminum plate. Four long small \'arms\' stick out, make an X-pattern.
That plate sits on the CPU. (Processor)

Fan Assembly:
That weird D-shaped black shroud, with the small black multi-bladed fan in it.

That rectangular shaped area at the bottom, of the Fan Assembly.

Fan Assembly removes, and first. Unplug fan cable from motherboard.

Heatsink is part of Cooling Tube.
4 screws to remove from processor plate, 2 screws to remove from graphics chipset metal plate.

Lift Cooling Tube/Heatsink off.

More in Comment

Mar 30, 2013 | Gateway One PC Laptops


How to repair Hinges on a HP ZV6000

<p>If a loose screen hinge screws <br /> <p>1. Turn off your computer and remove all components of the computer that sending an electrical current to the system, including power cables, peripherals and battery. <br /> <p><br /> <p>2. Close the display and turn off the computer base to cope with the hinge side of the computer to you. <br /> <p><br /> <p>3. Extract the four screws on the bottom border. <br /> <p><br /> <p>4. Remove the rubber plugs on the back of the hinges of the screen and the two screws underneath them. <br /> <p><br /> <p>5. Turn off the computer and open the screen, so they sit flat against your work. <br /> <p><br /> <p>6. Press the area marked on the right side of the keyboard cover (the plastic strip on the top of the keyboard) to it from the computer. Lift your right a little push and cover the central part of the keyboard to release it. Lift up the middle and let the left up to the keyboard cover for free from the computer. <br /> <p><br /> <p>7. Unzip, the four screws on the top of the keyboard and the keyboard on the fold of the palm rest with the buttons down. Disconnect the keyboard cable and remove the keyboard. <br /> <p><br /> <p>8. Loosen the two screws that secure each display hinge to the computer. <br /> <p><br /> <p>9. Attach the keyboard and the keyboard. Make sure all screws that secure each part to fix. <br /> <p><br /> <p>10. Place the screws on the back of the hinges of the screen and replace the rubber stopper. <br /> <p><br /> <p>11. Insert the battery, cables and components that you removed in step 1 to complete the process. <br /> <p><br /> <p>Broken so replace hinges <br /> <p>1. Turn off the computer and get rid of its power transmission components. <br /> <p><br /> <p>2. Turn off your computer and remove the four screws on the hinge side of the base of the keyboard. <br /> <p><br /> <p>3. Remove the rubber plugs on the back of each screen hinge, and pull the two screws in the hinges. <br /> <p><br /> <p>4. Unplug the computer and open the screen. Follow the instructions to step 6 of chapter 1 to the keyboard cover. <br /> <p><br /> <p>5. Remove the keyboard by following step 7 of Section 1 <br /> <p><br /> <p>6. Disconnect the cable from the connector on the computer screen right in the middle of the screen panel. <br /> <p><br /> <p>7. Disconnect and remove the two antenna cables from the mini-PCI wireless card in the middle left of the keyboard and cables in the guide, take it to the computer. <br /> <p><br /> <p>8. Unzip the two screws on each hinge and lift the computer screen. <br /> <p><br /> <p>9. Remove the six rubber pads on the front panel display, and remove the screws under them. <br /> <p><br /> <p>10. Remove the display. <br /> <p><br /> <p>11. Unzip the two screws on each screen, internal hinges and remove the hinges of the screen. <br /> <p><br /> <p>12. Follow the procedure in reverse, with hinges to the new computer installation. Make sure you remove all the screws, so everything is nice and tight as the computer is assembled. <br />

on Jun 22, 2011 | PC Laptops

1 Answer

How to take apat laptop toshiba satellite p 305-s8822

first face the laptop downwards and remove the battery hard disk and memory from its compartment next remove all the screw the face the laptop up wards the near monitor above the key board you will see a plastic plate with power switch and all lift one side as it is a plastic locl and lift it upward fully also note there might be connector to the plate be careful while using the force the remove the cable to the lcd then remove the hinges screws the tilt the keyboard and remove the connector then remove all the connector you can see below the keybaord which is connected to the motherboard then tilt the laptop remove the back cover then remove all the connectors from the motherboard unscrew all the screws and also note to remove the heat sink then lift the motherboard to fix it back do it vice versa

Oct 01, 2011 | Toshiba PC Laptops

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I cannot find the memory slot to add extra ram into my asus x5dc

There are 4 screws on the rear(2 either side of the hinges),remove these screws.With the bottom of the laptop facing up then remove the battery cover(should already be removed along with power supply and battery),there should be 1 shorter screw in the corner of the battery compartment,remove this.The full bottom panel should be slid towards the rear just under an inch.The panel should then just lift of revealing the memory slots.Hope this helps.

Jul 27, 2011 | PC Laptops

2 Answers

I want to remove hard drive on a k40ij-d2 notebook

unscrew 4 screws on the back.<br /> remove battery cover, remove one screw there too.<br /> slide the bottom panal forward.<!-- from fixya rte -->

Aug 16, 2010 | ASUS K40 Notebook

3 Answers

My screen is loose, i would like to know how to tighten the screen..

You can take the laptop apart, and try to tighten the screws of the hinge. But i think the hinge is worn. You can try if the warranty covers it.

Good luck, and i hope this was helpful ;)

Apr 19, 2010 | Acer Aspire 5610-4648 Notebook

1 Answer

Replace laptop screen

STEP 1.:-Turn off the laptop and remove the battery.There are no screws securing the screen bezel. Start separating the screen bezel from the display cover with your fingers.
STEP 2.:-Continue removing the screen bezel on the top.
STEP 3.:Remove bezel from the hinges.
STEP 4.The screen bezel has been removed.
STEP 5.:Remove six screws securing the LCD screen assembly.
STEP 6.:-Separate LCD screen assembly from the display cover.
STEP 7.:-Place the LCD screen assembly face down on the keyboard. Now you can access the back side of the screen and disconnect cables.
STEP 8.:-Disconnect the video cable connector from the LCD screen controller board.
STEP 9.:-Parts of the video cable could be glued to the screen. Unglue the cable.
STEP 10.:-Disconnect cable from the inverter board.
STEP 11.Remove the LCD screen assembly.If you are replacing the LCD screen you’ll have to transfer mounting brackets from the old screen to a new one.

This will help. Thanks please keep updated.please do rate the solution positively .thank you for using fixya

Dec 23, 2009 | Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Pro V2010 Notebook

3 Answers


go to tech support and get something called a recovery disk it will cost you some money though and there could be other ways to

Jun 24, 2008 | Compaq Armada E500 Notebook

1 Answer

How do I swap screens in Gateway 9300 Solo computer?

Before opening the laptops try easy things like swapping the memory. Also remove all cards underneath the panels you can get to (wifi. modem, etc) The machine will boot with just RAM inside it. This includes swapping batteries wich can cause failure. If you tried swapping basic parts. Video card and screens are the next step.

Replace the video card and the screen in the machine that  runs:
First, you want to get the two apart, the screen can be removed by locating the covers inside the lid where the screen is. Usually rubber feet or disc shaped plastic that matches bezel texture. slowly remove screws, also the hinges must be removed. The covers for the hinges usually pop off or are held be a screw in the rear of the laptop. The ribbon cable follows all the way down to the motherboard through one of the hinges, there is a way to guid it out of the hinge area. If you get lucky the screen cable connects to a 
removable mini card which is your video card. The one with the 
white screen may have a bad video card.

Jan 06, 2008 | Gateway Solo 9300 Notebook

1 Answer

"Burned" DC in power adapter

hi there generally all laptops can be opened more or less in the same way first undo all screws in the back, next you need to remove the panel where the power button is most of them just unclip and come off easily using a flat screw driver, you'll probably find some more screws underneath,if the hinges covers are part of the panel they should come off with the panel if seperate just check for any screws if not they just unclip undo any further screws, next unscrew the keyboard, unplug it, unplug the mouse pad, then the top part of the laptop base should just lift easily, make sure you remove the battery before you start all this, any drives, hard drive, etc hope this would be of some help regards

Jun 21, 2007 | Sony VAIO GRX550 Notebook

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