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Installation windows xp emachine t5082

I have a emachine t5082, it came with vista which was way to slow.
I went to instal xp but on reboot boot i come up with the error saying error booting from cd/dvd drive, so i kept trying diffrent things and still nothing worked so i took the hard drive out and put it in my other computer and tried to instal xp. It correctly instaled but when i went to put the hard drive back in my emachine it still says the error code.
How do you instal windows xp on this emachine, this is a first for me, ive never run into a problem like this before and ive redid many computers.
Someone please help.

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  • grrsasquatch Dec 14, 2008

    I understand one cannot instal an os on one pc and get it to work on another.

    When i tried to instal it on the emachine t5082, as well booting from the cd i keep getting the error code cannot boot from cd/dvd drive.

    No matter what hard drive i use it still gives me the same error code.

    I have chenged the boot sequence to boot from the cd.

  • grrsasquatch Dec 14, 2008

    Well i have done that, i have taken three diffrent cd/dvd rom drives and i still get the same thing.

  • grrsasquatch Dec 15, 2008

    Im sorry Steve.

    Yes it does show ther is an xp cd loaded.

    Vista is no longer on the hard drive, ive reformated it sevreal times.

    The error code reads as is "error booting from cd/dvd drive contact and report the code 00400019

    I have went to this site and it shows it is no good.

    Thanks for helping.


  • grrsasquatch Dec 15, 2008


    I did delete all partions, i even did it a couple times thinking i wasnt doing something right.

    I have also tried to put in a new hard drive and i still get the same thing.

    I looked online at a couple spots and it said if i had a hard drive over 140 gig then it had to be partioned to have the root files on one drive and the os on the other so i have a 160 gig hard drive, i partioned it and made one 139 gig and i still get the same thing, even if i format the hard drive on the computer and then hook it up to the emachine and then try to install the os i get the same error code.

    One thing is funny though, i have a working os on the hard drive, when i install it on the emachine and boot it up i get the error code, but if i do an illegal shut down and when i go to reboot the pc it goes to the option of safe mode and so on and so forth.

  • grrsasquatch Dec 15, 2008

    Let me elaborate on the safe mode thing, when i try to go into safe mode the computer shuts down and restarts and i get the same thing.

  • grrsasquatch Dec 16, 2008


    I havent had time to work on the pc but i hope to get some time today.

    I most certainly will let you know the outcome.

    Hope to resolve the issue and be able to give a good report back.

    Thanks for your time Steve.


  • grrsasquatch Dec 21, 2008


    Ive tried the seagate disk wizard and that didnt help me, ive read the links you gave me but i cant figure out what is what in my bios, my motherboard is a intel d102ggc2.

    Also ive noticed that when i boot up and if i choose to hit the f10 button for boot option it also gives me realtek boot agent.

    I have tried that option but it wont let me do it, it asks for the floppy and there is none on stalled on thei computer so i downloaded it thinking i could put it on a cd and that didnt work.

    Anyway you could give me a run down and possibly 123 instructions.

    Sorry man im really lost on this one.


  • grrsasquatch Dec 21, 2008


    I looked at the bios and this is all i could find.


    Drive configuration Use Automatic Mode: enable/disable

    Use Serial ATA: enable/disable

    ATA/IDE Mode: enhanced/legacy

    S.M.A.R.T. : enable/disable

    Primary Channel: enable disable

    Hard Disk Pre Delay: 0

    I hope this helps you because im still so lost and yes frustrated, funny thing about it, its problay a easy fix.


  • grrsasquatch Dec 22, 2008


    I received the computer from a friend so i do not have any of the cd's that may have come with the computer.

    As far as any IDE hard drives isnt my seagate one, it has an ide cable and i have tried to change the settings that i can see but i do not see the sata settings anywhere, only the ones i mentioned before.

    I will keep trying but im at my wits end.

  • grrsasquatch Dec 23, 2008

    Well Steve the nubers that where given to me when i bought the pc from my buddy dont do me any good when i tried with the online tech support, basically they wont help me and said they want me to pay for the service.

    No what do i do?

  • grrsasquatch Dec 23, 2008


    When i went on line to the tech support live chat, i gave them the Vista key but they said they still didnt have a record of it and to call 877 721 7314, i have not called yet.

    I will go back and try again in the bios and i will let you know.



  • grrsasquatch Feb 04, 2009

    Sorry i have not been able to reply, lots going on.

    I was able to reinstall vista, i said never mind on the xp.

    Now i have run into the problem of my digital media manager and my usb ports are not working, i can only get one to work for me, ive unistalled and reinstalled everything i can think of and and still nothing.

    My digital media manager is a 15 in 1, thats all i know.

    Does anyone know how i can get them all to work, is there something in the bios or am i just getting the wrong driver or is it something else.

    Still frustrated...

  • grrsasquatch Feb 06, 2009

    Any one have an idea yet?

  • grrsasquatch Feb 08, 2009

    Yeah this is a wierd situation, i have 4 usb ports in the back and two up front along with the digital media manager as well as the mic jack and head phone jack up front, there is power to them all but i can only get the bottom 2.0 usb in the front to recognize anything i plug into it.

    Its also wierd cause my printer is plugged into the back usb and sends data but when i go to plug like my video camera in the back usp ports or the top front port it wont work nor will my wireless usb. Only the one usb 2.0 is working in the front.

    I also cannot get the digital media manager to work.

    I have tried getting the drivers but they still wont work, its like magor conflict somewhere.

    Everything worked fine before i reinstalled vista so i know my hardware is good.

  • Anonymous Mar 26, 2014

    is my t3302 capable of running Windows 8?


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You must find "eMachine" XP USB drivers for your computer.
If all USB support is "enabled" in BIOS, the conflict is with drivers.
XP is loaded with many generic drivers, however eMachines is proprietary and requires eMachine drivers for most on-board hardware.

Contact eMachines support to locate the drivers (if available).

Thanks for using FixYa - a FixYa rating is appreciated!

Posted on Feb 07, 2009

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I do not know if this will help or not. Just letting you know how eMachines does things. My eMachines single core was a good computer in it's day and still even now decent. (a T3265  is a 3200+/Athlon processor).. 
The problem i ran into lies in this fact - even though I have a 3 CD Windows XP installation package that came with the computer, I found out that part of the installation software resides on the hard drive. And in my WinXP re-installation process all 3 CDs get loaded but it freezes up after where name and description of the computer (or skip).. 
eMachines was nice enough to talk to me for free even though my 3 year extended warantee was long gone. Their conclusion was part of the hard drive was messed up that housed their software on it.
I then installed a legitimate Win 2000 copy (original CDs) and it works just fine. I now have a two operating system computer, where WinXP is just taking up space still unable to finish the install procedure if I try to go with that when booting up. 
So many friggin hours lost installing and reinstalling. Dumb way to do things, you'd think 3 CDs had all of the software needed (the Win 2000 Inow use on the computer is one CD).

Posted on Dec 27, 2008

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You cannot install XP on one computer and expect it to boot on another. Press F12 at boot to get a one time boot menu, choose cd as first boot, when it begins to boot you will get the message "Press an key to boot from cd", press any key and when the setup dialogue asks if you want to install or repair choose install. A list of partititions will be displayed, delete all of them or at least C:, then format C: and choose that formatted partition for Windows install.    If you run into any snags repost and I will help. Steve Medley

Posted on Dec 14, 2008

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  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Dec 14, 2008

    When you go to My Computer do you see the XP setup cd? If you don't and since your Windows cd booted from the other computer's cd drive I would take the time to swap out the cd drive.  Then you can determine whether it is the drive or a cable. 
      Since Vista is no longer on the disk drive you can eliminate that as preventing you from booting to your XP cd. Steve

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Dec 14, 2008

    You are my only eyes and I can only go by what you write so take a minute to tell me what I asked. You have not yet said what the My Computer's cd/dvd icon looks like -does it "see" that there is an XP cd loaded? Is Vista no longer on the hard drive? By error code what do you read -exactly? Imagine if you were trying to see what I am seeing on this computer, lol. Steve

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Dec 15, 2008

    Drew, that error message is not a Microsoft error message and means only one thing. Something is living in your hard drive still or somehow got into the firmware. When you reformatted the hard drive did you delete all partitions? A boot level virus can move to a sector of the hard drive that is not accessed by the normal format. Do you have another hard drive to put into the computer you are trying to access or a floppy drive? Steve

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Dec 15, 2008

    Then you have not deleted all partitions. If this is a Seagate you can download a boot floppy or a bootable cd to use their drive manager to access the whole drive. In setup make sure that the hard drive is set for LBA in the  hard drive setup. If you have any other brand hard drive there still will be a drive manager you can get If the cd on the other computer is still working with the "bad" hard drive then I am confused too, lol but if it will allow you to start the XP install do that and make sure that there are no partitions still there and delete all of them. When you delete all of them you will need the drive manager to access all of the 160GB. This is a boot sector virus if you are sure there are no partitions remaining. Another thing you can do is make a boot antivirus floppy like from CA if you have a floppy or even a usb thumbdrive to boot from. Steve

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Dec 15, 2008

    Sorry if you are getting frustrated but on the positive side you will come away learning a lot more! All problems are simple after you find the solution, right? I've been doing this since 1975 and still find new twists and turns thanks to the jerks that create these bugs. Steve

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Dec 15, 2008

    Drew, may have the solution for you and it is news to me! Go to BIOS and disable AHCI -it is used for SATA but XP cannot handle it resulting in a no boot from cd or blue screen!

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Dec 15, 2008

    Drew, I was about to read this article while I was probing you for info. When I finally read it I was blown away. It describes your problem! Here it is so you can just follow the instructions to downgrade to xp and how to get the cd to boot:) Steve

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Dec 15, 2008

    Well Drew, are you still there? Steve

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Dec 15, 2008

    Oh Drewwwwww, I at least deserve to know the outcome~~~~~

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Dec 21, 2008

    Drew if you are satisfied with my solution please leave a rating as that is what we consider a reward for free solutions:) Thanks, Steve

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Dec 21, 2008

    The Realtek boot agent is a network boot -only works if you are booting via a LAN (network). You said that you cannot figure out what is in the bios. That is where this problem is. If you don't see AHCI then look for TPM and disable that. If you look at the SATA settings AHCI should be an option. Did you have a manual for this eMachine? If so then the BIOS settings will be listed -the manual is not available on the web site. You are my only eyes so scour the BIOS settings for that AHCI and TPM setting. An angry cybermob says they get no help for retrograding to XP from eMachine and want to sue: It is a shame. I met the new president of EMachines in Hawaii and he assured me that eMachine was going to get better when he took over. I hope Obama does better than he has. Post back, Steve

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Dec 21, 2008

    Before I ask you to jump through any more hoops I will contact eMachines to see what the devil they have to say about the almost complete lack of information they provide and I will see if I can get an idea of what your mobo looks like.
       I think that the problem is that AHCI setting which may be disguised as the Auto Mode for Drive Configuration. You might try to change that setting as you can't hurt anything and don't even need a drive to return to setup. If you have any IDE hard drives you might try that with SATA disabled. The article from Maximum PC I sent you hits the nail on the head here but with their computer they had a sane bios setup. I will also check Phoenix, the BIOS maker to see if they have any info about eMachines proprietary madness. I will help you until I find this as I am sure that it is like you said -a simple fix. They all are once you find the problem.
      Did you have a manual? Are there connectors for IDE drives? Also there is a free online chat tech support on their website but according to one of those angry mob posts they said that the tech was no help and even got testy, lol. I bet he was with all of the **** that they have done to frustrate their own customers.
      One last thing you might do is try to run the restore disk you should have received with the eMachine to see if you can reinstall Vista. The bootable restore disk should load all of the drivers and allow a reinstall. That would also confirm that it is XP not being able to enable the cd/dvd drive without a BIOS setting change. Steve

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Dec 22, 2008

    I see that you use the term "friend" loosely, lol. You must have a friend with a Vista cd somehere. See if you can borrow one as the Vista cd product key should be still on the case you have. The serial number for the eMachine is required for tech support questions so I couldn't go there. Steve

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Dec 23, 2008

    Is there a Microsoft sticker on the top or side of the case that has the product key for Vista on it? It is called the Certificate Of Authentication (COA) and if you have that you can use that key with any Vista Home or whichever version of Vista that it came with. I don't know why your friend would have kept it since those eMachine recovery disks only work for eMachines anyway. You can use any retail copy of Vista that you can borrow.
      I just noticed that you said that your hard drive is an IDE. Is the cd/dvd also an IDE?  If so disable the SATA as you aren't using a SATA drive and toggle the IDE setting between Enhanced and Legacy starting with using Enhanced first.

      I will still pursue the issue with eMachine as they are setting a bad precedent for service and should be called on it like so many eMachine owners are doing. Steve

  • Stephen Medley
    Stephen Medley Dec 27, 2008

    Thanks Dennis, shows that eMachine does bear the cross of their OEM developer's incompetence. Steve


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Have you tried changing the boot sequence in the bios?

Posted on Dec 14, 2008

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I'm a bit confused....did you have all four of these in the ACER and are trying to put the 2x1GB into the Emachine? And that the 2x1 GB wouldn't work in the Emachine but they did in the ACER and that the 2x512 Acer cards worked in the emachine?

If that is what happened here is my best guess. The ACER MOBO will support 533/667/800 MHZ DDR2 RAM. The Emachine will only support 533 RAM. Iys possible the 2x1GB are either 667 or 800 MHZ and are not compatible with the Emachine but will work in the ACER.

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A lot of ram memory manufacturers, state you can use DDR2 at 667MHz. (PC2-5300)

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If you have the windows XP or Vista CD that came along with the system. Kindly insert the disk and restart your computer it should fix the issue .
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This is the link to the manufacturer's website and the Vista drivers for that model.

The network is a Realtek 8139, which Vista should automatically install, but using the manufacturer's recommended drivers might be the best thing.

The T-5082 does have a few expansion slots for a new modem or network card.

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