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Reaching birdman enemy

During what i thjink is the first level.i've managed to defeat birdman wallwalking and jumping from pillar to pillar,but cant work out how to get to higher platform where birdman is now,which is directly above.,the closest point i can get.please help.thanks

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  • Anonymous Jan 25, 2009

    i have the same problem,i cant defeat the birdman
    anybody hepl please


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Try to keep him away from the walls otherwise you will have a harder time
attacking him. Do the same as you did previously until you finally defeat

9. Wall run up to the button on the wall to the right and go into the gate
that opened up.


Note: If you have the Crowmasters sword you can make quick work of the
minions in this next room attack them with secondary attack (with triangle)

10. Wall run to the curtain to your right and it will automatically slide you
down it when you touch it. Fight or avoid the minions here. Face the wall
that you came down and climb up onto the stone slab behind you. Run up the
pillar to your left and then shimmy left. Climb up onto the ledge you reach.
Follow this walkway straight and then to the right. Wall run along the wall
to your left over the doorway and you should land on a narrow ledge. Drop
down (Circle) and shimmy to your left. When you reach the end drop down
(Circle) twice. Follow the walkway behind you and wall run along the wall to
the right to get over the gap. Go through the doorway up ahead and go to your
left. Be sure you have collected all the Artwork and picked up all the
weapons you could to add to your weapons gallery before continuing on because
you don't want to come back through this portal again (I say this mainly
because I have noticed that the game tends to get kind of glitchy when you go
back through a portal that you really didn't need to go back through). Follow
this path through a doorway of water. Use the fountain in this room to
heal/save and then go farther into the room.

Posted on Dec 14, 2008

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This is a faq that u will find interesting......the writer has done a pretty good job.....u will find ur gaming tips in here,.......... that helped!

Posted on Jul 09, 2009

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. Level select and bonus content.

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    How to get past levels

    You can stack the two movable statues by moving one to the upper level using the elevator and pushing it onto the other one. You can then use this pillar to reach the wall.

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    I need to know if there are any codes to beat the boss nevan in devil may cry 3? she is hard please help me thank you!

    While Nevan is hard, she is not impossible to beat. When Nevan 1: Shoots bats... you must Jump or roll out of the way.
    2: when the blades rise... Run away.
    3: When there is electricity... Jump and shoot with Ivory and Ebony (your guns)
    4:When the electric lines come into play, jump and shoot.
    5: When Nevan surrounds herself with Black Blades.. Stay away from her but close enough to attack once they retract as she is vunerable.
    6: When Nevan tries to kiss you, jump and shoot don't let her catch you, if she does, enter Devil Trigger Mode to escape faster. Keep repeating these and you should be able to defeat her, just takes a little patience.

    Aug 02, 2009 | Capcom Devil May Cry 3 for PlayStation 2

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    We cant figure out how to use lightning

    press damages enemies around you...or maybe you're out of magic

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    2nd battle of sisters of fate(god of war 2)

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + B O S S + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + B A T T L E + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    > > L A H K E S I S & A T R O P I S < <

    Like I said, this is one hell of a battle!

    >> Attacks (Atropos):

    - Energy Shot: Atropos will fire a green energy shot towards Kratos. It
    follows him a bit, but not as bad as the last round.
    + How to avoid: Roll or deflect.


    - Energy Beam: Atropos will start from one side and fire out an energy beam
    then move it horizontally over the floor of the whole room.
    + How to avoid: Jump (double jump) or grapple. You can also stand by the wall
    closest to her mirror on the opposite side of whatever side that she fires
    the beam from. For instance, if she starts from the left, stand on the far
    right side closest to the mirror.

    Now Kratos is back in the Temple of the Fates with Lahkesis. Atropos is
    trapped in another time where the past Kratos is about to defeat Ares. Atropos
    can still attack during this battle however. She will be able to get half of
    herself through the mirror and will shoot energy shots and fire a beam.
    Atropos will retreat back into the mirror each time Kratos approaches the
    mirror that she is attacking from. You can also deflect her energy shot back
    at her to make her instantly retreat.

    Lahkesis will have the same exact attacks as the last fight for this battle,
    but she will alternate between flying and simply floating near the ground. You
    need to go after Lahkesis first of all. Use Cronos' Rage to put a constant
    hurt on her and do not let up with your attacks. Her life range for stunning
    her is much shorter during this battle compared to the last. She will
    eventually fall to the ground and lean over after taking enough damage. Notice
    how her forehead glows at that time.

    Quickly use the Amulet of the Fates as Lahkesis falls to the ground to slow
    time and find the mirror that Atropos is hanging out of. Run toward the mirror
    and attack Atropos as much as you can. She will fall over to the ground after
    enough attacks and will retreat into the mirror at it cracks. Use constant
    attacks once time resumes while the mirror is cracked to shatter the mirror
    permanently. Fail to break the mirror in time and it will renew itself and you
    will need to go through the whole sequence again.

    Lahkesis will attack once again as the mirror breaks. Go back to wearing
    Lahkesis down once again until she falls then quickly use the Amulet of the
    Fates and find Atropos' mirror once again.

    >> Attacks (after 2 mirrors are destroyed):

    - Energy Pillars: Lahkesis summons electricity all around her then releases it
    in flying pillars toward Kratos.
    + How to Avoid: Stand between the waves.


    - Energy Gust: Lahkesis summons electricity around her that will stay for a few
    + How to Avoid: Stay away from her immediate area.

    Once there is only one mirror left, Lahkesis will float over to it and stand in
    front of it to protect the mirror. She will perform a few new attacks at this
    time in an effort to guard the final mirror. Atropos will not attack at all
    during this phase. Be sure to roll away from Lahkesis when she unleashes an
    energy gust around her and it starts to stack up into pillars. She will
    unleash several energy pillars at that time and you must stand in between them
    in order to avoid them. She will also still shoot her energy shots, but she
    will shoot more of them at a time. Reflect her energy shots from a distance to
    help out in damaging her.

    Lay out Cronos' Rage orbs near her and attack her from about mid range just in
    case she performs her energy pillar move. You can also stand at a distance, in
    between the waves, and fire Typhon's Bane - she will shoot energy shots at you
    if you do this, but you can always deflect them. Once she falls, she will have
    an icon over her head, so quickly tap the O button to start the Action

    * Action Sequence *
    * Kratos leans toward her and picks up her staff then [LEANS BACK] and hits *
    * her on the back with it while she tries to get up. Kratos picks her up *
    * and throw her to the middle of the room. Atropos crawls out from the *
    * mirror behind Kratos and grabs him. Lahkesis recovers then readies her *
    * staff. Kratos [NOTICES] the attack and quickly breaks out of Atropos' *
    * grip and grapples to the side grapple point as Lahkesis flies toward *
    * Atropos and stabs her with the staff. Kratos [SWINGS] toward Lahkesis *
    * and grabs her then holds her and [STABS] her directly in the forehead *
    * with his blade. Kratos pulls out his blade then pushes her into the *
    * mirror to join her sister. *

    Now that both sisters are in the mirror, you must break it to end the fight.
    The interesting aspect about this part of the battle is that you can take all
    the time you want to gloat in your victory before breaking the mirror. The
    mirror is broken and they cannot fix it. Go get yourself a soda and take a
    restroom break while the game remains unpaused then come back and shatter the
    mirror to end the battle.

    Fun Fact: You can still use the Amulet of the Fates while the two are trapped
    in the mirror. Time will instantly resume, but it still amuses me that it
    actually works at that point.

    Mar 16, 2009 | Sony God of War 2

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    My daughter has the Bolt Game for PS2. She is in

    I think this is the same problem my son had. Do the enemies just keep coming?
    Here's the solution.
    After building up enough combos you get a lightning bolt in a yellow circle on the screen. Press down the top of both the analog sticks and before the countdown runs out do a superbark (L2) while facing the far wall. the wall collapses and you can progress!

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    Red dwarf peak and edmund in the lion the witch and the wardrobe

    Look for a strange rock. Once you've found it, play the panpipes to see a
    red magical note, which will reveal a statue [1]. In front of this statue
    there is another one [2]. Keep on walking until you reach the frozen lake.
    Here go left and hit the small frozen waterfall until you destroy it. Have
    Lucy go through the hole to reveal a statue with a platform above, which
    contains a shield (1) and a statue [3], and then have Lucy return to where
    the rest of the children are.

    To the right and downwards there is a statue [4]. Then have Peter hit the
    tree to the right. After your halfway done some dwarves will appear. Switch
    to Susan and shoot them. Go back to Peter and keep on hitting the tree to
    destroy it, and then proceed to the next area.

    -o- Checkpoint -o-

    A scene will start, and once it's finished you'll encounter more Ghouls.
    First I must warn you of the eagle; it will drop rocks into the ice that
    will not only hit you, but may create a hole in the ice (if you fall through
    it you will lose).

    Down and to the right is a statue [5], and in the center (also in the lower
    part) is a shield (2). Go to the middle of this area and play the panpipes
    to reveal two notes. One will yield a shield (3), while the other will make
    the enemies fall asleep. There's a dwarf in the back, which you should kill,
    and then shoot the barrels to its right to get a shield (4). To the right of
    those barrels is a statue [6]. On the ice and a bit to the back is the last
    statue in this area [7]. Now go to the tree trunk that's blocking the path
    and Team Up Lucy with Susan to destroy the ice blocks on its front. Then
    have Peter destroy it.

    -o- Checkpoint -o-

    As is usual, a scene will be triggered. Before actually fighting, there are
    some new upgrades available. Susan's Fast Reload and Peter's Lion's Claw are
    very effective during fights.

    Start off by switching to Susan and shooting the rocks to the left of the
    Ogres. The rocks will fall and take out the Ogres. If you can manage to hit
    the rocks to the right of the Ogres you will be able to block the path that
    the Boggles are using, but it is slightly difficult to actually aim at them.
    Anyway, if you feel the need, you can play Susan's panpipes in the center
    of this area to sleep all of the enemies.

    Go down and shoot the barrels to obtain a shield (5). Switch to Peter and
    hit the tree trunk blocking the path until it sets on fire. Have Susan throw
    snowballs at it (She'll throw them if she is aiming at the tree trunk,
    instead of shooting arrows). Then switch back to Peter and continue hitting
    the tree.

    An Ogre will eventually surface. The best thing to do is to play the
    panpipes to make all of the enemies fall asleep, and then deal with the
    tree trunk to the right until you destroy it.

    -o- Checkpoint -o-

    A scene will start. It appears that a sledge is chasing you, and the counter
    on the upper part of the screen shows how much time you have left. It's
    impossible to fall from this piece of ice that you are on, so you can kill
    the Ghouls without worrying. Hit the statue that's up [8], and once you kill
    all of the Ghouls a piece of ice will float to the right, connecting where
    you are with the area to the right. Switch to Lucy and have her connect the
    blue sections of ice in the new area, until she has created a continuous

    -o- Checkpoint -o-

    Kill more Ghouls. Remember to grab the timers that give you more time. In
    the upper part you'll find two statues [9, 10]. Once the Ghouls stop
    appearing a piece of ice will float to the right, and you'll have to use
    Lucy again to find all of the blue sections of ice.

    -o- Checkpoint -o-

    Here you'll encounter a lot of enemies, including Minoboars for the first
    time. Hit the statue that's up [11], and the one that's down [13]. Then use
    Susan to shoot the barrels on the platform with the dwarves to obtain a
    Shield (6). After this, play your panpipes in the lower area to reveal a
    magical note that gives you a shield (7). Once you kill all of the enemies
    you will finish the level.


    II.09 - The Great River


    First of all, use Susan to destroy the explosive barrels, so that you don't
    get hurt. Then play the horn (same as the panpipes) to reveal a magical
    note that contains a shield (1). Now go all the way to the left to find two
    statues [1, 2]; you'll have to get there by walking where the ice isn't

    Dec 04, 2008 | Buena Vista Games Chronicles of Narnia:...

    1 Answer

    Help with a level on Spongebob sqare pants the movie on ps2

    You will play as Sponge Bob. Neptune will start by shooting streams
    of goo at you. Jump over them quickly while turning the tables in
    the spotlight by hitting them. Once in awhile, Neptune will get
    angry and you will go into his point of view while he is using his
    trident as a sniper. Turn any tables that are unturned and hide
    behind the frozen Mr. Krabs. The beam will reflect on the tables and
    daze Neptune. Then, hit him with a Sonic Wave Guitar and he will
    wake up. The battle remains the same until you get into the yellow
    part of his health, where he uses a merry-go-round like laser beam. In the red part, he will smash the floor and send out shock pulses
    while enemies attack you.

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    God of war 2: challenge of the titans mode

    For this battle, equip Euryale's head and freeze the Cyclops first (so
    he doesn't distract you). Freeze the other two enemies and then shatter
    them to get the bonus. Now attack the Cyclops and grab that eye!

    NOTE: You can replay this challenge to gain more Cyclops Eyes! Gain
    20 eyes to unlock a special costume!

    The best weapon to use is either the Athena Blades or the Spear Of
    Destiny. For the spear, use the Triangle + Triangle combo to toss an
    enemy into the air and attack them. Try to avoid fighting the bigger
    enemies and focus on the smaller ones.

    You can only toss the satyrs, soldiers, and gorgons into the air! You
    can't fling the berserkers or minotaurs into the air so don't even try!

    Equip the Barbarian hammer and Euryale's head. Use the Super Gaze
    attack (L2 Button + Triangle) on each enemy and then pound on them with
    a hard attack with the hammer to shatter them. Use the Fleece to defend
    from the other gorgons!

    This is a very lengthy challenge. The translator sits on a glowing
    circle. Every 30-35 seconds, the circle will move to a different area
    and you MUST move him towards the circle's new location or he will
    start to lose health. As for the enemies, abuse the Amulet and pound
    all of them with your hardest combos until the game says you are done.


    This is also a very lengthy challenge. Your health will continually
    decrease throughout the challenge and you gotta keep the dead bodies
    flowing (sort of like Shinobi). Survive the onslaught to complete the

    Hopefully you've perfected the art of countering with the Fleece
    because there's no other way to complete this challenge! Keep your
    distance from the petrified minotaur and pound combos onto the other
    enemies. You MUST kill the priests or else the challenge won't end!

    Once all the other enemies are gone, deal with the minotaur and kill
    him with a fatality!

    Jul 20, 2008 | Sony God of War 2

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