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D20 Diode value on Motherboard.

Hi folks. On the M/B, bottom of the connector where the power switch daughterboard plugs to the M/B, is a burned diode, with a pc board trace id of D20. Does anyone know what value this diode is? I can R&R, but it would be nice to have a value for this part... Also, if anyone knows what might cause this fried condition, that would be helpful too. I have a new power jack I will put on if I can figure out and replace the diode. Probably got fried from a shorted least that's the theory. I have a nice close up pic if there is a way to post that here... SetiRich!

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Re: D20 Diode value on Motherboard.

Contact Dell support. Tell them that you were told by a tech (that has repaired many of these problems) that you believe you have a motherboard with leaky capacitors (do not mention the burnt out diode, just tell then it no longer boots). After much interaction with Dell technicians, it turns out that dell has extended the motherboard warranties of most of their PC's including laptops. I know of two people so fat that have had Dell warranty repairs done, even though the system was out of warranty. Once they hear "leaky capacitors" they will advise you that even though your unit is out of warranty, they will replace it. Hope that helps! Best regards

Posted on May 04, 2007

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VPCF13CGX battery issue

It may hardware problem the connector in between the battery and laptop may damaged

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Not start the OS

This is the Notebook PC category.

Posting, "....and the VoltageS are correctly on the power supply.....makes me think we are talking about a Desktop PC here.

3.3 Volts
5 Volts
12 Volts (All DC)

Green color LED (Light Emitting Diode) referred to, is the motherboard power LED.

All the power cables from the Power Supply, plugged into the motherboard?




What are the voltages of the SMPS?

Post back in a Comment as to the computer manufacturer name, and model number. (Plus questions I asked)

Found on the back for a desktop computer, usually next to the Windows product key; or up on the side of the computer tower (Case)
I have seen some models (Dell) that there is a small front door you open, and the model number is down towards the bottom, on the inside. (Of computer, not door)

While I wait for your reply, in the meantime unplug the power cable to the optical drive (CD/DVD drive), and the harddrive.
Remove the Ram Memory.

Plug the computer back into power. Motherboard LED light on?
We are removing some devices that require power, to see if the motherboard LED power light comes on.

Hold the phone..............or are you referencing to the Green LED light that is on the back of the Power Supply?

Scroll down a little to the photo. That Green LED light?


Dec 17, 2012 | PC Laptops

1 Answer

My toshiba l300 freezes or switches off when i plug in ok on battery tho! ???

Suggest laptop has a problem with Power MOSFETs in the power section area of the motherboard, and/or MLCC ceramic capacitors that are nearby the Power MOSFETs.


Here's an example of the DC Power Harness;

[DC Power Jack is the jack on the laptop, that you plug the AC adapter (Charger) into.

For your model the DC Power Jack, is connected to wires that end in a plug. (Harness)
The plug plugs into a small white connector on the motherboard.
The DC Power Jack itself sits in a channel, along the outside edge of the Base Enclosure. (Bottom Cover) ]

Toshiba Equium L300 series of Notebook PC, motherboard general example; Top and Bottom views,

Scroll down to the Yellow 'frame', and click on the first photo shown,
[ Original Part - ebid-deaklz ]

Look at the Top Right corner, and at the mounting hole.
There is a aluminum looking cylindrical metal spacer below it.
To the bottom left of that cylindrical metal spacer is a white connector for a plug.

The plug to the DC Power Harness.
This is the power section.
Note the Power MOSFETs on the motherboard.

One to the immediate bottom right, of the white motherboard connector mentioned above, one above to the top left of the white connector, and close to the outside edge of the motherboard.

This is a general example of a Power MOSFET used in this type of application, and used in a LOT of laptops; (Not indicating this model is what your motherboard power section uses),

Note the eight J-leads used on both sides. (4 per side)

More information using HP Pavilion dv6000 series, and Pavilion dv9000 series Notebook PC's, as an example,

Note the second photo down with the Alpha and Omega Semiconductor - AO4407 - Power MOSFET, circled in Yellow;

To the immediate right of the AO4407 is a small rectangular object, with a dark wide band in the middle.
This is a Ceramic Capacitor.
(Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor, and Surface Mount Device;

There is one above it, one above that, and one to the right of the top one.

Now go back to the Top View photo in the Ebay link, and view the Power MOSFETs around the white connector, on the motherboard, for the DC Power Harness.
Also the MLCC ceramic capacitors.

If you see obvious signs of damage to the Power MOSFETs, or ceramic capacitors, such as burning, blistering, or blackening, they need to be replaced.

Or replace the motherboard.

In reality you do not know if the repairs you made 'will stay'.
Already burned out electronic components you replaced, may have taken out other components, or weakened them.

More logical is to replace motherboard, unless you are fine with opening the laptop back up again, and replacing the motherboard the second time around.

If you do wish to attempt repair, Power MOSFETs are about a dollar (USD), and ceramic capacitors range around 52 cents to 80 cents.

Take the Fairchild Semiconductor International - FDS6679 - Power MOSFET, for an example,

(Scroll down)



For additional questions please post in a Comment.


Oct 16, 2012 | Toshiba PC Laptops

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Have it checked in service. This could shortcircuit the display and burn it

Oct 12, 2012 | HP Hewlett-Packard Compaq 8710w Mobile...

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Need a HP Pavillion a1514n wiring diagram

Not a problem, Dawn.

HP Support > Pavilion a1514n desktop computer > Main page,

Product information > Product specifications > Motherboard specifications, RC410-M (Asterope 2)

Scroll down to the motherboard illustration, and motherboard photo under it.

A) 24-pin ATX main power cable:

Look to the right of the Ram Memory slots, DIMM 1 and DIMM 2.
Look at the rectangle with ATXPWR1

Scroll down a little to the motherboard photo.
To the right of the black Ram Memory slots, with the white Locks on each end, is the 24-pin ATX main power cable connector on the motherboard.

Whitish connector with 24 socket holes. Two columns of 10 socket holes.
This is an example of an average 24-pin ATX main power cable, and it's respective connector on the motherboard,

[Note* Color of connectors does NOT matter ]

Note the power cable connector in the middle photo, and the photo to the far right with the power cable plugged into the motherboard.

Note the Lock on the side.
The Lock has a hooked end that goes over a tab, on the motherboard's connector.
The Lock operates like a see-saw on a playground.

Squeeze the top of the Lock in, to bring the hooked end away from the tab on the motherboard connector, when removing the power cable.
When the power cable is plugged into the motherboard correctly, and properly, the Lock will be locked over the tab.

B) 4-pin ATX +12 Volt power cable:

The Processor socket is represented by LGA775.
To the left of it is ATX12V

In the motherboard photo it is the square whitish 4-socket hole connector, to the bottom left corner of the Processor socket.

This is a general example of a 4-pin ATX +12 Volt power cable, and it's respective connector on the motherboard,

Note that it has a Lock also.

That's it for power cables that plug into the motherboard.

Product specifications specifies that the harddrive is a SATA unit.
It uses a SATA power cable from the Power Supply,

Note that a SATA power cable's connector has 15-pins, and has the longer connector when compared to the SATA data cable.
The SATA data cable's connector has 7-pins.

Example of a SATA data cable, it's connector, and matching connector on the motherboard,

Note the SATA data cable connector, and it's matching connector on the motherboard have an L-shape key.
So does the SATA power cable, and whatever it plugs into.
(Harddrive / Optical Drive )

This is an example of a 4-pin standard Peripheral power cable.
Has been misnomered as a 'Molex' power cable,

IF, your SATA harddrive has a provision for a SATA power cable, AND a 4-pin Peripheral power cable, ONLY use just the SATA power cable.
Using both will burn up the SATA harddrive.
(Maybe not right away, but I assure you it WILL happen)

Do not use just a 4-pin Peripheral power cable on a SATA harddrive.
NOT enough power.

The Optical drive (DVD burner) is not stated whether it is a SATA unit, or IDE. (PATA)
If it is an IDE (PATA( unit it will use a 4-pin Peripheral power cable

It will also use a 40-pin flat ribbon data cable,

[May be 39 holes with 1 hole blocked off ]

CPU_FAN on the motherboard up above, and to the right of the Ram Memory slots, is where the Processor fan plugs into.

SYS_FAN below the processor socket, and to the right of ATX12V connector on motherboard, is for a computer case fan.

A computer case fan can also use a 4-pin standard Peripheral power cable, with an adapter cable, or may use a 4-pin small Peripheral power cable,

This power cable is also used for a Floppy Drive, and for newer computers is used on a Card Reader.

For additional questions please post in a Comment.


Sep 24, 2012 | PC Laptops

1 Answer

Remove ribbon cable

1) Don't know of any daughterboard Donald.

( A Daughterboard connects to the Motherboard, as an extension of the motherboard. Components plug into the daughterboard as they would the motherboard )

That is a USB/ Audio/ Ethernet board,

2) The cables are FFC. Flat Flex Cable,

The connector/s on the motherboard are a style of ZIF connector.

The bottom of the rectangular connector is the BODY.
The top of the connector is the Locking Bar.

The Locking Bar wedges the Flat Flex Cable in place.

I HOPE you unlocked the Keyboard's Flat Flex Cable, BEFORE pulling on the cable!

The white tabs of the Locking Bar are just barely visible on each side, of that Keyboard FFC.
They are eased up with the thumbnails.

The Locking Bar DOES NOT COME OFF of the Body, or one of them is broken. If so, I hear the motherboard will skip off of water, REAL GOOD!
Or can be used for a one-way Frisbee.

The FFC's that go over the Harddrive, have a different style of ZIF connector, on the USB board.

The Black rectangular tab Locking Bar, flips up. Break the hinge pins, or the Locking Bar hinge areas, and use the motherboard for a Frisbee.

For additional questions please post in a Comment.


Sep 13, 2012 | ASUS Eee PC Netbook

2 Answers

I have an acer aspire 7736z laptop and the power doesn't turn on, I tried to remove battery nd plugging power supply then hold power button for 30 seconds and still nothing works

Bottom Line the manual says if the light to not come on when cord is bluged in battery out get a new motherboard. You may also hear a slight ticking like a clock tick.. The Issue is the U58 chip on bottom side of motherboard burns out. sometimes takes out U63, U59 and U64 are same corresponding chip and can fail as well at worst case... Usually just is a 4812 chip you can get for a few cents...I heard how ever if you replace U58 and think U59 with the U63 chip a 4800IC chip the issue goes away... Trying to confirm... Until I confirm recomend either new mother board or correct U58 chips 4812..mosfet n channel..

Jun 15, 2011 | PC Laptops

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What if the power ic of philips freevents x60 was burned?is it repairable? the value of the power ic cannot be recognized. is there a way to find what value it is?how?

1.If the power IC is burned, it isn't the only IC that's going to be defective now. Kind of like a 'domino effect'.

2.It isn't a simple fix, of just un-soldering a component from a motherboard, when dealing with a laptop motherboard. All motherboards are built in layers, (Desktop and Laptop), but laptop motherboards are even more layered.
(Scroll down to the heading -> Lamination, then read the entire article. Also check the links at the bottom)

This means the actual circuit trace may be between layers. (Circuit trace. The thin strip of copper, left behind after the Printed Circuit Board is etched)
You won't be able to un-solder it without burning the board, (Motherboard, or also called PCB), and re-soldering is twice as tough.

You need a reflow machine, high magnification, a precise soldering station, and highly developed soldering skills.
Not trying to ruin your day, or offend your computer repair skills.

Replacing the motherboard may be the only viable option. Check Ebay-> Computers and Networking>PC Components>For Laptops and Notebooks.
Also > Laptops for Parts.

You have seen that this IC is burned? I ask because the X35, and X55, had a bad problem with the On/Off switch going bad.

Aug 06, 2009 | PC Laptops

1 Answer

The wrong power cord was attached and now it wont do anything i think its burned out

Most likely it's just a power regulating diode on motherboard right next to DC connector, that burned out. Minor repair, but expansive.

Apr 18, 2009 | Gateway MT3705 Notebook

2 Answers

Power problem

There is no exact name for this main board. All you need to know when replacing the main board is that the Insp 1100 and The Insp 1150 main board will fit. If you are going to change out the board, I suggest going with the board from an Inspiron 1150, it is an upgrade for the Insp 1100, and has built in wireless.

Sep 02, 2008 | Dell Inspiron 1100 Notebook

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