Question about D-Link RangeBooster G WBR-2310 Wireless Router (WBR2310)

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Wireless connection keeps dropping after about a day.

After about a day of uptime, the wireless connection drops, and wireless devices report that the connection has "limited or no connectivity". All wired connections continue to work fine.

My router details:
Hardware version A1, firmware version 1.05

Here are my network settings:
DHCP server is enabled, range: 100 to 254

My desktop and my PS3 are my only wired devices and both have assigned IP addresses, the latter is necessary for NAT Type 2 for online play.

My advanced network settings:
UPnP enabled: CHECKED
WAN Ping respond enabled: CHECKED
WAN Port speed: 10/100Mbps Auto
Enable gaming mode: UNCHECKED
Enable multicast streams: UNCHECKED

Here are my wireless settings:
Enable Wireless : CHECKED
Wireless Channel : 11
Enable Auto Channel Scan : NOT CHECKED
Super G Mode : Super G without Turbo
Enable Extended Range Mode : NOT CHECKED
802.11g Only Mode : NOT CHECKED
Enable Hidden Wireless : NOT CHECKED (Also called the SSID Broadcast)

Security is set to WEP (for my Nintendo DS to use), but could be changed to WPA.

My advanced wireless settings:
TX Rates : Auto
Transmit Power: 100%
Beacon interval : 100 (msec, range:20~1000, default:100)
RTS Threshold : 2346 (range: 256~2346, default:2346)
Fragmentation : 2346 (range: 1500~2346, default:2346, even number only)
DTIM interval : 1 (range: 1~255, default:1)
Preamble Type : Short Preamble
CTS Mode : Auto
WMM Function: Disable

Most used wireless devices are my Wii and my laptop,both only stays connected for about a day.

Usually, I can tell that the wireless is dropped because the second light from the left, the "Wireless Transmission" light, stops blinking and stays constant on. Other times it's just off. In either case the wireless connection is dropped.

To restart the wireless, I just power cycle the router, but after a day or a bit more it drops again. This has been going for the past month or so, and I got this router up and running around February or March of 2008.

I can't seem to find anyone with a similar problem through Google, so hopefully someone can help.

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  • n_guye_n Nov 25, 2008

    I should've been clearer, sorry about that. I'm using Comcast Cable internet. Just their basic plan. I'm also using their basic TV cable service, not digital cable. So it's all the same cable wire going to my TVs and my cable modem. This modem is provided by Comcast, and the router is connected straight into it. I know there are issues with Comcast and people using routers, but that mostly happens with Linksys routers, which I've had in the past. It was an old non-wireless router, and I decided to switch to wireless when I got the Wii and my laptop, so I got the D-link thinking the Comcast service would play nicer with that brand. So far my wired connection is fine. Even when the wireless is down my wired devices are still connected.

  • Anonymous Nov 27, 2008

    I have the exact same problem that you are describing.
    This router worked flawlessly for almost a year and is now behaving in the same manner.
    wired connection works fine.
    wireless works for about a day then I cannot reconnect. Leaving a wireless connection on for about a day and the connection becomes "limited".

  • goroyals_kc Dec 13, 2008

    I have the exact same problem. It all started after I installed the 1.05 firmware update. Now my laptop will see my SIDD for about a day and then it disappears. I have to reboot the router and after that the signal is back and I can reconnect.

  • bigoreo Dec 15, 2008

    Add me up to the list of people with the same problem, exactly as described.

    I also have the 1.05 firmware but i dont know if the problem only occured after the update. If its their firmware doing this how about they fix it and issue another firmware update?
    Anyone tried going back to an older version firmware and see if that helps?

  • Anonymous Dec 16, 2008

    I seem to be experiencing the same problem. I'm using Clearwire, so I assumed that was the problem, but perhaps not...

  • peacock4208 Dec 21, 2008

    I have the same problem with my wbr-2310 dropping wireless connections almost nightly, and am running firmware 2.01, and on a cable connection.

    Has anyone fixed this issue yet?

  • dellybelly Dec 24, 2008

    Same problem here; mine seems to occur with heavier data traffic such as bit torrent and things like streaming from my TVersity server. I'm on 1.05 as well and can't say I have found a solution yet.

    Today, i have tried disabling uPNP today to see if that helps as recommended on another board.

  • Anonymous Dec 29, 2008

    Yep, I have the exact same problem. Wifi connection drops daily and I have to reboot the router to get the wifi going again. It's not a internet connection problem cause the wired computer keeps their connections. Neither is it a overload issue since it looses it's connection overnight when the computers arent used.

    I tried a couple of things and it didnt change anything, I think all we can do is wait for Dlink to come up with a solution, be it a firmware update or a fire torch... At this rate I think I'll use the last one.

  • Anonymous Dec 30, 2008

    Same problem - wired stays up, wireless connections can't ping the router.

    I think I've had it with this device and about to get another brand.

  • M4verick Jan 06, 2009

    WBR-2310 with 2.01 and dropping WiFi after day or so.

  • rackflot Jan 07, 2009

    Same thing. all of my settings are on the most conservative. I am going to write DLink about this.

  • n_guye_n Jan 08, 2009

    So since middle of December or so it's been staying on and I haven't had to power cycle it... yet. It's now the second week of January. I haven't tried any of the solutions, but I doubt my luck will stay, so I'll try those solutions when it acts up again.

  • bluesfriend Jan 08, 2009

    Same problem here. Tried different settings , standard, super-g without turbo. Have changed the renew dhcp lease time, etc.  The computer connected to the router continues to work, but the router doesn't transmit until I reboot.

    Sometimes changing settings causes the reboot to time out, so I have to log in again only to find out the time settings have reverted to 2002.....

    Weird issues

  • rackflot Jan 08, 2009

    here is what DLink Tech Support is asking. I have done all of these items and am running a conservative G only setup. You guys can try this but I do not think it will help, it has not helped me. I will post their reply.

    Dear Rackflot,

    Your Case ID is XXXXXXXX

    Date of Reply: 1/7/2009
    Operating System: Windows XP Home


    From your email it seem router is


    1. Check the default LAN IP
    of the Modem it should not be same as that of WBR-2310 that is If
    it is same then change the LAN IP of WBR-2310. To change the LAN IP of WBR-2310
    access web configuration of router by typing in your browser.

    * Enter
    user name as admin and leave the password blank.


    You may be experiencing trouble with a feature known as UPnP. This
    feature allows Windows XP and Me machines to remotely open necessary ports for
    Internet Applications. You may try disabling UPnP (on the router as well as
    your computers) to see if this cures your reset woes.

    Log into the
    web-based configuration of router

    *Access the Advanced

    *Click on Advanced Network.

    * Uncheck Enable

    *Click save settings.

    To disable UPnP on your PCs, refer
    the following FAQ for help :

    Additionally, isolate your wireless network from any 2.4 GHz cordless phones in
    the vicinity. These might cause potential wireless interference since they
    operate at the same frequency range as do most standard Wi-Fi (802.11b) and
    802.11g standard networks.

    4. Since the W32.Blaster Worm, many other
    variations of this worm have been found. Some of them are W32/Lovsan.worm and
    W32/Nachi.worm. These worms create a lot of ICMP traffic, which in exchange
    overload the router to eventually prevent it from communicating. Whether it´s
    the CPU or another component of the router that causes the failure, the problem
    can only be solved through the removal of this virus.

    There´s a tool
    provided by McAfee called Stinger. This tool will detect and remove the viruses
    that cause these problems. Please take a minute to read about this tools and
    it´s usage. You will need to run this tool on every single

    Precautions to take when using the tool:

    D-Link is not
    and will not be held responsible for any problems cause to your operating system
    due to the utility supplied by McAfee. If you have any questions about this
    utility, please contact McAfee. Use at your own risk.

    The tool will wipe
    out unwanted worms/viruses, but because of the method of infection used by these
    worms/viruses is using the network combined with the RPC call vulnerability, we
    recommend you do as follow:

    Download the stinger tool and copy it to all
    computers. Because the stinger does not spread through the copy of files, you
    can copy this file on a disk and bring it to other computers:

    Detach all
    computers from the network (This will prevent being infected again)
    Once the
    process completed, connect the computer(s) to the router.
    All Windows
    2000/XP should be updated with the latest Microsoft updates. The updates fix the
    RPC call vulnerability

    Please visit for
    more information on Stinger.

    However if issue persists, call technical
    support at 877-45D-Link (877-453-5465). Technical support is available 24/7 to
    serve your needs.

    Should you require further assistance with your
    D-Link products, please reply to this message, or call toll free at

    Thank you for networking with

    D-Link Technical

    ============Begin of Original Message============
    I have a WBR
    2310. I have the updated the firmware to 2.01. The wireless connection continues
    to disappear every day. I have to reboot the router either by power cycle of
    using the web interface. The wired connections stay up. I am not using any
    encription, only mac filtering. all settings are very conservative. i have 3
    wireless devices and they all do the same thing, the network is not visible
    until the router is rebooted. What can I do?

    I see that many other people
    have this problem also. The previous B wireless router that I was using would go
    6-8 months without a reboot. Any ideas?
    ============End of Original

  • Marc A. Champlain Jan 09, 2009

    Same problem, wireless drop after a day or two maximum, wired works perfectly since update to firmware 1.05 (was having issue with occasional router reboot)
    The router doesn't reset, it simply seems to stop broadcasting wireless signal.
    Same problem on both my laptop and my media center so the problem comes from the router for sure.

  • Anonymous Jan 10, 2009

    Same here - have had this router for about a month. Only other devices in the home on the wireless are a laptop and a PS3. Both lose the SIDD every day and the router has to be unplugged/plugged back in.

  • peacock4208 Jan 11, 2009

    I've been going back & forth with DLink customer service on this issue, and I finally got them to at least acknowledge they will forward the issue to Product Mgt:

    "We will forward the issue to product management to verify if there is any issues. I would like to invite you to call our tech support service at (877) 453-5465 open 24hours for any assistance. ".

  • Anonymous Jan 22, 2009

    I have the same problem with a HW ver A1, have to reboot to get wireless working after a day. I started with firmware v1.02 and have got right up to 1.05 and all exhibit the same problem. Wired stations continue to work with no problems all the time.

  • a-bonin Feb 02, 2009

    I too only have basic cable, and connected with the same cables to both modem and router. When on the Net, my status goes up and down constantly. On some sites, I disconnect and re-connect every 5 mins or so. Any body have any ideas?

  • n_guye_n Feb 17, 2009

    To sherlockms, this is posted in the WBR-2310 section, so that's what kind of router I have. No, it's not logging into my ISP every time; this is a cable connection with Comcast through a cable modem I rent from them.

  • Anonymous Feb 21, 2009

    I have the same problem using ATT DSL

  • Anonymous Mar 14, 2009

    WBR-2310 wireless router. All wired devices work. Wireless devices (desktop with wireless card and laptop) continue to recieve "Connection has limited or no connectivity" and a 169.254.x.x. IP. Signal strength is excellent. I can connect to my neighbors router with a much lower signal strength.

    If I power cycle the router I usually connect wirelessly right away. I have to do this every day and am getting very frustrated.

    I've done a firmware update, enabled/disabled super G. Changed channels and auto scan channels. Notthing helps.

  • Anonymous Mar 20, 2009

    I have upgraded the firmware to 1.05

    Every 4-6 hours I have to restart the router, because the wireless network seems to disappear. The hard wired computers do not lose connection.

    I use Verizon DSL.

  • keithsbeer Mar 21, 2009

    having same issue.. have had the router for months without issue, just started doing it after firmware upgrade.. wired computers work ok, wireless have limited ot no connectivity... how do you "undo" the firware upgrade??

  • Anonymous Mar 26, 2009

    all the same problems posted here with the wbr 2310 fimware v1.05 going to try to go back to 1.04 and see what happens. cheers



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I had the same problem (see Jan 09) but I found the solution:
I had trouble with the router resetting from time to time, that was fixed by upgrading to firmware 1.05. But I still had the wireless problem.
For me, disabling 'UPnP' (advanced->advanced network) and disabling turbo G mode (setup->wireless setting) did the trick.
Work great since then, both my laptop and my media center stays connected, going on one month now.
Hope it can helps other.

Posted on Feb 17, 2009

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Jan 27, 2010 - called dlink again at 2:00am~ amazing dlink tech fixed my problem, so to share how the tech told me. this problem has bothering me since i moved to new place for about 2 wks. i am glad now my router is very stable, no drop out at all. first thing to do is go to the dlink page type in login user name: admin and no password. hit log in. go to ADVANCED tab, and on the left side go to ADVANCE NETWORK. lastly go to WAN PORT SPEED, change from 10/100 MBPS to 100 Mbps.

detail about this problem is that dlink firmware

good luck to everyone who have this same problem! GOGO!

Posted on Jan 27, 2010

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I had the same problem when i upgraded firmware to 1.05. downgrade back to 1.04 fixed it.

Posted on Dec 28, 2008

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I found that if I go to router admin, and select manual setup. go to wireless and change the channel to 11, then check the auto channel scan, turn off range boost, the router stays up. I tried turning range boost back on and the router stopped transmitting again after a day. I've been up 3 days now. hooray!

Posted on Feb 17, 2009

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If you are having a problem and have upgraded to firmware 1.05 on your WBR2310 Wireless D-link router then you need to revert to firmware version 1.03. Not sure what was screwed up in the firmware but that is what has made mine stable again without the painstaking reboots.

Posted on Sep 30, 2009

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I loaded the latest firmware release 2.03, and haven't been knocked off since.

Posted on May 29, 2009

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Need to what kind of router and is your router logging in to service provider

Posted on Feb 17, 2009

  • Stan Moffett Feb 17, 2009

    still even with a cble modem go in and check to see if your router is setup as ppoe or dynamic if ppoe change your router back to ppoe and your router to a dynamic dns by using the manual configure option Pls rate this


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Jaypaull is correct; going back to 1.04 fixed all my issues.

Posted on Jan 08, 2009

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If you are using at&t call them to separate your phone line to your internet modem, chances are ther is a signal dropping problem if you are using your phone or somebody calls you, i have many clients who have similar prob like you and was able to resolve this by installing a separate line. you may not notice this but you may have a problem also on your wired connection, pls consider this suggestion, it may not apply to your case but nevertheless, i was able to solve some prob in the past

Posted on Nov 25, 2008

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You can try to uncheck the wan ping responds..that will work

Posted on Jan 08, 2009

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Here was my solution: I returned my 2310, and upgraded to the N- DIR 615. Everything works fine now. Haven't had a problem for 2 weeks now.

Posted on Feb 18, 2009

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