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No names on sign on page

When I trun on my laptop my names is not there for me to click on to sign in. it has the click on name to sign in on the left but no name is there on the right to click on. my loptop is a hp pavilion ze4547wm

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Cant unlock the secrity lock on dell e5400 labtop

when i trun my dell on it shows the sign in page when i put n my user name an password it tells me that its not right ive tried everyone even the qusestion

Jan 10, 2014 | Dell Latitude E5400 Laptop


How to Change Your Yahoo! Sign-In Name

<span>Instructional steps to follow<br /></span> <ol> <li> Sign in to your Yahoo! email account as you would normally. Click "Options," then "Mail Options" on your Yahoo! dashboard.<br /> </li> <li> Click "Accounts" on the left-hand sidebar. Choose "Add or edit an account" from the main window.<br /> </li> <li> Select "Account Information" on the next screen. The system prompts you to sign in again with your password. This brings up the "Yahoo! Account Info" page.<br /> </li> <li> 4 Scroll down a bit and select "Manage your Yahoo! aliases." A new screen appears describing the purpose of having a Yahoo! alias.<br /> </li> <li> 5 Click "Add an alias" and type in a new name. This name has to be unique--no other Yahoo! user can have it. You may have to try a few names before the system accepts one.<br /> </li> <li> Take note of your new alias name and click "Close."<br /> </li> <li> Log out of your Yahoo! account. Log back in to your account with the new alias name.<br /> </li></ol>

on Oct 29, 2010 | Computers & Internet

1 Answer

Touchpad doesn't work

Whoa! Wait a second here!

It was Windows that lost the driver in the first place. Very doubtful you can rollover, or reinstall the driver. Windows lost the address to the file. (Wind-Bl~ows)

I would suggest you download, AND install the driver. If that doesn't work I will also show you how to disassemble your laptop.

(I'm also assuming here that there is a yellow exclamation mark, next to the touchpad reference in Device Manager)

I take it the reference is to an HP Pavilion dv6-3025dx Notebook PC.
That's what the problem heading states. If it isn't get back here pronto, and state the Product Number.
(Or I'll whine, and snivel, ....and you don't want to go there! lol!)

( The Product Number is on the bottom of the laptop, in a white Service Tag. P/N = Product Number )

Problem is the Operating System isn't stated.
OS or O/S.

In the drop down list I'm going to choose Windows 7, 32-bit, for an example,

The drivers are listed on down the page.
Left-click on the + sign to the left of -
Driver - Keyboard, Mouse, and Input Devices (3)

Synaptics Touchpad Driver
Click on the blue - More info, underneath this file name.

On the next page look under the bold black heading -
Details and specifications
Click on the blue - sp50594.exe

A small window will come up on the right -
Opening sp50594.exe
Click on Save File.

Going with you are using your HP computer, and it has Windows 7 (32-bit) on it.

After you click on Save File another small window will come up. This time on the left. In the wording at the top of the window, tells you where the file will download to.

It may have Desktop, or Documents, or Downloads, in the wording.

Desktop: The driver file will be on your desktop screen.

Documents: Click on the Windows logo button, then on Documents.
(I know. Long way around, but users need to see the whole picture, sometimes)

Downloads: Click on the Windows logo button, then on Documents.
Now click on Downloads.

When you see the file name (sp50594.exe), DOUBLE-click on it.
In the next three small windows click on Next, Next, and Finish.
If you are not asked to restart your laptop, do so.

(Windows logo button, Turn Off Computer, Restart)

No joy?
Then the Touchpad is bad, or a bad connection.

Again, main support page. This time left-click on the blue - Manuals - subheading.
On this page click on the blue file name -
HP Pavilion dv6 Entertainment PC - Maintenance and Service Guide

Ignore if you are aware;
The above is a PDF file. The computer you are using now has Adobe Reader on it, which uses PDF files.
After you click on the above file name it may take up to 30 seconds, before the first page comes up.

At the top of the PDF file is the PDF file page number box. To the right of the Down Arrow.
IF you know the page you want you can use the Down Arrow, to go page by page to it, OR;

1) Put your mouse cursor in the PDF page number box.
Left-click once. (Everything in the page number box is highlighted in blue)

2) Type the page number
3) Press the Enter key

The Zoom In icon ( + ) increases the page view size.
The Zoom Out icon ( - ) decreases the page view size.

You can also use the Bookmarks menu to the left.

Go to Page 65.
[Bookmarks menu >
Click on the + sign to the left of - Removal and replacement procedures
Click on the + sign to the left of - Component replacement procedures
Click right on - Top cover ]

Now,.....things you should have, and things you need to do F-I-R-S-T

1) Remove ALL power. Remove the AC adapter (Charger) and Battery.

2) You should buy, and wear an ESD wrist strap. Cost averages from $3 to $6. Keeps you from Static shocking the delicate hardware components, inside your laptop.

Here is an example,

Once the Top Cover is removed, there are sensitive items that can be Static shocked.

{Hmmmm, I put everything back,....wonder why the laptop doesn't work? }

3) Use a multi-compartment container for the various screws you will remove. Label each compartment for the area the screw/s come out of.
SOME screws look VERY similar to other screws!
Advise DO NOT mix them up.

You have problems, or ANY questions regarding this, post back in a Comment.


Jul 04, 2012 | HEWLETT-PACKARD HP Pavilion dv6-3025dx...

1 Answer

Survice digram

On HP Support,

Main support page,

Click on the blue - Manuals, in the list on the right.

Now click on the blue -
HP Pavilion dv6 Entertainment PC - Maintenance and Service Guide

It is a Service Manual, and disassembly procedures are just one of the subjects in the manual.

[ Ignore the following if you are aware;
This is a PDF file. The computer you are using now has Adobe Reader on it, which uses PDF files.

After you click on the above file name it may take up to 30 seconds, before the first page comes up. This is because it is loading in the background. Once fully downloaded to your computer, the first page pops up.

Under Bookmarks menu heading to the left;

Left-click on the + sign to the left of - Removal and replacement procedures.
Left-click on the + sign to the left of - Component replacement procedures
Want to completely disassemble?
Scroll it down, click right on - System board

For additional questions please post in a Comment.
(Would also like to know why you are disassembling. What is the problem, or problems? )


Jul 01, 2012 | HP Computers & Internet

2 Answers

Graphics Driver

Get onlineand got to In the google search box type: "ToshibaSupport" (without the quotes and put your manufacturer name before Support). Look for downloads and drivers. Enter your model number and operatingsystem when requested. Download and install the Video drivers.

May 13, 2012 | Toshiba Satellite L455DS5976 Notebook

1 Answer

Does the NV59C56u notebook have a cmos battery

All have a CMOS battery. Desktop and Notebook PC's.

For laptops it is known generally as the RTC battery.
Real Time Clock battery.

The above link is to a free Service Manual.
Go to the heading Gateway 400. (400 in blue)
Drop down to second line, scroll across and left-click on -


The service manual is in PDF file form.
The computer you are using now has Adobe Reader on it, which uses PDF files.

After you click on the file name (NV59) it may take up to 30 seconds, before the first page comes up.

It is a black vacant page.
Bring your mouse cursor towards the bottom/middle. In the navigation guide that comes up, go all the way to the right, and click on the red Adobe PDF icon.

You are now looking at the older style, which has a navigation bar at the top, and Bookmarks menu, etc. to the left.

Go to the left side, and click on the Bookmarks icon.
Blue 'ribbon' with triangle cutout.
(3rd icon down)

Scroll the Side bar down, left-click right on -
Replacing notebook components

(I reduced the view size to 75 percent. But I am using a Philips EN-V
26 inch HDTV as a monitor. (And an HP 2009m. Running dual monitors)

Zoom In icon at top is the + sign.
Zoom Out icon is the - sign.

Zoom Out to reduce the view size)

Left-click on - Replacing the Modem Board

You are on Page 83 for the PDF viewer. The actual page number for the Service Manual is 77.
Go to Page 78.

Now,....removing the RTC Battery, and leaving out for a short period, (OR Long period) of time, will NOT do the trick.

There are capacitor/s which store a SMALL amount of power, and keep settings, such as a BIOS password.

The procedure is to short the capacitor/s, and drain the power.

This is usually done with a jumper wire across two small copper pads.

Go to Page 46 (PDF file. It is Page 40 for the Service Manual)


Apr 21, 2012 | Gateway nv Computers & Internet

1 Answer


This is Acer Support > Aspire 4315 main support page,

Click on the User Guides tab.

Under the User Manual heading, click on >

There is a small window that comes up > Opening
Make sure the circle to the left of > Save File, has a green dot in it.
If it does not click on the circle.

Now go below in the window, and click on OK.

[This is a ZIP file. A Zip file is used to send a large file more easily over the internet.
The file has to be unzipped ]

Another small window will come up. Look at the heading at the top of the file.
This is where the file will go on your computer.

The heading may have, Desktop, or My Documents, or Downloads, in it.

Close all windows once the Zip file has fully downloaded.

Go to your desktop screen. Is the file there?
File name > AS_4715Z_4315_Volvi2_UG_EN next to a yellow zip folder icon

Go to your My Documents folder
Start > My Documents

Go to Downloads
Start> My Documents > Double-click on Downloads

When you see the file name double-click on it.
Now click on > Unzip in the list.

On the next page go to the Left side, click on > Extract All Files
Now click on Next, Next, and Finish.

On the next page double-click on the red PDF icon next to the file name.

Page 43 - Easy Launch Buttons - Wireless Communication Button/Indicator

On the Left side of your laptop are buttons. Press the button below the E button to enable the Wireless feature.
(The E button is to go launch the Acer Empowering Technology)

If this is Not what you had in mind, please post in a Comment.
(Believe upper right of your page)

Dec 02, 2010 | Acer Aspire 4315 Notebook

1 Answer

I dont know how to download the yahoo messenger

    Create a Yahoo Account
  1. Step 1 Head to the Yahoo Web site (see Resources below) to begin the account creation process.
  2. Step 2 Click on the 'Sign Up' link on the home page to begin the account creation process.
  3. Step 3 Fill in all of the required fields on the page that opens. This will include your name and some additional personal information, as well as your choice for a screen name and password. If your screen name choice already exists, then you'll need to choose an alternative, or pick from the suggestions that Yahoo provides.
  4. Step 4 Click the 'Sign Up' button again once your account is ready. This will make your Yahoo profile active.
    Download Yahoo Messenger
  5. Step 1 Proceed to the Yahoo Messenger Web site. You will click the 'Messenger' link on the Yahoo home page or you can head directly to the Messenger Web site (see Resources below).
  6. Step 2 Click the 'Get Started' link on the Messenger home page. This will redirect you to the download page for the latest version of Yahoo Messenger.
  7. Step 3 Wait a few seconds for the download to automatically begin, or press 'Click Here' in Step 1 of the Yahoo Messenger download page. This will open the dialog box that begins the download.
  8. Step 4 Double-click the Yahoo Messenger executable once the download completes to begin the installation process.
try these steps and tell me incase any issues

May 17, 2010 | Toshiba Satellite A100-S8111TD Notebook

1 Answer

Where or how do I find the wireless switch?

On the front of the laptop there is a Bluetooth button, and a wireless button.

On the front edge of the laptop, starting from the Left;

Speaker, Bluetooth button, Wireless button, Power indicator light, Battery indicator light, Microphone-In jack, Line-In jack, Headphones jack, Speaker.

The Bluetooth button has a light in the middle of it. If the light is on, Bluetooth is enabled.
If it is on, turn it off. (Push the button in, let go. The light should be off)

The Wireless button, also has a light in the middle of it. If the light is on, wireless is enabled. Be sure it is on.

During cleaning the virus out, the Bluetooth, and wireless LAN driver may have been corrupted.

Here is Acer Support, and the Drivers Download page,

On this page you are going to find the wireless LAN drivers, for your Acer Travelmate 4200 PC Notebook.

1.In the Select Product Family box, Left-click on Notebook.
Wait a second, the next box will come up.

2.In the Select Product Line box, Left-click on

3.In the Select Product Model box, scroll down, and left-click on Travelmate 4200.

Use the blue bar, on the right side of the Driver file name box, and scroll down.

You will see there are 3 wireless LAN drivers listed.

1.Wireless LAN - Atheros
2.Wireless LAN - Broadcom
3.Wireless LAN - Intel

Left-click on the orange box, to the left of the appropriate wireless LAN driver you need.
(Orange rectangle with down arrow pointing to a line)

A small window will come up. There is a circle to the left of - Open with,
and a circle to the left of - Save File.

Left-click on the circle to the left of - Save File.
Now go down to the right, and click on OK.

This file will either go to your Documents folder, or it will go to your desktop screen.

In either place, when you see the file name, Double-click right on it.
The Installation Wizard will come up.
Click on Next, Next, and Finish.
(Bottom of each window)

Restart your computer.

To know which wireless LAN driver you need, (Atheros, Broadcom, or Intel), go to Device Manager.

1.Left-click on Start, (Vista logo button)
2.Left-click on Control Panel
3.Left-click on System and Maintenance
4.Left-click on Device Manager

(If you are prompted for an administrator password, or confirmation, type your password)

When Device Manager loads, look at the file tree before you.
Go down to - Network adapters, and left-click on the + sign to the left.

Across from wireless LAN you will see the name.

Dec 25, 2009 | Acer TravelMate 4200 Notebook

1 Answer

Looking for the name of the video card for my toshiba p205 laptop

  • Click here for Everest
  • will show you the video card manufacturer and model.
  • Install Everest
  • on the left side click the little plus sign beside Display
  • on the new opened list that appeared click once on Windows Video
  • The make and manufacturer will show up on the right side top portion.
  • Fixya

Feb 19, 2009 | Toshiba Satellite P205D-S7454 Notebook

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