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2611XM Inbound NAT/Port-forwarding/Service Distribution Problems

My NAT port-forwarding is working on some servers but not all servers. Keep getting (111) Connection refused when trying to access a number of the servers from outside. Searched and entered them..have not been able to figure out. Thanks, Greg
interface FastEthernet0/0 description ***Outbound interface connected to ISP*** ip address ip nat outside ! interface FastEthernet0/1 description ***Inbound interface connected to 2924 Core Switch-port 1*** ip address ip nat inside
ip nat pool xxx_SAP prefix-length 30 type rotary ip nat pool xxx_webserver prefix-length 30 type rotary ! ip nat inside destination list 101 pool xxx_webserver ip nat inside destination list 102 pool xxx_SAP ! access-list 10 permit access-list 101 permit tcp any host eq www access-list 102 permit tcp any host eq 3299 access-list 102 permit udp any host eq 3299

ip nat pool xxx_RDP prefix-length 30 type rotary ip nat inside destination list 115 pool xxx_RDP
access-list 115 permit tcp any host eq 8089 access-list 115 permit udp any host eq 8089

xxx_distribution_1#sh ip nat statTotal active translations: 1504 (0 static, 1504 dynamic; 1504 extended)Outside interfaces: FastEthernet0/0Inside interfaces: FastEthernet0/1, FastEthernet0/1.5, FastEthernet0/1.10, FastEthernet0/1.15 FastEthernet0/1.20, FastEthernet0/1.25, FastEthernet0/1.30 FastEthernet0/1.35, FastEthernet0/1.40Hits: 4130866 Misses: 93029CEF Translated packets: 4158864, CEF Punted packets: 110268Expired translations: 109237 Dynamic mappings: -- Inside Source [Id: 1] access-list 10 interface FastEthernet0/0 refcount 1469 -- Inside Destination [Id: 2] access-list 101 pool xxx_webserver refcount 22 pool xxx_webserver: netmask start end type rotary, total addresses 1, allocated 22 (2200%), misses 0 [Id: 3] access-list 102 pool xxx_SAP refcount 13 pool xxx_SAP: netmask start end type rotary, total addresses 1, allocated 13 (1300%), misses 0
[Id: 14] access-list 115 pool xxx_RDP refcount 0 pool xxx_RDP: netmask start end type rotary, total addresses 1, allocated 0 (0%), misses 30

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  • Brett Duxbury
    Brett Duxbury Feb 26, 2017

    Hi gseaborn, we want to help you with your question, but we need more information from you. Can you please add details in the comment box?
    Have you got a cisco router simulator
    Put the exact configurations into the simulator and then you can packet test the routers and figure out the problem.
    Are V-Lans involved in your cisco network ?
    Also Subnetting seems to be involved with Ip address may not reside in the subnet as there are only 7 available ip addresses .
    Also I noticed you have different subnet classes
    access-list 10 permit
    this may be an incorrect subnet as it is negative for acl lists you need to work out the correct reverse subnet class . eg if subnet was then reverse is
    subtract subnet mask from to get reverse subnet masks for ACL is for subnet are you using a subnet mask in your network ?


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1 Answer

Im trying to chang the nat setting on my valet m10 router to open to all xbox 360 to run live

You need to setup port forwarding read below.

Once you open the set up interface of the router, you will be able to find the settings on the router where you can open the ports for the particular program.
If you are opening the ports for a special device in your network, then you must know the IP address of that device.
For example, wireless camera, DVR, X-box, Play station ...
You can choose the option PORT FORWARDING for a special device application.
If you just want to open the ports for all the network, then you can choose PORT TRIGGERING

For Linksys Router.

You have opened the set up interface of the router. You will see Application and Gaming TAB at the top.
If you click on that tab you will find different Sub tabs.
Click on Port Triggering => Here you can open the port numbers for the network.
Click On Port forwarding if you want to open the ports for a special device in the network.
Click Save settings once you open the ports on the router.

For D-link router

You have opened the set up interface of the router.
You will see Network settings in the left hand side panel of the page.
Click on Network settings and go to the Advanced TAB at the top.
Now you will find the option. Pot Forwarding in the left hand panel.
Here you can open the ports on the router.

BELKIN wireless router

You have opened the set up interface of the router.
Click on Virtual Servers under Firewall in the menu on the left
Click Enabled. Type a general description of the application i.e.. Remote Desktop. Type the port(s) specified by the program manufacture for both of the Inbound port fields. Select TCP, UDP, or BOTH for the Type.Private IP address: Enter the IP address of the computer you want grant access too. Type the port(s) specified by the program manufacture for both of the Private port fields.Click the Apply Changes button.


You have opened the set up interface of the router.
Click on Port Triggering under Advanced menu.
Change the value of Port Triggering Timeout as 20 Click on Add Service. Specify a Unique/User Defined name under Service Name. Ex: Mails, VPN. Specify the Service User as Any (if all the computers in the network are port triggered or if a single computer on a network is port triggered specify the IP address of the computer). Select the Service Type of the port to be triggered
Ex: TCP . Specify the Trigger Port (The port to be triggered). Select the Connection Type of Inbound Connection. Specify the Starting and Ending Port for Inbound Connection. Click Apply to accept changes. Your router is now set up for port triggering..

Jan 20, 2011 | Computers & Internet

1 Answer

How do i forward a port i want to play call of duty black ops but i cant find an online game, the game website says to forward these ports, TCP [80] UDP [88, 3074, 22728, 33233] but i dont know how to...
Server List (Port Forwarding) NQG_025 With NAT enabled, the IP addresses of nodes on your LAN are private since they are hidden from the Internet. IP Servers let you pass specific types of network traffic through the Netopia router's NAT interfaces. Once configured, selected types of network traffic, such as FTP requests or HTTP (Web) connections, will be forwarded to a specific host or server behind the Netopia router. Please Note: From the LAN (Local Area Network), you will also be able to access the servers that are responding to requests from the internet, but only using the internal private IP address. Access via the public IP address is not supported from a local ethernet connection. If your ISP is routing you multiple public IP addresses, you can also configure the router to forward all ports in one public IP to a designated private IP address on your LAN via Easy PAT List entries. For those instructions, see Quick Guide NQG_024: IP Mapping (Address Forwarding).
Please Note: If your router is currently running Netopia Residential Firmware with a web "GUI" configuration menu, this technote is not applicable to you. Most 3300 Series Netopia Gateways can be upgraded to Enterprise level firmware. Click Here! to purchase the upgrade key.
Related documents: NQG_039 NAT and the Basic Firewall
Firmware References:
  • v8.2 R1 (and up) - 3300 Enterprise Series
  • v5.3.7 (and up) - 4000 Series
  • v4.8.2 (and up) - R-Series

Before You Start
Telnet into the Netopia router's Main Menu at (if using the default IP setting). If your network has a different IP addressing scheme, modify this accordingly. Click Here! for instructions on using telnet and Hyperterminal (serial connection).
Login with the user name and password. The Superuser login is required to save changes. If you are unsure of this, contact your network administrator.
Don't forget to press the Enter key to save any entries. Hitting the back space, delete or tab without first hitting enter will undo any changes.
The Esc key will take you back towards the main menu screen.
Once you have completed your configuration, you should reboot the Netopia to save and apply your changes.

The Netopia Main Menu Interface

Server List Configuration

  1. From the Main Menu of router console screens, go to Quick Menus, and select Network Address Translation.
  2. Select Show/Change Server List.
  3. Select Easy-Servers.
  4. From the Show/Change NAT Server List screen, select Add Server.
  5. Select Service and the service and port you want to allow. If your service and port are not available in the pull-down menu, select Other. Selecting Other will allow you to enter a specific service port or a range of ports since fields are provided for both a First Port Number and a Last Port Number. To allow a specific service port, the First Port Number and Last Port Number should be the same. Select Okay.
  6. Next, enter the Server Private IP Address, or the private IP address of the host/server you are forwarding the service to, and the Public IP Address you want to associate with the same host/server. This value can be left set to if you are using the WAN IP as the Public IP address. Note: If your ISP is routing you multiple static IP addresses, other then the one used for Internet access, you may create more than one server for specific service as long as all servers have a different Public IP Address specified. For example, with two web servers on your LAN you would need to create two Server List entries for TCP 80 (www-http). Since each specific port (service) can only be mapped once using any given Public IP Address, a distinct public address must be used for each TCP 80 server list entry. It is not necessary for you to specify more than one Local WAN IP Address or Public IP Address in your router's configuration. As long as you are connecting to your ISP via a public IP address used for NAT, they are responsible for routing all other IP addresses via that connection.

You have now configured your router for TCP/UDP port forwarding. If you have a switched connection (ISDN or Analog), you will need to either disconnect and reconnect your Internet connection, or restart your router for the Nat Server List changes to take effect. If you wish to filter traffic for your static IP mappings, please see the following Netopia Technote:
NQG_039: NAT and the Basic Firewall

Nov 12, 2010 | Netopia CAYMAN 3387W-ENT CABLE/DSL...

1 Answer

Netopia NAT

I know that most Netopia's I've worked with have been able to port forward single or ranges of ports to numerous internals from numerous externals.

Address Translation needs to be on.
IP Passthrough has to be off.
Then in NAT Easy Servers, setup port forwards and specify the external IP, internal IP, and ports (can forward all).

Dec 21, 2009 | Netopia ADSL2+ 11G WIIRELESS ROUTER 400MW...

1 Answer

Set NAT to open for Xbox only, not computers

This is entirely not the issue for NAT setting's . In this case we have to open the port numbers on the router to get the successful connection test.
The port numbers will be given by the Microsoft support services . Once we have the port numbers and the Ip of the Xbox following steps can be taken to enter the given numbers:-
1)Open the router gui with or by typing it in the address bar for the user name as admin and password as the word password only.
2)On the Netgear smart wizard .left hand side you will find a small blue/purple column with different categories , look for the one that says advanced and click on port forwarding/port triggering and select port forwarding from there and click on Add custom service from the bottom .
3)A new screen will appear which will have the following options:-
Service name:-
Service type:-tcp , udp , tcp/udp
Starting port:-
Ending Port:-
Server Ip Address:-(enter the value in range) and apply the setting's.
The value for the starting and ending port will be same i.e if suppose we have a port no. 80 for the ip:- and tcp as the service to open then this is how it will be done:-
Service name:-abc
Service type:-tcp
Starting port:-80
Ending Port:-80
Server Ip Address:-

Go for the connection test after forwarding all the port numbers.

Nov 14, 2009 | NetGear WGR614 54Mbps Wireless Router...

1 Answer

Belkin N1 Vision - Virtual Servers Add button doesn't run ok

Ascertain what incoming ports you need to open and the IP address of the device / computer that you wish to forward to and set the ports up manually.
· Enter a description for the service
· Enter the inbound port ranges from WAN
· Enter TCP/ UDP type
· Enter IP address that the service is to be forwarded
· Enter the private port range (keep these the same as the incoming ports unless you are running multiple services ie 2 web servers on port 80)
· Click enable check box and save entry
· Repeat as required.

Sep 27, 2009 | Belkin N1 Vision Router

1 Answer

It says :"you have been disconnected from online servers"

There can be particular issues related
to playing through a router or firewall,
including sharing your internet
connection via another PC. In order to
join or host a Conflict: Global Storm
game from behind a firewall you must
open the following ports (inbound and

UDP ports 4658, 6500, 10010,
13139, 27900

TCP ports 4658, 6667, 28910,
29900, 29901, 29920

To host a game from behind a router
with NAT (Network Address
Translation), or a firewall, you will
need to enable ‘port forwarding’ on
the following ports to route data to the
IP address of your PC;

UDP ports 4658, 6500

TCP port 4658

If you continue to have problems
connecting to servers or creating
them, try bypassing your router or
firewall by connecting your PC directly
to your broadband connection.

Do not use ALT+TAB and do not enter Windows when multiplayer is running. It will kill the connection to GameSpy servers which are needed for connecting to any internet server.

Apr 26, 2009 | Eidos Interactive Conflict: Global Storm

1 Answer

Would like to host a game thru my motorola modem/router

You need to look for something on your router called Static NAT and configure it to point to your internal IP address.  You also need to find out what ports your NASCAR game advertises itself's usually high ports (20000-30000).  ONce you find out the port(s), you can create a custom service on your router for those ports, and when you configure Static NAT, it should ask what 'service' you want to advertise.  This basically tells the router to forward all inbound traffic, looking for those particular ports, directly to your IP address, which will allow users on the Internet to see your game server. 

Apr 18, 2009 | Arris WR850G Router (DHWR850G)

2 Answers

Cannot find DSL-520B NAT

Thumbnail too small.
DLink's routers doesn't use the term NAT/Port Mapping/Port Forwarding.
What you should look for is "Virtual Server", may be under the Advanced tab.

Apr 08, 2009 | Computers & Internet

1 Answer

Belkin G plus mimo

Hi never ever disable nat on your router as that is the one which gives ip address to computer , x-box etc. You can make your x-box live work by just opening some ports
1. open rsp by typing in
2. On the left hand side under firewall you"ll find virtual servers
3. Click on that --- You"ll find some fields then check on enable for 1,2,3(ie three rows)
4.Description - x-box for all three
5.Inbound Port: 88-88 ,connection type : udp ,private port : 88-88 for the first row
6. Inbound port : 3074-3074 , connection type : udp , private port : 3074-3074 for second row
7. Inbound Port : 3074-3074 ,connection type : tcp , private port : 3074-3074
8. As FOR the private ip address it is that of your x-box which you can find on the dash board of your x-box . Same for all three rows .
9. Best of luck And do rate me

Jan 31, 2009 | Belkin Wireless G Plus MIMO (F5D9230-4)...

1 Answer

I have netgear wirless router but i hardline ps3 but i keep getting nat type 3 i need to know what ports to open on modem to get to nat type 2 can you help

In this regard, I would recommend you to forward certain port no’s on
the Router.
Port numbers:TCP: 80, 443, 5223 and UDP: 3478, 3479.It is in this context, I would suggest you to please try with the
following troubleshooting steps:
A) Assign static IP and DNS address to the XBOX.
1. Assign IP address as:; Subnet mask as:
and Default Gateway as:
2. Assign Primary DNS Address as: and Secondary DNS
Address as:
C) Open the ports on the Router using the following steps:
1. Click on Port Forwarding under Advanced.
2. Click on ‘Port Forwarding’ on the left hand column on the screen.
3. On the bottom of the screen, click on ‘Add Custom Service’.
4. Give a name to the service (for example, PS1).
5. Select Service Type as UDP and key in the starting port and ending
port as 88.
6. In the Server IP Address specify
7. Hit ‘Apply’.
10. Log Out of the Router Page.

Jan 16, 2009 | Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) Console

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