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Dreamscene and Deskscape wont run.

Hi, I hope you can help me, (I really need it!)When I choose a windows update Dreamscene or Dreamscape as desktop background on my Vista Ultimate SP1 it goes black, I lose all icons and flicks green polygons occasionally. there is no crash as I can change back to normal pic ok, but if I leave it that way I get "Explorer stopped working", I tell it to restart and it turns off DS. I have installed Vista codec pack (Sharks) and x64 components and set MPEG1 and MPEG2 to libmpeg2 codec, as well as some stand-alone MPEG codecs, they dont seem to make any difference, so I uninstall....I tried converting to .WMV, but no difference. When I check the properties of my NVidia 9600 GT display card it says: "This device is working properly.
Windows did not start a related device driver. To learn more, click the Driver tab and then click Driver Details."

I have driver version: installed
the components that dont seem to have loaded are:

c:Windowssystem32 vcpl.cpl
c:Windowssystem32 vcplui.exe
Also when I play a video on PowerDVD it says "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another file", I click ok, and it plays. It doesnt seem to matter what format the vid's in.I have installed Nero 9, PowerDVD, GOM player, Quicktime, WMP11, and when I drop a MPEG onto gspot codec appliance it tells me: Video SRC type-->MPEG2_videoVideo Path: (S) --> MPEG-2 Splitter --> ffdshow Video Decoder --> (R) DirectShow claims to be able to play the file. The following combination of filters were used: {C:WindowsWebWindows DreamScenevid1999.mpg} (Video Source)
{MPEG-2 Splitter} (Video Pre-processor)
{ffdshow Video Decoder} (Video Decoder)
{Video Renderer} (Video Renderer)

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  • findads Nov 17, 2008

    Hi worldvet, thanks for the reply.

    I am aware of the 64 bit capabilities of C@D E8500 CPU, I am running Vista 64 bit with vista codec package and 64 components. I have tried several codecs (including stand alone ones) but the prob doesnt change. All DreamScene or DeskScape files will play in any Vid player.... just not DreamScene..

  • findads Nov 17, 2008

    Hi worldvet, thanks for the reply.

    I am aware of the 64 bit capabilities of C@D E8500 CPU, I am running Vista 64 bit with vista codec package and 64 components. I have tried several codecs (including stand alone ones) but the prob doesnt change. All DreamScene or DeskScape files will play in any Vid player.... just not DreamScene..I am the PC manufacturer (but I am talklking to

  • findads Nov 17, 2008

    Hi worldvet, thanks for the reply.

    I am aware of the 64 bit capabilities of C@D E8500 CPU, I am running Vista 64 bit with vista codec package and 64 components. I have tried several codecs (including stand alone ones) but the prob doesnt change. All DreamScene or DeskScape files will play in any Vid player.... just not DreamScene..I am the PC manufacturer (but I am talklking to ASUS and

  • findads Nov 17, 2008

    Hi worldvet, thanks for the reply.

    I am aware of the 64 bit capabilities of C@D E8500 CPU, I am running Vista 64 bit with vista codec package and 64 components. I have tried several codecs (including stand alone ones) but the prob doesnt change. All DreamScene or DeskScape files will play in any Vid player.... just not DreamScene..I am the PC manufacturer (but I am talklking to ASUS and NVidia about

  • findads Nov 18, 2008

    Thanks for your help. I fixed it by uninstalling the drivers from NVidia Website and just using the Vista ones(theyre buggy, but they generally work well). Doesnt make sense to me, but apparently NVidia is working on a huge amount of bugs with their drivers and I have to wait until theyre done.

  • findads Nov 19, 2008

    Thanks for your post world vet, unfortunately I didnt solve the problem, just 'delayed' it. I found that if I uninstall and delete Nvidia drivers (BTW, my card IS a 9600 GT 1G DDR3 256 bit GPU)..... and then reboot and let windows install what I'm guessing are generic drivers, Dreamscene will work, but I don't have quite as high setting for HDMI available, but then after another restart or turn off/on it will again fail to load some driver components (I don't know if it has automatically updated to the Nvidia drivers or not) and dreamscene will fail again. Is there a way I can find where the conflict is or what's happening to cause this? Device manager only tells me which drivers failed to load on startup....

  • findads Nov 19, 2008

    Sure WorldVet, thanks for your help, I really appreciate it. So far I've tried K-Lite mega Codec pack, Sharks Vista Codec Pack + 64 components, several stand alone mpeg 1+2 codecs, installed Cyberlink PowerDVD, Nero 9, Gomm player, Nvidia system tools and ASUS smartdoctor. None of these have helped (though many forums have said they fixed the problem for others who had issues with mpeg 1+2 codecs) I think my problem must lie in either a driver conflict... or something that would prevent the aforementioned components of the GPU driver to load. I have spoken to NVidia and they say the driver I'm using should be fine. (hmmm...!?) It's a brand new system, but I will run a registry clean and look for an NVidia driver cleaner.

  • findads Nov 19, 2008

    I also just noticed that of the 3 drivers that don't load 2 of them are related to the NVIDIA control panel, (nvCplUI.exe and nvCpl.cpl) but im not sure what the third is for (it didnt show up on the Nvidia system report.) That driver is AtkDispLowFilter.sys version

  • findads Nov 19, 2008

    You were certainly right about my OS being a mess! I removed all the video software I had installed, all the codecs, and any "extra" software (such as the ASUS AI suite, smart doctor etc....) and ran Wise Registry Cleaner Pro 3, Driver Sweeper and Driver, I deleted the Nvidia folder from C:\ and upon reboot (after complaining about missing NVidia drivers) Vista booted with basic VGA driver. Should I check theGPU in device manager it says: "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)". So the next question is: what do I do next!?

  • findads Nov 20, 2008

    I cant thank you enough WV, after pulling my hair out for days about this prob you seem to have fixed it, and I learned alot in the process. After completing the defrag/drive clean/ etc. I checked the Nvidia website and they released a new driver for our cards yesterday (180.48_geforce_64_bit) so far its working like a charm on 1920x1080 50Hz 1080p50. I'm stoked! When you said to hand off control to the card for just about everything, did you mean EVERYTHING, or is there some things I should leave in there?

  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers May 11, 2010

    My first guess on this is pretty easy but not necessarily correct. Whether your display adapter can support the Vista technology in a 64bit OS.

    Have you installed the K-lite or K-soft codec package?


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers May 11, 2010

    Do you know that you have a 64bit CPU? And, have you tried to contact your PC Manufacturer?

    You may need a better codec driver package installed. This is a common enough problem encountered in many different OSs for different reasons. A bad codec package can take everything video down.




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Its a matter of market demand and product obsolesence. The 8500 series display adpater wasn't a big hit and nvidia is focusing on the 9000 series right now. The developer copies of Windows 7 is out now and companies like Nvidia are devoting what manpower they have left after layoffs towards that. Your 8500 has/is put on the slow path. There will be updates but you may want to look at getting a hold of a GeForce 9600 Video Adapter. The 9800, although attractive by the specs, draws an incredible amount of wattage from your system and it could put you into power starvation depending on your components and what you do while multi tasking.

The Vista drivers are pretty buggy too. But, if you are getting what you expect count your blessings as many are stuck with a very broken product after paying all that money for this version of Vista that's way over priced.

BTW, the next version of Windows will be pretty good out of the first box and a definet 'have to have' after Vista.

Thanks, for using FixYa. It was a pleasure to work with you. You're not alone, by the way, in asking for help and once getting attention, find you can resolve your own problem.

Next time too, remember the free forum is a pretty good option. The way to get attention is to do what you did. Provide a thorough articulate explanation of your problem. It will hold the promise of working with someone who can communicate.


Posted on Nov 18, 2008

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  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Nov 19, 2008

    Yes, there needs to be a registry cleanup and there may also be an nvidia driver cleaner available for your card. There has been those available but you are on a 64bit OS and using the new 9600 (good card and choice btw. This card should do just about everything and play any game out there right now).

    I have four computers, one for each OS and a Laptop. One of these is a 64bit dual core CPU with Windows XPx64 though. But, I built a Laptop for the youngest when she started College last year and it has Vista on it as well.

    If you'll give me a day or so to track down some tools for you I'll be glad to do it.

    Hang in there. We work with people in jams just like yours all the time. And, if I need to, I'll bring another expert friend of mine in on this to confer. There's no professional jealousy amongst most of us here.

    In the meantime, please create a restore point, you have to do this in My Computer Properties, and its on or in one of the tabs. Right Click My Computer, select Properties and you can hunt it down. Sorry I can't recall exactly where it is at the moment. But, make a Restore Point, uninstall all the codecs you've installed already.

    Would you notify me on any other programs you may have installed while you were trying to solve this problem?


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Nov 19, 2008

    What registry cleaner will you be using?

  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Nov 19, 2008

    That was in the list you loaded in your post of this initial problem.

    Ultimately, we want to have your system cleaned of everything Nvidia, including all errant registry entries (Why, I'd like to know what registry cleaner you intend to use, as there are a lot of these.) This will cause your system to load the basic windows vga driver.

    Only then can the troubleshooting begin. Right now, your OS is a real mess from all the codecs that have been installed and Windows sloppy method of uninstalling programs.


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Nov 19, 2008

    This is the time to install the most recent Nvidia package. Unpack that and it should install on its own upon unpacking. Short of that, I'd use the Asus installer if your 9600 is an Asus card, it should be smart enough to recognize the 64bit OS.

    So, first, defrag your C drive with whatever program other than the Windows defrag utility you want to use. Once you have defragged, run chkdsk in the command window and to be safe use the check for errors switch /r (r implies f) to relocate any bad sectors (doubtful you have any but running this executes a deeper file check)

    chkdsk /r /x c:

    After Defragging and running the Chkdsk, whereupon Windows will want to reboot to unlock c: go ahead and use the branded installer of the 9600 should that be Asus also, not sure I understood you. But use that insaller. If it should have a subFolder titled 64bit or Vista and that folder includes an installer either exe or msi run that one. A lot of these branded cards have tweaks to run the core at a higher clock rate so use that installer as a frist try. If the branded installer fails, hickups, burps or just won't run, go to the Nvidia Driver Package and unpack the exe and point to a new clean location to unpack. The Nvidia package usually executes the installer upon unpacking.

    That should do it. You will probably end up with a Control Panel entry besides the generic Display entry. That unique Control Panel entry will give you access to the branded or nvidia cards internal controls such as refresh rate and application controlled antialiasing among the many. Its best to hand off control to the card for just about everything, so take the defaults and once you have the full Ultimate Vista experience, you can return to the Cards Control Panel and choose the presets for what ever game you intend to play like Far Cry, for example, the new Far Cry (which is what I'm building my new PC for and I'll be using the 9600 myself for.

    Having said all this, that doesn't mean you won't be problem free. But, you will be at a clean start point to get the right codec package installed if its needed. So, don't jump the gun if you can and wait until you get your first error message or feature failure. I have a friend on the board who is also a dual core 64 gamer. We've just been talking about going quad core. I'll ask him to come in on this and confer with you too, so the two of us can get your system running sweet. He's in Finland and I'm on the West Coast so you should be able to get to one of us at any time.

    Frankly, I believe you'll be good to go at this point. But, things do happen. Just don't jump the gun on your first error message or feature failure. I run my own business and so do my friends on this board. We are glad to help out in the Free Forum but we can't always be on the PC when you need us.


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Nov 20, 2008

    In the Nvidia Control Panel there should be presets you can access for most of the top games in the market that take advantage of DirectX 9 and higher. As games become released, Nvidia will release point upgrades, point upgrades meaning x.n where 'n' is the point upgrade as in coming after the period or point in our lingo, which you may already know about.

    For example, I'm waiting for the new Far Cry release and will be putting a 9600 card in my x64 box, although I use XPx64 and not Vista on this box. I do multiple boots into other OSs such as Linux and will with Vista Ultimate 64 soon, but not yet.

    That was what I meant about handing off control. In your OS, the card and the OS can and do work very very well together. This is a little known fact of Vista. It is actually a really good OS, its just had a bad rap for being released too early frankly.

    You will want to invest in an external backup hard drive and your PC should have an external SATA port. It would be fairly well labled, but your manual should point it out. An eSATA connection will give you a transfer rate of 1.5Gbits per second transfer rates making the backup task relatively short. The need for a backup drive is to keep yourself out of a jam like this again. So, in the least, make a Restore Point and then hunt down at deal at Frys for an external backup and get an eSATA capable one if you have the port on your PC.

    When you buy a new game title, or before you do look in the Nvidia Control Panel for presets for that game. When you prepare to load up and play the game, select the preset and your Nvidia card will be optimized for the game in advanced. You won't have to do anything in the game except outfit yourself and set controls and sound options, you'll be able to leave the Video options alone. Expect some pretty hot games this season.

    Glad to have helped, always make a restore point before tweaking your system, if you like to experiment.

    Thanks for using FixYa,



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Jun 23, 2009 | Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition

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I Have Upgraded To Vista Ultimate And I Still can,t add annimated gifs to my laptop can anyone tell me how to solve this problem as i was told that you could only do this on vista ultimate . i upgraded...

For an animated desktop wallpaper in vista ( available only in ultimate version), you will need to run the windows vista ultimate extra updates namely - "WINDOWS DREAMSCENE". After that update you can set any vedio as your desktop baground.

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Appreciate the direct "Ask Me".

Based on your post, "everything including the kitchen sink" and yet... Let's try the basics:
  • is your system overclocked?
  • if yes, would your BIOS allow you to run the video card at stock/default while all others are upped;
  • could you try disabling "Enable write combining". This would be inside Display Properties/Settings tab/Advanced button/Troubleshoot tab;
  • any problem when adjusting hardware acceleration (same location);
  • can you try bunching the videos, pictures, scenes or whatever that you would want in the DirectShow in either My Pictures or My Videos (pls try both);
  • can you try running your Screen Resolution and/or Screen Refresh Rate a notch down;
  • have you tried running "dxdiag"?
  • have you tried running a Divx Player? and
  • have you tried downgrading the nVidia driver?
Hope this be of initial help/idea. Pls post back how things turned up or should you need additional information. Good luck and kind regards. Thank you for using FixYa.

Nov 17, 2008 | Computers & Internet

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Vista codecs?

That happened because Vista 64 codecs are different from Vista 32 codecs.

Try downloading from one of the following links:

Download VistaCodecs x64Components
|MG| Vista Codec x64 Components 1.5.2 Final

Xvid codec vista 64 Free Download
Or try

Nov 15, 2008 | Computers & Internet

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