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How do i rename my wireless router because the default was linksys and there is another one by me with the same name so i would like to change it.

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Thomas Lim

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On a computer wired to your router.

Open an internet explorer browser. Click on the address bar and type in
Hit enter. It should ask you for a username and password.
Dont put anything in username and type in admin for the password
if it does not accept that it means that you changed the password
Now go to the wireless tab on top then you can see under it basic wireless this is where you change the name of the network under SSID then click save settings after the change

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It sound to me that you have a wireless card in your laptop and you are picking up your neighbors wireless router!!!! which has no SSID set, thus "default" and has no encryption set, thus "unsecured network". Turn off your wireless adapter The only security on a Non-Wireless router is turning on the firewall. It should be enabled by default. The other thing would be to change the password on your router, but since you do not have a wireless router, then it is pointless, unless you do not want someone in your house to access the router settings and make changes. Ever then, if someone in your house that is physically connected to the router with a "cable" could alway walk to the router and stick a pin in the the "reset" hole in the back of the router to reset wipe any changes that was made, so a password is pointless as far as I am concerned for non-wirelss routers. open your browser and type Admin User name: Leave it blank Password: admin Once you login you can change your password if you like.

Source: Renaming Linksys BEFSX41 router and securing it.

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  • nhoelfox
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  • November 27, 2008

try to reset your D-link router (press the reset button of at least 1min) reseting router will restore the manufacturer default router settings.
Note: Save or write any changes you made in your router if you customize it other than using the default settings.

Source: Problem with D-Link wireless router!

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