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Motorola MD 400 Series - buttons will not dial number

I have the same problem as another post on this site. When attempting to dial, the keys, especially the number 3 and 6, will not dial. At times I will have to hold the button down, pressing hard, just to get the number key to dial. Any solutions will be appreciated. Steven

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4 Answers

Re: Motorola MD 400 Series - buttons will not dial number - Motorola Mobility MD41 Expandable Handset for MD400 Series...

It worked! Thank you!

Posted on Sep 16, 2008

Re: Motorola MD 400 Series - buttons will not dial number

Kellie is right on with the keypad repair. We have 4 handsets, for about 2 years now, and are very happy with the system. However, the most used phone started giving us fits with the '3' and the 'off' buttons not working. I washed and dried my iPod nano [in the laundry by accident], and was able to take that apart and get it working again so I thought what the heck-lets have a go at this larger Motorola phone handset. I actually did this before I saw Kellie's post, and after getting most of the phone apart, I decided to do a search for hints-when it felt I was about to crack something. After getting the phone apart, and cleaning it with a Q tip and rubbing alcohol it works perfectly. I considered calling Motorola and "demandimg" replacement handsets, but I am happy to be able to fix it myself. Here is what I did:
1] remove the clip- at first you'll think this thing is frickin glued or welded on, but you actually just need to spread the "wings" on the side of the phone outward, and you'll successfully remove tabs "A" from slots "B"
2] remove battery cover and remove battery-should unclip easily
3] remove 2 screws in battery compartment
4] remove the small plate on the back of the top of the phone just abouve the clip you removed. Use a thin screwdriver and pry from the bottom of the panel, as its like a door that will want to "swing up" and out
5] remove the 2 screws you have now exposed-they are the same size and type as the 2 screws you removed from the battery compartment
6] now your nerve will be tested. You need to seperate the phone into 2 halves- a front and back. As you do this, you will think you are gonna crack either the front or back plate in half. If you can trust us, and understand that the rubber "grips" on each side of the phone are the only thing really holding the front and back together you can win this struggle. Its hard to explain, but the rubber grips on each slide have a number of slots, and the front and back halves slide into these grooves snugly and at a 90 degree angle. You could just grab one end of the rubber grip and yank away like its a zipper, but I didn't do this because I didn't want to stretch or tear the rubber and have the phone look like hell after I put it back together. There are also 3 plastic "clips" one on one side and 2 on the other, but these are nothing. Defeat the rubber grips and these 3 little clip things you won't even notice. So take your time, and eventually you should get the front and back halves of the phone apart from each other and the rubber grips.
7] remove the 2 screws holding teh circuit board to the faceplate. The circuit board should come out easily-be careful with the soldered red and black wires to the speaker. When you take circuit board out it will still be tethered to the faceplate by the speaker wires.
8] take Q-tip and rubing alcohol and wipe all copper contacts and backs of rubber buttons like a wild man [wild woman]
9] let dry [a few minutes], put back together in reverse of way you took it apart- little stubby antenna will possibly fall out at some point, just set it back in when you put two halves back together, then enjoy Utopia as your phone will now work like it did when you first took it out of its stupid box !!!! Any questions? post a comment and I will try to answer them good luck, its really pretty easy ! If sexy Kellie can do it so can you !

Posted on Oct 23, 2007

Re: Motorola MD 400 Series - buttons will not dial number

Follow the link scroll thru the customer reviews, until you get to "fixing keypad problem". It works exactly how he/she describes it. When I was completed, and was trying to get the battery plate back on, my finger touched the on button and the phone turned on! I was in amazement, due to the fact I had to use the "handsfree" button to answer calls for the past few months. I have heard for a few years now to stay away from Motorola Cell phones (they are junk), my guess is the same for their home phones. I think it is rediculous to have to do this to my phones.

Posted on Oct 01, 2007

Re: Motorola MD 400 Series - buttons will not dial number

The keypad has some kind of defect. I think that over time the silicone mold-release agent from the keypad buttons works its way into the electrical contacts. You can clean off the contacts with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Here are instructions:

Posted on Mar 29, 2007

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Feature Button Not Working

Feature, Redial, press button to program, dial 1, dial the extension number, Feature to write and exit. ONLY IF the buttons are programmed as feature buttons, they may be just dead buttons, useless until they are assigned in system programming as feature buttons.

Nov 22, 2013 | NEC Phones

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I'm having problems with a Samsung KPDCS-12B LCD phone I've recently been given, I need to add myself to group 501 to take calls for my department (Plumbing) but my phone (Extension 250) is...

Hi you need to do this in 2 parts - firstly to add yourself to group 501 follow the step-by-step instructions which are on the video I have posted. Then follow this to add a mobile number to the directory;

Press the TSFR key

Enter 200

Enter code 1234

=/- key to enable

Speaker key

dial 705

I.e. once in 705

Type in speed number, the cursor will tab over to speed dial slot.

Enter 9 followed by the phone number.

Press 12th button down,

Enter name,

Press 12th button. (You will be back at the speed dial.)

Press tab, then enter the next speed dial slot you wish to program.

( 705 - Speed dial 12th Button down to toggle between)

( 706 - Speed Name the 2 MMC

Jun 08, 2011 | Samsung DCS 12 Corded Phone

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How do I set speed dial for J WIN JT-P590?

One-Touch Memory
1. In the on-hook or off-hook state, press [MENU] button until the LCD
displays "STORE NUMBER."
2. Press [OK/DIAL] button, then enter the wanted number by using keypad.
3. Press [OK/DIAL] to confirm.
4. Choose the desired location M1 or M2.
5. Press [OK/DIAL] to confirm and the LCD will display "SAVE."
To dial from one-touch memory keys, lift handset or press the speaker and press the
key (M1/M2) and the number in the memory will be dialed out automatically.

In case of a problem or clarification or my solution was insufficient, don't hesitate to post me a reply.

If you are satisfied, rate my solution with the "thumbs" or (even better) add a testimonial.

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Panasonic KX-T7730 Corded Phone programmed speed dial numbers not working. will not dial numbers programmed

When the system is installed, you need to make sure that only the lines equipped are in the access plan (program 400 in a TA series box). When you go to the intercom on a phone and dial "9" you should get an outside line every time. If that works, system and personal speed dials include that access code as part of the number. eg my test number is 914197845522 9+1+10 digits.


Apr 01, 2011 | Panasonic KX-T7730 Corded Phone

2 Answers

I push the feature button it turns red as soon as i enter the phone number the light goes out press feature and does not program

Why are you pressing the feature button?

Press feature then answer. You envoked ringing line pick up.
Press feature then speed dial button, dial a number like your dialing out, then feature again. You've just set a speed dial button.
Press feature, then 3 and you've changed your ringtone on a series i phone.

Mar 16, 2010 | NEC Dterm DTP 16D-1 Corded Phone

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How do you set the speed dial phone numbers on the Clarity D613 amplified cordless DECT

Clarity D613 Cordless Telephone

To set, replace, or delete one of the nine Speed Dial numbers:

1. If you want to set or replace one of the Speed Dial numbers, and the new number is not already an entry in the phonebook, add the new phonebook entry before continuing here.

2. Press the PHONEBOOK button. The first entry in the phonebook displays.
3. Press the MENU button. The first two items (VIEW and ADD) of the seven-item PHONEBOOK menu display.

4. Press the UP/DOWN buttons (right side of the handset) to scroll to SPEED DIAL.
5. Press the MENU button. The first two items (KEY 1 and KEY 2) of the nine-item SPEED DIAL menu display.

6. The SPEED DIAL menu is displayed. If you do not want to make any (more) Speed Dial changes, press the BACK button until the HANDSET number displays, and stop following these instructions.

7. Press the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll to the KEY number that you want to set, replace, or delete; for example, KEY 4.
8. Press the MENU button. A phonebook entry appears. It is either the entry, if any, that is currently associated with the selected key or it is the first entry in the phonebook.

9. Press the UP/DOWN buttons to try to scroll to a different entry in the phonebook.
10. If you are able to scroll through the phonebook, the selected key is not currently associated with any phonebook entry and you have two options:
a. To leave the selected key without an association, press the BACK button and return to step 6.
b. To associate the selected key with a phonebook entry, go to step 16.

11. The displayed phonebook entry is currently associated with the selected key. If you want to leave it that way, press the BACK button and return to step 6.
12. Press the MENU button. A menu displays with two items (ADD and DELETE). By default, the ADD item is initially selected.
13. If you want to associate a different phonebook entry with the selected key, press the MENU button (to choose ADD). The first entry in the phonebook displays. Go to step 16.

14. Press the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll to DELETE.
15. Press the MENU button. DELETED displays. The selected key is now not associated with any phonebook entry. Return to step 6.

16. Press the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll to the phonebook entry that you want to associate with the selected key.
17. Press the MENU button. SAVED displays. The selected key is now associated with the selected phonebook entry. Return to step 6.

To call one of the nine Speed Dial numbers:

1. Press and hold the desired Speed Dial key (1 through 9 on the dial pad). The selected key number displays. If the key is associated with a phonebook entry, the call begins within a few seconds. Otherwise the phone beeps twice.
2. Release the key. If the key was not associated with a phonebook entry, you can either press the BACK key to return the phone to standby, or you can press the CLEAR key and then press a different Speed Dial key..

To review the phonebook entries that are associated with the Speed Dial keys:

1. Press the PHONEBOOK button. The first entry in the phonebook displays.
2. Press the MENU button. The first two items (VIEW and ADD) of the seven-item PHONEBOOK menu display.

3. Press the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll to SPEED DIAL.
4. Press the MENU button. The first two items (KEY 1 and KEY 2) of the nine-item SPEED DIAL menu display.

5. Press the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll to the KEY number that you want to review; for example, KEY 4.
6. Press the MENU button. The associated phonebook entry appears.
7. Press the BACK button.
8. If you want to review more Speed Dial associations, return to step 5.

9. Press the BACK button until the HANDSET number displays.

Dec 27, 2009 | Clarity Phones

1 Answer


The mechanics of storing a speed dial number on Panasonic phones is the same, even if the phone can be connected to one of 18 different model Key Service Units. It involves pressing PROGRAM a button, an access code, the number, and STORE. In the U.S. our access code to get an outside line is "9". You may be using something different, like '0'.

The differences are if you can dial "9" on the intercom and get a dial tone, which collumn of buttons you press, and/or whether you want this to be PERSONAL numbers or SYSTEM numbers.

In a TA-824, lines are accessed high to low. If you have 2 lines on a basic system and dial "9" to get an outside line, you will land on line 3 if you have not told the system that line 3 is disabled (system program 400). So, the fast answer is press PROGRAM, a button on the right side, dial 9+your desired number and STORE. If it's a left side button, dial 29 instead of 9.

System speed dials requrie access to system program 001.

If this does not work on your system, please comment back with your actual system model number.


Nov 09, 2009 | Panasonic KX-T7730 Corded Phone

1 Answer

Speed dial

I have posted a video showing how to input telephone numbers into your directory. You decide which speed dial entry to use with which phone number. To access Speed dial easily either program a soft key to be an SPD button or the short code is 16followed by the speed dial number. look at 'abbeytel' on YouTube or

May 15, 2009 | Samsung Prostar DCS-24B-LCD Corded Phone

1 Answer

Set speed dial

This may or may not work as my manuals are for the 9xx series but not the 950. Press PROGRAM
to erase press PAUSE and either the BUTTON or LOWER BUTTON (2 keys).

To store a new number, PROGRAM then dial the number you want saved (or press REDIAL) then the BUTTON or (LOWER BUTTON).

I'm guessing this will work, since the other models seem to program the same way.


Feb 27, 2009 | AT&T 950 Corded Phone

1 Answer

Dialing presets

Hi John, you posted this a LONG time ago.. but I will add a sollution incase anyone needs to find out in future..

to add a number (i.e 01234567890)

1. Lift the handset
2. Press the 'STORE' key, then enter 01234567890
(the number will not be physically dialed - rather, the telephone is memorising it internally)
Press the 'STORE' key again after you enter the number
then select the button you wish to locate it to.

i.e : 'STORE' » enter telephone no. » 'STORE' » Press desired memory button..

Hope this helps
Kevin (In Dublin, Ireland)

Apr 22, 2008 | Audioline AUB3 Corded Phone...

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