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Spice m4580 charging problem

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Do not charg spice m4580 pls sir send for this problem phto

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Rustan  Garcia

Either your sim card is not seated correctly, the contacts are dirty, the sim card is dead, the copper contacts in the phone do not reach the sim card or the electronics in the phone are faulty. try to change a new battery' or maybe the sim card driver is unsoldered' or need to replace. here is the pics. skilled technician can do.

Source: nokia 1600 ,insert sim and not charging solution

Gourav Raghuvanshi

When we connect the phone to PC it automatically start charging but after 5 mins it stops its because we do not take any kind of action i.e. if you will send some files to phone or will operate phone from PC it will keep charging otherwise as you have said it will stop.

Source: Charge by usb cable

  • Anonymous
  • February 22, 2008

put out battery first than fix it again and restart your phone and than recharge ur cell.

Source: n 70 charging problem

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