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Dryer whining noise, duct was part blocked, whining better, why whining?

Dryer started making a whining sort of noise coming from the back - I checked the vent and it was partially blocked. I unblocked everything - the whining got a little better - do you think my dryer is ok? It still heats very well. It has always taken 1 hr to dry my clothes - recently it was taking about 1 1/2 hrs to dry at least. I found what looked like a mouse nest with bits of dogfood, insulation material and lots and lots of lint. The end of vent had a big hunk of lint too. I clean my vent screen every load - sometimes twice a load.

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  • darcycreatur Dec 13, 2008

    my dryer vent is making a blowing noise. The dryer is NOT pluged in what is it?


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Cleaning the lint trap often isn't enough to maintain proper dryer ventilation. No lint screen is perfect and some lint always gets past the intial screen. As you have discovered, rodents love lint as nesting material. It is common to find mice nests in places such as the blower fan assembly and along the dryer vent hose. I would recommend you inspect the vent about once per season. That is, four times per year. Most manufacturers recommend twice, per year, but I have found it better to check a little more frequently. The following link provides you with some good advice on proper dryer maintenance:

Pay particular attention to the section that discusses dryer ventilation. Something as simple as a clogged vent can cause serious problems with the heating circuits. Not to mention, it can create potential fire hazards. I would recommend you try running the dryer for one load with the vent hose removed. If the load takes less time to dry, I would inspect your dryer ventilation thoroughly from the point it exits the dryer, to the point where it exits your home. If you are not using the semi-rigid metal type ducting, or if the vent line has not been replaced in a while, I would recommend you do so. The ducting is sold in 10 foot segments, is fairly inexpensive and easy to install. The air at the back of the dryer should be forceful and warm (about 140 degrees F). If the air flow is weak, and not very warm, you still may have problem internal to the dryer. Here's another link you can view that discusses proper ventilation installation:

The rule of thumb when it comes to dryer ventilation is the SHORTER and STRAIGHTER the ventilation, the better. Every bend, sag, or rise creates resistance for the blower motor and can create potential choke points for lint to clog. Vent lines that run through an attic or crawl space are generally the worst for clogs. Also, make sure the exhaust outside is at least 12 inches off the ground to prevent rodents from entering.

To answer your question, if the dryer seems to be performing well and drying as it should, you probably have no problems at this point. I would recommend, however, that you inspect the dyer interior to make sure you don't have lint build up inside. Since you said you had cleared a clog recently, I suspect you may have some lint build up in the cabinet. This can cause a potential fire hazard. I would also recommend you lubricate the dryer drum supports (rollers) at the point where the roller meets the axle with a light weight machine oil. DO NOT get oil on the rubber rollers. These rollers can also cause noise if not lubricated periodically. I hope you find this information helpful. Let me know if you require additional assistance.

NOTE: Make sure you UNPLUG the dryer before servicing the interior cabinet. There are still live voltages present even with the dryer turned off.

Posted on Nov 03, 2008

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Won't start but makes a whining noise

when you press the start button does it make a noise like emm like the motor is stuck?or all you can hear is the timer ticking?if it's the first it's the motor and you can try this,open the door,hold the door switch in with one hand and with the other spin the drum as someone else pushes in the start button,if it runs you have a bad motor,if you can't move the drum you could have somwthing stuck in the blower wheel but it will be the motor making the noise,if it's the timer you hear most likely the dryer needs to be cleaned out and also the vent line,then with a meter check the thermostats on the heater box 279816 is the part number you'll need if you already changed out the thermal fuse 3392519.if you don't find the block either in the metal duct that the lint filter slides into or in the vent line the thermostat will keep popping,it's a safety along with the thermal fuse when the dryer runs to hot one of them will pop as a safety because the dryer is running to hot usuaaly because the air isn't moving good from lint blocking unplug the dryer,you have the lint filter on top so all your parts are in the back,pull out the dryer,remove the vent line and the back panel,now remove the lint filter and the two phillips screws in front of it on the top panel,go in the back and on the left side remove the 4 screws that hold the metal duct in,clean out the duct and blow out and vac up any lint in the back,put it back together,now go to the right side,pull off at least one wire and check the top thermostat on the heater box,set you meter to say 20k ohms,you should see 1 on the meter,touch the leeds together,the 1 should be replaced with anything but 1,now touch the leeds to the part you're checking,if the 1 is there the part is bad or open,if any other reading the part is good or closed,also where you installed the thermal fuse you'll see the cycling thermostat next to it,pull it out and check the back of it,if you use cling free sheets it usually gets stuck on the back,clean it off with a steel brush or lightly sand it,if the cycling thermostat is bad the dryer can run hot get a leaf blower and stick it in the vent line and blow it out to the outside,go outside first and make sure nothing is blocking the outside duct like a cage or screen,if so remove it first then blow it. go here to clean out the inside
hope this helps,if you need anything else let me know and don't self clean your oven till after the holidays,been getting alot of calls for this,when self cleaning it can damage the oven and if you have to order a clck assy. or something you might not get it before thanksgiving,have a great holiday.

Nov 15, 2013 | Estate by Whirlpool EED4400WQ Estate 29in...

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Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer MOD WED5600XW0 making whirring noise

take the bottom panel off,you'll see a metal duct that the lint filter slides down into,there's a blower wheel behind the duct,if the wheel cracks or gets loose where it connects to the motor shaft it can make this sound,start the dryer and listen to see if the noise comes from there.if you can't tell unplug the dryer,pull out the lint filter and then take out the screws that hold the metal duct in place and remove it,now you can see the blower wheel,spin the drum by hand and see if the blower wheel moves with the drum and belt.if it looks fine stop spinning it and grab the wheel and see if it feels loose,if it is you will be able to tell.also while you have the duct off clean it out,you should take it off at least once a year and clean it out,then vac out the cabinet and blow out your vent line with a leaf blower if it's long,just remove it from the back of the dryer,stick a leaf blower into the vent line and blow it out.go outside first and make sure the outside duct is clear,no cage or anything that will block the lint from blowing outside.if the blower wheel is ok then the noise could be the belt roller or belt pulley,thety sell a kit with all the parts together but usually when someone says it's making a whirring sound it most likely is the blower wheel.hope this helps.

Nov 13, 2013 | Whirlpool Dryers

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The start button is flashing red and beeping and the drying cycle won't start. Help!

  • If the machine shakes or makes a lot of noise, make sure the dryer is level. Some shaking is normal, but it shouldn't bounce around like it's itching to go somewhere. Adjust the leveling legs. They just screw and unscrew. Check to make sure the load inside the dryer is properly distributed and is not all clumped together.
  • Match the control settings to the type of load, and make sure you're not overloading the dryer.
  • Check that the ducts aren't blocked if the clothes take too long to dry. Look for lint or missing socks. Check to make sure the ducting isn't kinked, and make sure the outside dryer vent flap moves freely and isn't blocked---by snow, for example.
  • Sort your clothes by weight if they aren't drying properly. Lightweight clothes should be dried separately from items like comforters.
  • Make sure the lint drawer is empty.
  • Press the "Stop" button or press the "Lock" button for three seconds if the controls don't work. Press the "Power" button to wake the dryer up if it won't start. Make sure the "Delay Start" button isn't flashing if the machine fails to start. Press "Start" again.
  • If you see only lights displayed on the screen and no numbers, it's normal. The dryer has detected a low level of moisture. Other normal behavior is when the time remaining jumps to a lower number---it's revising its estimated time remaining. When you can't make a selection and the dryer beeps twice, the dryness setting is incompatible with the chosen dry cycle hope this helps please tell me if it does

Dec 06, 2010 | Zanussi Dryers

1 Answer

Dryer still heats up, but it sounds like the motor is making a high pitch whining noise?

something might be hitting the blower wheel or the wheel could be cracked,remove the bottom panel,take out the lint filter and remove the duct that the filter slides into, start the dryer and check the blower wheel to see if it's that or the motor,clean out the duct and vac out the inside of dryer while you're in there,blow out the vent line,do this once a year and you'll have less problems with dryer and no fires

Mar 13, 2010 | Kenmore Elite HE4 Electric Dryer

1 Answer

Electric dryer element heats for short period of time and then shuts off, will come back on in a few min. and only is on foe 10 to 15 seconds and then back off. It takes 2 to 3 hours to dry a load

you need to clean out the dryer and vent line,try running it with the vent line off and see if it runs better,also you need to clean out the duct that the lint filter slides into and vac out the inside of dryer where the motor is,if the vent line is long blow it out with a leaf blower to clean it out,check the outside vent and make sure that isn't blocked,you need to do this once a year or you will start blowing thermal fuse and over heat the motor and your clothes will take hours to dry

Feb 22, 2010 | Kenmore Dryers

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Dryer overheats & shuts off. Takes longer

Overheating usually occurs when air flow thru the duct/vent is blocked. Try removing your duct hose from the back of the dryer and clear it of any lint. Check the area where the duct connects to the dryer itself and remove any lint that may block air flow. Then go outside and make sure that the outside vent is cleaned out. Reassemble the duct to the vent and make sure its not crimped or bent. Remove all link around the lint filter and make sure its clean! Good luck!

Jul 04, 2009 | Dryers

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Dryer is taking forever to dry clothes.

you better not use the dryer again until you can clean the entire vent system-----not just the lint filter , but the back of the dryer and the complete exhaust duct all the way to the outside. It is probably plugged. Also check to make sure nothing is blocking the air intake. I know a co worker who had a house fire due to a blocked vent. After the vent is clear, make sure you can feel a good stream of air coming out at the outsde of the vent.

Jun 25, 2009 | GE DBSR453EBWW Electric Dryer

1 Answer

Whirlpool GEW9200 dryer makes loud whining noise...

It might be metal on metal. It is possible that something worked it's way from inside the drum it between the drum and the rest of the dryer. There's just a couple of srcews that holds the back and top on to the dryer. Take them out after un-plugging the dryer, and consider plugging it back in and running it to see if you can here where the squeek is coming from.

Feb 16, 2009 | Whirlpool GEW9250 Electric Dryer

1 Answer

Kenmore 110.84821300

The rythmic rubbing sound you are hearing could be coming from a few sources. It could be drum support rollers that require lubrication, bulkhead screws that have come loose, the drum seal not seated properly, or a silencer plate that has come off the compartment side and is rubbing on the drum.

First, look inside the dryer along the seam where the drum meets the front and rear of the dryer. You should not see any part of the felt drum seal protruding inside the drum. Sometimes the seal starts to come loose or becomes misaligned and sticks through inside the drum. This will cause thumping and excessive noise. If you have anything caught in the drum seal (i.e., a screw, change, etc.) this can also cause excessive noise.

Remove the dryer top panel and start the dryer and watch for anything obvious rubbing on the drum. The top comes off by removing the screws in the rear and sliding the panel back, then up. (CAUTION: DO NOT get your hands around the drum while it is rotating and any of the electrical connections). Look for any vibration from from the rear bulkhead (this is the back wall of the dryer where the drum rides against). Sometimes the screws holding the bulkhead to the cabinet come loose.

Another thing to look for is a metal silencer plate that is usually mounted along the side panels. This plate is glued on and is used for noise reduction. Sometimes it comes off and will rub against the drum.

If everything checks out good, remove the lower panel under the door by removing the screws under the bottom edge (HINT: Placing a small block of wood under the front feet of the dryer can make this easier). The panel will drop down then come off. If it gets stuck, tap on either side to knock it loose. Start the dryer again and look/listen for any noises coming from the drum supports. The drum rides on the drum supports and they require periodic cleaning and lubrication.

The drum light could be a lamp socket problem and/or wiring. Make sure you are using the correct bulb as well. I believe the bulb is only supposed to be a 25W bulb. This isn't related to any long dry time problem.

The heat problem could be directly associated to clogged dryer ducting. If the dryer is full of lint when you open it, you will have to thoroughly clean the vent ducting and interior cabinet. NOTE: This is a fire hazard!

Some things to try: Remove the dryer exhaust hose and start the dryer. The air leaving the back of the dryer should be forceful and hot (about 140 degrees F). If the air flow is weak and cool, you have a clog INSIDE your dryer. If the air flow is normal, check the vent ducting from where it leaves your dryer to where it exits your home. The dryer ducting should be cleaned routinely and kept clear of obstructions.

Your heat problem may not be a component at all. Double check your dryer interior and ducting and let me know what you find. I hope this helps you.

Apr 10, 2008 | Dryers

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