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Tips and tricks

I would like to ad some tips and tricks to my profile but I can't figure out how to do it. When you get a moment, I would appreciate your help. BTW, I'm a friend of Bill also.

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  • Any Guy
    Any Guy Nov 03, 2008

    Thanks for the response. When you get it written just drop me a copy. Thanks!

  • Any Guy
    Any Guy Nov 03, 2008

    Yes, I need to know how to enter a couple in projection TV's. I think I can write one OK, but I plam to read over yours and use them as a guide.

  • Any Guy
    Any Guy Nov 03, 2008

    Thanks guy, just wrote my first tip (with your help, of course) here:

  • Any Guy
    Any Guy Nov 03, 2008

    I have awarded Fixya's to every response you have sent. I would like to continue the status quo as far as the old timers around here, I figure they've been here awhile for a reason. You can always learn something from your elders. I really do appreciate your help and I think your procedure for adding tips should be added as a tip for us newcomers. You made it easy with your step by step instructions. Took me like 5 minutes follwoing your steps and me doing the writing to complete my first tip. Thanks again for all of your help. Your tips creation should be required reading for new wizards and Gurus.

  • Any Guy
    Any Guy Nov 04, 2008

    And the short story for me is, I'm 48, live in Cincinnati Ohio with my white german shepherd Jingles. I'm single, live in an apartment and am the only member of my 6 sisters and one brother who never married. Good and bad for me. Too many electronic projects to count, things to fix everywhere and I'm spending a fair amount of time on Fixya, which I found when a customer sent me here asking about a thermal fuse fix he had seen. I didn't join to make money, just to help. I get up at 5 am and go to bed around 9, except tonight I need to get to bed early because I'm recovering from PT earlier todaay (very bad knee with diminishing cartiledge and hardware holding things together) and I slept like **** last night. Hope to trade more info with you in the bear future; got a few questions to answer and then off to bed. Lived on a farm with goats chickens and whatnot for awhile growing up and did the firewood collection for the winter, so I can appreciate that. Thanks again for all your help,

  • Any Guy
    Any Guy Nov 09, 2008

    Just wanted to let you know I passed along your "How to" for tips and tricks here:

    I didn't think you would mind. I also didn't realize you had already posted it. Seems like someone took offense at my copy and paste. If this was wrong of me (you'll notice I gave you full credit) let me know and I will post a public apology.

  • Any Guy
    Any Guy Nov 09, 2008

    Thanks for the clarification WV. Your insight is always appreciated!



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Sure, Oh, me and Bill. I got a sponsor and old one and he took me to ACA and that's where I got my **** together again. That, and putting Vietnam behind me helped. My Dad was one of those who one drink too many and he became a monster; a vilolent abusive monter.

I have it on my list to write a how to write a tip, want to work with me on this. I've also asked staff to make adding a Tip easier such as a link to a new blank tip page in your profile. But, the friggin programmers... well, they rule apparently.


Posted on Nov 03, 2008

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  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Nov 03, 2008

    Do you want to know where to enter one? If so, what product category?

    Or, do you want to know the best way to write one?


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Nov 03, 2008

    The Tip that gets me votes on a regular basis is this one on resetting an Epson printer's internal print counter.


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Nov 03, 2008

    [here is the draft of what I will post. let me know if you find this awkward or confusing or in your posting of a Tip, there is anything I can change. One this I forgot to mention. Once posted you cannot edit the Tip, so be dead certain it is right and ready --worldvet)

    How to Write a Tip for FixYa

    This is an exercise, so work the items
    in this tutorial one by one.

    1.) From most any page on FixYa, scroll
    to the bottom where you

    can see the links footer.

    2.) Click on Products.

    3.) Find your Major Product Category

    4.) Now select a Product subCategory.

    5.) For an exercise, look at Computer
    Components and then the

    subCategory Graphic Cards. Click on
    Graphic Cards now.

    6.) You will notice that there is a
    list of sub categories in this section

    for Graphic Cards. Then, below this are
    products themselves that

    have been active lately and are
    organized alphabetically.

    7.) Click on a Product in the List on
    this Page, not a subCategory. Do

    not click on Get Support or Add to My
    Products. The Products listed

    on this page are the most active, or

    8.) You will notice three categories on
    this page; Troubleshooting

    and Support; Unsolved Support Problems
    and lastly at the bottom of

    the page is "What you are looking
    for now." Tips & Tricks,

    9.) Look at the category header for
    Tips & Tricks at the far right is the

    link, Post a New Tip.

    10.) Click on the link "Post a New
    Tip" now.

    11.) Take a look at all the features of
    this "Write A Tip" page.

    Specifically, notice the area under the
    Title" "My Solution is valid for:"

    This is a drop down list. Drop this
    list down and you will notice an

    entry that is common for all tips you
    will post: All Graphic Cards. Do

    not select "I'm not certain",
    that choice will place your tip under the

    current product. More often than not,
    you want to choose "All xxxx"

    This gets your Tip listed under all
    Graphic Cards, and gives your tips

    the most exposure.

    12.) When a user lands on FixYa, they
    often conduct a search. But,

    this is what is great about tips, your
    Tip will come up in a Google

    Search or an MSN search or even a Yahoo
    search. Since posting a

    Tip as valid for All Graphic Cards your
    entry gets the most reach and

    because of the large number or links
    from within all the graphic cards

    entries, your Tip will rank high in
    search engines.

    13.) The next part is up to you. You
    must make your Tip as useful as

    possible. Write it in a recipe format.
    That is step 1, step 2, etc. Or,

    you can look at how I constructed this
    Tip itself. Be aware that when

    you are constructing a tip you have
    many formatting options, Bold,

    Italics, underlining. You can add
    photos and links to an upload you

    made to You Tube.

    i. What you will not see is a font
    selection. This can be tricked


    ii. Tricking out a post to use a
    font of your choice.

    iii. To do this, open Word Pad in
    Windows or bring up the Run

    Command and type write and then hit
    enter. When you have Word

    Pad open, change the font and write
    your text, what ever that is and

    choose font size. Now, select that
    text, Copy that text, return to your

    Tip work page and paste the text into
    place. Now you have changed

    the font. Whether this font will be
    persistent once you post it in the

    end depends on the font, safe choices
    are Arial, Times New Roman,

    Georgia and Verdana as these fonts are
    universal in web browsers.

    Anything off the wall or just unusual
    in font usage will be substituted

    by the users browser and the end result
    may be less than ideal.

    iv. If you plan to upload a video
    to You Tube, take note that the

    Thumbnail for your You Tube upload is
    the frame that is dead center

    in your video. Use a video editor to
    count the frames in your video,

    go to the frame that is in the center.
    Now paste a still image in this

    center frame that will represent your
    thumbnail. If your center of the

    video is an odd number, paste your
    thumbnail in two or three frames

    at the center. When the video plays
    back, these will not affect

    playback to the point of distraction,
    it will just appear as a glitch. Now

    save your video with the changes and
    upload it to You Tube. Give it

    an attractive name, etc, and consider
    the keywords in advance so

    when you enter them, they are already
    well thought out.

    v. If you plan to upload images,
    note that these images each

    alone has to be 150K or less in size.
    You can have as many images

    as you like so long as they meet this

    vi. If you plan to enter a link
    make sure you have any permission

    that may be needed, but more than
    anything, make certian your link is

    valid. "Test is before you Paste

    14.) To summarize now, you go to the
    main Products Page, choose

    a main category and then a subCategory,
    select the first, most

    popular product, there should be an Add
    New Tip link on the

    subsequent page. If there isn't one, go
    back a page, choose another

    product until you find a product with
    an Add New Tip link. Not every

    product will have an Add New Tip link.
    Once you are adding a new

    tip, drop the "Please Choose an
    Option" list down and almost always

    choose: All xxxx, etc.

    15.) If you have any problems,
    questions or need a bit more

    guidance, you can find me at:

    Use the Ask Me button to send me a
    board message and I'll get

    back to you as soon as the Request gets
    posted and I see it in my

    profile page or I get an email

  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Nov 03, 2008

    Just gave you your first FixYa for the tip.

    BTW, amongst we who use Buddy Talk to consult or seek advice and confer. The status quo amongst we experts is to give a FixYa for the help. This is a subjective decision and I'm not asking you to give me one. I just want you to know what we older timers do amongst ourselves.

    We don't consider this artificial inflation anymore than a Positive vote on a Tip results in a FixYa is considered artificial inflation. Something is of use or not and in these Buiddy Talks it was added for this reason when they were first designed. Same thing with Tips. A good Tip will get you FixYas, a lot of FixYa. So when you see your numbers rising and you haven't done any work, these will be the reason.

    Should you want to know how many fixyas you've earned on a tip, send the tip url to the CM and they will send you the number. Last I asked my one for the Epson Printer had given me 20.

    Good luck, glad to have helped.

    Do you think anything can be changed adjusted or reworded?


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Nov 04, 2008

    Oh, no worries then. The diamonds used to light up when this was done in the past. Its not happening now for some reason.

    Yeah, the status quo on this is sensible enough. We have to take as much time to help, consult or confer. Its when this is used to shot the breeze that its being abused from the original intentions. That's what the lounge is for after all.

    Lauren, asked me to write this up and I've just done a brief one for a few, well actually many, because I was so busy with my business. Things are a bit slow now, thanks to the economy and the election. I still have work on my hands, but not the onslaught I/we get at the end of Summer.

    We are busy getting ready for Winter. I have three cords of wood coming this week, first cord later today. So, between closing up the house and getting set for Winter, cleaning the chain saw, cutting up Douglas fir for kindling, it a b***** but makes the Winters cozy. We have a military base nearby that de-mils ammo. So, a lot of the bombs come by rail car and are shored up in place by 2 bys. We can get a pickup truck load of this stuff for $10. Such a deal.... We usually cut this up into kindling coming out our ears as we burn Cottonwood in the wood stove. That wood burns hot, but is hard to start at this altitude and doesn't have the nice odor that Pine does. We have an indian reservation nearby and those guys can go cut up anything they want at no charge. So, we just get wood from them. The locals who are usually eager to make money each season cutting down Pinion Pine, have complained about gas a lot, but I asked a friend who got six loads for himself and his family that told me it cost $22 to drive up into the mountains the Rangers have marked trees for cutting and come back.

    I'm at 5,000ft and we can get rather cold even though I'm at the same latitude as San Fran. And, we have the benefit of being shadowed by a 11,000 ft mountain just to the West which keeps the snows down, usually.

    Anyway, it was time to write a complete how to and was glad to help. I'm just wondering where to put it now.


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Nov 04, 2008

    It may well be that the FixYa feature for using Buddy Talk doesn't work any longer which will be/is a real shame.


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Nov 04, 2008

    I meant to add that if you go to your Profile Page and scroll to the bottom you will see your Tips listed. This is the best way to find one, right click and Copy Link Location and then paste it into your solution.


  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Nov 04, 2008

    My weight has never been a problem, just good genes I guess. I know plenty of men with the knee replacements. From what I know, if your weight is an issue, don't let them put a new knee in you. It doesn't work in the men I know who couldn't loose the weight. Not that they didn't want to it was their genes.

    My 2 cents on that. So, glad to hear you don't have a house to keep up anymore. Its a ***** but this one is Laura's and we will never marry. Maybe if the laws change A LOT, since it would hurt her and me respectively to marry. But, what she used to pay for upkeep on the house was nearly criminal. Now, I'm getting a bit too old and have arthritis in my lower back and on and on.

    Later. WV

  • Glenn Rogers
    Glenn Rogers Nov 09, 2008

    I am of the mind that so long as one gives credit to the source it is okay to copy and paste and then send a Buddy Talk message notifying them of the same. This is my method of practice on FixYa and have had no problems with anyone so far. In fact, the gratitude is nice when we apply common sense practices..

    Its those culprits who copy and paste and by doing so imply ownership that we all have a problem with. That practice needs to be dealt with as soon as its witnessed. Posting these people's deeds in the Lounge is appropriate in applying Peer Pressure. Peer Pressure is the only tool we have and it works. I used it in a thread where Lauren was active to repeatedly call out an Expert by continually asking the expert what other board names he was using. Eventually, he went away and staff must have found him out. He's gone. Lauren sent me an email regarding this and pointed out a few other experts that were doing this and they are gone now too.




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SOURCE: I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. How can this be resolved

a 6ya Technician can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.
Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repair professionals here in the US.
click here to Talk to a Technician (only for users in the US for now) and get all the help you need.

Posted on Jan 02, 2017


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