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I need a JDI firmware for J7949E V.28.59.FF - any way to extract this from a printer?

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  • Justin Check
    Justin Check Oct 28, 2008

    It's for an HP 4250n laserjet but it's also used in other printer boards with integrated NIC cards.

    The newest firmware causes 49 FF09 Service Error to come out repeatedly - and I don't want to break the printer by turning it off and on every time just to go around the problem.

    Here is an excerpt of the HP email support I got - obviously they're offshore support cutting and pasting troubleshooting scripts.

    To answer your questions in order:

    a> no - I would be on the web interface and it will just error out and cut me off. Print jobs go on queue on our server when the printer errors out.

    There are no particular files that will consistently gave error messages.

    b> Yes, some print jobs get cut off midway when it errors out, but continues when we restart the printer. It will not cut off at the same print job at the exact page again if that is what you are asking. Error log just shows 49 FF09 - consistently.

    c> No.

    d> No.

    e> No.

    F> No.

    G> No.

    H> No.

    I> No.

    J> I have the printer besides me so I see when it just goes to error. Random, never when it goes to sleep or some similar. Not timed, Random.

    Always says 49 FF09 Service Error - No other error code at this time.

    Btw, I have 4 similar devices running in the office with no issues. They all have older firmware versions - v28 something. The ones we are troubleshooting all have v3314 now.

    Thank you for contacting Hewlett-Packard's Commercial Solutions Center.

    I would like to get more information on this issue.

    A> Was someone printing a print job when the error was encountered? If so do we

    know who and do we know what they were printing? Is the file or job available for


    B> Was an incomplete print job found at the device when the error was discovered? If

    so, do we know who was printing it and do they have the job/file available for testing?

    C> Was someone sending or receiving a fax and/or configuring the device for any fax

    functions on the control panel? If so, what else is known about the fax transmission or the

    functions being configured?

    D> Was someone sending an e-mail or using any of the send to folder, send to ftp or

    send to Workflow options? Were they configuring the device to perform any of these

    actions at the control panel? If so what else is known about the functions being used or

    the configurations being performed?

    E> Was someone performing a copy job or configuring the device for a copy job? If so,

    do we know what type of copy job they were performing or the configurations being


    F> Was someone clearing a jam or attaching or removing anything from the device? If

    so how was this being done?

    Page 8 of 25

    G> Was someone configuring anything with the touch screen control or menu selections

    found on the device? If so what were they configuring and what menus here they using?

    H> Was someone using Web JetAdmin or the devices Embedded Web server to

    configure or perform a function? If so, do we know what feature or setting they were

    configuring or action they were performing?

    I> Was anyone using the direct PDF print feature? If so is the file available for testing.

    J> What time of the day are the errors seen on the device? Who was in the office? How

    often have they found the device in the error state? Is it always displaying the same


    Look forward to hear from you.

    Once again, thank you for contacting Hewlett-Packard's Commercial Solutions Center


    < N.Suresh Kumar>

  • Justin Check
    Justin Check Oct 28, 2008

    I'm not sure the support guy know what he's asking the end user to do - I'm definitely more technical than most BUT I think this is what typical people get when they email HP support.

    Thank you for contacting Hewlett-Packard's Commercial Solutions Center.

    I would request you remove and replace the user replaceable parts one by one and check if the error message gets cleared, by performing this step you will come to know which part of the printer is causing the issue.

    The following sections discuss user-replaceable parts.

    Print cartridge

    1 Open the control-panel door.

    Figure 6-3 Print cartridge (1 of 2)

    User-replaceable parts 175

    2 Firmly grasp the print cartridge and pull it up and out of the printer.

    CAUTION Do not expose the print cartridge to bright light or direct sunlight for long

    periods of time. This can damage the cartridge, which will result in print-quality defects. If

    the cartridge must be removed from the printer for an extended amount of time, cover it

    and keep it out of bright light or direct sunlight.

    Figure 6-4 Print cartridge (2 of 2)

    176 6 Removing and replacing parts

    Transfer roller

    1 Open the control-panel door and tray 1.

    CAUTION Do not touch the black rubber on the roller. Skin oils on the roller can cause

    print-quality problems. The use of disposable gloves is recommended when you remove

    the transfer roller.

    2 Use a transfer-roller removal hook (callout 1) to lift the left end of the metal shaft out of place

    near the blue gear (callout 2). If a removal hook is not available use a flat-blade screwdriver.

    Slide the transfer roller to the left to remove it.

    CAUTION Be careful to release and lift the left side of the roller first, and then slide the

    roller out.

    Figure 6-5 Transfer roller

    Reinstallation tip When you install the transfer roller, make sure that the black collar on

    the left side is oriented correctly, with the open end face-down (the solid end is face-up).

    User-replaceable parts 177


    WARNING! The fuser might be very hot. After turning off the printer power, allow the fuser to

    cool for at least 30 minutes before removing it.

    1 Remove the rear output bin. See Rear output bin.

    2 Squeeze the blue fuser-release tabs (callout 1).

    3 Pull the fuser (callout 2) straight back and out of the printer.

    Figure 6-6 Fuser

    CAUTION Do not drop or jar the fuser. It can easily be damaged if it is mishandled.

    Hint When you replace the fuser, make sure that it is fully seated into the printer. You should

    hear both sides snap into place.

    178 6 Removing and replacing parts

    Tray 1 pickup roller

    NOTE If the optional envelope feeder is installed, press the release button on its left side

    and remove the feeder. Then proceed to step 2.

    1 Remove the front accessory cover (callout 1).

    NOTE If the printer has an envelope feeder installed, this cover will not be in place.

    Figure 6-7 Tray 1 pickup roller (1 of 2)

    User-replaceable parts 179

    2 Release the pickup roller by sliding apart the latches that are located on each side at the top of

    the roller. Lift the roller (callout 3) out of the opening.

    Figure 6-8 Tray 1 pickup roller (2 of 2)

    Reinstallation tip When you install the pickup roller, place the two pivot pins in the

    lower mounting slots (callout 2) and rotate the roller into the printer until it snaps into place.

    180 6 Removing and replacing parts

    Tray 1 separation pad

    NOTE If the optional envelope feeder is installed, press the release button on its left side

    and remove the feeder. Then proceed to step 2.

    1 Remove the front accessory cover (not shown). See Accessory covers and the tray 2 extension


    2 Insert the tip of a a small flat-blade screwdriver under the tray 1 separation pad.

    3 Carefully twist the screwdriver to dislodge the separation pad. Remove the tray 1 separation pad.

    Figure 6-9 Tray 1 separation pad

    User-replaceable parts 181

    Tray 2 feed rollers

    1 Remove tray 2 and place it on a level work surface. Locate and open the cover (arrow) that is

    next to the roller in tray 2.

    Figure 6-10 Tray 2 feed rollers (1 of 4)

    182 6 Removing and replacing parts

    2 Pinch the blue latch that is on the left side of the roller. Slide the roller off of the shaft (arrows).

    Figure 6-11 Tray 2 feed rollers (2 of 4)

    CAUTION When you install this roller, make sure that it locks into place. Verify that the

    roller is correctly oriented, and that the round, black spacer next to the roller is correctly

    positioned against the locking pin on the shaft.

    WARNING! Do not allow the front of the printer to extend beyond the edge of the work

    surface. The printer can become unbalanced and fall, which can cause damage to the

    printer or personal injury to the service technician.

    User-replaceable parts 183

    3 Move the front of the printer to the edge of the work surface for better access to the remaining

    feed rollers. To find the rollers, look up into the inside of the opening that was created when you

    removed tray 2.

    Figure 6-12 Tray 2 feed rollers (3 of 4)

    184 6 Removing and replacing parts

    4 Pinch the blue latch on the left side of the feed roller (two rollers are intslled here). Slide the roller

    off of the shaft. You might need to rotate the roller in order to pinch the latch.

    Figure 6-13 Tray 2 feed rollers (4 of 4)

    5 Repeat the previous step for the remaining pickup roller.

    Reinstallation tip When you install each of the rollers that you removed in steps 4 and

    5, make sure that it locks into place on the tabs that are on the drive gear.

    User-replaceable parts

    I replied...

    It seems that you are getting these scripted instructions from a webpage or book. It would be best to send me a link so I actually have pictures to look at - the instructions point to figure so and so - but the email is in text.

    I also want to know the end game - as we are starting to delve deep into VERY technical territory here and I do not want to accidentally break anything while following the instructions.

    It seems to be a known problem from your HP FORUMS. We have 2 different machines that have the same exact problems that happened around the SAME time.

    I tested print driver installation on a separate server and this did not fix the problem, but I have eliminated the possibility that it is our server causing the problem.

  • Justin Check
    Justin Check Oct 28, 2008

    My last reply never got an answer back... this is the state of HP email support these days....

    Please provide a download link to older firmware version for the 4250dtn.




  • Justin Check
    Justin Check Oct 31, 2008


    You can download JetDirect firmware V28.54 here.

    My last reply to my HP Case...

    Your case email was accepted. CASE_ID_NUM: 36035482xx

    You and HP are dead wrong.

    Everyone out there should stop reading textbook scripts and go back to real world training.

    I consulted 2 technicians and they both said HP would not recommend downgrading - and never gave older firmware to try.

    Let me be clear - Going back to v28 firmware fixed the problem.

    Both printers are running fine since. I had to spend a lot of time looking from European forums to get the driver.



  • Justin Check
    Justin Check Dec 04, 2008


    You can download JetDirect firmware V28.54 here.

  • Anonymous Apr 07, 2009

    The same problem here with HPLJ2430 and Jetdirect FW 33.15. Sporradicaly 49.FF04 error. I think its a problem with the DHCP client in the new Jetdirect FW.
    Thank you very much for posting the link to the older FW! :-)



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Upgraded all jetdirects to their latest firmware, DOWNgraded any jetdirect J7949E on firmware v33.15 to v33.14 (.15 is horribly broken and crashes after a couple of minutes usually).

I have enabled SLP protocol on all the print servers, I have then telneted into the jetdirect to set slp-keep-alive (available with the firmware updates) to a value of 2 (2 minutes between slp anouncments).

I have changed the MAC age time on all the switches to 900 seconds from the default 300.

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Hi i have a problem to my persona c30e printer, it prints but the image is too blurry? is it normal to the printer making that laud noise.

Welcome to FixYa!

Solution to loud noises:

Check the ribbon cartridge and ensure that the cleaning roller is properly installed and rolls smoothly

inside the cartridge. Then check the plate underneath the cleaning roller and verify the 4 pins are seated properly.

Solutions to blurry prints:

1. Make sure the printer has the latest firmware via the web. >> Click Here << to download the latest firmware (Look for "Persona C30e Firmware_Windows/Linux "). The firmware upgrade file is packed in zip file. Extract it to a directory of your choice.

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Thank you for using FixYa!

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49.FF 01 Service Error

error 49 indicates Firm ware.. Up load the firmware,if not happening replace "formatter"..

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The error is due to corrupt firmware and you need to reinstall it.
HP M2727NFFirmware & Instructions
Please visit the above link and Download the firmware.
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Please visit the above link and read all the instructions/ details and upgrade the firmware.

Extract of the instructions for Firmware Update from Hp Official Site is as under: -
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  2. Turn the printer off and then back on to clear main printer memory.
  3. Double click on the M1522_MFP_Series_FW_Update-20100902.exe. An HP firmware update window will open.
  4. Select the appropriate MFP in the dialog window. If you assigned a different name to the HP MFP, choose the name that represents the correct printer.
  5. Click on "Send Firmware" when ready to proceed.
  6. The progress bar will begin to move to the right indicating information being transferred.
  7. DO NOT power cycle the product or the PC during this process or the product may become unstable and or unusable without further attention from HP. The flash firmware update can take up to 5 minutes to complete. Please be patient.
  8. During the product flash firmware update, the display on the product control panel will display "Erasing - Programming - Complete - Hewlett-Packard - Ready - Initializing - Ready". Once the download is finished the printer will be in the Ready state.
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Hope it helps! Good Luck! Thanks for using Fixya!

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HP 4014n error 49 ff 04

Printer has a critical firmware error.
Turn printer off and then on. Press STOP to clear the print job from memory.
Turn it off and on again. Print something from a different application. If it works. Go back and try and print the failing document. If it fails again, that app is bad.

You might want to go to and download the latest firmware for you printer.

Mar 02, 2011 | HP LaserJet P4014n Printer

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