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My 1991 ford corsair has no spark. have put another ecu in it, plugs and coils, and second hand dizzy, could there be a relay failing somewhere

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2 Answers

What could cause a1991 suzuki samurai to have no fire from a new coil?

no spark from coil directly?
is the cam turning, is the dizzy rotor spinning. ????

check all fuses first. Ig-coil, FI and dome.
then using diagnostic jumper wire or fuse, (as approp)
crank engine look for code 41 o 42.!!!

USA cars , answers only
our cars are all EFI that year.
no engine swaps to Suzuki G16A/B sidekick or tracker engines.!
1: engine cranks
2: no spark
3: The ECu makes spark
the CMP sensor in the DIzzy , (never fails if rotor turns, does rotor turn, if not cam belt igored and now snapped.)
the cam turns. the CMP fires. the ECU takes this CMP signal
and fires the ignitor next to coil and the coil charges, and release and BAM spark.

that is it.
the ECU will tell you when the CMP dies or the Ignitor fails
why not ask it.
1: key on
2: diagnostic jumper in place (flashes 12s for ok)
3: crank engine,for 5sec, not 1 ,not 2.
3: release key not off.
4: see code 41, or 42, BINGO !@!!!!

Aug 15, 2014 | 1991 Suzuki Samurai

1 Answer

No electricity spark plugs 4,00 liter

check all fuses first, every time, something fails EFI.
the scan tool will tell you why 90 % of time.
connect scan tool
key on
crank for 5 seconds, see scan tool show 300 RPM? about.
good, no RPM is bad sensor (Cmp or ckp)
release key , do not turn off yet
see DTCs stored, now, bingo, its telling you what is bad. OMG.
p0340/ 355? and the like? are bad CMP, bad CKP, or others get em
post em or look them up in the FSM. or at
the ECU creates spark
there are the 2 sensors that tell the ECU when to spark (inputs)
and the ECU DRIVER the ignition IGNOTOR, that runs the ignition coil.
1 coil or 6 coils. depends on year.
4.0L I6 Jeep engines.

did you check for spark directly at the 1 coil car or at all 6 coils for 6 cop coil cars?

cops are coil over park plug, i think your car is 1 coil, had a 99 jeep.
and this old six still had one, coil, so does this one coil make spark
to a test spark plug, Y/N
if yes, the dizzy cap is bad or wired wrong. to plugs.
I no spark here, do the DTC scans above.!!!!!
post back results.

Jan 20, 2014 | 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

Where is the ignition coil located in 1992 toyota paseo?

first off, no engine sized stated not even cylinder counts.
makes this kinda hard if we dont know the engine,huh?\
NO COUNTRY either stated.... lots of variances there.

hard for you too, it seems. 1.3L or 1.5L I4?
USA used mostly , so ill pretend it's that..... here....
1.5 L 5E-FE I4 why not test for spark and if the ECU sees spark missing it CUTS FUEL, (for safety reasons) so spark is first if engine is good, see?
so you never checked for spark on an engine before.?
the where is it question, im gobsmacked, its at the other end of the wire from each spark plug, for sure, Mr. Tesla's induction coil is there.
some hide, some inside dizzy and today you get 4 or 6 on Toys.
all this is convered in the FSM (get one) or at the the virtual FSM
called,,,,,,,,,, (google finds it 1st hit)
so ill log in for you.
looks like engine has a DISTRUTOR>
ok if true.
then the COIL is in 1 of 2 places, connected to the center
of the distributor cap, 5 terminal or inside the dizzy
keep in mind that the early 90s was a transition era. Spark !
some had dizzy others are DIS.
DIS is 4 cop coils. one coil on top of the spark plug
here is vast photos on line, of many 5E-FE engines.

in JAPAN the engine had a DIZZY
in USA it had COPS
what you have not sure.

i read in the wiki that the 5E went to cops, in 1995 (USA)
so it has a dizzy. in the 5E.
here is a new coil. for the dizzy
the dizzy has only 4 terminals on top , that fact means it makes the
high voltage by all its self and this hidden coil
see photo

now not guessing,?
we do what.? we do tests. i bet your coil is fine.
here is a test flow>
i find spark dead on all 4 spark plugs.
i then ask the ECU to tell me why its dead, 99% of times i can
so what do i do? i connect the diagnostic jumper (OBD1 system)
i insert my paper clip jumper
then crank the engine for 5 seconds, release the key (not off)
and behold , i get CEL flash codes,
saying,,,,, bad CMP, BAD CKP
all cars up to 1996 (most) work like that, they have flash codes.

now my useless guesses.....
my guess. is ckp sensor wires fell off
the ground to the DIZZY snapped.>
i take a spare good spark plug , gapped to spec.
i ground the shell off the spark plug to the engine metal.
i connect the spark wire.
i then crank and see.????
see video of spark

the coil can be tested by making a spark test wire, (old spark wire)
and an aligator clip, we ground the spark plug.
dizzy cap removed.
then connect the clip to the coil spring clip seen in the rock auto link above. and test coil spark,.
if all 4 spark plugs are dead and the coil is good.
99% of time its caused by
1: cam timing way off. slipped belt or chain snap
2: someone spun the dizzy willy nilly in its base.

Those are the ropes. i use.

Jan 02, 2014 | 1992 Toyota Paseo

1 Answer

Will not start and no spark

no spark , DIRECTLY at the coil> ??? if not ,THEN DO.
which engine, ? FOUR ENGINES USED. 2.5 to 5.9L????????
its a 1997, In the USA< here we have OBD2 , dirt cheap scan tools
for $9
so scan it. the OBD2 will tell you why spark fails.
not always but not looking is big time , costly.
1: check all fuses. (up to 3 fuses need to be good. for EFI and spark)
2: jack in obd2 scan tool.
3: key on, see that comms with ECU work, (see TPS, see ETC temps? good. its talking.
4: crank for 5 seconds. (must be at least that) SEE RPM PID show like 250 to 300 rpm, cranking, if not, bad CKP or CMP.
5: release the key , is there a DTC stored now? 320, 340 or ?
yes, bingo, it told you.
key off now, will clear any DTCs stored, sometimes,so dont turn fast.
Let the scan tool talk to you, there are other spark codes
see, for all codes.

Coil data:
  1. For coils manufactured by Diamond, the primary resistance at 70-80F (21-27C) should be 0.97-1.18 ohms and the secondary resistance should be 11,300-15,300 ohms.
  2. Coils built by the Toyodenso company should exhibit a primary resistance at 70-80F (21-27C) of 0.95-1.20 ohms and a secondary resistance of 11,300-13,300 ohms.

got 5v to both sensors, cKP and CMP
the white/black wire , if not you will get DTC errors above

the coil will be dead, if the automatic shut down relay is dead.
aka. ECU main relay for all cars.
THE PCM closes this relay at key on and
if the line goes dead the PCM sets a DTC code for that.
this relay applies 12v to the coil, DG/OR wire.
the PCM fires the COIL, the ignitor is in the PCM.(coil driver)
so if the relay closes, and 12v hits coil and CKP and CMP work
and the coil i good, bam spark.

the CMP in the DIZZY tells the ECU where #1 TDC is firing.
and the CKP tells exact TDC for #1
it take both working to fire correctly, due to a distributor method.
and inject.
some jeeps , the CKP can be fussy (4L). weak.
the CMP is a hall sensor very strong.
just in case, make sure the dizzy rotor spins, on the off chance
of a dead cam...... some cars have plastic cam gears and crack when cold. (fords mostly)

Dec 21, 2013 | 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1 Answer

1991 Geo Tracker Won't Start - Has No Spark And No Fuel Replaced: Control Module, Coil, Igniter, Distributor, Rotor And Cap, Main And Fuel Pump Relays, Under Hood Main Fuse Box And Fuses, Fuel Filter, Is...

sounds like canada or USA car, is it?
i just restored one, know it like back of hand.
no inertial switch, of any kind, no upside down car switch. like my mazda either. and that cuts fuel not spark.'

want to trouble shoot it or guess and go broke?
no spark, clear as day, and the ECU cuts fuel with no spark.
so forget fuel. totally.
ready to fix spark?
and you said no spark but failed to say,
at the coil or all 5 places. big deal that....

the ECU will talk to you, and tell you why, 1/2 the time.
is your tachometer dead, cranking> 4x4 have tach.
and will move to 0.3K rpm that is 3/10s of below 1 mark.
the 1 means 1000, so 3ths is 300 rpm. cranking. does it?
if not the ECU will throw,,no spark codes, 2nd clue.
what to learn?

first check for spark that the ignition coil. center tower.
in 1991,in the USA the spark creation changed, radically
the ECU generates park, in this way.
CMP in dizzy makes cam signal (there is no crank trigger in 91)
the CMP makes perfect square way
the ECU sees that. and triggers the ignitor
the ignitor charges the coil, and spark happens at the coil tower.
does yours?

if the eCU sees a missing CMP signal you get code 41.
if the ecu sees missing spark read back, code 42
you must crank for 5 seconds release the key to see codes of this type.,class.
do you know how to use the diagnostic jumper paper clip yet.

ask here for interactive answer.

Aug 12, 2013 | 1991 Geo Tracker

1 Answer

1991 geo tracker wont start. replaced ECU, Fuel Relay, Main Relay, Distributor, Cap And Rotor, Plugs, Wires, Igniter, Coil, Still No Spark And No Fuel

wow, you guessed that many times? you must be broke.
want to diagnose it, then post here.
91 is easy car to fix. sure it.
i have 100% docs. and tools. and are here too.
cranks but no start
see test 4, a key test.

a: do you have spark at the coil?, not the spark plugs the COIL.??
b: yes, then dizzy is timed wrong or cam timed wrong.
if cam timed wrong, both will be., wrong.
the cam that spins will never kill spark.
the funny folks down 12,000, SouthWest, make rotors that are junk (if you get my drift, we call these C4 parts.)
and can be inserted 3 ways, not BOSCH. only 1 way works.
That is why you check spark at the coil, so you dont get lost.

c: the ECU cuts fuel when spark is dead, so fiddling fuel
is a total waste of time and cash.
d: the ECU tells you , if ether key signals are bad.
why not check for code (DTC) 41, and 42 happen. cranking for 5 long seconds.
here is a forum to get help
interactive live help, and not all the bad noob guessing ...

did you sell if for scrap yet?
I hope not.

Aug 12, 2013 | Geo Cars & Trucks

1 Answer

89 sidekick, solenoid clicks but car wont start

89, the dizzy loves to fail. it has a standalone dizzy until 1991.
so the ECU does not make spark on 1.6L , 1.3L is carb car.
the dizzy ignitor or VR devices like to fail hot.
check spark with it wont start bingo , bad dizzy, next?

Mar 16, 2013 | 1989 Suzuki Sidekick

1 Answer

Lost fire from distribitor

96 1.6l ( there are 3 fuses. FI, COIL and dome) fix those first.

the coil is inside, did you check the output of the coil
for spark cap off dizzy? is that no spark.?
is the tachometer dead cranking.? if yes no tacho, then there
is no coil drive. from ECU.
the Dizzy is 100% controlled by the ECU.
the ECU has an OBD2 scan port above the right knee,
plug in any scan tool ($50 hand held)
crank motor over , see if RPM shows up, if not then CMP is dead.
read the scan tools DTC codes, is the ECU complaining of bad sensors. ( this is #2 after fuses) do not work on cars with no scan tool, this is a waste of time, and money.
no start or better no spark. if really true.
sometimes mech think there is no spark but the cam belt slipped
or the cam is not even spinning, dizzy rotor dead, dont turn.
or the coil really does have spark and dizzy timing is way off.
Dizzy clamp bolt, loose? bad spark wires, connected backwards.

all here

Feb 06, 2013 | 1996 Geo Tracker 2 Door

1 Answer

91 hyundai excel with no spark from coil

If it has a dizzy then you need to check the ignition module, these are normally mounted inside the distributor. 

Apr 07, 2009 | 1991 Hyundai Excel 4 Door

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