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ILO LCD Color HDTV does not change channels / volumn...

PROBLEM: Will not resond to change channel, volume, menu access.... neither from TV or remote. Just turns on and off. The channel it is set on work fine just can't adjust. ------ We had recently had cable installed and the tech ran the cable across the street too low. Apparently a vehicle drove by and snagged the wire, pulling it down the street until it snapped. This occured Sunday morning early...TV was fine Satruday night. BUT the problem has been noted ever since cable was reinstalled..... MY QUESTION: Is it possible, that when the wire was stretched to the point of poping, that it sent a surge through the cable that zapped the TV? I have the Cable co coming out to check it out...I need to know if there is any techincal logic behind my thinking here.....

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  • Anonymous Nov 03, 2007

    Have the same problem on ILO-32-HDTV, it just froze up. Same run around for help, took it to my repair man cost another $145 & had pay $9 to send back bad parts. Also, bought it at wal mart, they said couldn't do anything.

  • wilywapiti Nov 12, 2007

    I have the same problem. I was actually in the middle of flipping through channels, and it stopped responding to input from the remote or the on-tv buttons. Will turn on or off, but nothing else.

    I'm interested in class-action type stuff as well.


  • Ripped off Dec 19, 2007

    My Ilo just did the same thing and the 40 plus horror stories about this piece of junk makes my blood boil. We need to take some action to at least protect others from getting ripped off

  • JimmyCannon Jan 13, 2008

    Jimmy Cannon 502-749-6743

    I have had the same problem from my ILo 32" HDTV. I am interested in class action against ILo & Walmart.

    Fairdale Ky. 40118

  • Anonymous Mar 15, 2008

    had my tv for less than 2 years and recently i have the same problem. channel/volume/menu does not work. must have aglich incontrol module.

    rob from pa

  • liljd Mar 26, 2008

    i cant get the volume to work,why is that.

  • Anonymous Mar 26, 2008

    I have had the same issue, the TV simply stopped working after 5 months.  I spoke to Ilo, they said I was holding up the warranty process by not sending it into them.  The cost to ship the unit back would have been $100.  Absolutely unacceptable I told them.  I then proceeded to speak to the walmart manager and he was very helpful in getting Ilo to pay shipping charges after I threatened to put the tv box visible on my window, with a "this things a piece of **** and I bought here" message.

    Well needless to say, they Walmart manager was very very nice after that, and even packaged the unit up for shipment.  Ilo picked up the tv from my home and sent it to their CA location to be fixed.  I'm 2 months into this to date, Ilo is apparently repairing the tv however no one seems to know where it is or when it will be coming back.

    Guess it's cross my fingers moving forward.

  • motorcyclemn Apr 01, 2008

    same thing here; tv has been in its original box in my apartment for about five/six months ever since getting stuck on a channel - hit the previous channel button and it got stuck on that channel; will only turn off and on. I've taken it back to Wal-Mart with no results; I'm very upset about this as it was over $700. We purchased it to use on weekends in our camper, consequently, it has very few hours on it.

  • Anonymous May 28, 2008

    my tv dosen't change not even with the remote control or the tv bottoms

  • Anonymous Jun 26, 2008

    same problem need help

  • ohiohotdog Jul 02, 2008

    Time-Warner techs say that I cannot get either my Ilo remote or Tw's to do anything but turn on my TV. They say get a TV repairman to do the job. Even manual operation will not let me use the top buttons except the red and green buttons. Is there some code number Ilo has that could be used to program a remote? Thank you,

    John Frankfurth


  • Tapiz Jul 07, 2008


  • Lester B Jul 23, 2008

    I just got this problem today!! I tried to change the channels with the remote and it wouldn't work, so I went to the television itself and tried to change it, and still nothing!! I tried to fiddle with the batteries inside the remote, and tried unplugging the television and plugging it back in, turning it on and off but nothing is working at all!! It's so frustrating. And now I'm stuck on Cartoon Network thanks to my little brother ... and me. Haha. If anything I wish it would at least get stuck on Discovery Channel or History Channel. What a rip off television seeing as numerous people have the same problem.

  • D_AMARQUEZ Aug 18, 2008


  • willis4play Aug 27, 2008

    Research has shown this is a common problem with an easy fix. The problem is the control board and should have the part you need. Expect to spend 40 but its worth it and you may be able to do yourself.

  • kbell294 Sep 02, 2008

    my 26 hd has the same problem

  • picklehead18 Sep 19, 2008

    My tv was also from Walmart, since ive had it sometime you need to turn it on and off till it locks in on a mode ( compos, hdmi, digital...).I have recpt and i have registered my serial number when i bought it. Now my remote will not work at all. I think it in the tv, Walmart doesn't carry them for me to check.

  • paintsr4me Nov 06, 2008

    tv will turn off & on but that is it. It is stuck on 1 channel and it won't change channels, volumn, menu, nothing! Now the channel it is on works great!

  • tpinski Nov 15, 2008

    Same problem out of the blue. Worked fine for over a year, and today out of the blue - sound gone!

    No help from anyone so far.

  • rabbiton323 Dec 09, 2008

    I too have the same problems was working fine until 12-1-08 then tv shuts off by itself & doesn't respond to channel change or volume & anything else from tv or remote please help!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous Dec 11, 2008

    Unbelievable, mine just did the same thing.. Nothing works but the power button.

  • IloHater Dec 12, 2008

    I am having the same damn problem...with the remote only tho (thank god) none of the buttons are working and its not the batteries! Whenever you hit a button on the remote it mutes it, that's it!! Luckily, input works and I can manually control volume and channels on the tv itself but for how long I don't know; and from the look of things I suspect not long :( I kept the receipt from Walmart for the longest time but I think I threw it away a couple of months ago. I bought my tv in June 2007. What a joke!!!

  • tinkscar Dec 14, 2008

    I will keep my tv for evidence and if there is a lawsuit I would like my name added to it. The blasted iLO tv has not worked from day 1 and paid over $650 for it.. I am If anyone wants to srart this lawsuit, please notify me. Thank You.

  • ajoel4ever Dec 25, 2008

    same thing stays on one channel remote doesn't change it niether the buttons only powers up

  • jdavis07 Dec 26, 2008

    Add me to the list with the same problem, Ilo 26" hdtv will only turn on or off, nothing else. Can only control channels through cable box, and thank God the volume is at a reasonable decibel because we can't change it. Should have known better than to trust Walmart with my hard earned money. $600 might not seem like much to some but to us that's alot of money for less than 2 years viewing. If anyone knows of a lawsuit please contact!!!!

  • Happygirl_09 Jan 06, 2009

    We have the exact same problem. Thanks goodness for cable or we couldn't use it at all. We also can't hook anything up to it, (i.e. DVD player, video games, etc.)

  • Anonymous Apr 13, 2009

    I have the same exact problem....and guess what? I did a search for initaldvd and they are no longer in business!!! Imagine that!!! A google search does pull up a website and under the description it says "Initial Technology, Inc. is no longer in operation. For technicalsupport or customer service, please call 1-800-216-5156. For emailinquiries, please email ...".

  • SqdLdr0298 Apr 15, 2009

    its been what? almost 2 years now? i had the same problems, purchased this piece of **** TV major mistake, i still got the parts that came with it and all the wires and the hand book and the receipt too. but it will be of any use will it? initialdvd seems to be gone and dead now.....
    i wasted 800.00 for nothing

  • Anonymous Apr 21, 2009

    Worked fine one day the next no sound (at least none that can be heard more than 3 feet away), can not change video source, channel, or anything else from the remote or the tv itself.

  • Anonymous May 16, 2009


  • DALE88MC May 11, 2010

    What do you people think? Wal-mart doesn't warranty every item in the store forever. Wal-Mart and any other retailer sell products in good faith to the consumer. The retailer makes it possible to return an item to them for satisfaction within a specified time frame and with ceratin parameters in place. That is the law. Obviously retailers don't warranty products indefinitely or they would go out of business. Wal-Mart specifically has one of the most liberal return policies there is in retail. Try to return something at Target. At some point the consumer has to take a more responsible role.



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Add me to the list also, this was the worst electronic purchase I've ever made. The 26' HTDV worked for 1-year.

Will not resond to change channel, volume, menu access.... neither from TV or remote. Just turns on and off. The channel it is set on work fine just can't adjust.

Posted on Jan 20, 2008

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Reset tv back to factory re set

Posted on Sep 03, 2015

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The tv ilo 39 inch iS of. I m turn on And screen iS Black. Walmart Argentina no se hace cargo

Posted on Jan 07, 2015

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I bought a 27" SDTV ILO brand from wal-mart a year ago and judging by all these problems someone needs to start a class action lsawsuit. I have been having this problem starting after a year from date of purchase and of course no receipt. Sometime if you unplug the t.v. from the wall and let it discharge its energy (Usually about 12-24 hours) the problem clears itself up. I agree that no one should have to go through this and I cannot find any numbers to ILO and wal-mart refuses help and this is there "Exclusive Brand"? Never will I buy cheap for t.v.'s . As the saing goes you get what you pay for.

Posted on Oct 23, 2008

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I have the same problem, I bougth the TV at Walmart and 5 months later it happens te same (I can't change channel or volume), only turn it on or off, HOW DO I FIX IT?!?!?!

Posted on Jun 01, 2008

Count me in too.  Ilo has had my 32" in Van Neyes, CA for 75 days.  They told me it would be fixed in 30.  Every time I call, they can't locate the tv, say it was suppose to ship 2 weeks ago, or we'll need to send a message to corporate for a response which will take 3 -5 business days.  
The #800 call center is a third pary company with no stake to Ilo other than to manage their headsaches created by the broken TV's.  They have a canned response to deal with every situation and will not steer away from it, as evident by all of your stories.  They offer terrible customer service and simply run around the issue until you're completely fustrated.  Ilo should fire these guys as they're destroying the Ilo brand.
I have documented all of my communications with Ilo's call center and shared it with the District Manager at the Walmart Store in Shakopee, MN.  I've adimently advised him that I'm walking away from the unit and that I expect his team to secure an RA# for a full discount of the tv so I can purchase a reputable set from his store.  He says, he'll deliver, we'll see.  I'm done with Ilo, the way they operate I should suspect they will soon be out of business.  Walmart recognizes this as well and has since stopped carrying their brand.

Posted on May 28, 2008

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Http:// go to this site and tell them your problem if enough people go there and report this to them they will investigate and try to help with a lawyer, i think, it says something about it, but if your as mad as i am about this then youll do this, its the better buisness beurea website. you have to register with them but who cares, i want walmart in the doghouse on this one and ilo also. i was told by a wal-mart employee today after theyt agreed to exchange my tv that they werent dealing with ilo and ilo wasnt dealing with them. what kind of crap is that? then aftwer all this i get to the counter with my new tv to exchange it the manager comes up there and tell me they cant do it after he and the electronics manager okays it. i am also writing an article in my newspaper about this. i paid over 700.00 dollars for that tv and it lasted not even 9 months. btw ilo wants you to pay 100.00 dollars for them to repair it. thats bull sh*t.i had my reciept and wal-mart denied helping me, then i called and said i didnt have a reciept but the purchase was within 90 days they agree to trade it, and i bring up what the woman told me at electronics in wal-mart and they tell me no after that. what makes me mad the tv i was exchanging for was more expensive than the ilo and i was gonna pay the difference. wal-mart and ilo knew about this problem a long time ago and never said anything they just put the tvs on clearance for 300 and 400 dollars and sold them. instead of recalling them or exchanging them and fixing the problem cause it would cost them millions to do this. so guess who suffers for this " WE DO"i wish i knew how to get this class act lawsuit files cause i would. im going to talk to my lawyer about this but im gonna expect nothing becomes of it. but maybe the better buisness beurea can help all of us. it seem like this has happened to thousands of people. enough people that wal-mart doesnt deal with ilo anymore. if that isnt admitting guilt then i dont know what is. please respond if you hear anything else about this or you report them to the state. cause there has to be something that can be done, caus eim pissed off badly. i wanted to take my tv out of the cart and throw it in the isle and tell all the customers what went on. but i didnt cause they would throw me in jail then id be having more problems htat a busted junky ilo tv. i will truly never do buisness with wal-mart again, i put that on the bible. i hope you all do the same. sincerely jason.

Posted on Jan 19, 2008

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Our Ilo 32-HD also stopped responding after 6 weeks. Not just the remote, the set-top controls also wouldn't react. Ilo said they had 'issues' with a board (likely procured from elsewhere). The set was shipped to them and returned working in ~ 2 weeks.
Months later, it seemed the problem was back - this time it WAS the remote- batteries only, I checked and they were down to ~ 1.1 volts each.
I replaced them and the remote worked for a couple of hours, then failed again.

I am a retired tech and the remote is not covered by the extended warranty anyhow so I popped the case.
Very few components, all of which I inspected under a magnifier and despite apparently decent solder, I manually reflowed all.
It worked again.
For a couple of hours.
Each time the case has to be opened, the batteries come out first.
I took a while for it to sink in that it ALWAYS worked for a while after reassembly.
I tried only taking the batteries out for a few minutes; reinstalled, it worked for a while again.
I broke out a can of freeze spray and left the battery over off.
I could restore operation by spraying the PT-2221 I.C. (the master part) - it would work as before; a while. I modified a copper heatsink and taped it on top of the chip - now it will survive for sometimes an hour or two without freeze spray.

I spent my entire life in electronics and have often seen thermal failures but never in a device that consumes nanowatts of power.
This chip is not available in 'onesies' so I'm stuck buying the damned remote.
I don't know what I would do with the other 99 parts.
No more Ilo anythings - thanks a lot!

Posted on Jan 19, 2008

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On Sunday, January 6, 2008, my ILO 32 inch LCD began to malfunction as described in other posts here...couldn't change channel, volume, source. I went to the web to see if there was a reset procedure and found this site. I was disappointed to see the problem was so wide spread. I was also disappointed to see how the seller had been responding to this issue.

I printed out the 20 pages of posts on this topic from this website and called the seller (Walmart). I got to speak to the electronics manager and explained my problem. She told me to bring in the receipt and they would see what they could do.

I took the receipt and the printed posts from this website in a few days latter and met with the assistant manager. She tried to contact the manufacture's customer assistance line. She told me she would call with a response in a few days.

To my surprise, I got a call the next morning and she indicted they would do a full price exchange credit. I took the unit in and upgraded to a 42 inch Sanyo with the 2 year extended warranty.

I think the weight of all the posts really helped me settle this quickly and to my satisfaction. Hats off to Walmart!

A satisfied customer
Alexandria, MN

Posted on Jan 11, 2008

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The only way I've found to use this piece of JUNK was to buy a Component Video Matrix Switcher ( Search for Component Video Switcher} . It costs @ 85 bucks for the 4 in 1 out box , but at least it works . I now have my cable box , DVD player , and , PC going right into the TV . Still , it won't fix the Remote control issue , but , your Cable Box remote will cover the problem with channels / volume ,,,still have to use ILO remote to turn on / off . Adding a surround sound speaker system also helps .. The wiring takes awhile , but , in all ,, IT WORKS and it's better than throwing money away , or , dealing with WalMart . Hope this helps .

Posted on Jan 06, 2008

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I have the 32" ilo and I want to plug the tv directly into the cable outlet in the wall. Does anyone know of any suggestions since the tv doesnt have a coaxial plug?

Posted on Jan 05, 2008

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My problem began last evening. I'm watching the tv and then all of the sudden, the tv shuts off. I turn it on, sit down again to enjoy the show, and it turns off again!

Sometimes it takes 5 minutes, sometimes 15, sometimes an hour, but it always shuts off on it's own.

any ideas what could be causing this?!?

Posted on Dec 21, 2007

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I also hate this tv now, ilo 32inch piece of crap. Now I know why you should always use name brands. I am going to try to call them and send the tv in for repair, will update on progress.

Posted on Dec 14, 2007

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I have a 32 hd lcd tv also and same problem and I see our local wally world is still selling them in delta co. Of course they will not do anything either I did buy the 2 year warranty but Guess what they told my wife don't even send it in until after Christmas because they are so back up after reading all of your problems exact as mine I think I will use my 9mm and shoot it. I did talk to my lawyer and he told me this will cost you more than what you paid for the p o s*() just shoot the TV and never buy any electronics from wall mart thank you outlaw of hotchkiss

Posted on Dec 08, 2007

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I HAVE SENT MY 26" TV BACK TWICE NOW!!!! Same problem, same lies from ILO on the phone. "Not aware of this problem, we don't have records of your complaints, home office will return your call, etc". At least the female supervisor ADMITTED after an hour that I had been lied to. Then had the audacity to say "Maybe you shouldn't be shopping at Walmart". Unbelievable. Where's the class-action lawsuit??

Posted on Nov 12, 2007

WOW I have a 27" lcd. 10months old my wife turns it on last night and POP!! now it wont come on. just the little red light goes off then back on. JUNK

Posted on Oct 25, 2007

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I too had the experience of the 32" ILo bug. But they fixed it after being gone for 6 weeks.The Walmarts in my area have now all stopped carring the ILO brand which they should have done so long ago.

Posted on Oct 22, 2007

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What a mess we've gotten ourselves into!  I thought I was saving money on a good picture television but was only buying a headache.  My Ilo 26 LCD is having the same problems as all of you.(only off-on button works).  I have only had it for about 8 months and did purchase the extended warranty but cannot find any of my paperwork.  I am hoping Wal-Mart will have a record of it but from reading these posts it does not seem like it will do any good.  I am all in for the class action law suit. 

Posted on Oct 21, 2007

Same problem as everyone else w/ my 26" TV.   Sent it back TWICE to ILO.  SAME PROBLEM!   It came back to us faulty both times!!   They promised to send us a new one if it didn't work the second time.  Now they claim THEY DON"T HAVE RECORDS of some of our phone calls.   The most SHADY company I've ever dealt with.   WALMART refused to give exchanges or refunds concerning ILO products.  Nice.  $600 down the drain.  WHAT CAN WE DO???

Posted on Oct 20, 2007

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Hi there,
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Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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Ilo tv shows no tv signal, I believe that the channels are deleted but don't know how to add the channels back

Here is how to try and get them back if they are available.
On the original TV remote do the following-
1. Press the MENU button
2. Use the channel down button to select channel set
3. Select channel add/delete
4. Press volume up
5. Select channel you want to add by using the channel up/down buttons on remote.
6. When you get to the channel you want use the Volume up button and the color of the channel number should become either blue or green if it is added and it will be red if it is deleted.
7. Repeat until you have added all the channels you feel you are missing.
8. Press MENU button to exit.
If the channels are still available this should get them to return. If not contact you cable provider to see if they have moved some of their channels recently or check their web site for the current channel line up.

Good Luck and please rate this solution....

Jan 08, 2010 | iLO IWT3206 TV

2 Answers

ILO LCD Color HDTV does not change channels / volumn...just turns on/off

The symptoms your TV is experiencing is due to a power supply that is not longer providing the 5 volts properly to the circuitry.
It seems to be a common failure on these TV sets.

Apr 29, 2008 | iLO 3200 32 in. LCD Television

1 Answer

ILO LCD Color HDTV does not change channels / volumn...just turns on/off

It's unlikely that a setting you changed in the user menu would have locked out both the remote and the panel.

It sounds to me like the micro has gone bad. One other option, is a stuck or damaged button assembly. Corrosion on the button board can lock the micro.

Nov 22, 2007 | iLO 3200 32 in. LCD Television

1 Answer

I have an ilo 26HD TV and the remote will not change volumn or channel. The buttons on the side of the TV are not functional either.

Try leaving your TV off for a while at the switch and then try again
if nothing call to where you got it from make sure that everything is plugged in too good luck!

Sep 30, 2009 | iLO 3200 32 in. LCD Television

2 Answers

Cant change channel

The up/down ch buttons will only go to channels that are set up in the tv....go to the menu....settings....and set up the channels you wish to view, once the channels are set up, the buttons will work


Feb 27, 2009 | iLO 3200 32 in. LCD Television

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How to program ilo TV w/universal remote to play DVD

I Believe You Can Go To Channel 2 And Right Below Those Channels Are The 3 Video Channels Turn On Your Dvd Player And Go Through Them. If That Doesn't Work Try Looking At The Buttons On Your Tv For A Tv Video. Make Sure You Dont Have A Tv Video Button On Your Remote If You Do Then Just Click It Till You Find The Appropriate Video Channel.

Jan 05, 2009 | iLO 3200 32 in. LCD Television

1 Answer

Ilo 32 in

Try the keys on the set I would think there is a menu key there on the set to help get you out of favorite channels. Universal remotes don't always work as thought should be and usually onthe the devices remote will access all functions. Is our remote dead or busted? Try opening it up look for bad solder on the circuit board clean the switch contacts on the the board it may just fix it

Sep 03, 2008 | iLO 3200 32 in. LCD Television

1 Answer

ILO LCD Color HDTV does not change channels / volumn...just turns on/off

This particular model of tv has a problem with the control board. This is a common problem with this unit. You can find control boards on EBay, or through a local technician. Please refer to our online technician list for a professional near you.

Good luck :)

Jun 10, 2008 | iLO 3200 32 in. LCD Television

10 Answers

ILO LCD Color HDTV does not change channels / volumn...just turns on/off

I recently bought an ILO 32 HDTV with the same problem. I searched every site I could find for a solution. I finally found someone that gave me the direction to replace the Main Board for the TV. This is the board that you can plug your exteranl devices into, computer, dvd, HDMI etc.

The phone # to Digital Age is 909-974-2859. These are the people who can send you the part you need. Also the remote that I have is RC-500, which is the newest remote control for the new Main Board. I would suggest getting this remote.

The price of the board was $123.89 with $10.00 shipping. It only took 4 days to get the board from Ontario California, and yes they do speak english.

I removed the backpanel myself and then removed the metal cover over the Main Board. Remember to mark all of your wires and screws so you can put them back in the same location. The connections are all quick disconnects and the board is one piece. I had the board replaced and the back panel back on within an hour. All buttons working on the TV and the remote control, and the TV is working great with sound.

But I do not have the Manual......does anyone have the manual? I am willing to help anyone with a fix for their TV for a copy of the TV Manual.

I hope the information I have given helps in anyway possible,


Aug 08, 2006 | iLO 3200 32 in. LCD Television

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