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What do i do about a lens error 122,1,0,0

Ok i droped my camara and the lens is crookid and now it says lens error 122,1,0,0 what do i do it is not my camara and the 2nd thing in crookid in the first one what do i do help me i am stuck and this is not my camars i cant take it to the repair shop either how can i fix it at home

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  • livvy24 Nov 14, 2008

    i have the same problem! im so scared... i dont want to take it to a repair shop and i also dont wanna tell mum :S someone please help with this!

  • greenmonkes Dec 13, 2008

    omg i have the same proble too and i just got it about 4 months ago
    im going to cry!!!
    and i dont wanna tell my mum !!! ahhh!! =[

  • greenmonkes Dec 13, 2008

    mine croked too and i droped it help



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My father has this same camera and the same lens error. while my father and his fiance were on vacation they wanted their picture taken so they asked this sweet old lady to take it for them. after she took the picture when she went to hand it back to his fiance and say thank u. the old lady was a little short when handing it back to my fathers fiance and it fell to the ground. the lens that comes out is crooked and when u turn on the camera the lens tries to move and the screen says lens error 122 etc then shuts off. this feature is great cuz the camera knows something is wrong and shuts the camera back off to avoid further damage. i googled a repair manual when i came across ur post. we want to send it to kodak and get it repaired but were wondering if the cost to repair and shipping back to my father --- if its about the price of a new camera he'll probably just get a new camera. i suggested since im so good with fixing stuff could i take a shot at trying to fix it? he said its worth a shot. so i just took out all the screws on the outside of the camera and i have an old guitar pick to pry it open without mangling the plastic cover. if i can fix several desktop computers and i personally built the laptop im using right now, im sure i can fix the camera back to working order. the scuffs might still be there, but if i can get this to work again, i know i succeeded. this camera is about $100-$150. not sure of the exact price or where the many places u would find it. which is practically everywhere cameras are sold. ill bookmark this post and if i succeed and what i do to succeed, ill come back and post some tips. but please be aware this fix u might do, will be completely ur risk at fixing ur camera. my fathers camera is less than a year old so im charting into new territories. i hope i can do this. take care and talk to you soon. melissa locust grove, ga ps: if u succeed, please post any tips on how u fixed ur camera.

Posted on Nov 21, 2008

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  • gadawgsfan19
    gadawgsfan19 Nov 22, 2008

    hi here is my update on fixing the camera lens. the lens can be found on ebay for about $50. please attempt this task at ur own risk. i can not be held responsible if u mess up. this is just my outlook on changing the lens. i took a chance at fixing it and it is possible. if u attempt to fix ur camera, please do this carefully and slowly. look at every screw. i took a piece of paper and layed out the screws exactly where i took them out from and labeled them. there is a 6pc tiny screwdriver set i got at radioshack for like $6bucks i think. has it own little storage case and all. its great for working on cameras, laptops, cell phones etc. ill post the two pictures i took last night at the end of my post. i hope this helps. remember, this is what i witnessed and my point of views and opinions.

    the first thing i did along with unscrewing the screws and laying them out carefully so i know exactly which screw goes where when i put it back together. #1 always observe what u have before taking any kind of action to seperate the front from the back of the camera. with any electronical piece such as a camera or a laptop if u dont have an anti-static wrist strap to ground urself, touch something metal away from the camera to discharge any electricity u might have in ur body. a simple strike, even if u dont see it or hear it or even feel it can short something out on the circuit boards. dont let this scare u. its not as bad as it sounds.

    always the first thing to do with any electronical item is remove all power supplies such as power cords and batteries. the first thing i did was take out the battery then the exterior screws. then i took an old guitar pick i had laying around to slowly (and i mean slowly) pry the front from the back of the camera doing a little at a time going all the way around so u can equally seperate the two cover pieces without cracking it or scratching it. if u have those plastic tools for seperating housings on cell phones that will work to tho i do not have those. i would not use a screw driver as this will mangle the plastic edges and look really crappy when u get done. make sure all screws are out including the 2 screws that are right inside the battery compartment. dont forget those. ull see those when u observe. make sure all screws are out before moving on to ur next step. if u pry it lose and there is a screw still inplace, u might crack something. we dont want that. the screws in the battery compartment are slightly different so be sure to make a note of which one is which.

    keep an eye on the spring that springs the battery cover open as its not completely fixed in place. if u decide to take the battery slide cover off, place ur finger over the spring so it doesnt bounce away from u. its extremely tiny and this will be exremely hard to find with the naked eye. especially on carpet. i used a pair of smooth edge tweezers instead of pliers so i wouldnt mangle this piece and slide the metal bar out. i went ahead and took mine off so i wouldnt break it off by accident later in the process.

    next part are ur interior screws. ull see them on the top where the guts of the camera are. now that u have the front cover and the back cover off, lay them to the side where they wont get disturbed or knocked off etc. the lens is not far away from this point. im going based on my memory from last night so forgive me if i forget to tell u about a couple of screws if there are any left to be removed. again, do an observation of what ur about to do or remove before taking ur next step.

    now that u have just the guts of the camera, its time to get the lcd screen off without any damage. carefully observe the sides the top and the bottom to see what clips hold that metal plate that holds the lcd screen on. take a tiny flat head screwdriver and very slowly and carefully pull up with very light force so u dont pry to hard and slip the clips up just enough to get this piece loose. there are 2 plugs that plug that lcd screen into the circuit board. at this point, i wanted to make sure i would do this right as my father just bought this camera about a year ago. if it was mine, i would have rushed thru it just to get it done. being this camera belongs to someone else, i wanted to take extra time so i wouldnt screw up. remember, do this at ur own risk and be careful. ok, next carefully make sure all the clips are loose that holds this metal plate with the lcd screen. as if u were holding the camera like u were taking a picture and the lens faces the desk or table, this metal piece that holds the lcd screen will now flip down towards u. do this very slowly and make sure it clears the bottom edge and wiggle it very slowly. now u can take ur small flathead screwdriver and carefully wiggle the plugs lose til they come out. do not reach and pull with ur fingers until the plugs are almost out. these plugs fit very snug and secure. i found a webpage that shows some pictures of a kodak cx7430 where they show u how to replace the lcd screen. they have great pictures on each step along with what im explaining. the site is review this page a few times so u know what ur about to get urself into. this is not as hard as it may seem. with being a pdf file, u can save this to ur computer or memory card for future reference. that came in very handy with me. once u get going, ur confidence will improve. mine sure did and ive never opened a digital camera before. dont forget to pre-observe before doing anything before u do it. once u get the screen unplugged safely now u can put that to the side along with ur cover pieces.

    now we can work on getting the lens out. there is a screw on the front of camera to the lower right of the lens. i took that out along with the screws that surround the lens on the backside. once u get all the screws out, there is a small piece on the back of the lens u will need to unplug before u can take out the lens. to the right side of this circuit board thats on the back, the right side is whats plugged into the board. carefully pull on each end untill it lets loose enough to lift off the camera board. i unscrewed this piece which has 3 screws or u probably could leave it attached. (hope ur still with me-hope i didnt lose u yet). there is a circuit strip that goes around the majority part of the whole lens assembly. ur gonna have to carefully make sure this is free from the edges before u can fully pull it out of the camera. the lens will come out the backside of the camera. it will not go forward. its almost like playing that operation game where u take the bones out of the guy without touching the sides. almost the same thing here. once the lens comes out, reverse this whole process and if everything is plugged in and all screws are back in place and lcd screen back on, u should have a fully working camera again.

    i found a seller on ebay that sells just the lens or lcd screen in his auction for $50. each piece is $50. a lot better than going thru kodak and spending $100-$120 to get it repaired are the prices ive seen people talk about in forums. im sure someone else might word this summary of a tutorial better than me, but this the way i did my fathers camera last night. when the new lens comes in the mail ill be putting it all back together and he's going to be so happy. i wanted to make sure i could take it apart successfully before i paid the $50 for the lens. they sell the lens and lcd screens from good working cameras and sell them on ebay. im guessing they feel a better profit of parting them out. im a huge ebay nut and i find nearly everything there. on ebay, u can also win or do a buy it now on an auction of a good working camera that has a cracked lcd screen but a good lens. plus ull have other extra parts incase u need to fix or replace something else down the road. by the time u get the good lens out of the parts camera, u have more of an idea on what to do on ur camera. visually it will stick in ur mind more. im more of a visual person than reading something.

    view that page above and see if this might be something u would want to try. if u feel u cant do this, i would recommend letting a repair shop do this for u. i love tinkering with electronics and i learn as i go. with fixing desktop computers and building this laptop and another one, i feel i could do this. so far, im succeeding more than i expected. cant wait to get the lens in so i can complete my fathers camera.

    i hope this information i just wrote has given u an idea on how to go about doing this. just make sure u look carefully and work slowly. dont rush this and give urself a good hour or two or even more to make sure u do this right. if ur mind is going in 20 different directions, go take a break and come back for round two at completing the task. this is possible if u concentrate on what ur doing and work slowly and pay attention to detail. make sure to keep ur screws seperate so u know where they go when u get done. i found out trying to fix the crooked lens may or may not be beyond my knowledge but simply replacing it is very easy. u can do anything if u put ur mind to it. when u see progress, ull smell the smell of sweet success.

    keep me updated on ur work. would love to hear how it goes if u decide to do this urself. i bet ull be wanting to fix other things when u get this done. be careful, its addictive. anything to save some money, ill try almost anything once or twice.

    take care

    im out of room for this post. ill post the links to the pictures on the next one.

  • gadawgsfan19
    gadawgsfan19 Nov 22, 2008

    sorry that other post was so long. i ran out of room. here are the links to the pictures i have. hope they're helpful to u.

    [a href="¤t=camera1.jpg"]camera1[/a]
    [a href="¤t=camera2.jpg"]camera2[/a]
    [a href="¤t=camera3.jpg"]camera3[/a]
    [a href="¤t=camera4.jpg"]camera4[/a]
    [a href="¤t=camera5.jpg"]camera5[/a]
    [a href="¤t=camera6.jpg"]camera6[/a]
    [a href="¤t=camera7.jpg"]camera7[/a]
    [a href="¤t=camera8.jpg"]camera8[/a]
    [a href="¤t=camera9.jpg"]camera9[/a]
    [a href="¤t=camera10.jpg"]camera10[/a]
    [a href="¤t=camera11.jpg"]camera11[/a]

  • gadawgsfan19
    gadawgsfan19 Nov 22, 2008

    ::sigh:: ok i was attempting to make the links clickable so it would be easier to view.

    lemme try again and then im done for now.


  • gadawgsfan19
    gadawgsfan19 Nov 27, 2008

    newest update on replacing the lens in my fathers camera. SUCCESS IS GOLDEN!!! THIS CAN BE DONE!!! keep patience and visualize turning that camera on and being able to take a picture.

    ok here is my situation tonight. i won an auction for a parts camera that works and turns on but has a cracked screen. i am waiting for that one to come in the mail. the other camera i bought for parts was under $20 and was a shot in the dark. so i tried it anyway. the lens on the cheaper parts camera looked good but looks can be deceiving. the other camera im waiting to get is 99.9% probably will work fine. this one just a shot in the dark that put me at a dead end. do not let this 2nd parts camera i got fool you. i was so excited to see that screen light up on my fathers camera. this time instead of the lens error 122 its now 101. im at least heading in the right direction.

    when i get the other camera probably friday after Thanksgiving im very sure that one will work. im even sure this time that this is possible. im so excited this is possible. i will probably give this a test run and buy a parts camera and replace the lens and/or screen and sell it on ebay. that would be nice. now i can make some money on the side. my husband is a mechanic and he can do side jobs for friends and other customers.


    ok ill update yall when i get the other lens and get it all put together. im sure this will work the 2nd go around. before completing this installation, i was kinda sure this lens was bad as the first circle that extends looked a teeny bit crooked, but i thought well, im this far, ill put it all together and see what happens. stranger things have happened. this task is almost done. too bad this parts camera is junk. but item was sold as it with no returns so theres nothing i can do. ill keep it for the left over parts such as circuit boards, buttons, housing is a beautiful cherry red with no nicks or scrapes, etc. maybe one day when im bored outta my mind, i can attempt to fix the lens itself but its just so much easier to just replace the lens. way less complicated.

    ok nite everyone. have a blessed Thanksgiving and ill talk to you soon.


  • gadawgsfan19
    gadawgsfan19 Sep 03, 2009

    couldnt remember if i did my update on the lens for my dads camera and the left over parts i had to make me a camera.

    my dad and i are still using our cameras to this day.

    this can be done, just be patient with the whole process.

    my sisterinlaw has a v1003 and ive never opened those before and i used to have the v803. well, the sad news is those lens are soldered to the circuit boards. those dont have serviceable parts. if were to keep ur camera, u would be looking at $50-$60 for the whole inside. thats just a price on ebay for the whole inside guts i call it. looked online for help articles but didnt see anything so i just opened the parts camera to see for myself. so if u have the v1003 or the v803, ur a little outta luck. u can swap the lcd screen if needed. thats possible. but as far as the lens... sad to say no. i was so bummed today when i couldnt swap the lens in my sisterinlaws camera.

    with the price of these kodak point and shoot cameras, if the parts are serviceable (meaning u can swap it with a good one from another camera) then its gonna be cheaper to fix it yourself and learn something new. if the costs go over the price of one in walmart or best buy for example, then scrap or recycle the old camera that wont work and get a new one. which my sisterinlaw will more than likely have to do.

    sometimes u win, sometimes u lose. its ok to lose. its all apart of life.

    hope this was helpful to anyone that has read it. always be careful when opening any kind of electronics.



Well if you find out let me know! same exact thing happened to my camera today.. a friend dropped it and the second lens is crooked

Posted on Oct 18, 2008


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Hi there,
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