Question about Samsung LN-S4051D 40 in. LCD Television

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Samsung lcd tv power problem

My television will not turn on. it has power going to it but is stuck in the standby mode. It will continue to try turning itself on over and over but does not go on.


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  • Anonymous Nov 26, 2008

    Mine did the same thing. TV lost sound, then pixels degraded, then just shut off and cycles the power management system trying to re-start (Clicking).

    SAMSUNG HELP suggested unplugging TV and then holding power button for 60 sec. to erase memory & de-energize - No change

  • William Nemecek Dec 26, 2008

    rwebb23 said

    "Ordered an entire new main power supply board for $103."

    Where did you get power supply board for your Samsung LCD HDTV for $103? What model?

  • darren901 Jan 03, 2009

    my samsung 40" LCD has today been picked up by an engineer, the tv is only 2 years old and cost £1600, sadly we expected it to last longer than 2 years and did not extend the warranty, had trouble turning it on about a week ago, then we go the dreaded flashing light. after a quick inspection it's looking very much like it could be the capacitors on the power supply pcb. now hoping the repair bill does'nt hit my wallet to hard, samsung have got to be made aware of this problem and should have to correct there faults at there own exspence.

  • cbb1999 Jan 06, 2009

    I do have the same problem, the tv keeps clicking but does not turn on

  • rknappy1 Jan 22, 2009

    We had the same problem with the 4 capacitors failing prematurely. Replaced them with the 35v Radio Shack capacitors. TV turns on now and works with PC input, but now I have problems with HDMI. Cable box gives a DVI alert and says that TV is not HDCP compliant...DVD player just gives a black screen. I would simply hook it up with component cables, but I have the HDMIs run through the wall with no way to remove/change them. Any suggestions? I know other people have had problems with HDMI, but this one has worked for 2 years...also I have a Sharp Aquos LCD that I've put on the wall in place of the Samsung and it works just fine with the HDMI inputs, so cables are good. Is there something else that could be affecting the HDMI inputs on the Samsung?

  • Simia Feb 10, 2009

    I have the same problem with my 27 month old LNS4051DX. I get the clicking sounds and blinking lights, then nothing. Geek Squad told me that the "back lights" are burned out. Probably due to a power surge (I live in a rural area of NYS). Thing is it was already hooked-up to a surge protector. He said it was not the capacitors. The "back lights" are attached to screen so I would need to replace the panel and the power supply. Cost: $$1,100 NOT including labor!!!

  • bsa8 Mar 24, 2009

    I changed all 4 caps and it did not help at all. any more ideas.

  • buenor Apr 04, 2009

    @ joeymn62 I also wanted to say that your instructions were perfect, very easy to follow.  CHEAP! to fix a two y/o TV (that should have never gone bad this early).   I bought the 4 capacitors (+2 extra just in case and one was free), the soldering iron, and solder (barely used it) all for less than $15, took only an hour.  In my case, the capacitor was almost burning through one of the wires.  Thanks again.

  • Ohmslaw May 04, 2009

    I have an LN-T4671F that was exibiting the same symptoms. However, upon taking apart the TV and examining the power supply board, my capacitors were different. Mine required 2- 2200 microfarad, 10V High temperature (105 deg C) capacitors. Fry's and Radio Shack only stock up to 1000 micro farad, soI ordered some 598-SEK222M016ST (16V) capacitors from Mouser electronics. Soldered them in over the weekend and it works great.

    Long story short, open your case and verify what capacitors you need. You can usually go with a higher voltage rating, but that will translate in to a larger physical size.

  • Anonymous May 04, 2009

    I have the same problem, you'd think with the amount of money you spend it would at least last a few more years. I still have an 18 year old tv that still works fine.

    Unfortunately I don't understand anything that you're posting so I'll refer this site to my husband and maybe he can figure this out.

  • sushiviv May 18, 2009

    The solution above worked wonders for my mom's dead LNS4051D.  It has been a door stop for 6 months, dying on Christmas eve.  My boyfriend stumbled on this fix, and we competed it today. It WORKS. Many thanks to the generous posters with pictures, parts, and tips. My mom is very happy she can watch her TV again....she rarely splurges on electronics so that purchase was special for her. She was very upset when the TV up and stopped working suddenly.  Who knew $6 in parts and some basic tools would fix it. Can't say thank you enough!!!!!



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Check the solution by billn352: $7 Fix! It Rocks!
billn352 even has the cost of the replacement capacitors correct! Thanks guy!

When my Samsung quit six months ago, the three solutions posted on FixYa were (1) Pay $300+ parts and $200+ labor to have it fixed, (2) Do #1 then rag Samsung until they repay you for the defective circuit board and (3) Get another TV and avoid getting stuck eith yet another defective circuit board. I chose to buy a 47" Phillips at Wal-Mart. I don't feel like paying big bucks every 18 months to keep the Samsung alive. I put the Samsung in the closet and took my lumps.

This month I revisited the solutions on FixYa and found the post by billn352! A $7 FIX and it Works!.

I pulled the Samsung out of the closet, laid it on a padded table, removed the plastic back (lotsa screws!), located the capacitors and removed the circuit board (more screws). The four capacitors are easy to locate. At least three of mine had black **** oozing out of the top of the cans. I ran down to the strip shopping center and got the four replacements at Radio Shack--under $7 with tax.

The capacitors are polarized (they have a positive and a negative lead) and I have a buddy who loves to solder and drink beer. So I asked him to do the hot stuff, assisted by a copy of the billn352 post to further identify the capacitors by component number and a six-pack of Miller Lite. Yes, the replacement capacitors are larger than the originals and Yes they fit nicely! So easy that a "drunk redneck" can do it!

I also checked the current prices for this model Samsung on the Internet. On one list, a new unit was offered for less than $400. Most I found were in the $500-$900 range. Give it another year and what do you think these sets will be worth! A $7 fix is worth doing: Maybe a $400 fix is not.

.samsung lcd tv power problem - fc89a6a.jpg f31c953.jpg

samsung lcd tv power problem - 42df27c.jpgttp://" alt="42df27c.jpg" class="h_mi" />

Posted on Mar 14, 2009

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Because the Samsung LNS4051D would not turn on and the power LED would blink 4 times and the relay would click and this would repeat again and again. I replaced power supply board parts CM806, 811, 812 & 817, all 1000 uf 10v capacitors, three had their tops bulged up slightly that I missed on initial visual inspection. After seeing the reports of problems with these caps on , I replaced them with Radio Shack part 272-1032, 1000 uf, 35v. They are slightly bigger, but fit OK. TV is working fine now. Cost was 4 x $1.59 = $6.36 plus the time. I saved between $100 to 300 in the process of either replacing the board or getting the unit serviced.

Posted on Dec 27, 2008

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I had this same problem with my Samsung LN-4051D LCD TV and was able to fix it myself.
Went to Radio Shack and purchased 4 capacitors part # 272-1032.

Note that this is not an unplug the old ones, plug in the new ones type solution. A small soldering iron, a roll of small solder wire, a small wire cutter/needle nose pliers and a Phillips screwdriver is required.

HINT: Take notes about what goes where so you get everything back in the right place when you are done!
1. Unplug the TV and all the other wires.
2. Move the TV to a steady flat surface like a table or kitchen counter.
3. Remove the back panel by removing all the screws, 21 on my set.
4. Locate the main circuit board and gently disconnect all the wires, there were 7 connections on mine.
5. Remove the 6 small screws holding the circuit board in place.
6. Lift upward and pull out the circuit board.
7. On the board locate the 4 capacitors which are all the same size. They should have the letters and numbers CM806, CM811, CM812 and CM817 printed on the board near them. In my case one was marked CS806 instead of CM.
8. On the opposite side of the board you should see where the wires come through and the soldering points labeled to match.
9. Using your soldering iron, heat the soldering points on the back side of the board to melt the solder enough to remove the old capacitors. This was the most difficult part for me. Remove all 4 before attempting to install the new ones. Be gentle and careful to keep the melting solder from spreading across the board.
10. Once you have the old capacitors removed, arrange the replacements through the holes and slightly bend the wires to hold them in place. NOTE: the capacitors are marked and must be inserted into the board to match. You should see an outline on the board that looks like a circle with one portion of the circle having a bold section. Align the capacitor marking to match. In my case the capacitor was mostly blue with a black strip on one side. The black strip aligned with the bold side of the markings on the board.
11. Once all the new capacitors are in place, turn over the board and solder the new ones into place. Use only enough solder to make a the connection to the board taking care that any two soldering points do not touch each other.
12. Cut off the excess wire once the solder has cooled.
13. Remount the circuit board into the TV and reassemble the remainder.

This repair took me about 2 hours, mostly because I was being very cautious as I went. For $7 in parts and $20 in additional tools I’m sure I saved hundreds over the cost of the repair. My backup plan was to purchase a new power supply board if my repair attempt failed, so I figured I had nothing to lose by trying this myself.

Good luck.

Posted on Mar 12, 2009

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I have a LNS4052, same as LNS4051 but mine is White color. It had the clicking noise first but picture still came on after a while. Later it just kept clicking and would not turn on. Got a quote of $300+ from TV repair person or $150 for a replacement board. The board has about 6 cables connected so I was thinking worse case I just replace the board. However, seeing the article from BillN352 and confirming the 4 bulged up capacitors I got the confidence to fix it myself.

I ordered 5 capacitors from Mouser Electronic with the following spec:
Mouser #: 647-UBT1A102MPD
Mfr. #: UBT1A102MPD
Desc.: Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - 125
Degree 1000uF 10V 125c 10x20 20% 5LS.

They cost $1.04 each. I replaced the 4 burnt ones. Afterward I turned on TV and so far no clicking noise. Below is what I learn:

#1. The capacitor has positive and negative legs (longer is positive).
#2. The board has them clearly marked which side is positive.
#3. Make sure you discharge static by grounding yourself when touching the board or any inside of the TV.
#4. Make sure you take a picture of the board (all cable position,top and bottom) before disconnecting anything just so that you can later recall the cable and capacitor arrangement.
#5. Buy 1 or 2 extra capacitors just in case you make a mistake.
#6. It took almost a week from placing order to getting it delivered.
#7. Make sure after soldering that everything is clean before putting everything back.
#8. Don't misplace the screws.
#9. There is also a fuse on the board; make sure it is not blown and use a meter to make sure it still works -- take it out of the socket first.
#10.The capacitor is a bit too tall so may be 10mmx18mm could perfectly fit but 10mm diameter is good.
#11.If you are going to do it get two solder irons and a buddy to help. It is easier to have one person to pull out the capacitor while buddy melting two legs at the same time. Doing one leg at time is a lot tougher.
#12.Get a wire cutter as the legs would be sticking out.

That is it; my cost of $12 including shipping. One final note to make it last a bit longer. Get a fan. I found heat could speed up the failure of the capacitor. There is a USB service port that you can get may be a USB fan to cool down the TV. Good luck.

Posted on Mar 07, 2009

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This behavior may be the power supply but that may not be the problem.
Modern power supplies are designed to shut down if the current drawn exceeds the design level which indicates that something the supply services has died.
For gear made in the period of 2003-2006 and stock that is still on hand from that period, may contain electrolytic capacitors that have defective electrolyte, a chemical used in the manufacture of higher value capacitors.
The electrolyte was made from a stolen Japanese formula and improperly cloned in . . . where else? China.  
There is no way to identify the problem parts besides the date code if present.
There are tons of electronic devices in service that will die due to this problem.
If you are adventurous, you might pull the plug on the set, gain access to the innards, and with good light, inspect any boards inside.
You are looking for components that are almost always cylindrical and mostly installed upright at 90 degrees to the board with leads passing through to the solder side.
This same type of component in smaller dimensions is still used in a horizontal package with leads bent down and passing though holes to the solder side.
The latter are becoming more rare since they don't lend themselves well to robot assembly.
Many (not all) will show signs of pregnancy when they fail, bulging unnaturally when compared with others. Now and then, there may be traces of a crystalline deposit around the end where the seal failed from internal pressure.      
These will have values listed on them in uFd & VDC and sometimes, a plus/minus number lying about the precision.
Some also have a date code (rarer) that will look like four digits:
2403 = 24th week of 2003
Most electronics suppliers have a stock of the various values but if they have a date code at all, try to get only those made before 2002 or after 2006.

Posted on Sep 16, 2008

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  • 1 Answer ROCKS!!! THANKS to billn352, lenmatin, joeymn62 and Samsung ownr for your advise and help in getting our 2006, $2,000 paperweight to work. The Geek Squad told us screen burned out and would cost over $1,000 to repair, not including labor. Although my husband builds computers he never worked on circut boards. We had nothing to lose, so per your direction we opened the back of the TV, saw the slightly bulging capacitors, ordered the new ones and replaced the old ones. Soldering was a little scary but we took our time and removed the old solder and installed the new capacitors and re-soldered. Oh, miracle or miracles!!! It worked. TV is now working as intended and not a papaerweight!!! Thanks again for all you help and guidance. Take that Geek Squad!

Posted on Mar 30, 2009

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I did this exact fix with the 4 capacitors and it worked great!

I used a 30 watt iron and it was a little light for the job, so I suggest a 40W. Thanks!

Posted on Dec 26, 2009

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Diggaa1, I have the same exact problem and called Samsung about this. Like your issue, they refuse to admit that it is their problem. I asked whether my issue will be logged so that the next person who calls with the same issue will know that they are not the only one. She said no. Therefore, no one at Samsung will tell you that someone else is having the same problem. My tv is not even 2 years old! It already had problem within 6 months, but that was covered under warranty.

Posted on Nov 20, 2008

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I replaced just four (mentioned elsewhere) and the problem only got a little better. I went back and did the remaining 2 and now it's working great. So it's probably a good idea to always replace all 6 of them, they're cheap and it's easy to do.

Posted on Feb 22, 2013

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It is so great that you can actually find real solutions to real problems on-line still.After finding out that the extended warranty I had bought (from circut city) was no longer going to be honored I feared the worst ..I would have to take it and have it serviced and it would probably cost a lot.I had the similar symptoms with the same equipment that everyone else here was having. Thankfully I came across this web site!! It really was a fairly simple fix that probably saved me a lot of money!!!

Thanks billn352 and everyone else that added any info on this fix!!!

Posted on Aug 03, 2009

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I just had the exact same problem and fixed it just now!!!! I am so happy!! I felt like such a loser that I didn't kow what to do without a TV on at night in my bedroom!LOL well It was the LNS4051D 40 inch model purchased at Best Buy on 12-3-06 and I wasn't about to go through all the bullcrap to get it fixed and have to live without my belovedd TV in my room for weeks while waiting for parts! Sent my husband to Radio Shack to get the capacitors and BAM! he just finished it and it work the second I plugged it in... It was the exact same capacitors that where blown and two of them were leaking the black a little.. I cannot stress how great this is!!!! I am going to start fixing TVs for a living!LOL My next project is the old 57 inch SONY projector TV that blew a bulb! Anyone can fix a TV in most cases.. thanks so much everyone here that gave the detailed instructions!!! you have saved us all $$$$! I just spent 7$!!!! instead of 100s$$$!!!

Posted on Jun 12, 2009

  • marshall Apr 08, 2013

    mine is the 40 inch also... but it has 2 10 volts and 4 35 volts capacitors?


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I had the exact same problem on my LNS4051DX/XAA and the solution by billn352 was exactly correct. I too found 3 capacitors that were bulged on top, replaced them with the same radio shack parts and now my TV is working again.

I also did a couple of searches and found some helpful videos on youtube showing how to fix lcd monitors and tvs. The capacitors seemed to be the common link in all of them.

Thanks for the help billn352!


Posted on Jan 06, 2009

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  • Michael LeBauer Dec 28, 2010

    My LN-52A550 was taking between 1-15 min to start and making the oft reported clicking noises with blinking front panel red LED while trying. Then it failed completely about a week ago. Samsung finally agreed to send a tech but will repair at their cost only if it's the capacitors. The tech is coming this Friday Dec 31.

    I removed the back and did not see any bulging capacitors. All looked normal with flat tops. Now I'm worried that they will declare it not a capacitor problem, even though the symptoms are exactly like those described by so many with that problem.

    Could it be something else? Any suggestions before the tech arrives?

  • Bill Kearney Feb 19, 2013

    Mine looked fine too. I replaced them and I'm not sure it solved the problem. Still seems to take too long to start.

  • Bill Kearney Feb 19, 2013

    Mine looked fine too. Replaced 'em anyway. Still took a while to start up, with a number of clicks. Trying to see if it's improved by leaving it on for a while.


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I had the same problem as the TV would not turn on. I replaced the Main Power Supply. Took off the back of TV. I could see the blown capacitors. On the inside the board had 5 screws and 5 wire attachments. Ordered an entire new main power supply board for $103. The repair took 15 minutes. The TV works great. I am not normally a hands on but it was simple.

Posted on Dec 04, 2008

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I have the same problem and I did open the tv up and observed multiple blown capacitors on one of the boards. TV is two yrs old LN-s4051D I 've been fighting with samsung for one month to pay for the faulty capacitors. I went from customer service to ECR and now to case management. They claim to be unaware of the faulty part and the cost at your local repair shop is at least $300.00 for an inexpensive capacitor maby a few bucks. We need more people to call samsung with the same problem to make them aware they are and should be responsible for putting faulty capacitors in their tvs.

Posted on Sep 26, 2008

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