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Dvd studio Pro, Subtitles for film

Hello, please can you help-
I have a 20 min film exported from final cut as a self contained quicktime movie. I have a subtitle document created in Jubler in .txt format which is supposed to work with Studio Pro. How do I burn or create a dvd with sub titles and a high res movie? Are there any freelancers who would be willing to do this for me? 
Rob Henry

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  • rjhrj Sep 11, 2008

    Hello, further to my previous mail:

    I have spent many hours reading from various sites and reading the prog manuals, still im having problems. I have the subtitle file in .srt or.txt. or.slt, or.son, or.scr. I have a high res quicktime movie exported from final cut. Im happy to use any program to do this. Actually ffmpegx looked like the application for the job but i cant get that to work either. I'm also not so savvy with Studio Pro. Please only mail me if you really know how to do this. Kind regards

  • rjhrj Sep 11, 2008

    Hello again, I should point out that I have tried ctrl click in Studio Pro for creating subtitles on the track but nothing happens and no subtitle is created. Also I have written out all the subtitles in the correct timeline, I don't want to have to do that again. I only need to merge the film and the titles that are already created. Please mail me if you can help, once is fine, I don't need 15 messages from the same guy like I have just received. Best, and thanks in advance-

  • rjhrj Sep 12, 2008

    Hello again helpers- I'm new to fixya, it says that I can contact potential helpers by email but I cant find the contact link. I say this because i'd like to reply to some of the responses I've been given. I'll go over my problem again just to make it clear:

    -Im using a Mac, so most of the aps out there are not compatible.
    _ The subs have already been created in Sub factory and are in .SRT.
    -I don't want to have to write all these out again.
    -I've tried opening the subs in Studio Pro, they wont open, import even when I click 'import' from the time line.

    I really need to burn a high res copy of my film with subtitles, your help is appreciated.


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You should get a program its called ez producer really good and quick and has all the features

Posted on Sep 13, 2008

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Question: How to add subtitles to a DVD video

Then for burning DVD rips....u can use Nero,it's da best out there,or u can use NTI just download this latest version from nero!!



Hope this will helps u.
Thank You

Posted on Sep 11, 2008

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Use nero.... the sub program recode should perform that task.


Posted on Sep 11, 2008

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The Subtitle streams (streams look like tracks in the Track Editor) are found in the Track Editor window, just below the audio tracks and are numbered from S 1 to S 32. You can have an unlimited number of subtitle clips per stream. To add a subtitle stream, control click in the S1 track and select "Add Subtitle" or "Add subtitle at Playhead".
The export functions now have been placed from the submenus into a windows. This allows to define options depending on the list formats. First you define theSubtitler document which you want to export. Then you define the List Format. Then you have some options depending on the format.

  • Text Encoding: DOS Latin1, MacRoman, UTF-8 (Unicode), Unicode RTF and Windows Latin1 
    Note: with Unicode RTF the textfile is wrapped into an RTF file with Unicode textencoding.
  • Line Ending: Macintosh (CR), Unix (LF) or Windows (CRLF).
  • Apply Offset: Add or substract an offset to the defined timecodes. By default, the negative value of the Offset in the document is entered. For some DVD authoring systems
  • This is a simple text format that can be imported into the Adobe Encore DVD authoring program. Each subtitle begins with a number (optional), a timecode for in and a timecode for out and then the text. If there is a second line, it is added as line. The preferred text encoding is UTF-8. The format is ambiguous and import errors have been reported if a subtitle text line starts with a number.
    You can export a subtitle file for Avid DS. This file can then be imported into DS to create titles automatically. The text encoding is limited to Windows ANSI characters. The style is retained as much as possible, but you can use a DS template, if that matches better your choice. All the styles are global, as the Avid DS subtitler format does not support individual styles.
    thank it
  • Posted on Sep 11, 2008

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    Just download subtitles for tat movie ..the size may in kb oly...after that rename the download subtitle file by giving the same name which was in the original movie file...after u assign same name for both into ur player...also enable ur subtitle option in ur player..after that tis can be directly burn from the system using software like nero

    Posted on Sep 11, 2008

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    • mohammed marika thambi
      mohammed marika thambi Sep 11, 2008

      use these below link..u will get better idea

    • mohammed marika thambi
      mohammed marika thambi Sep 11, 2008

      use tis link tis link gave an better idea to clear ur doubt..just check in

      good luck

    • mohammed marika thambi
      mohammed marika thambi Sep 11, 2008

      download pdf from this site

    • mohammed marika thambi
      mohammed marika thambi Sep 11, 2008

      download pdf from this site

    • mohammed marika thambi
      mohammed marika thambi Sep 11, 2008

      If you have used DVD Studio Pro you will know that you can enter
      subtitles directly in to the app, but when you do it is a job to do
      anything with them! An alternative is to have someone create a subtitle
      file for you… the trouble there is they often arrive and are pretty
      much unuseble since not many folk know how to write them.
      I had one such file sent to me this week. The format was .stl and a
      different version as .txt - both are generally OK to use, but the file
      content was badly written.

      The way you need the file to be set up is to have a start timecode
      (in the standard timecode format of hours:minutes:seconds:frames) a tab
      a comma another tab then the end timecode for the subtitle, followed by
      a tab, comma tab combination before the actual subtitle text itself. It
      should look something like this:

      00:00:15:16 , 00:00:17:13 , Over here, quick… I think I can see it!

      So, when I got the following format it presented various challenges:

      1: 00:00:15.16 00:00:17.13
      Over here, quick... I think I can see it!
      2: 00:00:26.13 00:00:30.05
      - OK - let me ring the police first!
      - The others will be here soon!
      I mean, you can see what the writer is trying to give you - they
      want you to see how the subs should appear on screen, but they have
      absolutely no idea of the work this now involves. First off, the time
      code is all wrong. It can either be 00:00:00:00 as a format, or
      00:00:00;00 which would indicate ‘drop frame’ time code, which you see
      a lot in NTSC files from places like the USA. Occasionally the timecode
      starts at 01:00:00:00, which is OK to use as well.

      The challenge is to quickly find and replace all of those full-stops
      with colons, without changing any full stops in the actual text for the
      subtitle. In the file I got there were many!

      Second is the use of a line numbering system - and using a colon to boot!

      Then there is the matter of missing tab marks, commas and the use of
      line breaks… It really was a mess, and would be a serious contender for
      making use of a subtitling application such as Belle Nuit. However, all
      I had was Microsoft Excel and BBEdit (which I don’t use a lot and am
      not sure of the capabilities).

      So, the first thing I did was import into Excel and use the colon as
      a field separator. I could then remove the line numbering pretty
      easily. This left the remaining timecode in different columns with one
      having the seconds and frames in. As long as the excel columns are
      formatted as text (and not the default ‘general’ format) anything you
      type will appear as you type it. A quick find and replace in that
      column changing full-stops for colons should have sorted it, but it
      caused Excel to add in a further set of characters. Odd, but not too
      much of an issue. I copied the column and used find and replace in
      BBEdit instead, copying that back in to the Excel column. I could then
      copy the split timecode columns in the same way, using BBEdit to
      concatenate them back into the right format. The code came back in to
      Excel like this:



      Next was to sort out the text fields. Saving out of Excel as a .txt
      file, I reimported it but this time used a space character as the field
      separator. This gave me a start code, an end code and then a word in
      each column for each line. I had already removed the line breaks
      earlier in BBEdit. By copying the columns containing the words and
      pasting into BBEdit I got a tab character between each word. I could
      then find and replace those for spaces. All looked good, so I copied it
      back into Excel and put it into a single column.

      The last step was to add a column between the two sets of timecode,
      and the second timecode and the text. In both of these I used find and
      replace in Excel to write a comma instead of having an empty cell. Easy.

      From here I could simply highlight all of the columns and copy the
      content into BBEdit, where I ran a few final checks to make sure
      everything was where it should be. The Excel format ensured there were
      tab marks between timecodes and commas, so I simply saved and used the
      .stl extension.

      This imported into DVD Studio Pro with no problems, although the
      same file saved with a .txt extension didn’t work. No matter, as long
      as one format worked that was all I needed. Job done!

      The thing to remember here is that if you have got the subtitles in
      an external text based file you can easily adjust the time codes or
      move things around. Excel is particularly useful for this kind of work.
      However, if you type the subtitles directly in to DVD Studio Pro you
      will have a job manipulating them at any level.

      Too late? You already have typed them in to DVDSP? OK - it’s not
      dreadful. Export an item description for the track and use the nifty
      ‘Subtitler’ app from version tracker to import your file. You can then export a valid .stl file from there and save that for future use.


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    You need to convert the text file to a subtitle file, there is some additional free software doing this in a simple way.
    I see if I can find user manual and downloads.

    Posted on Sep 11, 2008

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    • Ginko
      Ginko Sep 11, 2008

      Hi, I have done this using Apple Quicktime, but I can see now that the interface on DVD Studio Pro is even better than Quicktime.
      Here is the How to, check following links:

      Creating Subtitles in DVD Studio Pro 4

      Apple Pro Training Series: DVD Studio Pro 4 (free subscription to view )

      create DVDs in DVD Studio Pro
      regarding the freelancer, for terms and conditions we cannot promote ourself or take jobs here on Fixya, that will be against TOS. There would also be the problem of uploading the whole movie online. I suggest hiring a local person, to subtitle a one hour long movie it took me roughly three hour or so.


    • Ginko
      Ginko Sep 11, 2008

      Dear Sir
      I am telling I have done this before,
      therefore I am writing you because I "really know how to do this".

      I understand you do not want to spend your time in learning how the software work, I think the best thing to do is hiring a person.

      You cannot use Fixya to hire people, if I give you my private address I will be disqualified.

      The procedure is quite simple, but the operations are mainly visual, if
      you did not even understand the easy easy tutorial (you spent two mins
      on it before deciding to give up), there is now way for you to do it

      You need to creat an SRT extension file form your original TXT, then synchronize it using the software.

      You can convert from TXT to SRT in various way, using your software or renaming file extension, then editing the SRT files and adding the tags inside. Better using a software.

      Here below comes the simplest software I have ever used to add subtitles:

      Add and read subtitles onto DVD
      You just need to add an SRT file after you convert from original TXT

      To convert:

      OS SubCleaner


      Open with any text editor





      Open with any text editor.

      Best regards

    • Ginko
      Ginko Sep 11, 2008

      This is a simple simple software only to subtitle movies.

      It is freeware, and it is only to add subtitles, you will still need to spend some time in synchronizing subtitles.

      Click here and follow the instructions.

    • Ginko
      Ginko Sep 11, 2008

      I have never used this software, but if you want to use ffmpegx instead do the following:

      • To add a selectable subtitle, open a .srt or .sub text-based subtitle file in the "Load subs" field (Filters tab).

      • Use
        the "Preview" button to preview and check subtitles sync with the audio
        track. It is not needed to define a color palette for selectable
        subtitles (a white default palette will be used). If the subtitles are
        not in sync, use a program like SubSyncX to sync them.
      You do this before converting the movie from QT format to dvd (encoding), This software does not have features to add subtitles to a sourcd QT, Mov, or Avi format, subs will be added to the final DVD, that must be encoded and burned to view it.

      Generally movie editing is never a quite simple practice, you always need to spend some times on it, and often you waste a couple of DVDs on first attempts.


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    Hi and Welcome,

    If you are experiencing Export Errors using Studio, the following FAQ should help:

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    i hope that helps

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    Most likely if you have a 47 min video and it saying its full this would be the issue and if you don't and all it is a 47 min video ignore the message and burn it anyways and it should work out fine.

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    Feb 28, 2017 | Apple DVD Studio Pro 4 for Mac

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