Question about Samsung LTN1535 15 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

Vertical lines on screen when viewing


My Samsung LTN1535 has 3 sometimes 4 vertical lines on the screen when I view it. There are 2 white lines and 1 blue line and sometimes 1 purple line. Is there a way to eliminate these lines?

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  • Anonymous green and white some blue lines on screen

    Dec 24, 2007

  • Susan33 I have the same problem. The lines are on the right side of the screen. Red, blue, yellow and a number of other colors. I have unplugged it and they are still there. I do not have any other electronic devices attached. The tv is a year old and of course the warrenty just expired. HELP

    Jan 02, 2008

  • Anonymous one black vertical line

    Mar 02, 2008

  • Anonymous I have an Ultravision 50 in plasma, and when I use it for more the 1 hour, one red line start blinking in the top left side of the screen ( 1 inch width and 5 in long vertical line) could you have an answer for this ?.

    Mar 07, 2008

  • justAuser i have a PD-4225 plasma that has 2 vertical black bars on the left half of the screen regardless of which input is selected on the unit. I only have the "component" cable connected from a Denon receiver connected to the panel.

    The same problem occurs when connected to DVD, Direct TV or VCR or if nothing is connected. you can still see the black bars on the static screen with no inputs.

    May 12, 2008

  • Loganwolf My Mitsubishi PD-4225 has a black vertical line on the left-center of my screen, looks like someone placed electrical tape on the screen. It appears and disappears. Why is that? and how do I fix it?

    Jul 14, 2008

  • Anonymous purple line

    Jul 14, 2008

  • ombhakti This problem just started with our panasonic 58inch plasma tv, which is 10 months old. It is definitely the tv, and our dvd player is plugged into the tv, not the other way around. No matter what fixes we try, the left-of-center black vertical bar stays. We have narrowed down that it is just that tv, and therefore not our cable, not our wii, and not our dvd player. I don't even know what you mean by a dvd guard.... we do not record anything.

    Jul 18, 2008

  • savijhero I have this problem except that the purple lines are also images and change with what is currently being displayed on the tv. Sometimes its bad sometimes its really bad.

    Please help

    Oct 03, 2008

17 Answers

Joseph  Weibel

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Answer # 1

If the lines are there all the time or intermittent but in the same location it is an indication of a bad panel. The panel driver can also be the cause of this symptom. Samsung panels have had issues with the connector that carries the LVDS signals to the panel itself, this is not serious and can be resolved and little cost. Joe Weibel

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  • Posted by:
  • on Aug 03, 2007
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Answer # 2

I had a purple line on my tv about 2 inches from the left side that ran from top to bottom. After freaking the F out, I unplugged everything before going to bed. I plugged it all back in in the morning and it was still there. I was about at wits while disconnecting everything again and noticed that when I messed with the cable splitter that went into the TV and cable box the line disappeared. I then noticed specifically that it had to do with the grounding screw on the splitter. I just tightened it down all the way and tightened all the connections and the filthy purple line disappeared. It worked on my brother's plasma TV as well.

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  • tim sayre that is the main board

    Sep 05, 2013

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Answer # 3

I have vertical lines threw out my screen whats the problem.

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Answer # 4

It could be a problem with your nuts. And yes, there is a direct correlation between your balls and lcd panels.

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  • Posted by:
  • on Nov 24, 2009
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Answer # 5

I bought my LTN1535 at a thrift store for $20; the display had six vertical lines.

I disassembled the set to the point of removing the lcd screen from its aluminum frame. Everything in this set is modular, so it only took ten minutes. The lcd and its assembly is defective manufacture and unsecured. Heat at the upper horizontal compounds with the unsecured nature of this assembly to cause a bad electrical connection of the lcd module.

I bought five "medium binder clips" at Staples and with shears cut 1/4 inch from the clips on one surface. I removed the spring handles and installed the clips on the upper metal top of the lcd. These clips fit the aluminum frame perfectly. I reassembled the set adding the missing 4 frame screws.

The set is now the best tv I have; so much so, that I now realize that I must replace all my tv sets. The cost to fix this vertical line problem was about $2.

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Answer # 6

Everyone here is wrong there is absolutely notthing wrong with your tv use your remote control go to picture go to auto motion it automatic adjust tune your tv back to normal waiting period is 5 to 10min its simple as that.

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  • kbirch903

    kbirch903 Well done!

    Apr 05, 2013

  • tim sayre everyoe here is not wrong, that is the first step to troubleshooting. when that doesn't fix it, it is either the tcon board, panel, main board or lvds cable. if the symptoms are in the menu as well as the live picture, it's the panel or tcon or lvds cable. if it changes with the input source, it's the main board. if it is not in the menu, but is on the live picture, it's the main board.

    Sep 05, 2013

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Answer # 7

To get rid of vertical lines in TV I simply flipped off and back on the main breaker that controls that TV and the lines went away. It was like re-setting the TV.

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  • kbirch903

    kbirch903 This worked for me thanks!

    Apr 05, 2013

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Answer # 8

The display driver board is overheated, need to replaced!

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  • Posted by:
  • on Jun 11, 2008
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Answer # 9

You have a bad cont pcb i see this a lot in samsung and the LG.and zenith to lg and zenith are the same. if you have a red or blue line
left side or the rigth side contly pcb

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Answer # 10

You have a problem with signal board attach to lcd sreen panel open tv and check the connection if this doesn't work you need to replace lcd panel

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Answer # 11

I have a samsung LCD MODEL LN46A530P1FXZA with vertical lines only on the right side of the tv. 1 blue line and about 1 inch wide of all different color lines. When I bring up the menu screen the lines go through the menu and you can see them still. After an hour or so the lines disapear except the thin blue one. I had the clicking issue fixed when that problem appeared and it was covered free. Then almost 2 weeks later the lines starter to show up. I understand this problem has become a major issue with samsung.

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  • Posted by:
  • on Jul 01, 2007

Answer # 12

I have the same model with the same problem. This is NOT a copy guard problem, as it is connected directly to cable and is there on all stations. All the lines are probably there all the time, just not visible with all backgrounds. It is a circuit failure that needs to be corrected by a technician. If I find a solution, I will post it here.

  • Posted by:
  • on Apr 10, 2006
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Answer # 13

Sounds like you have it hooked up threw the VCR, there are copy guards on the DVDs that do strange things to the image if its not hooked up correctly and it will record a crappy image. The best way to view the DVDs is directly from the DVD to the tv. If that is a hastle for you then you can get a switch box you hook more then one video source to the switch box then out of that to the tv. When you push the buttons it will change from DVD, game console, VCR, Camera etc. The blue line at the bottom is one major indication of copy guard. Do a search on "macro vision: or DVD copy guard, on google and read about it. There are boxes you can get to bypass this but you didnt hear that from me... ;)

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Answer # 14

I can not believe all of the same problems with a Samsung lcd 50" screen, got vertical lines about 2 inches a part all across the whole screen, tv still works, just little lines across the entire screen. I cant believe all the post on this same problem and not any good answer to fix it, just more problems of the same nature keeps coming and no solution!

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  • tim sayre read my post above

    Sep 05, 2013

  • scadarick422

    scadarick422 all i can add is that the main board is bad or connection issues. my sharp had 4 vertical lines one day i turned it on. a sharp repairmen came by and swapped out the mb board and that fixed it. also it was still under warrenty.

    Mar 21, 2014

  • Posted by:
  • on Mar 10, 2010
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Answer # 15

These white lines (horizontalor vertical) may be an issue with the DMD board. One way we can narrow theproblem down is with a simple test: bring up the TV menu on the screen. If thewhite lines are still visible trough the menu, then it’s even more probable thatthe DMD is defective; if not then the digital video can also be held accountable.If you decide to go for a new DMD you’ll have to search by part number, NOT bymodel number, the main reason is that two TVs with the same model number mehave none compatible components because they are different generation when theywhere assembled.
Also if by any chance you can’tfind the DMD sold separately, your next option is to buy the entire lightengine that includes the DMD, and obviously that’s going to be more expensive. Ifyour trying to save lots of money and you really know what your buying try eBay,you can get a really good deal, how ever if you are not familiar with TV parts,and don’t want to take a chance buying something that might not work, tryonline stores that specialize in TV parts (my personal recommendation: Discount-Merchant).

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  • Posted by:
  • on Nov 24, 2007

Answer # 16

The answer does not relate to the problem of vertical lines.The 3 sometimes 4 vertical lines on the screen are more likely caused by a ribbon cable connection which may or may not be reparable.

  • Posted by:
  • on Apr 17, 2007

Answer # 17

Possible ribbon cable connection on lcd panel not making all connections.My or may not be repairable.

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  • Anonymous
  • April 21, 2008

My 42" Samsung Plasma HDTV HP-R4252 has a 2" vertical strip of green pixels down the right side of the screen.

My 3 year warranty with Circuit City expires in Nov 2008.. so I hope I'm covered.. can't call until the morning.

Samsung said it might be a logic board problem.. but they want almost $2000 to fix. I might as well buy another TV if Circuit City can't fix it.

Source: vertical lines across my entire screen

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Need to check the two things.

1st -- need to exchange T-con Board.
2nd -- need to exchange the cables between T-con & LCD panel or
between T-con & Main(LVDS cable)

Source: Vertical lines in LCD tv screen

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IF LCD TV has vertical lines try cleaning T-con board to lcd panel cable or replaced t-con board

Source: red blue green lines down my lcd tv screen

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