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Kenmore Trio lights staying on melting the bulb housing

The lights did not go out on my Kenmore Trio model 795.77312600.It melted the bulb housing right off the top of the refrigerator. You quoted a service flash "SF46-515" that covers this problem under warranty going back 3 years. My refrigerator is 18 months old and when I contacted Sears they said they have no such service flash for this model. How do I get a copy or some proof of the existence of this service flash for this model? There are quite a number of similar instances on this site and elsewhere on the web reporting this dangerous defect.

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  • Anonymous Sep 12, 2008

    I have the exact same issue with mine. Model number is: 795-77556600

    Sears will not help me with this (at their cost) until there is a recall. They did say they feel "really bad about it" though, and that makes me feel a lot better..?

  • Anonymous Sep 15, 2008

    I have this same problem. The light bulb cover melted this morning and I had a burning smell in my fridge. Also, the temperature became very warm in the fridge.

  • hsd622 Oct 01, 2008

    I have the exact same problem but a totally different model--# 795.75563600. Yesterday I could smell the burning in the fridge and I had a tupperware on the top shelf that got very hot. I can't seem to get the cover off the light fixture to just take the bulb out but I can see in there that one of the wires is getting brown. We did purchase the 3 year coverage plan so I'm going to call Sears to get them to come fix it but I'm really concerned about the fire hazard. This is a big problem, I think.

  • paulwesley Oct 10, 2008

    I had the same problem today, Kenmore Elite Trio 795.75542600, noticed a burning smell coming from inside refrigerator, found the inside temp very warm, and the light cover hot to the touch and very disfigured. The refrigerator lights would not go out, had to disconnect the connector or unscrew the bulbs to get them off.

    Finally tried tripping the circuit breaker powering the fridge, now the light goes on & off normally when shutting the doors. However the plastic portion of the light fixture is no longer usable, have removed from my fridge.

    My unit is 2 years old no longer under warranty, called Sears, they will charge me for a service call.

    Unless someone has a better idea, my next stop is the St Louis Better Business Bureau. I think we have a consumer safety hazard with this particular product line.

  • warblowfl Nov 04, 2008

    Kenmore Trio lights staying on melting the bulb housing problem

  • GODS FAVOR Nov 06, 2008

    795.77312600 Kenmore Trio puchased 11/02/2006 repaired out of warranty by sears 11/05/2008- NO CHARGE!!!!!

    1) CALL SEARS ONE SOURCE AT 1-800-479-6351-get a case number for service flash sf46-515.Tell operator you will not pay Sears tech to look at refrig for a known manufacturer authorized '' warranty extension''






  • woodyj Nov 11, 2008

    We had the same problem. We ordered a new light kit, and it did not fix it. We ordered a new switch for the door, it did not work. We eventually disconnected the light. This should be a recall!!

  • kittiep Dec 13, 2008

    I too have the Kenmore Elite Trio and have replaced the light case/cover once on my own only to have this happen again 6 months later! This is a fire hazard and when I informed local Sears repair representative, Stacey NO LAST NAME from the Danvers, MA repair center employee #788356, she told me it was my own fault for operating the fridge when I was aware of the problem. Fortunately I was finally able to get through to a representative from the rework/recall dept. at 800-659-7026 that although there is no recall on this there is an upgrade kit available which they order/replace AT NO FEE TO THE CUSTOMER. My fridge is also the model 795-77549600 and it was on their list of "affected" models.

  • cdagirl Dec 20, 2008

    We just had the very same problem happen this morning on the exact same model. I opened the fridge door and immediately smelled that "lovely" burning smell. I did the sniff test to find out where it was coming from, hoping it was not somehow our heater, and found the lighting housing in the fridge melted and deformed. I took out all the light bulbs including the freezer light bulb since anything faulty with electrical can mean a fire hazard and I wanted to be safe rather than sorry.

    I found this site and others that complained about the same problem. I called Sears and they did say that it is a "service flash." So, we are scheduled for the "fix" but we had problems with this model in the very beginning and ended up with a replacement at that time. It was also related to the main board as this is. The reference that this model is a LG is completely correct. Sears confirmed that.

    My take is the same as everyone's that this should be a recall and we should get a replacement. I am for something with as little electronics as possible at this point!

    I am in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and the Sears service number is 800-469-4663.

    Good luck everyone!! This is obviously a defect that comes up after two years as I am seeing all the complaints are happening a the same general time.

  • Anonymous Dec 28, 2008

    the same thing happened to my kenmore elite refrigerator it cooked the mayonnaise it is only 2 months old so is under warranty it is very dangerous and could have caused a fire luckily my son came home late and wanted a sandwich otherwise it would have been on all nite

  • Jane0901 Jan 15, 2009

    I HAD the same problem. My Kenmore Elite 25 cu.ft. TRIO French Door, Bottom Freezer had the intermittent malfunction of the lights staying on when the doors were closed. I had posted the original problem here, but here's my update. First, my husband replaced the light bulbs with a GE Fluorescent Helical 15Watt. This reduced the heat value to almost nil, so when the lights did stay on, no harm done. Then, when one of the bulb castings did fail and the bulb housing needed to be replaced, I called Sears service, made the appointment, told the operator to add the Service flash "sf46-515" to the order complaint for the technician. When, the technician came, he verified the model number, ordered the parts (4 of 'em) needed to be shipped to my home, rescheduled the service for installment and added there was "no charge". Very easy! THANK YOU ..... FIXYA Technical Support for your instructions and ideas. VERY HELPFUL!

  • Anonymous Jan 21, 2009

    Wow.. I just had this problem this morning. I popped the melted clear housing off, and used a silicone oven mitt to unscrew the bulbs. No idea how long the lights were on, but I was in the fridge once about 1/2 hour before it happened. I don't want to think about what would have happened if it was like that all night.

    I haven't called Sears yet, but you can be sure I will.

  • katykendrick Feb 10, 2009

    My Kenmore Elite Trio had this issue. The plastic housing around the light was melted, the area around the light bulbs were brown and the food in my fridge was ruined. Thankfully we were home at the time so it wasn't more serious. Unfortunately my model 795.77253600 is not covered by the SF46-515. I filed complaints with the CPSC and am going to be contacting my local news media.

  • Tfinest1 Feb 28, 2009

    Same Problem.. same Frig.. I'm not gonna tell my story over again.. burnt plastic.. brown housing from burning..

    Bottom line: i just hung up with Sears.. talked to 7 (yes .. that's SEVEN) different ppl. None of them knew what I was talking about. Opened a case number with "One Source" (800-479-6351).. then found THIS web page while talking to them and gave the SF # listed above..

    Suddenly, I wsa told that the whole repair would be covered.. Up till then, NO ONE at Sears offered to fix my problem.. was told that I had to pay for it cause it was out of warranty..

    THANK U FIXYA!!!!!

  • spkar0517 Apr 19, 2009

    hello all. do NOT believe that this refrigerator can be fixed... we had the same problem. the housing unit melted into the shelf. I am on the second bulb housing unit which is now also melting. there is a SERIOUS problem with this appliance. don't take an upgrade.. your home and family are at risk.

  • spkar0517 Apr 19, 2009

    PEOPLE.. please listen... this appliance is a disaster waiting to happen.. PLEASE do NOT trust Sears with the welfare of you home and family. I have had the exact same experiences with customer service. We actually recorded the conversation with one of their reps. It is disgracefull. I was hung up on many times. I was trying at the executive level but even they are ignoring me. I am by mail, sending a three page letter to Sears, as well as my news stations and the bbb. We are a family of five. They replaced the housing at no was 14 months old.. but i did have to pay for the service.. guess. what.. the replacement is burning... the replacement bulb housing is less than a year old. We have to fight.. SEARS is ignoring all complaints. Hanging up on customers seems to be the answer. I would like to form a group.. you can reach me at i am not accepting this hazard in my home. my family is at risk, and so is yours.



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Thanks, FixYa, for posting this problem. My husband and I were about to buy one of these and were able to save ourselves a headache. We found out some updated information obtained from Sam, a lead tech at the national Kenmore service center, 888-536-6673:

There are 4 potential manufacturers of this fridge type, only 1 of which made the faulty part, which was apparently finally recalled last month. You cannot tell the manufacturer by the brand name, only by the first 3 digits of your trio fridge's MODEL number (usually listed somewhere on the fridge as well as on the printed manual you received at the time of purchase):

795 -- LG Korea -- some fridges affected, determined by SERIAL number
596 -- Amana/Whirlpool -- not affected
464 -- Maytag -- not affected
106 -- Whirlpool -- not affected

If you have a model number beginning with 795, call Sam or his colleagues, reference the service flash sf46-515, and have them look up your fridge by serial number to determine whether your fridge contains the recalled part. Good luck to all of you, and thanks again!

Posted on Apr 09, 2009

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Call Sears rework/recall dept. at 800-659-7026
An upgrade kit is available at no cost to the customer.

Posted on Dec 13, 2008

  • K. Krupnik Sep 07, 2011

    I contacted the Sears Recall above and got the run around saying my serial number was not covered. Mine is the model #795 which is the recalled model but not the recalled serial number. At midnight I woke up and came down the stairs and noticed the light on through the doors despite it being properly closed. The light housing cover was melted, and the inside of the refrigerator was very hot. I managed to disconnect the cover and use an over mitt to remove the bulb. I filed a complaint with the US Product Safety Commission and also with Sears Customer Solution (800) 479-6351 to document that other serial numbers besides their recalled serial numbers on Model 795 needs to be recalled. So if you have a problem and your serial number is not covered then as a Public Safety Advocate I recommend you file a complaint with both above.


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After 20 calls and a lot of frustration I found someone who could help. You need to contact the "recall dept" at sears, they are in san antonio 1800 659 7026. they knew what the SF46-515 was and changed my service order. no charge and $100.00 credit card

Posted on Nov 04, 2008

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The service guy just left after fixing our unit. I found this thread, called in the complaint this morning that our housing was melting (and the food on the top shelf was HOT...had to toss out some melon), and mentioned SF46-515. To my surprise they sent out a repairman this afternoon, he replaced the bulb assembly, replaced the controller board, and ordered a new bulb cover (he didn't have one). Total cost to me: $0.

The new bulb assembly includes a thermostat...if it gets hot due to the bulbs being on too long the thermostat shuts them off. The first person who answered the phone seemed to be in an overseas call center (just a guess), and when I mentioned the SF number he put me through to an American person (based on the accent) who set up the service call. No muss, no fuss.

Anyone having this problem, call the service number on your manual and mention the SF46-515. LG apparently has agreed to fix this problem whenever it occurs. No time limit, per the service guy. I am satisfied with the service I received today.

Posted on Sep 10, 2010

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I also have the same problem. One month out of warranty! Sears wanted to send out a repairman at my cost to repair this. I don't think so.. I think with this ammo I can get this repaired at "No Cost". Be aware that these units are made by "LG", the model equivalent is LFRD22850. You can find out more information by looking at this as well. Same problem exists for the LG.. no surprise!

Posted on Sep 27, 2008

  • fix_it_steve Oct 25, 2008

    a follow up to my last post. I went to the Sears Service Center and found out “Service
    Flash SF46-515” is a valid manufacturer’s extension warranty for this problem.
    Be aware that the last digit of the fridge model number is the trim color;
    therefore the last digit can be anything for this service flash. The procedure
    to get the fridge fixed:

    1. 1. Call Sears service to
    get a tech to look at it. Don’t bother trying to explain the service flash; the
    tech will handle that part of it.

    2. 2. The tech will confirm
    the problem and order the parts to be shipped directly to your address. This
    will consist of the main pcb, case assy, lht cvr and sub drawings.

    3. 3. The tech will reschedule
    about a week later when the parts arrive.

    the process is a little lengthy, but the outcome is a free $560.86 repair (as
    of 10/08).


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Hey kibjawa you made such a outstanding demonstration of the what to's and the what not's about this I added you to my website and comments bringing peoples attention to these hazards! If you have any positive reports or negative I meant to say, I think the country and the world would like to hear from you! Here is a link to our page=> Appliance Consumer Reports
Thanks, Sea Breeze

Posted on Nov 07, 2009

  • John Tripp
    John Tripp Nov 07, 2009

    Sam64, Thank you for your information! I understand the issues with LG and really have nothing to say good about them. There was some other problems in the past that Maytag had with their models but Maytag is a company that supports its customer to the end and even beyond. Sears did buy the LG Brand in good faith from LG and to this day I have heard nothing good about their products, quality or Responsibility! Until they prove that they can the same idea that Maytag has (SERVICE MATTERS) I believe that we should reject anything bearing the name

    LG (LIFE IS GOOD) I have discussed this with LG and as always I along with everyone are ignored by LG. Thanks, Maytag...Sea Breeze


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Interestingly enough, your model number is not listed on the service infomation as it is, however, re-check your model number because model 795,77312601 is listed.
even if your model number isn't listed contact customer service or a dept called --source one -- and explain the situation and insist they cover the repair. With some persistance you should get results

Posted on Sep 06, 2008

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We bought the unit in late 2007 and just experienced the problem this week. Called Sears and they were not helpful. After 45 minutes of phone menus and waiting I finally spoke to someone in another country who tried to persuade me that the problem was a faulty door switch. I should order the switch and when it arrived they would schedule someone to come out and install it.
I checked both switches with a voltmeter - they were fine. Called back to Sears and they had no record of the previous call in their system.
I then found this online and I KNOW it is the problem. Called Sears again, gave them the model # for the third time and said "There is a recall on this unit." They checked, then asked "Are you still at (address) with (phone #). I answered 'yes' and they said they would order the part and schedule a service call when it arrived (about 2 weeks from now).
What I don't get is: 1) If they know they have a problem, 2) they know I have this Model #, 3) they know my address and phone number - they why the heck don't they call me?!?
And when I call them with this model # and problem description, why do they try to sell me a door switch instead?

Posted on Jan 08, 2015

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We received this refrigerator as a gently used gift from my in laws-they're redoing their kitchen and it's only 2yrs old. I was researching buying an extra ice bin for it last night and read some of the horror stories and was just glad it was not a problem in ours...until my kids called me saying they smelled electrical fire from it tonight!
It was truly very easy when I called sears recall line-parts are being shipped to us and we will call when they arrive to have installation done. They also transferred me to tech support to confirm there is nothing we need to do while we wait other than take the bulbs out.
I did find out that the official recall only happened late in 2012, but honestly Sears was quick to resolve the issue and very professional about it.
Although I'm not happy that it happened, I do not blame the brand, per say. I am just disappointed that it took so long for them to make the recall official.
The recall hotline is 1-800-659-7026. All they need is the model and serial numbers to check if the fridge is part of it.

Posted on Feb 26, 2013

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a 6ya Repairman can help you resolve that issue over the phone in a minute or two.
Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repair professionals here in the US.
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Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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Elite trio, 795.755 Refrigerator light stays on, getting hot. Refrigerator space warming up to 45 degrees. Pressing in both door switches gives no clue. Both feel smooth.

Some of these Kenmore Elite refrigerators built by LG have a design defect that has been the subject of a class action settlement. The interior lights stay on even if the doors are shut, turning the refrigerator interior into a version of the child's Easy Bake oven toy. There are many cases where plastic interior parts of the refrigerator got so hot they melted. I replaced the 60W incandescent bulbs with 7 Watt LED bulbs just in case. The LED bulbs will not get hot enough to harm anything even if left on indefinitely.
This model also has problems with the wires inside the door (water dispenser side) The wires break inside the door and are not replaceable. I ran new wires through the interior and bypassed the broken wires to avoid buying a whole new door.

May 21, 2011 | Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom...

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My kenmore Elite Trio lights didn't go off, it burned the light assembly in the refrigerator part. The bulbs turned dark and it melted the assembly a bit, the cover won't stay on. can I install a whole...

This will possibly fall in the class of models that were under recall. My advice is to contact Sears and the CONSUMER ALERT Remove your lighyt bulbs and prepare for a disgusting attempt for settling this. I am not telling you you this for any good rate or a bad rate. LG and Maytag made these for Sears and the name then changed to Kenmore Elite Trio. I would like you to visit my web page and do a little reading of our posting's here at Fixya over the past couple years. Wish I had a solution but feel it is my responsibility to inform you. Thank You for Understanding, Sea Breeze

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Kenmore Elite Trio Frige...Beeping three times in a row suddenly

this unit has a history of the light circuit failing and it will cause the lights to either stay on or off. if they stay on, it will melt the housing around the upper bulb area. it has a recall and should be covered by sears for no charge. it is the control board failure and has a sticking relay for the light circuit, needs board replaced.
the 3 beeps are the unit thinking it has a door open. turn off the alarm on the door control board and call sears 800 # for repair.

Dec 25, 2008 | Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer...

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Kenmore Trio Refrigerator Fire Hazard

I experienced the same bulb housing melting/potential fire problem with my Kenmore Elite Trio refrigerator ( Model #79577549600) that I purchased in April of 2006. The first time it happened was in July 2008. I smelled burning plastic when I opened the fridge and noticed the bulb housing was extremely hot. The only way I was able to unscrew the bulbs was to unplug the fridge for a while until the bulbs cooled down. Unbeknownst to me, by unplugging the fridge, I reset some CPU board (or something) and the problem corrected itself. However, the lighbulb sockets were blackened and the plastic housing started to melt, so that was damaged. Because the problem corrected itself, I second guessed myself, thinking that perhaps I left the door open and the Alarm was off (even though it was on, but I dumbfounded). Then this past Sunday, 9-21-08, it happened again. This time, even worse. The plastic housing is completely destroyed because of the melting, the lightbulb shattered and the sockets are burnt. Thank goodness I decided to check about similar complaints before calling Sears. I can't believe all the incidents of this extremely dangerous hazard. Of course, the Sears 1-800 number offered no assistance since I didn't purchase an extended warranty. They recommended calling Kenmore. They were even worse. Finally, after reporting it to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, I decided to call the salesman directly who I purchased it from. He stated he never heard of that problem. However, he told me to call One Source at 1-800-479-5899 to see if they could help me with my "product failure". He warned me that they might not be quick to help, but to be persistent. I was all ready for a fight when Jim answered the One Source phone. When I told him my problem, he immediately stated he knew about the problem and he'd get a tech out as soon as possible to replace the necessary parts. He stated that this problem was "rampant", but that they were correcting it at no charge to the customers. I now have a tech coming on 10/2 (the earliest opening) and a case number. I would recommend still reporting this problem to CPSC, but then try One Source.

Jul 10, 2008 | Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom...

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Light stays on

I would replace the unit. This could start a fire.

Dec 23, 2007 | Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom...

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I just saved my fridge / home too, smelled what I thought to be an electrical fire when I opened the Trio doors, immediately looked at the bulbs as a probable cause, and sure enough, the base of the bulb sockets were burned-brown and the plastic housing was to hot to touch without a hot-mit.
Unscrewed the bulbs and set aside out of children's reach and combustable materials.

I'm filing a complaint and service repair today. 8/3/08

Nov 07, 2007 | Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom...

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