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How to install/replace Icemaker in top bottom fridge

Start by unplugging fridge. Take 1/4 inch nut drive ( sometimes phillips ) remove bottom screw from under ice maker. Next loosen top to screws mostly out. The screws are located in brackets near the ice tray behind the front cover. Ice maker has brakets that the top screws slide into. Lift the icemaker up and out off the screws. Next disconnect the quick connect that is on the back wall of the freezer. Some models are hard wired into the icebox. If this is like yours than disconnect the quick connect from the icemaker itself. Take icemaker out of freezer and connect quick connect into or from new ice maker. Slide the new icemaker onto screws and into place. Screw bottom screw in and than tighten the top two screws. Place ice maker arm down so it can make ice. Give it 24 hours to cycle before it starts producing ice. Most of the time icemaker starts making ice within a couple hours. Plug in fridge.

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model kfis29pbms02

Most have 3 each quarter inch nut driver screws that you have to loosen. One of them, the bottom one must be removed completely and slipped the ice maker upward until it comes off of the screws once off of the screws unplug the ice maker from the refrigerator do the replacement in reverse of what you just did. The plug has two little clips that you must squeeze to release the plug from male from female

Nov 20, 2015 | KitchenAid Refrigerators

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Model EP1chexbq00 no airflow on bottom: top freezer works but not bottom. Fan works.

Ok one of two problems. Either you have an ice block or you have a plugged drain. If you have a couple of dif choices. If you have a back up fridge than fill it with the contents of the broken one. Unplug leave doors slightly open for about 48hrs. Have towels for the water from the ice. Usually 2 or 3 bath towels. Plug back in and if the problem happens again within a week than your bi-metal ( defrest thermostat) is bad. To replace you have to remove the back panel in freezer and and on the condenser coils near top you will see a little round silver part.
Option 2- If no backup fridge or you have time. Have a hair dryer, 3 bath towels, a 1/4 inch nut driver (may be phillips) for screws. Unplug fridge and open freezer. Remove contents and place in ice chest with ice.remove screws from back wall pull panel forward. If you have an ice maker ther are two screws on the top where the ice fills at and one at the bottom. Also disconnect the quick connect for the ice maker. Remove back panel. You will see one of two things either all your coils are iced up (frost on all coils is normal) or two where it drains on silver plater has ice blocking drain hole. If ice is blocking drain remove and pour hot hot water down drain until it flows into drain pan in the back of fridge by compressor. If the coils are all iced up have towels ready. Start by putting a towel where it would normally drain where the towel is soaking up the water. Turn hair dryer on and melt ALL thee ice. some ice will be in the middle of coils and in back where you Cant see. Keep the hair dryer moving sitting in one place too long can damage wire and the walls of freezer. Melt all ice until no more water is falling from condenser coils. Than you will have to replace the bi metal. Put everything back in and plug in wait about 2 hrs before putting contents back in freezer. Just to let you know the the fridge will NOT cool down until freezer gets down to temp. Than the air will start cycling into fridge. If you have anymore question please feel free to comment me back for further assistance.

Jun 05, 2011 | Whirlpool Refrigerators

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water dripping inside refrigerator compartment

The drain is behind the freezer wall. Unplug the refrigerator first. Then you need to empty out all the food in the freezer. The screws holding the back wall in are generally 1/4 inch nut driver and phillips head screws. Take out the screws and the ice maker if you need to.

The drain is in the back on the bottom, and probably under a bunch of frozen ice. Just be careful not to damage the freezer, but chip away with a flat blade screwdriver, or just use the hairdryer on it all. You will need to soak up the water with a tower, there will probably be a lot. Next, you need to thaw out the drain, this can be somewhat difficult. Simply blowing hot air doesn't do much good, because it's a small hole. I take some 1/4 inch plastic water line and **** the water out. Then I pour HOT water (from the microwave) down the drain. I let it sit a bit and then I **** it out and reapply.

This process should get it clean. Also, once it's free, I take the 1/4 inch plastic water line and stuff it down the vent a LONG way and make sure any obstruction is removed.

Jun 01, 2010 | Whirlpool 21.0 cu. ft. Top Freezer...

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trouble installing replcement gasket in Solis Crema SL 70

SL 70/90 Brew Head Gasket Replacement Time 1 to 2 hrs Tools # 2 allen wrench # 1 Phillips screw driver # 2 Phillips screw driver # 13mm wrench First unplug the machine. Next remove the screw in the top back of the machine. Push the top forward with your fingers. This unlocks the top and it can be placed behind the machine with the wire connected. Next rotate the steam knob counter clockwise till it stops. Inside next to the micro switch there is a brown cam. On the backside of the cam is the #2 allen screw. Loosen this screw and the rotate the steam knob clockwise until it is removed. Now remove the clip on the steam manifold that holds the steam wand. There may be a plastic tie that is securing the clip. Cut it. Pull out the steam wand and let it rest on the bottom cover. Next remove the 4 large screws that hold the cover plate around the brew head. This will allow the cover plate to drop down and swivel on the steam wand, exposing the nuts that hold the boiler on the bottom metal plate. The nuts that hold the boiler on are # 8. Before you loosen the nuts you need to remove the water inlet nut on the side of the boiler. It is a #13 wrench. Remove the water line. Now remove the nuts that hold the boiler on.

Jun 16, 2009 | Solis Crema SL-70 Espresso Machine

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Most likely whats happening is you have a frozen drain for the defrost cycle. here are step by step instrutions for repair
  • Unplug refrigerator
  • unload food from freezer
  • remove icemaker if present (there are 3 screws remove the one on the bottom and loosen the 2 on top of icemaker then lift it off the 2 screws unplug from wiring harness)
  • remove 2 screws holding rear cover in place
  • move cover to the side or remove from unit altogether
  • defrost any and all ice from bottom of freezer and aluminum drain pan that is now exposed
  • flush drain hole that you will see once ice is cleared with warm water. (sometimes I use a large syringe or turkey baster to forcefully flush hot water thru the drain tube)
  • reassemble in reverse order

These are general instrutions for most top freezer refrigs. but if you need more specific directions dont hesitate to ask Thanks Peyton

Mar 21, 2009 | Whirlpool 21.0 cu. ft. Top Freezer...

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