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If you have recently set up your to auto-start, you may, or may not have noticed that you are unable to get to the menu screen for the DS unless you made sure nothing was in your DS. There's no need to do so.

Just hold the start button when your DS powers up. Keep holding start until the menu shows up. Doing so reduces the hassle of having to take out and put games back in.


Also note that there have been a lot of people saying "Blow into the DS" or "Blow on the cartridge", Please do not do that! ;-; Electronics are fickle things. Do what this tip says instead:


This next tip has to deal with chargers. Over time, charger cords will get kinks in them, and start to take the shape of rolling it around the wall outlet plug-in. First of all, DON'T WRAP YOUR CORD AROUND THE PLUG IN!!! Doing so ruins the wires inside of the cord! Wrapping anything tightly around itself ruins the wiring in all cords (This also goes for general gaming controller cords... You know you've done it) If you must wrap your cord, wrap it gently like the manufacturers send it, you will notice that when you put it back in the shape the manufacturers send the charger in, it is very loose (and for very good reason). In this case, better a messy cord layout than a tightly wrapped one.

Next thing on chargers is, to get all of those kinks out. If your charger has been wrapped up for a good while (lets say, stuffed in the DS case for a good week); when you take it out of where you stuffed it, unravel it all. Next run your fingers from end to end tightly around the cord (pinching). Don't do it too tightly or you're going to rip the wires out of the charging side or the DS side. You just need to pinch tight enough where your fingers are straightening out your wires (I only use enough pressure where my fingers can actually slide across the cord). Yes you're going to get a slight friction burn, but it's better your fingers than the wires.


If you looking on how to beat certain levels of games, just pop into a walkthrough database. Yes it says "Walkthrough", but it helps out. Also looking for videos of said levels on video sites help too if you're more of a visual person. You really don't need support for "I can't beat a level!" because that's just being lazy. Also going through your game manual helps you figure out common information. If you don't know who the store owner is in a game (and he's the only one) chances are, the game manual will say so. Or if you know you can get stuff and it's like, the first unlockable, chances are the manual says something about it. Can't find the game manual? Chances are its on the net somewhere.


That's all the tiny quick-tips I can dish out off the top of my head, simple, yet effective. You would be amazed how many people actually don't know this kinda stuff. These kinda tips work on the DS Lite too.

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1 Answer

My son has a nintendo ds lite and when ever I insert any game it will not play the game. It comes to the main screen where it has the clock as well as the calendar. Does not matter what game it is, can you please help me?

When you get to that screen, there should be a menu option for the game that you just tap to start the game. Look for a menu option on that screen that looks like the name of the Game Card you have inserted.
If you want to skip that screen, set the Nintendo DS to AUTO START the game.
To set auto startup, see http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/systems/dslite/hookups.jsp#auto

Apr 16, 2011 | Nintendo DS Lite Console

1 Answer

green light is on but screens have no power

Is it when game is insterted, if it is take the game out, power it up & if you then get screens go into settings and change to manual start up instead of auto. My DS does this when on auto start up for games and its not reading the games properly.

Apr 24, 2009 | Nintendo DS Console

3 Answers

couldt find_ds_menu.dat

Do you have your DS set on Auto Mode, if so the DS will automatically start up any games that are inserted.

Deselecting Auto Mode:
If it's on Auto Mode, any games are automatically started. To deselect auto mode you just need to start up your DS without any games in either of the game slots, then it'll go to the DS screen, since no games are in for now this screen is useless right?

To select Manual Mode ( where it goes to the selection screen ) as your preffered setup, you'll see a small icon of what resembles a DS at the bottom of the menu screen. Remeber your games are still not inserted at this point yet. Use the directional pad to select the mini icon, or you can tap it twice. Tapping it proves more difficult though due to it's position. Once selected a toolbar of four options will appear, tap on the one displaying a wrench. From that box three other options should appear, tap on the one shown as an arrow pointing halfway through a rectangle (start up settings) you want to select Manul Mode. Wait a few seconds for the DS settings to save then you can turn it off. Now you'll be able to see the selection screen with your games inserted.

Summary of all that:
  1. remove any inserted games
  2. turn on to see the menu screen
  3. select the mini DS icon at screen's bottom
  4. when the four pictures appear, tap on the one of a "wrench"
  5. when three more pictures appear tap on the one of an arrow pointing half way through the rectangle
  6. two options appear, select manual mode.
I really hope thats what you meant ^_^ If it wasn't, ask one of the experts.

Dec 30, 2007 | Nintendo DS Lite Console

1 Answer

DS not going to the menu but straight to the game. This annoying

When turning your NDS ON press the select button a while and the main menu must appear instead the game.

To disable the Auto Mode go to:
Manual Mode: if you would like the main menu screen to appear or;
Auto Mode: if you would like for the game cartridge to run when you turn on your DS.

Anyway at this time you know how to access the main menu screen in auto mode so if you like the game to load instantly then let the setting in auto mode and access the menu only when needed.

Good Luck...

PD: I am not Daniel, dont even know him XD...

Dec 07, 2007 | Nintendo DS Lite Console

1 Answer

thing goes to game instead of the menu bar when DS game is in.

you can set the ds to auto load the game from the options menu, so turn off the system take out the game cards (both DS and advance games) and then turn on your system, that should cause your system to start displaying the pictochat/ ds download play screen at the bottom of this you will see a ds pic tap that and you can get into your settings and change them from auto to manual.

Hope that helps ;)

Dec 07, 2007 | Nintendo DS Lite Console

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