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Thread approximately 12 inches of 50 lb. nylon fishing line through the opening in the sharp metal point. This threads more easily when the coffee maker is hot. Continue running water through the unit until a full cup is achieved and water runs clear with no coffee grounds.

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I am using invisible thread on my elude machine to zigzag appliqu?. Thread breaks often. Should it come off spool from bottom or top? Any other suggestions appreciated.

When we used nylon thread, we set the spool off behind the machine (on a stand-alone spindle or in a coffee cup. Then we attached a paperclip to the top rear of the machine and ran the nylon thread through the paperclip and the rest of the way through the thread guides to the needle. (We skipped putting the spool on the spool pin.)

Do NOT use nylon thread in the bobbin.

Jun 22, 2017 | Sewing Machines

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what size thread on a hbg10 arbor

If you can't measure it directly, take the nut with you to a hardware store and find a bolt that fits it. But you can easily measure the pitch with a decent ruler. Just count the number of threads in one inch. Count the threads from one peak to the next, So if the first peak lines up with zero on your ruler and the thirteenth peak is at one inch, this would be a 12 tpi (threads per inch) pitch. If you can measure the diameter of the threaded shaft, you will find that the actual diameter of the threaded part is just a little smaller than the nominal size. For instance, a 5/8 diameter thread might measure about 0.610 inches.
Good luck!

Mar 04, 2013 | Grinders

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calcuation of pitch of the screw and least count?

the pitch of a screw is the distance the thread moves in one complete revolution . OR in the sae measuring system the number of threads (points) in one inch. So if you have a half inch dia bolt and you count the number of threads in one inch along the bolt and you had 20 threads then the pitch would be 20 threads per inch or in metric it is measured as the distance between the points so if the distance between the thread points was 1mm the bolt would be measured as the dia. (say 12 mm) by the distance between the points of 1mm or 12x1.5

Sep 24, 2012 | General Tools Mfg No. 714 Quick Check...

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what size npt thread is the adaptor

Common American National Standard Pipe Taper Threads
  • NPT - National Pipe Thread Taper
  • FPT - female (internal) National Pipe Taper threads
  • MPT - male (external) National Pipe Taper threads
  • NPTF - Dryseal American National Standard Taper Pipe Thread (ANSI B1.20.3)
For NPT threads a sealant compound or Teflon tape must be used for a leak-free seal. For NPTF no sealant is needed for a sealing.
Characteristics of NPT (also known as ANSI/ASME B1.20.1 Pipe Threads, General Purpose):
  • tapered thread 1o 47'
  • truncation of roots and crests are flat
  • 60o thread angle
  • pitch is measured in threads per inch
Note! Pipe sizes do not refer to any physical dimensions. The outside diameter of a pipe or fitting must be measured and compared to a table for size identification. A 3/4" NPT pipe thread has an outside diameter - OD - of 1.050 inches.
Each thread size has a defined number of threads per inch - TPI, or pitch. The 3/4" NPT pipe thread has 14 threads per inch. Both the TPI and OD of the thread are required for positive identification of thread size because more than one size have the same TPI.
NPT - American Standard Pipe Thread Taper 1) Pipe Size
(inches) Threads per Inch
TPI - pitch Approximate Length of Thread (inches) Approximate Number of Threads to be Cut Approximate Total thread Makeup, Hand and Wrench (inches) Nominal Outside Pipe Diameter
(inches) Tap Drill
(inches) 1/16" 27 0.313 1/8" 27 3/8 10 1/4 0.405 R 1/4" 18 5/8 11 3/8 0.540 7/16 3/8" 18 5/8 11 3/8 0.675 37/64 1/2" 14 3/4 10 7/16 0.840 23/32 3/4" 14 3/4 10 1/2 1.050 59/64 1" 11-1/2 7/8 10 9/16 1.315 1-5/32 1-1/4" 11-1/2 1 11 9/16 1.660 1-1/2 1-1/2" 11-1/2 1 11 9/16 1.900 1-47/64 2" 11-1/2 1 11 5/8 2.375 2-7/32 2-1/2" 8 1 1/2 12 7/8 2.875 2-5/8 3" 8 1 1/2 12 1 3.500 3-1/4 3-1/2" 8 1 5/8 13 1 1/16 4.000 3-3/4 4" 8 1 5/8 13 1 1/16 4.500 4-1/4 4 1/2" 8 5.000 4-3/4 5" 8 1 3/4 14 1 3/16 5.563 5-9/32 6" 8 1 3/4 14 1 3/16 6.625 6-11/32 8" 8 1 7/8 15 1 5/16 8.625 10" 8 2 16 1 1/2 10.750 12" 8 2 1/8 17 1 5/8 12.750 14" 8 14.000 16" 8 16.000 1) The taper is 1/16 inch in an inch, which is the same as 3/4 inch in a foot (angle 1o 47')
NPT threads are not interchangeable with NPS - National Pipe Straight - threads.
NPT threads may look similar to ISO 7/1 threads. However, ISO and NPT threads should not be mixed. ISO threads have 55o taper angle versus 60o for NPT. The NPT root and crest configurations are also different from ISO. For ISO threads pitch is usually measured in millimeters (may be expressed in Inch). The pitch are different.

Feb 28, 2011 | RTO 1 1/4" Drop Pipe Bronze Pitless...

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Hi, I would sew , up to 3 inches of sewing on the cloth the needle would stop and when I look underneath the fabric where I just sewed. The tread is all bunched up and tangled. The top threads looks fine up to that point but he thread on the bottom are all bunched up and tangled. I suspected it's the bobbin's, tried different solutions, but haven't figured it out yet. Thank you

re-thread the entire machine. Pay special attention to the take-up lever and the tension assembly.

Always have the presser foot in the UP position when threading the machine. This opens the tension disc to allow the thread to nestle inside the assembly.

Make sure the thread passes through the take up lever

Make sure you inserted the thread in every thread guide

I always recommend a sharp needle. You may not notice any slight bends, burrs or dullness in the needle which would throw off the timing and the stitch quality.

SPOOL CAP - If you have a horizontal spool pin a spool cap is very important. Its also very important the spool cap covers the end of the spool of thread but make sure its not too big or it will throw off the thread tension.

TOP TENSION DIAL - The setting should be between 3 and 5 on most machines.

The best way to know if you threaded the tension assembly correctly is to put the presser foot in the DOWN position. Now take the thread from the right of the tension assembly and pull. Is there tension on the thread or does it pull out very easily? If it pulls out easily you threaded it incorrectly. Try it again

also check under the needle plate for lint

and in the bobbin case area for lint or loose threads

Oct 19, 2010 | Brother LS-1217 Mechanical Sewing Machine

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