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MICROWAVE POWER TEST Hi Everyone, In this tip I will show you how to easily test your Microwaves power. If it is sufficient, or if it is not heating effectively anymore. Non heating Microwaves are a common issue, and the most likely component that is faulty is the Magnetron - These days Magnetron's are quite expensive (usually about 50% the price of a new Entry Level Microwave). Low heating could mean a Magnetron becoming faulty (unlikely, as a Magnetron either works, or it doesn't work) Tools required: A Normal Glass (Heat-resistant, in other words Microwave friendly), Water (Room Temperature) , a Centigrade Thermometer (Can get this at any Pharmacy) Procedure: 1) Fill a glass with approx. 125 ml water. Use water at room temperature (from the tap), avoid using refrigerated water as this will work against the test we are doing. 2) Measure the initial temperature of the water with the thermometer (It should be between approx. 10 & 20 degrees). 3) Place the glass with the water about 2 cm away from the center of the Microwave Oven plate. 4) Heat the water at full power (The highest setting possible on your Microwave) for 70 seconds. 5) Stir the water (For 5 - 8 sec). 6) Measure the final water temperature with a thermometer. 7) If the increase is 45 degrees or more, then your microwave is heating sufficiently, if not it could mean replacing the Magnetron, or purchasing a new Microwave. I hope this guide as helped you. If it has, please rate it accordingly.

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Microwave runs and sound normal but nothing gets hot.

Here is a tip that will help you to figure out what is wrong with yourMicrowave Oven....

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May 07, 2011 | Microwave Ovens

1 Answer

Our Microwave convection oven doesn't heat food, but it bakes okay. Is that something I can fix myself?

Microwave ovens are dangerous to work on, unless you are properly trained and have the proper test tools to diagnose the fault.
Common faults for your description are the thyristor drive circuit on the computer board, high voltage power supply, and or the magnetron.
The voltages and high current used in these ovens is lethal, and untrained people should never open or try to service a microwave oven.
Since your oven is a convection type, it is probably fairly expensive. You should take it to an authorized service center to have it properly diagnosed, and they will give you an estimate for a safe and effective repair.
After the oven is serviced and put together, the service tech must perform radiation tests using a microwave radiation meter. The leakage must comply to very strict specifications. Below is a pasting of some information about how serious this is.

Complete documentation from the paragraph below: http://www.gallawa.com/microtech/Ch3.html
If microwaves in an oven can cook a piece of beef, they will also have the same effect on human tissue if exposed to high enough intensities for a long enough period of time. Certain body organs are particularly sensitive to this thermal effect. Thermal means heat. Just as it is the heat produced by a hot stove that causes the careless cook to voice a sudden unsavory expletive, so too, it is the heat generated by the microwaves that creates the hazard in this case. For example, if the lens of the eye were exposed to excessive heat from microwaves, its circulatory system would be unable to provide sufficient cooling, and it would cook like the white of an egg. Exposure to high levels of microwaves can cause cataracts. Also, the stomach, intestines and bladder are especially sensitive to thermal damage from high levels of microwaves. Likewise, the testes are very sensitive to changes in temperature, since ***** can be formed only at temperatures lower than that of the body itself. Thus, accidental exposure to high levels of microwave energy can alter or kill *****, producing temporary sterility. The question is: How intense would levels of microwave energy have to be to create such a danger?

Jerry G.

Dec 16, 2009 | KitchenAid Microwave Ovens

1 Answer

not heating

Sounds like the magnetron has failed. This is the component that produces the microwaves that heats the food.

The cost of the magnetron is about 95% of the cost of a microwave oven. Most people don't, for this reason, replace the magnetron, they replace the whole oven which is probably what you will end up doing.

There is a possibility that the circuit that provides power to the magnetron is faulty and you need to take it apart, find the proper electrical leads and test them with a volt meter. To do this you have to remove it from its mounting and take it apart. It is a fairly lengthy process however.


May 27, 2009 | Sharp Microwave Oven Microwave Oven

1 Answer

not heating

If there is no power at all then check also the door switch and thermal cutoff.

If it is working but not heating, then test the high voltage capacitor,the rectifier diode.or the magnetron. If all this are fine, test the control board.

The diodeand capacitors can be tested. The capacitor must be allowed discharge before testing, or you risk to get electrocuted, evenif power is off.Capacitors can get discharged by shorting their two contacts.
Before replacing the magnetron test also the control board.
Replace the magnetron if the checks and all of the high voltage component tests are good, but the unit still does not heat.

All locations, and description of this parts can be located using the diagram here: Counter top.

Parts must be tested to find out what is wrong.

Remember that microwaves are potentially dangerous devices if not repaired properly, the job must be done by a competent person.
A microwave energy leakage test must always be performed when the oven is serviced for any reason.

Regarding parts, contact the seller here to purchase parts.

You can also order from MicrowaveSvc , they also provide parts.

Oct 19, 2008 | GE Spacemaker JVM1640SJ Microwave Oven

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