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Dropbox is an application that lets you synchronize your files on the internet. It works with various operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux. It provides to 2GB online space for storing your files for free and for paid customers 100GB of space is provided. All the files are automatically synchronized when changes are detected. You can share files and let several people access them simultaneously. You can access your documents from anywhere through the web. You can make use of the free mobile device access app on devices like iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android.

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My samsung blue ray will not play a video from my iPod. The sound is there but no video

    • 1 All of the methods described here work best on wi-fi, but can work on 3G network if your computer is available directly through the internet. Ezshare (http://www.antecea.com/) is an app that allows you to mount remote CIFS/SMB, Webdav, NFS and FTP drives. You can then browse/open or copy video files (or any files) directly from your computer through your iPhone. The nice thing about this method is that there is no new software needed on your computer if it already supports one of these protocols. It is the only method that works natively on Linux. The major downside to this method is that you need to have you video files in the native apple (mp4) format.
    • 2 Orblive (http://www.orb.com/en/orblive) is an iPhone app that requires the orb video streaming server be installed. This server then streams your media through the Orblive app. The app work pretty well and is supposed to stream live TV if you have a compatible TV tuner card on your computer. Again, the files need to be in apples native (mp4) format. The Orb server is only available on Windows and the Mac.
    • 3 Air video (http://avatron.com/apps/) is an app that also requires a video streaming server to be installed. It is very similar to the orb server except that this server can convert the video files to play on your iPhone in batch or on the fly. On the fly conversion is great for short videos, but batch conversion works best for large videos. Like the Orb server, the Air video server is only available on Windows and the Mac.
    • 4 Tversity (http://tversity.com/) is a video streaming server only application that can stream video and music to various devices. The movies play on your web browser. It supports the iPhone through the its browser interface. The application can convert the files into suitable iPhone formats, but this can take a while. Unfortunately, Tversity is only available for the windows platform.
    • 5 Dropbox (https://www.dropbox.com/) is a service that stores your files (you get up to 2GB for free) which can be accessed by various devices including your iPhone. To stream movies/music, just upload them to your dropbox and then you can watch and listen to them on your iPhone. Obviously, you have to go through the process of uploading the files as well as making sure they are acceptable iPhone formats. Dropbox is available for Mac, Linux and Windows computers.
    • 6 Finally, an honorable mention should go to the Slingbox iPhone application (http://slingmedia.com/go/iphone). It allows you to view all your media through the Slkingbox video streaming server. However, you need to have a buy a Slingbox appliance.

Oct 01, 2012 | Televison & Video

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Have you ever had any music, video, photo, or document files you wished you could share easily between the various computers in your native Mac OS X network with ease? How about if you could share files just the same with a mixed network consisting of Macs and PCs? Or vise-versa? Well now, there is a simple tool you can use, where you don't have to look so far or spend enormous amounts of time and energy, setting up complex file sharing infrastructure within your network. Well.. I mean you can if you want to... But if you like, me, with a mixed network of Macs and PCs I could do that, but I don't really want to contribute that time unnecessarily. That is how I found Dropbox. Dropbox, is an online backup and file syncing service, that is quite easy to setup on any computer or laptop you have, Mac, PC, Linux, or even the iPhone. Once you have downloaded and installed it on your computers, literally in less than 5 minutes for each computer, you will be sharing files in no time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So how do you get started in Dropbox? It is an extremely simple 4-step process. 1.) Go to the website and you will immediately be greeted, with a landing page, that automatically shouts "Download Me Now!" to you. Download Link: http://www.dropbox.com Once you visit the home page, this is what you will see: 2.) Download Dropbox 3.) Install Dropbox 4.) Start dragging files, folders and applications into Dropbox It is as simple as that! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Once Dropbox is installed on your Mac or PC, just look on the Apple menu bar (for Mac) or the System Tray (for Windows) and you will see a small distinctive little box which looks like this: But that little box, leads to ways of being able to do big things for file sharing and even backing up some key files or folders from your Mac. Very easy to open and access... This window, all you will need to access and use your Dropbox: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To get a Dropbox account, all you need is an email account to setup Dropbox on your computer or laptop. You are even able to setup a free 2 Gig account and if you feel you will need more space, because you enjoy using dropbox more than you realized, you can upgrade to the monthly Pro 50 (50 Gigs of space) or Pro 100 (100 Gigs of space) Dropbox plans, for low prices ranging from $9.99 to $19.99 a month respectively. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For now however, just to get a feel of this great online backup and file syncing service, try the free 2 Gig plan and see for yourself, why I am recommending this service as a great solution to your file sharing woes between your computers within your network. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Since using this sharing application, I have not had any issues with sharing files, folders or applications of any kind with any of my computers with Dropbox installed. Real case and point: At anytime, if I want to drop a movie into my daughter's Dropbox on her Power Mac from my iMac, I simply drop the movie into my Dropbox folder and let her know. She then checks her Dropbox and in moments, she has her movie to now watch at her leisure. NOW HOW SEAMLESS IS THAT? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dropbox is simple to use and surprisingly fast in transferring files. Of course the file transfer from Dropbox is contingent upon the power and RAM capacity of your Mac(s) or PC(s) as well as your network bandwidth and connection speeds, but once you experience Dropbox and its file sharing efficiency for yourself, you will get the full picture. I hope this Mac OS X File Share tip from Fixya support will prove beneficial to you. However, if you don't try Dropbox, how will you know what it can do to enhance your general file sharing experiences positively? Thanks for reviewing this Mac Fixya Tip! Regards,

Apr 07, 2010 | Computers & Internet

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I need to know the disadvantages of an operating system


That would depend on what type of operating system you mean.

Windows: Not many disadvantages at all except that over time the operating system can degrade if not looked after properly. For example bad drivers, corrupt boot files etc.
There are tools like defragmenter and other registry tools that can keep the operating system in good working order.

Linux: This can be a very difficult operating system to work with as unlike Windows you have to know "Source Code" this is the input languge that is used with OS's like Linux, Unix etc.

Mac OSX/leopard: Very similar to Linux but the difference is that Mac is mainly just a tool. Used mainly for people on the go and who have no time to work properly with the operating system. Mac has specialized applications which are used all around the world. Many government institutions like the Police use Macs. Mac's are also the most expensive of all the operating systems and computers.


Jun 26, 2010 | Computers & Internet

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Why Should you get Parallel Desktop for Mac A lot of PC users are watching closely on the growth of popularity on Apple products. Parallels Desktop for Mac provides an awesome alternative - running Windows directly from within Mac OS X. The developers have tried to create as seamless an experience as possible, incorporating features like Coherence, which let you open a Windows application from the Mac OS X Dock, and SmartSelect, which lets you open Mac documents with Windows applications (and vice versa). The benefit of this is it is now possible to run various program like Windows XP or Vista on an Apple Mac computer. With the Parallel Desktop for MAC, it now enables Apple MAC user to use Windows, Linux, and more side by side with MAC OS or any Intel Powered MAC without rebooting. There?s a lot of benefits Parallel Desktop has to offer and these includes opening windows file with MAC Application and Mac files with Windows Application using parallel SmartSelect. Share files and folders between Windows and MAC. It?s now possible to browse windows folder and access files without launching windows with Parallel Explorer. Even running selected PC games on Mac with supports to 3D graphics. These key features give a lot more convenience to Apple Mac users. Imagine running windows like a native Mac application without rebooting. Parallel not only gives you free-floating Windows apps in its Coherence mode, but it also drops the Windows Taskbar atop the dock (or you can move it to the top of the screen, under the Finder menu bar). The Parallel includes a set of utilities that lets you do all kinds of interesting things. There's a migration tool (Parallels Transporter); a program that lets you browse a virtual hard drive without actually launch Parallels (Parallels Explorer); a program for managing the size of virtual disks (Parallels Image Tool). New to a recent upgrade is SmartSelect, which lets you associate file types with applications on the guest operating system. For example, if someone sends you a Word document via Apple Mail, you can use SmartSelect to designate the Windows version of Word to open the file when you double-click it. You can also reverse this, so double-clicking files in Windows causes them to be opened in Mac applications. Even for PC gamer, this has been a big breakthrough because for gamers, the biggest advantage Parallels Desktop 3.0 offers is the ability to run games. Almost all games in the PC space require 3D graphics acceleration, even the casual ones, and up to now, Parallels has not had any 3D graphics acceleration at all.

Dec 30, 2009 | Computers & Internet

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