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Refrigerator and freezer warm...my compressor is not running

Compressor starts and then stops.....I hear a clicking noise
I wish I had a dime for every time I heard the statement above made.
Before going into the issue we must first understand just what a compressor does and where it is located. The compressor is located (in most instances) on the lower backside of the unit. The side that is against the wall. It is behind either a cover made of cardboard or metal panel.

The compressor compresses the Freon to a gas which is then circulated through the evaporator coils
Which are located inside of your freezer section . Note the over load and relay location on the picture above.
There are three components....relay/overload/and the capacitor. This subject here is for the relay and overload. They are 95% of the time responsible for the compressor not running. Without them, the compressor will try to start and at times will run for a short amount of time. The customers complaint is usually both my freezer and refrigerator are warm. They also state ,"I hear the compressor turning on but it will shut off after a minute or two" and " I also hear a clicking noise"
The clicking sound is coming from the relay. The contacts have broken inside and they are not allowing the compressor to start. Note the location of the relay and overload on the compressor. The compressor has three prongs pertruding from the side that the relay and overload are plugged into. Simply pull them off the compressor and shake them. If they are bad you will hear a rattle sound coming from them.
When ordering your new relay and overload you will need the complete model number to ensure the proper part. See my tips and how to's at the bottom of this procedure for the link to find your model number.Here are just a few styles of overloads and relays.

How to find appliance model numbers When trying to troubleshoot or purchasing parts for your appliance the model number is the key to do

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1 Answer

Hi, I have an LG refrigerator that has stopped cooling altogether.

its the ptc overload/relay,but make sure to check the compressors motor winding resistance on both start and run windings theres 3 terminal pins where the ptc overload attaches the single pin above or below the other 2 pin terminals is the common terminal,check for 8-11 ohms between the common and each of the other 2 terminals,then if no resistance or zero resistance then its the compressor,also check from the compressor case to each terminal at a time to make sure compressor isn't grounded to the case

Jan 07, 2013 | Refrigerators

1 Answer

i hear clikc behind

Ah the click of death.
It sounds like your refrigerator is dying. The click is generated by a Klickson. This device is designed to protect the compressor motor from burning out and usually is heard when the compressor wants to start again.
There are many reasons for this but two chief reasons are;
# the fridge is trying to start too soon after it has cycled off. The fridge should stop for about 20 minutes before starting again
# The compressor is old and tired and the amp draw is too high on start up. It may "click" a couple of times before it starts but very soon it will not start at all

Mar 25, 2011 | Refrigerators

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I own a Whirlpool model WBM35LW refigerator, a buzzing noise lasts for about 10 seconds followed by a click. I replaced the start relay and overload but the buzzing continues, all seems normal including the inside temp. The buzzing noise is only heard in the afternoon and evening. Is the compressor on its way out?

This is usually a sound coming from the ice maker solenoid. It will buzz while it is energized and letting water fill the tray up and then you will usually hear a clicking sound when it is cutoff and the water is stopped. Sometimes if the water line on the back of the unit is not secured properly you will hear various sounds as the water is suddenly stopped and the line moves around, like a garden hose does.

Sep 29, 2009 | Refrigerators

1 Answer

don't start smooth

restarting of refridgerator may damage your compressor motor due to overload.

when you switch off the refridgerator the compressor is in load condition, sudden restart overload the motor, it consume more current so the light going to dim.

solution. If your refridgerator have no delay circuit inside,
use a refridgerator stabilizer or attach a delay circuit,
if you have the the restart delay circuit may problem repair it.

Jan 18, 2008 | Refrigerators

1 Answer

start not smooth

sudden restart may damage your compressor motor
overload the motor make light dim

  1. check your line supply plug and line loose contact problem
  2. check your motor on off relay or circuit problem replace it
  3. line supply voltage variation prevent it
  4. use a refridgerator voltage stabilizer (with delayed restart circuit)

Jan 18, 2008 | Refrigerators

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