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  • Cutting the grass too short causes weak, thin grass plants, which are easily damaged by dry periods and pests.
  • Letting grass grow a bit longer-especially when it is hot and dry-reduces heat build-up, preserves needed moisture and protects the grass from heat damage and other problems.
  • A good rule of thumb is the one-third rule: to cut no more than one-third of the grass height, and never more than one inch at a time
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    2 Answers

    getting rid of ants

    go get some antkiller, or if you dont mind killing grass, poor gas on the antmound. do NOT set it on fire lol. the gas will kill the whole ant hill in a day.

    Jun 22, 2016 | Home

    3 Answers

    What are the easy and best ways to take care of flower garden?

    1. Keep the water up to them so they do not dry out completely but do not over water. Many species of flowers will die quickly if allowed to dry out, especially in hot summers. Get yourself a good book covering the species of plants you have to improve you knowledge in caring for the plants.

    2. Fertilise with a suitable slow release fertiliser in spring and summer.

    3. Mulch the beds with a suitable product to retard weeds and retain soil moisture.

    4. If the flowers are planted in a heavy soil dig a little river sand into the soil where possible in existing beds.

    5. Don't use garden chemicals to ward off pests. If you have pest susceptible flower species that will require chemical spraying and the like, remove them and replace them with hardier more resilient species.

    Feb 29, 2016 | Garden

    2 Answers

    Why do the clippings remain on lawn and don't enter bag?

    Blades cut the grass and blow air like a fan. The clippings should flow along with the air out into the yard or into the bag. That only works if the bag acts like a filter and catches the clippings but lets the air out to be replaced by more air and more clippings until the bag is full of clippings.
    The most likely problem is that your bag does not let the air out. Cutting wet grass will coat the inside like green paint. When dry, it's like the underside of your mower.
    Check the inside. You might need to scrape and/or flush from the outside in. Can yours be turned inside out"? That would be the best case.
    When clean and dry, it should work.
    Didn't mention the easiest fix: to take out the hand-ful of clipping blocking the path to the bad: since you already checked that.

    Aug 31, 2014 | Garden

    1 Answer

    how to care for ho useplant begonia rex?

    Growing Requirements for Rex Begonia Plants Rex Begonias grow best in bright, indirect sunlight coming from an east or west window.
    Fluorescent grow lights are also an excellent alternative to natural light for these plants,
    and in many cases will intensify the foliage colors.
    When potting, set the plant with the crown slightly above the soil line.
    They should be planted in a porous, slightly acidic planting mix that contains some peat moss
    and leaf mold. African Violet potting mixes work well for Rex Begonias.

    Allow the top 1inch of soil to dry before watering, then water thoroughly.
    Over watering can lead to root or crown rot! Wet foliage can cause problems with mildew.
    Always use room temperature water when watering house plants.
    House plants should never be allowed to stand in water for more than a few hours.
    Painted-Leaf Begonia plants thrive with daytime temperatures of 70-75
    and 60-65 at night. NEVER lower than 60!
    They require a humidity level of at least 50 percent and appreciate periodic, light misting.
    Provide additional humidity by setting the plants on shallow trays filled with moistened pebbles,
    or a humidifier, especially during the winter months.

    Feed actively growing plants in early spring and again in early summer with a slow-release plant food,
    or every 2 weeks using a quarter strength dilution of a soluble, complete fertilizer (23-19-14).
    Decrease feeding in early fall and stop altogether in the winter. Do not over-fertilize!

    Your Begonia Rex may go dormant in the winter and possibly drop its leaves.
    If this happens, continue to water sparingly until spring when new leaves will re-appear.
    If your Rex is growing where it only gets light from one side ( a window sill),
    turn the pot a quarter turn each week to maintain even growth.
    Foliage color may fade under low light conditions. Consider using a grow light.

    Remove any dead leaves and other debris around plant regularly.
    Rex Begonias enjoy spending the summer in a shaded part of the garden.
    Always be sure to check for insects and pests before bringing your plants back indoors!
    Rex Begonias are susceptible to attacks from mealy bugs.

    Aug 03, 2014 | Cycling

    1 Answer

    My 2 year old Husqvarna riding mower, with the welded steel deck, has the mulch kit installed ( I installed it). When cutting, the mower ususally leaves a thin line of uncut grass. More, when the grass is higher or wetter. The instructions with the mulch kit had specifics, like cut no more than 1 1/2 inches of grass and make sure the grass is dry. Well thats not always possible. Any ideas?

    I too have had that same problem. I found that "old" blades when repeatidly sharpened and worn will cause the same problem, also aftermarket blades instead of original manufactures recommended blades may not be dimensionally correct, too short. I have had to go back to using original blades to correct the problem.
    This should work for you.
    Good luck.

    Sep 06, 2011 | Husqvarna Lawn Tractor  25 HP 54in Deck...

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